Top 3 FUNNIEST Bhojpuri Songs!
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  • Sasmit Tiwari
    Sasmit Tiwari

    He speaks so calmly lol😂😂

  • TYTU 5567
    TYTU 5567

    This is where all it started :)

  • CM Vlogs
    CM Vlogs

    Marathi guy trolling Bhojpuri this is SENA level threat xD

  • Cyber_Gypsy Gaming
    Cyber_Gypsy Gaming

    Probably his first , roast video

  • Trick & Try
    Trick & Try

    Pure Sanskari Songs, From Bhojpuri.

  • Harshal Bhagat
    Harshal Bhagat

    Maza hi aa gya❤


    Bringing an absolute revolution, excellent content bro!!👌🏼

  • anubhab bhattacharyya
    anubhab bhattacharyya

    How many names he changed before coming to saiman sees

  • Neha Raniwala
    Neha Raniwala

    say sena!

  • Vidhisha Basnet
    Vidhisha Basnet

    he convinced me to subscribe to him even without watching the videos lmao

  • In4mation Provider
    In4mation Provider


  • In4mation Provider
    In4mation Provider


  • In4mation Provider
    In4mation Provider

    Good Video

  • Seducer kun
    Seducer kun

    just nuke UP and bihar

  • Piyush Sangole
    Piyush Sangole

    Saiman's voice is too soft...

  • Aditya Shekhawat
    Aditya Shekhawat

    0:57- and the rest is history...


    Nice to see you back after a long time🙂

  • Yoru

    Major lazer exposed

  • Qasim Raza
    Qasim Raza

    Remember you wanted 50 likes only?

  • Kaka Sharma
    Kaka Sharma

    From asking to hit 50 likes to hitting 15k likes now❤️you grew and I hope it grows everyday❤️

  • Crazy Calendar
    Crazy Calendar

    3:42 happens with u even????? Saiman

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    Tousif Akmal

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  • Fukrey2hub

    Amazing video 😍👌👍❣️👌

  • Aparna ghag
    Aparna ghag

    His personality literally changes after removing the shade

  • Rashi Singh
    Rashi Singh

    Bhai or video bna de Tere purane video hi dekhti rhti h audience.

  • pankaj gupta
    pankaj gupta

    Bhojpuri song must be funny bro

  • Akhil Sharma
    Akhil Sharma

    Okay watching this in 2020😂 just start posting regular already, I'm sick of watching your old cringy videos

  • username2910

    Idk why I started blushing and feeling shy at 9:52 and 10:10😂😂

  • Shahin S
    Shahin S

    Coronavirus has entered the chat

  • Itz Me Prabh
    Itz Me Prabh

    This Is How it Starts

  • Atharva Swarnkar
    Atharva Swarnkar

    Please feature me as your new intern😂

  • Shirsho das
    Shirsho das

    Shembud can kill🤣

  • Spriha Bose
    Spriha Bose

    0:20 you could have been locked in an isolation ward by now for this if this wasn't 2 years old

  • Radhika sahu Mahi
    Radhika sahu Mahi

    Shembud meaning??????


      Chi chi😂

  • MocKing MuFi
    MocKing MuFi

    1:05 Timothy is still your Assistant 😂 You are underrated . Your sense of humour is unique 🙂

  • Niraj Kumar
    Niraj Kumar

    My cmment is just a comment , want no likes

  • Pallavi Singh
    Pallavi Singh

    Me watching saimans old videos during quarantine... Bro cringe ( laughing emoji )

  • sanket pingale
    sanket pingale

    Javed miandad in thumbnail😂😂

  • Sunny Mohite
    Sunny Mohite

    Hey Saiman can you do Shembud videos now as well?


    Saiman bhai ap baht talented youtuber ho apka jo style hai bilkul alag hai baht dino se m watching your videos truly bhaw tumhi amazing ahooo

  • Vijay Solanki
    Vijay Solanki

    We suggest you to see this video @Flying Beast

  • Sangita Majumder
    Sangita Majumder

    Love ur content saiman!! Ur videos r underrated and u have a quirky sense of humour! Without abusing and cursing anyone u pretty well roast people sarcastically! 😍😍

  • Aditya Sharma op
    Aditya Sharma op

    500th Comment Heart de do

  • Aditya Sharma op
    Aditya Sharma op


  • Aditya Sharma op
    Aditya Sharma op


  • Aditya Sharma op
    Aditya Sharma op


  • Aditya Sharma op
    Aditya Sharma op


  • Aditya Sharma op
    Aditya Sharma op


  • Aditya Sharma op
    Aditya Sharma op


  • Aditya Sharma op
    Aditya Sharma op


  • Aditya Sharma op
    Aditya Sharma op


  • Aditya Sharma op
    Aditya Sharma op


  • Aditya Sharma op
    Aditya Sharma op


  • Aditya Sharma op
    Aditya Sharma op


  • Commander Slam
    Commander Slam

    I have seen all Saiman Says all videos Second time. So his content is really enjoyable.

  • Ameeta Bhasin
    Ameeta Bhasin

    It looks like I am watching triggered insaan rather than saiman says...if saiman can understand what i am trying to say...not due to the background music but due to the high iq sense of humour we except from him..

  • Ashu Morya
    Ashu Morya

    Bhai mein bahut Bhojpuri songs Sunta hoon mujhe aajtak Aise songs nahi dikhe Kahan se dhoondh ke laate ho aap You are great bro

  • Drishti Arora
    Drishti Arora

    Was trying so hard to see Timothy from his shades.

  • yuhihaihum

    Just watching this again he asked for 50 likes only guys just complete it yrr

  • MaNy Winnies
    MaNy Winnies

    Music at 0:54 ??

  • kashyap dhar
    kashyap dhar

    Who was recommended in 2020

  • Hack Sutra
    Hack Sutra

    I am a Bihari and I will explain every ask me 👇👇

  • Sagar Sajwan from
    Sagar Sajwan from

    Corona virus he teko

  • Sohel Ansari
    Sohel Ansari


  • tola new
    tola new

    i am a bihari.... and i hv been listening such songs....loved your work saiman .i think you are among such people who can make us laugh without uttering slang....subscribed ur channel bro

  • Vinayak bhagwat
    Vinayak bhagwat

    0:20 corona virus was borned from saiman's sneezing lol

  • Sany Alom
    Sany Alom

    You are also a reactor of memes and cring videos

  • Bominator

    The first ones tune is catchy

  • Amit Patel
    Amit Patel

    Gaand Maraoooo

  • Aaditya Ranjan
    Aaditya Ranjan

    2 gaane to bhojpuri thay hi nahi. ?

  • Jyoti Kshatriya
    Jyoti Kshatriya

    These songs are more depressing than cringe😫

  • Dipak

    this is so cring that I cant seen the video whole.

  • Sudeep Jadhav
    Sudeep Jadhav

    Expect more from you

  • GOD ShadoW
    GOD ShadoW

    I like bhojpuri songs



  • Jayveersinh Solanki
    Jayveersinh Solanki

    Who names their son Saimandar ? Please DM me i will give u mr.yogi's number

  • joy v s
    joy v s

    Is that Roshan from tarak Mehta ka ulta...... In the first song ? Wtf

  • YTube sthan
    YTube sthan

    Bro background music kaha sa lata ho

  • Gaurav Kodape
    Gaurav Kodape

    This is one of the most underrated video of Saiman says🍺🍺

  • Rahul Ranjan
    Rahul Ranjan

    First song was not a bhojpuri song bro

  • Aditya Prakash
    Aditya Prakash

    As a bihari even I can not do anything but cringe

  • Vikas Miraje
    Vikas Miraje


  • Dhruv Singh
    Dhruv Singh

    I want see Timothy

  • Harsh Ranjan
    Harsh Ranjan

    This is next level comic content! Clean and Amazing 💁🏻‍♂️

  • Gaan er tori
    Gaan er tori

    Subscribe karna bolne ki tarika bast tha😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Muzammil khan
    Muzammil khan

    Cringe bhojpuri songs

  • Akshit Mehta
    Akshit Mehta

    Saiman slammed his desk and my youtube crashed lol 😂

  • Parul Singh
    Parul Singh

    9:40 ded 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Suraj Wavre
    Suraj Wavre

    7:55 & this is the Reason, why this song is selected 😂😂😂


    Bhai RADHE SHYAM RASIYA is one of my favourite singer and his song raja kareja mein samaja is epic, jab hum school ke practicals ke liye jaate the tab bus mein sunte hue naachte the bada mazaa aata tha....uss gaane ki beizzati mat kar yaar!!! baaki tumhari har video acchi hai par isme mazaa nahi aaya!!!

  • CHAØS 072
    CHAØS 072

    I was seeing his glasses the whole time to check the reflection of thimothy but it is true that he is just an imaginary character

  • Tanvesh Rele
    Tanvesh Rele

    2:54 saiman's reaction is priceless 😳. Kisko hire kiye be camera pakadne ke liye!

  • Monish Ojha
    Monish Ojha

    E raja raja raja kareja me samaja😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • Supriya Sharma
    Supriya Sharma

    For every INfun channel bhojpuri song is chalta firta content 🤣🤣🤣

  • chirag solanki
    chirag solanki

    🤣🤣🤣ending was 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • SuperCanonX

    When you know Timothy is not real but you laugh anyway

  • N .s
    N .s

    My dogs name is Timothy

  • Pranaya

    Legends are those who know the meaning of shembud

    • Pranaya

      Elliot alderson It Means Booger in Marathi

    • Elliot alderson
      Elliot alderson

      Tell me I want to know🥺

  • iam mihir
    iam mihir

    9.55 anyone noticed zenelia D'Souza

  • Rick Astley
    Rick Astley