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  • DJ Shaan
    DJ Shaan

    It was my pleasure to kidnap you, now your best bestie from biggest hater

    • вeιng α sιngle
      вeιng α sιngle

      Shaan was the first indian to represent India in Tomorrowland (world's biggest EDM fastival).. bloody idiot audience...

    • Movie Tv Education
      Movie Tv Education

      U rovkkk

    • S4T Gaming
      S4T Gaming

    • Chirantan Sengupta
      Chirantan Sengupta

      Saiman You can do one thing in UK and i.e to stole and Bring back Kohinoor to India... 😏😏😏😏

    • A S
      A S


  • Ahsas Nagar
    Ahsas Nagar

    Over hear

  • Cooking Food Secrets
    Cooking Food Secrets

    Vrery funny video. 👍

  • Madhurima Kadere
    Madhurima Kadere

    Finally he used the joke ,saiman go back 😁


    Saimandar is the Mr.Bean Of India

  • The Driscoll Family Uk
    The Driscoll Family Uk

    Nice vlog mate big football fans 😉💖

  • Prathamesh.P. Patil
    Prathamesh.P. Patil

    Respected Saiman sir, from today I accept you as my guru🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️, I wanna start a INfun channel 🤗🤗please guide me sir. You are my master saimandar sensei🏮🏮, please reply to my humble comment. Aapko timothy ki kasam please relpy

  • Bikramajit Mallick
    Bikramajit Mallick

    I am Saiman fan and also big Arsenal fan.


    i defeated watford team in a game


    Who first thought that guy was Abhishek Bachchan...

  • Yash Nikumbh
    Yash Nikumbh

    UK me India ka flag kyu hai

  • Maliha Sultana
    Maliha Sultana

    Saiman has finally gone back!

  • Chhavimani Choubey
    Chhavimani Choubey

    I was expecting City United Liverpool or Chelsea But Deep down i know apun ki aukat hi ni hai UK tk jaane ki let alone Watford ka match

  • Aryan Makhecha
    Aryan Makhecha

    What did Watford gain from this? I am so confused. Still, would’ve loved to see him come to the King Power!

  • Bhavin Parmar
    Bhavin Parmar

    5:59 Best part 🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅

  • Bhavin Parmar
    Bhavin Parmar

    5:06 Half time ho gayaa hai, Time is divided into half 😅 I love you Man.

  • Anindya Pal
    Anindya Pal

    4:12 ........Simon go back...hahahahaha lol

  • вeιng α sιngle
    вeιng α sιngle

    Shaan was the first indian to represent India in Tomorrowland (world's biggest EDM fastival)... you and your viewers is really sucks...

  • Brutal

    Saiman is hanging out with his biggest hater wahh saiman ji wahh

  • Shrinibash Babu
    Shrinibash Babu

    Nalli team ka match mat dekh man city ka match dekha kar

    • ritesh mishra
      ritesh mishra

      This comment has not aged well

  • James Collins Is better than messi
    James Collins Is better than messi

    Watford are shit

  • Vishnu G
    Vishnu G

    WATFORD 🔥♥️

  • Param Sekhon
    Param Sekhon

    2:52 here in the right corner you can see the "management" sitting 😂😂

  • H V
    H V

    Fuck football racist sports that only recruit whites and blacks.

  • Asha Gupta
    Asha Gupta

    Make different channel for vlogs

  • FH

    You are like an indian Mr. Bean ^^

  • Helaman Gile
    Helaman Gile

    Great video

  • Peter Santhis
    Peter Santhis

    Lol I subscribed u , I use to hate u Cz of pewdiepie and t series or what ever but I realize now that u are the fun 😂

  • Sabah Shaikh
    Sabah Shaikh

    3:59 when your push your baby brother a little but he starts crying

  • somya mishra
    somya mishra

    1k subscription per day

  • Mahira Batool
    Mahira Batool

    Saiman u r diong great job well done

  • Jobin Joy
    Jobin Joy

    Football....the beautiful game❤️❤️❤️

  • Abhinav Khadikar
    Abhinav Khadikar

    Watford. Yeeeeeeeet

  • lxg.

    yes im a watford fc fan, come on you hornets

  • wondergupta

    come to Manchester Saimon!!

  • Sub2Shisui.

    I appreciate u came to my hometown

  • Nabikya Suplex
    Nabikya Suplex

    I have made bitch Lazanja 4.0 hope you will enjoy.

  • Free Music
    Free Music

    Wtf i thought its Abhishek bachchan

  • Adarsh Yadav
    Adarsh Yadav

    Jai Hind

  • Adarsh Yadav
    Adarsh Yadav

    You're way better than maine ki hai mehnat guy

  • Adarsh Yadav
    Adarsh Yadav

    Started loving your channel

  • Nikhil Kumar
    Nikhil Kumar

    Thnku ...for helping arsenal win the match....with yr presence 😂

  • Chellah

    I feel like I’m the only non-Indian subscriber

  • Movie Tv Education
    Movie Tv Education

    Lv u bhai

  • Stephen Koshy
    Stephen Koshy

    In celebration I'll start managing Watford on FM2019.

  • Undis Closed
    Undis Closed

    Watford! Huh! I support Tottenham. You know what Tottenham is better than your club Siman.

  • mrinmay dhal
    mrinmay dhal

    Chutiya sale

  • Garby Boi
    Garby Boi

    As an arsenal fan i feel bad for sayman

  • Indian

    Shaan music is Timothy

  • 18-039 Salim Raja
    18-039 Salim Raja

    You look like Kejariwal lol

  • Akaki Kurtskhalia
    Akaki Kurtskhalia

    bolywood talent 0:02

  • Dadofsixsons 6
    Dadofsixsons 6

    Don’t come to the USA

  • Game Chakr
    Game Chakr

    Southall Chakde

  • Cricket Crazy
    Cricket Crazy

    I thought you would try to get an autograph from Deulofeu.

  • Satvik Bharadwaj
    Satvik Bharadwaj

    saiman go back

  • Ancient Grease
    Ancient Grease

    At the very beginning of the video, I thought they were on a container ship.

  • Shdh Sdhdh
    Shdh Sdhdh

    India ka Mr. Bean veryyyyyyyy funnyyyyyy vlog

  • Sagnik Ghosh
    Sagnik Ghosh

    3:07 Hence proved. Saiman is a noob in football

  • aditya shekhar
    aditya shekhar

    6:04 apne piche Pakistan ka naksa chipka ke aisa kar... Kam se kam log ye nahi samjhenge India se koi c*utiya aya hai...

  • aditya shekhar
    aditya shekhar

    Don't say us guys...#3:30

  • Itzxmarty

    #idea khullay mai mrwalo apni 😂😂😂

  • LilTooShort

    Watford Tatti💩💩💩

  • The Shades End
    The Shades End

    U follow Watford? Good team, only bad at home against the top 6. Come to Stamford Bridge sometime.

  • world wide
    world wide

    Mr bean...

  • 卂几Ҝ丨ㄒ ム卂尺ム
    卂几Ҝ丨ㄒ ム卂尺ム

    T series supporters: U are a deshdrohi go out from india Saiman be like : ummm.... kk😅

  • walkWithMe

    This is what we call an actual youtuber.

  • Sarosh Cruz
    Sarosh Cruz

    4:30 killed me!😂😂😂😂

  • Indian Army
    Indian Army

    Desh drohi

    • Indian Army
      Indian Army

      Desh drohi sala

  • Raja vines
    Raja vines

    Wow next time take me with you

  • bla bla
    bla bla

    At this moment 6:00 you remind me of Mr Bean

  • Legend of Nibbaheem
    Legend of Nibbaheem

    Go to Camp Nou

  • Legend of Nibbaheem
    Legend of Nibbaheem

    Messi is better than Penaldo

  • Laxmikant Dwivedi
    Laxmikant Dwivedi

    U R Idiot 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • Dhruv Garg
    Dhruv Garg

    What if he meets pewds and promote t series ???😏 He already said that "congratulations" was unnecessary.....😂😆

  • Harsh Choudhary 8085
    Harsh Choudhary 8085

    At first I thought that the dj is shroud

  • Durango 714
    Durango 714

    Rich NRI takes gaonwala to watch ipl

  • Viswanath Subramani
    Viswanath Subramani

    Saiman bring back kohinoor

  • Logeshmadhav

    Saiman please do a vlog of meeting Felix aka PewDiePie

  • John Brigs
    John Brigs

    I’m sorry you had to visit us and our circus lol. Jokes aside you like our weather?

  • Pisit Sakporrawat
    Pisit Sakporrawat

    Arsenal 😃

  • Zero LB
    Zero LB

    Saiman go back

  • Sahil Kr Shah
    Sahil Kr Shah

    i dont know but why 2nd gyu looks like abishek bachhan! 😂😂😂 😂😂😂

  • The Abraham
    The Abraham

    INfunrs causing world disaster's Ninja goose to Europe and Norte...🔥 Now saimansays......

  • Dhanush g
    Dhanush g


  • Dipen Patel
    Dipen Patel

    mumbiker nikhil - aisa vlog karna toh mujhe bhi nahin aata his fans are gonna attack 😂😂😂

  • Miraj Syed
    Miraj Syed

    England ruled india more than 100 of years but You can go England or vloged if like proudly and you speak their language but there is no problem but you are a DASH DROHI if you ever speak sometime nice about Pakistan because there is only issue about kasmir . Whaa system whaa

  • Shady Venom
    Shady Venom

    0:30 At first I thought it was Abhishek bacchan 😂😂😂😂

  • Matthijs Bouma
    Matthijs Bouma

    haha nice vlog :D

  • Dred Hawk
    Dred Hawk

    Love from india btw iam Chelsea fan

  • jitesh bhoir
    jitesh bhoir

    Saiman and Shaan they are an old friends ✌🌟 #onlyog

  • Kevin Singh
    Kevin Singh

    i have an idea, bring bach the kohinoor lol

  • Neeraj Bhamaniya
    Neeraj Bhamaniya

    Sai go and watch Liverpool's game now at anfield!!

  • Marjuk Channel
    Marjuk Channel


  • TIRN

    Go to Bradford and do a Collab with PewDiePie

  • Shubham

    When you will return back to India don't forget to share your reaction on TikTok banned in India P.S-Love your videos

  • KB Bro
    KB Bro

    Oh my god 200k subscribers very near

  • Momi Borah
    Momi Borah

    Host meme review

  • Rushi Apastambh
    Rushi Apastambh

    Aubamiyang saved arsenal somehow

  • Prathamesh Vaidya
    Prathamesh Vaidya


  • Harsh Dinani
    Harsh Dinani

    U.K gaya toh Kohinoor wapas la de