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  • Dhruv Rathee Vlogs
    Dhruv Rathee Vlogs

    Jai Say Sena, Jai Maharashtra 😎🚩

    • Robert Vegas
      Robert Vegas

      Hello dhruvv ❤️❤️

    • Amar Kamble
      Amar Kamble

      Dhruv rathee aapko isne gay jaisa dikhaya video ab homophobic nahi lag raha

    • Dyson

      Jai dhruv rathee and bhabhi ji

    • 100 subscribers
      100 subscribers

      An Open Letter sed noices in background

    • Shubham Singh
      Shubham Singh

      Ye to gajab hogya... Hinduphobic loves pro hindu 😳

  • abdul kadir
    abdul kadir

    U r awesome

  • Amar Kamble
    Amar Kamble

    Saiman 3 months ago carry ne amir jo male hai usko beti bola yaane chakka bola... Carry is homophobic.. N saiman now . Poking carry by saying samjho beti sarcasm ... Saiman ne carry ko beti bola yaane ......... Bola.. Dhruv rathee ko gay jaisa bhi dikha diya gay jaise joke bhi maar diye dhruv rathee pe. Homophobia goes brrr ..

  • Oxygen

    I Hate this youtuber. No Topic in video. Bhai tera English ek dam tatti jeisa, pura bakwaas

    • just a channel
      just a channel

      Why you're watching then ?

  • Shubhodeep De
    Shubhodeep De

    Marvel is the best

  • Random Head
    Random Head

    Can you get the old haircut and shave yourself cause I miss your old look 8dk why

  • Advik Khare
    Advik Khare

    My favourite part 4:00

  • ULTRA savage gaming
    ULTRA savage gaming

    I don't have any notification

  • Tapas Kar
    Tapas Kar

    Chutia ha tu

  • Shabbir Rathod
    Shabbir Rathod

    Da di kata la

  • Shabbir Rathod
    Shabbir Rathod

    Dadi kata la

  • Shabbir Rathod
    Shabbir Rathod

    Dadi kata la

  • Charan

    Bro everything was okay but when you spoke about Sushant Singh Rajput and you did not say anything that one was badd!!

  • Neetika Pendse
    Neetika Pendse

    dear saiman , please NEVER shave your beard. you look like 🔥🔥🔥

  • AKedits

    6:26 My favorite one 🤣🤣🤣

  • Melon Anime Tv
    Melon Anime Tv

    Is it only me or others too . no haters tho love his videos. But I feel like he is poking carryminati in most of all the memes. like i am not sure how to define that but i see he is pointing most of memes to carry. Its my view only ❤🍉❤

    • Vashitva Awasthi
      Vashitva Awasthi

      Maybe but I think it's okay because of how much unnecessary hate he is getting

  • Asli Jay Music & Gaming
    Asli Jay Music & Gaming


    • Aariz Khan
      Aariz Khan


  • Rahul gaming
    Rahul gaming

    4:06 kis kis ko laga ad aay

  • Rampagex Gaming
    Rampagex Gaming

    I am not kidding but saiman will not heart this comment even when he read this 🤬🤬

  • rahul shrivastava
    rahul shrivastava

    Video was entertaining but Why tanmay was shown as SAIMAN...? 😂😂

  • Abdullah Kamal
    Abdullah Kamal

    i just want a heart from my beloved saiman oh oh you never give me attention my beloved saiman oh oh its okay if you dont want to ohhhhh jai say sena , jai saiman heart

  • Santhosh Kunjiraman
    Santhosh Kunjiraman

    Pls reply me

  • Santhosh Kunjiraman
    Santhosh Kunjiraman

    I appreciate you saiman.

  • Santhosh Kunjiraman
    Santhosh Kunjiraman

    Wow you are one of the most funniest and comedian in INfun jay sai sena

  • Shreyas Mhatre
    Shreyas Mhatre

    What is real name

  • Sayan Choudhury
    Sayan Choudhury

    Why his channel is not growing? 😭

  • Diary of a Kid
    Diary of a Kid

    ସାଇମନ୍ ହେଉଛି ଭାରତର ସବୁଠାରୁ ଭଲ INfunr Saiman is the best INfunr of India.😊

    • Diary of a Kid
      Diary of a Kid

      @just a channel Han bhai bhala achhi. Mun bi Saiman ra bahut bada fan.

    • just a channel
      just a channel

      O bhai odia viewer. Bholo acho na bhai ?

  • Ghenghisin

    No one literally ni one Saiman says:putting a diss track on INfun

  • Bhagu Ahir
    Bhagu Ahir

    Fanfest pe video lao

  • Bhagu Ahir
    Bhagu Ahir

    Ssr is not joke ok

    • ayush

      Yes it is

  • x men
    x men

    INfun being medusa

  • Magix Nation
    Magix Nation

    Just guessing what's Dhruv's reaction to 8:59 😅

  • Squuidoo Gamer
    Squuidoo Gamer

    Bhai eak din tum thimothee banjhao aur Aditya ko bulaoo

  • Mythic Boomers YT
    Mythic Boomers YT

    Saiman chair 😂😂😂.. Gamers chair

  • diya Jethwani
    diya Jethwani


  • Aditya Tekale
    Aditya Tekale

    Bhai tujhe log subscriber Kyo nahi karte samajh nahi ara tere video bahot ache hote hai

  • Vidith Fan base
    Vidith Fan base

    Sayman says: pewdipie vs tanmay vhat(syman)lol 2:47

  • Mohd Ayan
    Mohd Ayan


  • Mohd Ayan
    Mohd Ayan

    #say sena

  • Manvi Kaur
    Manvi Kaur

    Outside aisa audience 🙋‍♀️ check ...

    • 279 Abrar Khot
      279 Abrar Khot


  • Rahul

    Ristey se zada Saiman apna nam change karta hai

  • Squuidoo Gamer
    Squuidoo Gamer

    I love u siman

  • Sonu Dun
    Sonu Dun

    Bhai yaar bhoth chutiya lag iss look me

  • Sandeep Jadhav
    Sandeep Jadhav

    i think aditya is timothi

  • Navakishore Das
    Navakishore Das


    • Sathvik Bhaskar
      Sathvik Bhaskar

      @venomhere_1 tf is this cringey shit lol

    • 279 Abrar Khot
      279 Abrar Khot

      @Dragon boy it looks like someone is cursing me hahah

    • 279 Abrar Khot
      279 Abrar Khot

      @Dragon boy ok mujhe manzoor hai

    • Dragon boy
      Dragon boy

      @279 Abrar Khot आप नरक में जाएंगे और तब तक आपको भारतीय नाटकीय धारावाहिक दिखाया जाएगा जब तक आप मर नहीं जाते।

    • 279 Abrar Khot
      279 Abrar Khot

      @Dragon boy sir kya saza miles3

  • Paradise 007
    Paradise 007

    Jaa chutiye

    • venomhere_1

      Chalo mummy jaldi jaldi dudh pee leta hu baadme Simon 😡😡 ko chutiya bhi bolna hai. Simon go back🤬🤬🤬. Carry Simon ka baap ha🤡

    • Aspect Designs
      Aspect Designs

      @Fluffy McFluff xD

    • Fluffy McFluff
      Fluffy McFluff

      Ja beta tu pubg khe-oh wait

  • Shrij Hathi
    Shrij Hathi

    YT online editor creates problems for saiman.... SaySena : Kya kiya yaar tum logon ne 😡😡

  • Yash Thorat
    Yash Thorat

    Suzhaan Wajikujujiji

  • Anshuta Rakshak
    Anshuta Rakshak

    Cool tech. 😂.....

  • Kaustubh Pathak
    Kaustubh Pathak

    At 9:44 he said that he will become timothy if you guys want aditya to host saiman sees. this proves that aditya=timothy BIG BRAIN!

  • Imran hatim.
    Imran hatim.

    Susan woguffyyg you hear him?

  • Gang gaming
    Gang gaming


  • Bhavy Doshi
    Bhavy Doshi

    Looking forward for collab with chotu😂😂

  • psy chic
    psy chic

    Million for saiman say..

    • My Foot
      My Foot

      Ok calm down

  • Simp af
    Simp af

    the same fuck happening to my comments .........

  • Maollik chouhan
    Maollik chouhan

    In start he should play Kabir Singh song

    • Sam P
      Sam P

      Vada paav vaada paav 🤣🤣

  • Aryan Shrivastava
    Aryan Shrivastava

    saiman lowkey roasting ashish chanchalani when hi says '' i should have done engineering'', okay funny, but like that clearly indicates he ran out of things to shame. like now you're gonna shame someone's career choice just because he has more subscribers and "you" think that you should've been there. Not cool

    • Aryan Shrivastava
      Aryan Shrivastava

      @mixbagtv no

    • mixbagtv

      Did he say anything about a person he just pointed out that there are quite a number of engineers who are also INfunrs it's just an observation! Don't get triggered out of nowhere!

    • spectiler

      I mean he was just criticizing channels who are making videos on engineering and stuff just to be relatable with there repetitive jokes like: most of the comedians , TVF (now)

  • Aryan Shrivastava
    Aryan Shrivastava

    lmao you guys appreciate sunraybee's editing? that's like normal.

    • Aryan Shrivastava
      Aryan Shrivastava

      @spectiler achaa

    • spectiler

      it is a joke , if you follow surya he has said in many videos in a sarcastic tone that his editing is better than marvel studios itself

  • Aryan Shrivastava
    Aryan Shrivastava

    saiman knows aman dhatarwaal

  • The viral fever
    The viral fever

    Pta nahi iss Chodu ki videos per ittne like aur subscribes kaise h

    • The viral fever
      The viral fever

      @Fluffy McFluff mai apna view rakh Sakta hu tuje nahi psnd tho tu mera comment Mt pd dislike kar aur pehali fursat Mai Nikal

    • Fluffy McFluff
      Fluffy McFluff

      Ok then why are you watching? We like his content and if you dont, you can simply click off

    • ANJ 13
      ANJ 13

      Tu rahne de bhai

  • Ramdibaaz Londa
    Ramdibaaz Londa

    7:54 you didn't get it he was saying everyone is 9 year old😁

  • TheND Globe
    TheND Globe

    10K SUBSCRIBER CHALLENGE IN A WEEK WITH BETTER VIDEO I should better have a million subscriber but mission accomplished just for now,,,,,,

  • Sour Pickle
    Sour Pickle

    Saiman plays when?

  • The Ghost Gaming
    The Ghost Gaming

    Tu mast ahe re

  • Akshat Kumar
    Akshat Kumar

    9:45 wat do u mean Timothy BAN jata hu?

  • The Gamer Boy
    The Gamer Boy

    Chalo yalgaar phir layan

  • Simon Shome
    Simon Shome

    For my name that picture is already edited

  • 456 123
    456 123

    Don't review meme because of copyright

  • Pratikkk

    4:20 There is always a Marathi Guy hahahaha

  • Pew Pew
    Pew Pew

    Finally pyro made it to the saiman says😂😜

  • Vp gamerz
    Vp gamerz

    Vedio mei dekh leta hu aap dream 11 pe team bana lo 😎😎

  • SMi LE
    SMi LE

    make funny of ssr you b***

  • Mineman 2.0
    Mineman 2.0

    जेव्हा पण कुठे मराठी माणूस पाहतो तेव्हा खूप अभिमान वाटतो...@mythpat @saimansays



  • Mini Viswam
    Mini Viswam

    We were on a break Friends reference.


    Chaman hai tu

  • Rembwo gamer
    Rembwo gamer

    Bro tumare 1M subscribe kab hoga 9 year se INfun pe mara rahe ho 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

    • Suraj Bangar
      Suraj Bangar

      Bhai ho sakta hai agar iske fans aur ye comment mein carry karna bandh karde,mein isse 3 saal pehle dekhta tha,5 phones se isse subscribe kiya par 1 phone se unsubscribe kiya kyuki iske comments padta hu tab carry ko bura hi bolte hai

  • Gurjit Singh
    Gurjit Singh

    Bhai please gali mat dia karo mera chota bhai apko dekhta hai

  • Abu Islam
    Abu Islam

    1 million hoga tera? 😂

  • Rambo volgs
    Rambo volgs

  • And This channel is deleted plz watch nxt channel
    And This channel is deleted plz watch nxt channel

    Really this channel is 10 years old

    • And This channel is deleted plz watch nxt channel
      And This channel is deleted plz watch nxt channel

      @My Foot and im watching him from 1 year

    • My Foot
      My Foot

      Yes, this channel is 10 years old. But he became youtuber 4 years ago

    • And This channel is deleted plz watch nxt channel
      And This channel is deleted plz watch nxt channel

      Nope my age 13

    • GamerOP

      More than your age

  • Your Biro
    Your Biro

    Manisha engagement wala

  • Prateek the chor
    Prateek the chor




  • Unknown Teaser
    Unknown Teaser

    Please roast carryminati

    • Milan Rosh
      Milan Rosh

      @Suraj Bangar me too my friend

    • My Foot
      My Foot

      @Suraj Bangar I'm sorry in behalf of all those toxic fans

    • Milan Rosh
      Milan Rosh

      @Suraj Bangar ughhh....I know,as the numbers are increasing the toxicity is also increasing

    • Suraj Bangar
      Suraj Bangar

      This is why I don't like saiman's fans



  • psy chic
    psy chic

    Million for saiman

  • psy chic
    psy chic

    Million subscribers

  • psy chic
    psy chic

    Million for saiman

  • psy chic
    psy chic

    Million for saiman

  • psy chic
    psy chic

    Million for saiman

  • psy chic
    psy chic

    1 million for saiman

  • psy chic
    psy chic

    Million for saiman

  • psy chic
    psy chic

    Saiman baap h sb youtuber ka

    • Suraj Bangar
      Suraj Bangar

      Baap nahi par accha content hai

  • psy chic
    psy chic

    Saiman best youtuber

  • psy chic
    psy chic

    Saiman is very cute guy

    • psy chic
      psy chic

      @My Foot 🤣🤣

    • My Foot
      My Foot

      @psy chic ugh ohk, u are spamming ohk. U have more comments than me just by spamming 😭

    • psy chic
      psy chic

      @My Foot where

    • My Foot
      My Foot

      Hi, who are u? I've seen u somewhere before??

  • psy chic
    psy chic

    Sir ap mere idol ho

  • psy chic
    psy chic

    Apko koi kuch bolta h to muje itna gussa ata h kya btay sir

  • psy chic
    psy chic

    Saiman says

  • psy chic
    psy chic

    Carry ka baap h saiman

    • My Foot
      My Foot

      @Suraj Bangar bro, he's joking

    • Suraj Bangar
      Suraj Bangar

      Iski bajhe iske 1 million nahi hote,bohot saare youtubers ke carry ke subscribers hai,agar tum log carry carry karna bandh kardoge to mein ise aur 4 phone se subscribe karunga