Tik Tok India CRINGE (Part 1)
Tik Tok videos taken from: facebook.com/reptilesofkurlaofficial/

  • Vaishali Patil
    Vaishali Patil

    Salil jamdar and saiman says roasted tik tok when carry was promoting it. Huge respect

    • Suraj Bangar
      Suraj Bangar

      Watch carry's tik tok 2019 evolution, don't say anything without any proof

  • Shree Wakhare
    Shree Wakhare

    litrally mene pura vedio screen bina dekhe suna bohot achha laga par phir jab mene screen chalu ki to pura mood kharab ho gaya ,kitne gandi shakale thi vo

  • Shama Sayed
    Shama Sayed

    4:18 Khuda ko dikh raha hoga kya ae😆😆

  • Pranjal samaiya
    Pranjal samaiya

    Click bit 😂

  • KRiSH xD
    KRiSH xD

    0:30 Saiman's Twerk

  • VM Artist
    VM Artist

    777k this figer never come again 😅

  • knowledge in Hindi
    knowledge in Hindi

    Why is he obsessed with pewdiepie though

  • Sathvik Allamsetty
    Sathvik Allamsetty

    Captions are out of sync, saiman deleted some parts with youtube online editor.

  • aksh k
    aksh k

    Where is the girl from thumbnail....?? Cheating krta h Tu.. 😞

  • Pramey Sontakke
    Pramey Sontakke

    Doka dukhayla lagla re baba

  • reverse on
    reverse on

    Last wala konsa janwar tha

  • Sóñú Nama
    Sóñú Nama

    Tiktok aap cringe k liye hi famous ha😂 ,,,by God yaar itni hasi ai ha ki pet dard Kar Raha ha,,😊😊 btw nice video bai...

  • Sóñú Nama
    Sóñú Nama

    I love you too PewDiePie...🤟🤟

  • Anushka Sarge
    Anushka Sarge

    Just enjoyed every minute in this video😂😂😂

  • Abhishek Dutta
    Abhishek Dutta

    5:10 just looks like Y2K lol

  • Kapil R.
    Kapil R.

    If u have some guts, let me complete this challenge of getting 1 million subscribers before 2021( this challenge is for all Indians!!) Without any videos!! The video above was exceptionally excellent!! Pls help me complete this challenge in India!!

  • Squad Crusher
    Squad Crusher


  • Hely Bhatiya
    Hely Bhatiya

    Wasn't that saiman only who said that villagers are getting a platform to showcase themselves ?

  • sayyed sahil13
    sayyed sahil13

    Maza aa gaya bhai nice video aisehi video bana😂😂😂

  • Adarsh prasad
    Adarsh prasad

    Who is here after tik tok is banned

  • Guitar Fusion by Chitra
    Guitar Fusion by Chitra

    My one of the fav song wo lamhe ye bhi nhi chhoda in tiktokers ne 😤😤

  • abbas zia
    abbas zia

    Pakistan ka tiktokers per video Bana please

  • himani chandgadkar
    himani chandgadkar

    Waah.... sachme aapke videos achche hain... pehla video jo aapka dekha tha voh tha meme awards, but mujhe laga ki is channel mein bhi gaali ko hi humor ke tor par liya jayega (I am not against the youtubers whi swear but I dont find it humorous....) but I find the content funny🤣 nice....

  • Ashutosh Mishra
    Ashutosh Mishra

    To every one who watched, I prescribe anti cring tablets

  • Pradeep Adsule
    Pradeep Adsule

    Why are you best bro

  • sourav T S
    sourav T S

    What have we become

  • tanisha lakhlani
    tanisha lakhlani

    abe mrunu ki pic kyun dali hai thumbnail me......uske nam se views kama raha hai

  • Triant gaming
    Triant gaming

    Jawline like khali

  • spi der
    spi der

    pewdepie ki najaayaz aulaad

  • Sanju Baba Gaming
    Sanju Baba Gaming

    Accha hua band ho gaya

    • Raunak Singh
      Raunak Singh


  • Akshay Jha
    Akshay Jha

    Lol all the carrytards saying he's a hypocrite for thicc and jawline? There's a difference between commenting on someone's appearance and body shaming, but no, you will put them on the same level because it's convenient for you.

    • mixbagtv

      I was searching for one sensible comment after the whole carry situation... thankyou!

    • Gautham Roopesh
      Gautham Roopesh

      Dude don't speak such long sentences, those idiots have already lost so many brain cells from using tiktok that they won't be able to comprehend your words

  • Disha Mal
    Disha Mal

    Saimon we r gonna miss ur tiktok bakchodi ;-;

  • rob - bot
    rob - bot

    cringe level: curry.

  • umesh s
    umesh s

    The problem with Saiman twerking at 0:30 is not that he's doing it IT'S THAT HE IS DOING IT SO GOOD!!

  • Sachin Singhania
    Sachin Singhania

    Bhai love ur videos Sirf aapki video mein zyda maza aata hai without abusive language 😂😂😂😂😂


    the bumdigidigi was nice😂😂

  • Parth Bartakke
    Parth Bartakke


  • Global Entertainment
    Global Entertainment

    Yeh roast bhi dekh lo jara infun.info/http/v-iy/e5-gh6Bk3oR6Z6c.html

  • clow jok
    clow jok

    I wanna die coz this....

  • Abhilasha meena
    Abhilasha meena

    my new to adda to having fun with Ek garm chai pyali like saiman have in his video starting.

  • Shark_ yt
    Shark_ yt

    What the f*ck did I just f#cking watch its dog sh*t like what the f&#$@%$& $@&# #%@&+7#%@-

  • Kanishk Soman
    Kanishk Soman

    I just wanted to die.

  • Raj Ramnani
    Raj Ramnani


  • James Zou
    James Zou

    the host himself is cringe

    • mixbagtv

      Maybe you are so used to cringe in your daily life that sensible humour seems to be cringe to you anyways if you believe so no problem but skiddale out of here to watch carry cursing and abusing people.

    • Krishang Kandoria
      Krishang Kandoria

      Not really? Other INfunrs are much more cringe

  • Abhijit Panda
    Abhijit Panda

    Saiman you are good in representation but u are full of hypocrisy and what is this body shaming..you are like those low life wana bes...

    • mixbagtv

      He made a point about the people that is observable that is he said thicc and sharp jawline he didn't shame and abuse them regarding their body (like the top Indian INfunrs at the moment) so it's totally fair


    Bas bas bhai bas jyada ho gaya h yaar

  • Ajay Kale
    Ajay Kale

    yes saiman was right we should not bodyshame thiccc hai na saiman?

    • mixbagtv

      Calling that fellow thicc is just observation...which is true and that person himself would admit if you asked him...bodyshaming is when you make fun of someone by calling them words all saiman did was point an observation it's not what bodyshaming is .... dictionary padd lejyae but to bad you're busy watching carry curse and bodyshame (the actual definition of bodyshaming in carrys vase btw) anyways not everyone can understand such things English can be hard for some people

  • Kush Tekriwal
    Kush Tekriwal

    Listen carefully at 3:47 you can hear Timothy's voice 😂

  • 29.Sankalp Chikane
    29.Sankalp Chikane

    Saiman bro big fan. I also want to say that clip 4:04 is to fun

  • Naman Jha
    Naman Jha

    saiman is also putting hot girl in the thumbnail for views

  • Doggo the Dog
    Doggo the Dog

    0:30 aaah Real shakira comes in

  • Nitu Singh Singh
    Nitu Singh Singh

    3:21 , when your mom makes karela

  • Zaygrade Playz
    Zaygrade Playz

    2:37 Saiman is having future sight. 💯 per scent sure

  • Nikillan Karthikeyan
    Nikillan Karthikeyan

    I think it's all because Indian series. Just drama drama drama drama

  • World : A dream or a Truth
    World : A dream or a Truth

    Anyone here after tiktok ban

  • Just Lavenders
    Just Lavenders

    Big pp

  • devil x
    devil x

    Aur editing ghatia ha

  • The Rock
    The Rock

    Whatever... But the fact is. you are here because of those tiktokers....

  • Ketan kumar Singh
    Ketan kumar Singh

    Thank God, it's banned now!!

  • Single Dad Jowaless
    Single Dad Jowaless

    Your one of them

  • Armaan B
    Armaan B

    0:47 tiktok India sucks not the real tiktok

  • Mohammed Shaikh
    Mohammed Shaikh

    I was also crying with saiman


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  • Axiom Steel26
    Axiom Steel26

    I hate it how we are winning the International TikTok Cringe cup!

  • Arihant Sharma
    Arihant Sharma

    Bhai .just started watching you and starting to feel you're extremely awesome . Just a big fan of penguinz0 , PewDiePie , jacksepticeye. And you are extremely talented . Keep going

  • Hansh Nair
    Hansh Nair

    He spoke about nepotism before Sushant Singh Rajput's unfortunate demise

  • Nikillan Karthikeyan
    Nikillan Karthikeyan

    Wish u could do the whole vid in english

  • Nikillan Karthikeyan
    Nikillan Karthikeyan

    They really want us to crazy things just look at the ppl in the trailer

  • Deep Roy Choudhury
    Deep Roy Choudhury

    3:54 You are welcome. God bless all of us.

  • Just Lavenders
    Just Lavenders

    Seriously but I posted drawing and realism drawing vids on tiktok cuz I heard there were many people there but I had like 50 k followers all my hardwork on those drawings are flushed in the toilet I am very sad I was not a "tiktoker" rather someone who just is there on their damn phone all day but I liked the drawing and craft vids there and now it's all gone i will say i didnt watch these cringe vids on my tiktok i watched nice good vids there . Actually nice videos in Tik Tok believe me you know like as a scrolled through my fyp nice videos that something you cant judge the whole thing by just some cringe Tik Tok . I know there are cringe vids and I personally dont like em but there are cringe vids on youtube too bit there are nice vids like this too in youtube that's why tiktok also had nice vids I will give a link of nice videos of tiktok watch em and then judge the whole app.Imagine youtube getting banned so.e people will be happy but imagine what will happen with your channel all the hardwork u did to make nice content just flushed these cringe tiktoks have downfield the respect I had for tiktok I am truly sad trust me tiktok has nice vids The link -infun.info/http/v-iy/inuioppesJaYqpY.html infun.info/http/v-iy/h5uninWftp2Gk8U.html infun.info/http/v-iy/eaOLo3iYyqORYsU.html infun.info/http/v-iy/pWibf5Fy2Z-afsk.html Aur meko bhi cringed tiktoks nahi pasand . NO HATE infun.info/http/v-iy/eYJ8o4elwKuJeLM.html I dont watch indian tiktok I watch foreign tiktoks !! They are not cringey!! And everyone saying I am both on tiktok and youtube!! And most of the people that hate on Tiktok just want to fit in the crowd because everyone in hating on Tiktok other half of them is hating on tiktok because it's the trend and the think Tik Tok is cringe but you just can't just the whole app with some of the videos !! then I will also se INfun is cringy because of dhinchak Pooja but you know there are content creaters like saiman says (ofc)btw saiman I love ur vids moriah Elizabeth and pewdiepie and jacksepticeye that post nice video so I cant say that whole INfun is cringe by dhinchak Pooja I can't say that youtube is cringe UNDERSTAND U FIT IN THE CROWD PEOPLE!

  • shreya 5454
    shreya 5454

    Ur video is funny but don't shame ppl about their weight

    • shreya 5454
      shreya 5454

      @mixbagtv making fun of somebody's weight in a comedic way or not .it's shaming.

    • mixbagtv

      It's not shaming he just stated an observation ... shaming is what the other INfunrs do where they use the fact that he's fat as a comedic joke

  • Gayatri Chitale
    Gayatri Chitale

    We want to meet timothy

  • RA Firdosh
    RA Firdosh


  • Anshaj Ahuja
    Anshaj Ahuja

    Tiki took banned fuck it

  • Suman De
    Suman De

    How ironic is the video rn.


    2:02 I was dead by 😂😂😂😂

  • Max Zakho
    Max Zakho

    4:06 🙊

  • Edmand McBride
    Edmand McBride

    Am I the only part of saysena from North-east India?

  • John J.
    John J.

    elon musk you got an extra seat for the mars thing? i wana come too

  • Aman Kumar
    Aman Kumar

    Saiman talk about tiktok and bollywood nepotism 1 year ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rashi Singh
    Rashi Singh

    Plot twist: this video is sponsored by zandu pancharishth

  • Neha Thakur
    Neha Thakur

    My sister's boyfriend is one of them


    U r awesome bro, just want to see that 1 million sub on ur channel, I m sharing ur videos with my friends and family, dey r loving it, keep ur good work, one day people will realize what true roasting is, till then keep working hard

  • Soumik Nambiar
    Soumik Nambiar

    00:31 Saiman twerking 😂😂😂

  • mikxel gaming
    mikxel gaming

    Nobody Literaly nobody Saiman i didnt like nobody

  • Johanjohan Jhonajhona
    Johanjohan Jhonajhona

    His one year ahead of us

  • Pratibha Arya
    Pratibha Arya


  • Jhahah Hwhehe
    Jhahah Hwhehe

    0:31 SMOOTH!!!

  • shebaz khan
    shebaz khan

    Tiktokers misusing freedom of speech.

  • Sahil0687

    Saiman in every video:thoda muh se thook gira deta hu public bhht hsegi sochegi ye to kitna owsm h yr🙂

    • ViCtRoCtOpUs BoOm YT
      ViCtRoCtOpUs BoOm YT

      Keep it up one day you will be also big youtuber who will make people think logicaly laughable content better then him


    Tu pwedipie ki itni kyu chatata h baap h kya vo tera

    • Peter Griffin
      Peter Griffin

      Tu apne baap ki chaat ta hai? Cheeeeee

    • ViCtRoCtOpUs BoOm YT
      ViCtRoCtOpUs BoOm YT

      Pewdiepie is an individual foreign carryminati

  • Arnab Maiti
    Arnab Maiti

    Bhai, next time se, TikTok cringe video mat banao.. Audio format mein banao, but video nahi.. dekha nahi jaa raha.. ultiya ah rahi hai..

  • Ehtesham Ur rehman
    Ehtesham Ur rehman

    Ek reaction last wla edit kardiya 😂 bhai pasand tha wo reaction mujhe

  • Prem Jadhav
    Prem Jadhav

    Really classic editing ,, Timothy and u

  • Waqar Tahir
    Waqar Tahir

    Atif kay song kay sath itna zulm ufff

  • pranav gupta
    pranav gupta

    2:51 bodyshaming arre hypocrisy ki bhi seema hoti hai just joking

  • Deepa sharma
    Deepa sharma

    U dont look nice with normal glasses.. 😂

  • ꧁༒S̑̈a͎d̑̈ P̑̈ri͎n̥ͦc̾ȇ̈༒꧂
    ꧁༒S̑̈a͎d̑̈ P̑̈ri͎n̥ͦc̾ȇ̈༒꧂

    2:22 استغفراللہ 🤣😂

  • ꧁༒S̑̈a͎d̑̈ P̑̈ri͎n̥ͦc̾ȇ̈༒꧂
    ꧁༒S̑̈a͎d̑̈ P̑̈ri͎n̥ͦc̾ȇ̈༒꧂

    Drdnak cases of tik tok.... 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂


    infun.info/http/v-iy/nH6lhXuJmoKAc6M.html Watch this 😂😂😂😂