Travelling to MANALI
Saiman Says Episode 41 | Manali Vlog #1
We travel to Manali via train and bus.
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  • Adhyatam vigyan
    Adhyatam vigyan

    बेस्ट ब्लॉग ऑफ मनाली आवर इन इंडियन हिस्ट्री देश ब्लॉक मास्ट वन करोड़ व्यूज मगर 10000 आए

  • Vanshika Sah
    Vanshika Sah

    This is 3 years from now...And Believe me Saiman..this bearded look suits you.

  • Ton Of Gaming
    Ton Of Gaming

    I can smell the Indian railway while watching this lmao

  • Adhyatam vigyan
    Adhyatam vigyan

    We went 24 Jan 2020 after three years

  • Joy Ebnezer
    Joy Ebnezer

    That small kid(take3) would be happy when he gets mature and sees him self in the best reaction channel on INfun India

  • Shinjon Animates
    Shinjon Animates

    Hey saiman I know you'll read this

  • Lifestyle Baba live in lovely places Silchar
    Lifestyle Baba live in lovely places Silchar

    Baba 121 aushman vava ✋✋✋✋✋

  • dank carry
    dank carry

    you do better vlogs than nikhil

  • Pro Bantai
    Pro Bantai

    😂 I am jealous of your friendship Circle becoz tum log inte years after school life ke baad saath main ho . mujhe nai pata ki mere saath koi dost mere itne years ke baad bhi milne ayega ki nahi 😭 presently studying in class 12 (got bored by staying at home😔) .You have strong bond with your friends ❤️❤️.

  • theabhishane

    it is a huge coincidence that at the time "4:20" i can see my house that is that building you can see i remember because every time i travel through train from delhi to indore i can see it so i remember the view.

  • Paramita Basak
    Paramita Basak

    These vlogs are so damn nice! Unpretentious and underrated seems to be a thing ...but I am so glad INfun V/s Tiktok happened.

    • My Foot
      My Foot

      Nice to hear that

  • Aayush Thakurftw
    Aayush Thakurftw

    Agli baar jab aooge tab bata ke ana

  • Sumedh Joshi
    Sumedh Joshi

    Log netflix and amazon prime binge watch kar rahe hai. I've been binge watching him for last two days! Amazing work man. #proudSaySainik

  • Varun Thakur
    Varun Thakur

    3:24 Dosti wali lip kiss😂😂

  • Tripti Rana
    Tripti Rana


  • Divya Chaturvedi
    Divya Chaturvedi

    Roshan Di Kulfi at Karol bagh has best Raj Kachori

  • Prathmesh Wavhal
    Prathmesh Wavhal

    I know how that bus ride is like siman. When I traveled through that route I don't know how I would survive without earphones. #same

  • Harsha Sharma
    Harsha Sharma

    I want frnds like saiman circle 💕💕💕 #bff

  • Ankit Patel
    Ankit Patel

    Nice one brother

  • Adhyatam vigyan
    Adhyatam vigyan

    Best manali vlog

  • Zahid Ali Sher
    Zahid Ali Sher

    Saimen that kiss was amazing bro k 3:23

  • Kajal Pandor
    Kajal Pandor


  • Nabeel Gm
    Nabeel Gm

    Ur vlogs r better than ur meme reviews






    Sir,aapne kya kya saman packing kar k le gaye the manali plz list dena etni thand me kya kya lagega manani me

  • Hardinfardin

    The heaven..

  • sunii sunii
    sunii sunii

    I live in mussori same ❄❄❄❄❄weather is here

  • saurabh chaudhari
    saurabh chaudhari

    which date did you travel to manali ?...

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      SPACE outer space 22nd January 2017. Its written in the video.

  • ankur aggarwal
    ankur aggarwal

    main bahut udas that.... tabhi mere samne ye vlogs aaye..... aur in vlogs ne mere ander khushi bhar di..... Ultimate vlogs buddy.

    • Dhruvv K
      Dhruvv K

      @Saiman Says dude is now on a road to 1 mil subs

    • Adhyatam vigyan
      Adhyatam vigyan

      @Saiman Says kuch time Pehle Apke 2000 subscribersthe now within one year 3 lac great

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      ankur aggarwal Yea man dont know whats wrong. Please share. Currently, that seems the only way to succeed here. :/ Thanks a lot though. :)

    • ankur aggarwal
      ankur aggarwal

      been watching your blog since last night and i wish i could as cool as you are..... you are really enjoying your life man. BTW your content is awesome but doesnt getting much views... you need to consult some SEO person man.

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      ankur aggarwal haha jarur... mere recent waale vlogs bhi dekhna!

  • Saswati Roy
    Saswati Roy

    quite fun to watch

    • Saswati Roy
      Saswati Roy

      Saimandar thnkyou

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Saswati Roy yes when i go there i will :)

    • Saswati Roy
      Saswati Roy

      Saimandar it was hilarious. plz do sch vlogs the ladakh trvl

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Saswati Roy Thanks a lot! Watch all the Manali vlogs on my channel! You will like them. :)

  • Donovan Nazareth
    Donovan Nazareth

    sobering reminder of the quality of toilets in the indian railways, wanted it to stop but I couldn't look away.

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Donovan Nazareth you're welcome

  • BloodBrothers

    That toilet was a 3

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      BloodBrothers :/ Even I think so now.

  • Pradeep Sethi
    Pradeep Sethi

    great 1 video bro I was there travelling in the train too.

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      +Pradeep Sethi Haha yess hi!

  • HY production
    HY production

    Bro I love your vlogs 😂👍🏻

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      HY Vines Haha thanks a lot man :)

  • Ankit Ohol
    Ankit Ohol

    Nice work cleaning your face with pee @saimandar 7:05

    • Daksh Dev
      Daksh Dev

      @Saiman Says hi saiman, big fan broda

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Ankit Ohol thx m8 :^)

  • Lucie v Americe
    Lucie v Americe

    Looks fun ! ! Check our travels too !

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Thanks. I will.