TSERIES, STOP IT! - Masakali 2.0 Reaction
T-SERIES, it's time to STOP!
Masakali 2.0 reaction video

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  • Ash Jackson
    Ash Jackson

    Ye chutiye dislikers ko kab sarcasm samaj ayega yaar

    • Naman Gupta
      Naman Gupta

      Ha yar😂

  • sanjay kumar
    sanjay kumar

    This is the first time, I have seen someone sanitize their ears.

  • sanjay kumar
    sanjay kumar

    Nice video man

  • EYE

    I hope the soul of cups are In a good place now

  • Rajpartap Dhindsa
    Rajpartap Dhindsa

    It's 29.5.2021 and I am still waiting for dis the track

  • I am Insane
    I am Insane

    RIP glass

  • Shikha Verma
    Shikha Verma

    Har video mein chai gira dete ho🙄🙄. Stop get some help


    can someone please say the title of the piano track in the beginning


      @IONBORG thanx bro


      🤣bhai its one of the most famous piano pieces in history lol , fur elise

    • I'm totally sane
      I'm totally sane

      Turn on the frickin captions dude...

  • Trapezoid Zoom
    Trapezoid Zoom

    Appludes to the cup who made this video succesful and is not given credit in description

  • Al Risha The Label
    Al Risha The Label

    Taniksh bagchi.....more like ....Aaaaa chiiii😁


    New Saiman>>Old Saiman>>Young Saiman

  • Sujan Subba
    Sujan Subba

    Koi v isko Fallow not Karo🙏🙏🙏plzz

    • Sonali Patil
      Sonali Patil

      Suja. Subba more like abba dabba jabba

    • Akshay Srikanth
      Akshay Srikanth

      Mei karunga follow

    • DEATH FF
      DEATH FF

      Likhna sik le phele

  • Alex D'Mello
    Alex D'Mello

    Thank God, I never had the bad luck of listening to Masakali 2.0. Pheww!!

  • lakshmivallabh

    Almost 1M viwes

  • Arijit Biswas
    Arijit Biswas

    I feel sorry for you m8, they all and even kid me called you a madman but as i grew up, it became my responsibility to subscribe pewds brofist4life

  • Arijit Biswas
    Arijit Biswas

    The main reason why BangtanTV(Channel claimed by many people to be extremely cringe) will overtake T series in a year. not a fan bro just reminding you of this dire situation.

  • Zuha Khan
    Zuha Khan

    In 2021 we are still waiting for Diss!!!!!

  • Bipasha Deb
    Bipasha Deb

    5:13 editing🤣😂. Written material is on point 💯

  • nihal hindustan gamer
    nihal hindustan gamer

    I hate you because you support pupertypei

    • Flaking निग्गा
      Flaking निग्गा


    • さASHISH

      Ok kid

  • shubh sharma
    shubh sharma

    IDK Anyone who is scared of Bhusan Kumar

  • TheScientifreakPlays

    LOL Jaipur Police got no chill

  • The Rambo Man
    The Rambo Man


  • Ved Gupta
    Ved Gupta

    I really love Beethoven masterpiece

  • Navaneeth VH
    Navaneeth VH

    Remake ones suck.

  • The Rambo Man
    The Rambo Man


  • Xayez

    We need more episodes of chai with sai

  • Najah Siraj
    Najah Siraj

    He didn't shared his music ᕙ( ~ . ~ )ᕗ

  • Aanjanay Thakur
    Aanjanay Thakur


  • YYS Saindane
    YYS Saindane

    ironically he roasted T series 🤣

    • さASHISH

      @ras k tu ro kyu rha pr 🙃

    • Flaking निग्गा
      Flaking निग्गा

      @ras k 😲aisa kya

    • ras k
      ras k

      @さASHISH bhai tum logo ko kya problem hai Har pal oversmart bante rehte ho Jisse ese innocent user became a toxic user Fir bolte ho bahut toxic audience hai

    • さASHISH

      Oh acha kiya bta diya Hame to pta hi ni chala

  • B25 Ankur Nalande
    B25 Ankur Nalande

    Can anyone tell me the name of starting tune of the video

    • B25 Ankur Nalande
      B25 Ankur Nalande

      @OP ya I found I hears that hundred of times but name nahi pata tha but for pata chala Beethoven

    • OP

      Fur Elise ha uska naam

    • B25 Ankur Nalande
      B25 Ankur Nalande

      @DD INfun 😁 thike bhai bohot Ahsan kiye tune🙏🏻


      Piano ka jadugar sir Beethoven ka hai😅.. baaki khud dund lena . Mai itma vella nahi hu

  • Anwesh Bhattacharya
    Anwesh Bhattacharya

    If this is Chai with sai Then bhendi should be renamed as Bhindi with R*ndi :)))))))

  • SONU fx
    SONU fx

    Chi-Chiries Chi-Chiries Chi-Chiries...

  • Archana Devi
    Archana Devi

    ritviz: tseries mere song leke UDD GAYE tseries to ritviz: CHAL CHUP HOJA HOJA 😂😂😂

  • Pavan Ram
    Pavan Ram

    3:07 he liked that post!!! lol

  • Avinash Sharma
    Avinash Sharma

    Died laughing listening the diss track 😂😂👍👍

  • Aron

    Most of saiman's audiance don't understand happy married life

  • Raunak Chaudhary
    Raunak Chaudhary

    4:36 open subtitles and free fire fans would find some thing

  • Mohammed Paghdiwala
    Mohammed Paghdiwala


  • Ritik Kumar
    Ritik Kumar

    Most soothing face😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 for meditation

  • mohammad sirajuddin
    mohammad sirajuddin

    I will be proud if my comment is ROASTED by Saiman! ahhahahhahahhaha

  • Nish Senpai
    Nish Senpai

    "Not that sonam had much to look forward to..." Koi samjha ye joke ya nahi???

  • Aranya Chowdhury
    Aranya Chowdhury

    I got a T-Series ad on this.....😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

    • Yi Sun Shin
      Yi Sun Shin


  • Vihaan Sharma
    Vihaan Sharma

    5:36 Saiman Predicted The Future

  • Debkalpa Pal
    Debkalpa Pal

    T Series after having no idea what do to Bitch Lasagna Remix Congratulations Remix T Series:Maine nehin ki hai Maneth Also BhushanGhumar to the judge:I'm 210M parallel universes ahead of you Edit:This comment cringe

  • Xaman MusiV 01
    Xaman MusiV 01

    Ss is better than carry!!

    • if you ever feel dumb
      if you ever feel dumb


  • Kaia

    I'm sorry saiman, I really want to support you but I just can't watch T-Series music advertisements. I'm sorry.

  • Dhriti shukla
    Dhriti shukla

    Ek minute ek minute ek minute Original massakali is also of T-series what the fuck😂😂

  • Dhriti shukla
    Dhriti shukla

    Hotel room waala joke I didn’t get Was it about OYO rooms or LOCKDOWN situation . Kindly help 🤧🤧 5:05🤧 5:10 🤧

    • Akshay Yadav
      Akshay Yadav

      For lockdown situation

  • Ankit Rana
    Ankit Rana

    He did a better rap than Carry😉

  • Raj

    5:15 one time tanishk bagchi say in kapil sharma show that he doesn't like remake of any song


      Tanishk to copy karta hai song ...,, Jaise naach meri raani song 6ix9ine ke punani song se copy hai😂

  • Unfiltered Devansh
    Unfiltered Devansh


  • Raja chakravarthy
    Raja chakravarthy

    Still waiting for the disstrack to get completed

  • Harshith V
    Harshith V

    Think of T series making Jai Ho remake.

  • VLAC

    Fur elish op

  • Kaustubh Negi
    Kaustubh Negi

    Everyone's a gangsta Until jaipur police arrives

    • Arun Agarwal
      Arun Agarwal

      lmao i am from jaipur

  • Dhananjay Gawade
    Dhananjay Gawade

    7:08 AREY YAAR 🤣

  • Winner guy
    Winner guy

    Starting piano music name is moonlight sonata

  • Guntas Singh
    Guntas Singh

    Good old days before saiman shows

  • NsC pLaYS
    NsC pLaYS

    Yaar I miss this SAIMAN💕

    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager


  • Swarnendu Bhattacharya
    Swarnendu Bhattacharya

    and then in 2021 i realized that diss track will never come

  • threespot gaming
    threespot gaming


  • varisha khan
    varisha khan

    but now t series is composing new songs

  • Mantaas Singh Chahal
    Mantaas Singh Chahal

    this was peak of Saiman's channel

  • 10 A kunal punni
    10 A kunal punni

    F In the chat for that cup


    At 0:32 I laughed shoutly...btw....don't judge my english I am from india

  • Vibhesh Mishra
    Vibhesh Mishra

    That rap idea was a creative af😂

  • Prostitute ✓
    Prostitute ✓

    I am on INfun

  • GamerEsh

    Ye starting wala background music sunn ke mujhe meri doll ki Yaad aagi

    • It's π us
      It's π us

      @さASHISH 😅

    • さASHISH

      Raat me move hoti he

  • kahaan parikh
    kahaan parikh

    Imagine ur diss track getting remixed by Tgay

  • Shreyas Muchandi
    Shreyas Muchandi

    Bhai love ur videos 😂😂😂😂

  • Kaashif Ahmed
    Kaashif Ahmed

    06:38.... you missed beeping out one reference

  • A random nerd
    A random nerd

    I am a music producer and in terms of music production, remixes are something different from ppl think. Me and the whole music producer community disown tanishq bagchi

    • Phanboi Chau
      Phanboi Chau

      Yeah he probably lacks creativity

  • Yash Gupta
    Yash Gupta

    After watching new T-Series videos, i resubscribed pewdiepie.

  • Nitin Meena
    Nitin Meena

    Bhai carryminati ke liye message tagda tha👍👍😂😂😂

  • 16- Anam Naaz
    16- Anam Naaz

    hi saiman

    • Harlem's Finest Big L
      Harlem's Finest Big L


  • Anuj Nandedkar_07
    Anuj Nandedkar_07

    Nobody: Saiman: Drinks chai in a cup labelled coffee


    Did anyone noticed he said Kya pta is saal fanfest hoga bhi ya ni And you know what happened Fanfest did happened but didn't happened cuz there wad no fans

  • Bajrangi Gaming
    Bajrangi Gaming

    Very good bruh

  • The Rambo Man
    The Rambo Man

    7:10 we want full version

  • The Rambo Man
    The Rambo Man


  • Akhil Thakur
    Akhil Thakur

    Love u yara u are selfmade star bina kisi gali galauj ke 👌salute u an inspiration ❤️

  • dhruval Gheewala
    dhruval Gheewala

    thats why Nohra don't know u.

    • さASHISH

      Nora is sai-women

  • Luv Ambadiya
    Luv Ambadiya

    stilll waiting for disstrack xD

  • Mohd Chand
    Mohd Chand


  • Viv Jaggs
    Viv Jaggs

    PewDiePie is a legend 😎😎

  • Mirza Shahriar Dip
    Mirza Shahriar Dip



    And then indians think why did pewds diss track series

  • Anime King
    Anime King

    2 min. Silence for cup

  • KausThita

    Intro with Fur Elise 😂

  • Ayush Sharma
    Ayush Sharma

    I don't care who abuse me.....but the person follow pewdiepie instead of t series is a desh drohi

    • Arijit Biswas
      Arijit Biswas

      @Ayush Sharma Hypocrite sala

    • The Information
      The Information

      @Ayush Sharma bro pewdiepie lose cause he ended subtopewdiepie movement after some terrorist tweet and join the war....

    • Ayush Sharma
      Ayush Sharma

      @FrostyFry ohhh

    • Ayush Sharma
      Ayush Sharma

      @FrostyFry I agree

    • FrostyFry

      @Ayush Sharma I'm not PewDiePie fan but T series songs are trash af

  • Tanmay Sharan
    Tanmay Sharan

    6:48 Legends say Saiman is still working in this diss.

  • muhammad sayyam
    muhammad sayyam

    Love from Pakistan

  • Anuj Kankaria
    Anuj Kankaria

    What's funny is Massakali 2.0 has more views than the original one (Dec-2020)

  • mr.informer

    Hansal mehta ka future toh bohot bright tha hai aur hoga

  • Yash Patel
    Yash Patel

    You have always been personal favourite for reaction video❤️❤️👍👍

  • Nobita Chin
    Nobita Chin


  • That Funny Retard
    That Funny Retard

    3:50 to 3:59 emiway bantai after listening this firse machayenge and today thatt song has 300 million view more than first machayenge song

  • Richa Saxena
    Richa Saxena

    Indian hoke India ko hi nahi support kr rha

  • Marvel cosmic world
    Marvel cosmic world

    Agar sari janta mature ho gayi to t-series ka dhanda kaise chalega re

  • Pranav Joshi
    Pranav Joshi

    When will next Chai with Sai come? Missing them badly