Tanmay Bhat EXPOSED ??? (MEME MASTI 😜 #1)
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  • Poorav Sankhyan
    Poorav Sankhyan


  • Gameonz Master - Brawl Stars
    Gameonz Master - Brawl Stars

    These means will cure people's depression

  • Rajat Nainwal
    Rajat Nainwal

    Saiman should make more videos like this... Please...🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • ayushmaan sharma
    ayushmaan sharma

    Plz tell "Lenovo ghoda" release date!!

  • Shivam Rathore
    Shivam Rathore

    mai apne ma k liye jIRA hu...😂😂😂

  • ``LUKKY``

    4:27 This.....didn't age well.....


    Father:tu mera beta hai!!! Son be like:lol xD main Kaise maan lu Father(seeing his neighbour’s wife)(in his mind):mat maan!

  • Phanboi Chau
    Phanboi Chau

    This is simultaneously the most dank and cringe video in this channel..

  • Ayaan Baig
    Ayaan Baig

    Nice job keep it up

  • Samarth Gour
    Samarth Gour


  • Rupinder Singh
    Rupinder Singh

    This is top level zoomer humour. love it!

  • Raj Kale
    Raj Kale

    Watched this video with a straight face , very lame .

    • Nishank More
      Nishank More

      Kisine pucha ?

    • Patrick Bateman
      Patrick Bateman

      Lenovo ghoda 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😳😳😳😳😳😂😂😂😂😂😂 Lenovo ghoda

  • shreya khaire
    shreya khaire

    Yaar koi itna Underrated Kaise ho sakta hai yaar. This guy is too good

  • Devil Leo
    Devil Leo

    Lol XD me kaise maan lu?

  • Crazy slayer
    Crazy slayer

    Lenovo + ghoda = loda

  • Mahakal ka Bhakht
    Mahakal ka Bhakht

    Chutiya h yeh toh

  • Mohak vij
    Mohak vij

    Lol xd was true abhi tak kuch sahi nahi hua

  • Jeevan Jarvis
    Jeevan Jarvis

    Last dialog of tanmay bat was op😂😂😂

  • Game Freak2
    Game Freak2



    Lenevo+ godha= yeh L@UDA😂😂😂😂

  • Pranshu Sharma
    Pranshu Sharma

    Bhai esi ek aur daal

  • Yash Varekar
    Yash Varekar

    I loved this intro 😂😂😂❤️

  • Herobrine nightcore
    Herobrine nightcore

    lenovo + ghoda = lodha


    *I watch this video after 7 months*

  • Mann

    10:57 the Dhruve rathee parody

  • Danishbir Sujlana
    Danishbir Sujlana

    Please make MEME MASTI #2

  • Gunjan RL
    Gunjan RL

    I'm watching this for the second time and I just realised, tbh honest 😂


    I released a new song its free to download and no copy right please check it out..


    After this video elon musk stopped doing his rocket work and started taxi

  • Mohammad Shaikh
    Mohammad Shaikh

    What's with lenovo and ghoda? I don't get it🙄

    • Nishank More
      Nishank More


    • RAVEN RAPTOR 0456
      RAVEN RAPTOR 0456

      What's there to understand Lenovo + ghoda = Lenovo ghoda 😂😂😂

  • Bhaisaab YT
    Bhaisaab YT

    Im really watching this 5th time

  • Paglait Gaming
    Paglait Gaming

    Lol shakila ad in his video

  • Hamd Baramy
    Hamd Baramy

    4:27 lol XD

  • Siddhi D
    Siddhi D

    4:28 🤦🤦😂😂😂 weham h tera saiman

  • Om Pandey
    Om Pandey

    You either laughed as hard as fuck. Or you left the video after a few seconds.

  • Sampada Matkar
    Sampada Matkar

    10:11 understandable

  • Sampada Matkar
    Sampada Matkar

    Tanmay ko tera🗿 bola unke samne ab🙏

  • Sampada Matkar
    Sampada Matkar

    Ok lenovo ghoda goes tub duk tub duk cracked me up😂😂

  • Qamar Azmi
    Qamar Azmi

    Mat maan is updated now add maac*da


    Where are the pink shades

  • anubhab bhattacharyya
    anubhab bhattacharyya

    I think I am a normie Because this is my least favourite episode Don't know why ppl laugh at Lenovoghoda

    • Tejas Marathi
      Tejas Marathi

      Yes bcs you are Normie👎

  • Divik Jain
    Divik Jain

    At 13.30 he uses all the memes Mind blow

  • King of Mirzapur
    King of Mirzapur

    13:00 you fool you just fall into one of the classic blunders

  • Sankalp Sharma
    Sankalp Sharma

    4:32 nhi

  • Sireen Gothadiya
    Sireen Gothadiya

    Juan Is The Videshi Version of Lenovo Ghoda

  • Shyama Prajapati
    Shyama Prajapati

    17 May ko restrictions khatam ho jayegi ! Lol xD main kase maan lu? Imma watching this video at almost end of the year .

  • Milan D Vijay
    Milan D Vijay

    Lenovo + ghoda = loda 😂


    Lenovo ghoda mtlb= ghode ka lo yeh bola ??🤔🤔🤔

  • Gunjan Girdhar
    Gunjan Girdhar

    Hahaha haha wtf is lenovo ghoda !!!!!!!!

  • Bunny Teeth
    Bunny Teeth

    this is the most well planed video


    Lol XD mai kaise maan lu?

  • Paras Rawat
    Paras Rawat

    Agla pewdiepie future yahi se niklega...sadak2 i mean sadak se uthakar star banaunga


    Newest comment

  • Shubh Agrawal
    Shubh Agrawal

    What about :- Lenovo+ghoda= *Drum rolls please* . . . . . . . . . L*da

  • Virendra Yadav
    Virendra Yadav

    Me and my Bois are still waiting for part 2 😳😳

  • Parv Jain
    Parv Jain

    Tbh honest ,koi sense hai iss baat ka😂😂🤦 3:10

  • Rahul suman
    Rahul suman

    last part with tanmay bhatt was hilarious as bhendiiiii

  • ekta srivastva
    ekta srivastva

    To funny 13:00

  • Mr.Ishaan Paul
    Mr.Ishaan Paul

    lenevo ghoda

  • adi gaming
    adi gaming

    Disclaimer- no horse were harmed during this video

  • Aaynn Handa
    Aaynn Handa

    Jethalal ki kal shaadi hogayi Me : LoL XD mein kese maan lu Other person : Mat Maan bhosdike gand mein gushjao logo ki

  • Harshal Patel
    Harshal Patel

    Someone : lol xD mai kaise maan kyu You : Maat Maan Maa Chuda

  • Sudhir Jain
    Sudhir Jain

    Yar kon he log jo bina video ko dekhe Dislike kar dete hain?

  • Atharva Gandhe
    Atharva Gandhe

    Others:-. Outro :- something unique Saiman:-. Outro :- Black unique 😂😂

  • Radha Iyer
    Radha Iyer

    Shoutout to Saiman warning us beforehand to wear headphones before saying s*x. You da MVP

  • ᐯᗩᑎTᗩᘜᙓ ᑭOIᑎT
    ᐯᗩᑎTᗩᘜᙓ ᑭOIᑎT

    Every meme is special Nobody meme : surprise Pikachu

  • Atul Anand
    Atul Anand

    4:44 😂😂

  • Ayush Mandowara
    Ayush Mandowara

    10:55 - what a r/wholesome segment... saare meme combine kar diye.. ghoda chor ke... I guess, because, ghoda is a respectable animal?

  • Anushka Shrivastava
    Anushka Shrivastava

    Did anyone notice Marina Mogilko in this video?


    13:00 mat maan tanmay bhat 😂🤣

  • Vaibhav Pal
    Vaibhav Pal

    the last part was really great😂😂

  • forbiddendike

    the intro had me dead

  • Learn to Break
    Learn to Break

    I love his fake smile 🙂💔

  • Twinkle Nair
    Twinkle Nair

    Hi saiman I really like your videos, you present yourself really well!!! And your glasses are too cute. Keep up the good work and take care , waiting for your new video👀👀😄

  • yeshoviraj rao
    yeshoviraj rao

    Lenovo ghoda kyu?

  • SubscribeorFBIknockyour doorforwatchingP*rn
    SubscribeorFBIknockyour doorforwatchingP*rn

    12:14 🤣🤣🤣

  • N Sin
    N Sin

    OSC kahan chale gaye ???

  • Proud Indian
    Proud Indian

    This was better than carryminati’s whole tiktok roasts stock

  • Mahesh Godhaniya
    Mahesh Godhaniya

    Vo Deadpool me taxi driver tu tha kya ??

  • epic gamer big chungus
    epic gamer big chungus

    😜 😜 😜 😜 😜 😜

  • Mythic Boomers YT
    Mythic Boomers YT

    Finally 😁 i see positive comments here ... Now my full day gonna happy .👍❤️

  • muhammad adeel lakhair
    muhammad adeel lakhair

    love from pakistan

  • Dakshesh Sharma
    Dakshesh Sharma

    Typical gen z humour

  • Arjav Jain
    Arjav Jain

    Ab mein kaise ma'am lu😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aman Kashyap
    Aman Kashyap

    I Think The Lenovo + Horse shall be LOda

  • Eklavya Prasad
    Eklavya Prasad

    He missed the chance to call lenovo+ghoda=loda

  • Fallen Manic
    Fallen Manic

    Hey man where is meme masti episode 2 ?

  • Kumar Sujoy
    Kumar Sujoy

    The last (maat Mann) of Tanmay was so funny then his entire INfun videos I have ever seen

    • Kumar Sujoy
      Kumar Sujoy

      Lol XD Mai kaise mann lu

    • Kumar Sujoy
      Kumar Sujoy

      lol XD Mai kaise mann lu

  • ɴᴀᴠᴇᴇɴ ƑƑ
    ɴᴀᴠᴇᴇɴ ƑƑ

    Wanna Be friends?

    • ranjit singh
      ranjit singh


    • You are right
      You are right


    • Het Desai
      Het Desai


  • Kunj Shah
    Kunj Shah

    Bhai kya bore kardiya full time waste

    • Kunj Shah
      Kunj Shah

      @Chris Paul oh yea might be better than this

    • Captain Cranium
      Captain Cranium

      @Chris Paul ohhhhhhhhhhhh🤣🤣🤣

  • Sucharita Jena
    Sucharita Jena

    Saiman INDIA is not prepared for this type of humor.

    • Nandni Shrivastava
      Nandni Shrivastava

      @Sayan Bhattacharjee Mat maan

    • Sayan Bhattacharjee
      Sayan Bhattacharjee

      Lol xd mai kaise maan lu

  • Anshuta R.
    Anshuta R.

    Bhai plz collb with triggered insaan

  • bikash

    Use fake taxi for free taxi Ka bhada

  • Swayam Nihalani
    Swayam Nihalani

    Bro I am still not over this. I love this video. We need meme masti part 2

  • Rajesh panda
    Rajesh panda

    Ending was like lolXD

  • Anime World
    Anime World

    1:05 what was so funny..so funny I forgot to laugh

  • MWg meri wali gaming
    MWg meri wali gaming

    I thought lenovo +ghoda=loda

    • Sayan Bhattacharjee
      Sayan Bhattacharjee

      Lol xd mai kaise man lu

    • ranjit singh
      ranjit singh


    • The Assaulting Squad
      The Assaulting Squad

      Me too 😂😂😂

  • yash garg
    yash garg

    well if my girlfriend would run high power computing tasks quickly and efficiently, i would prefer to call her Acer ghoda😁

  • Desh Ka Nagrik
    Desh Ka Nagrik

    5:20 MAAT MAAN, MAA CHUDA 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • siddharth Sonkamble
    siddharth Sonkamble

    2:11 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂