T.I.D. - Toilet Investigation Department
T.I.D. looks into the case of disfunctional/missing toilets in the city of Mumbai. T.I.D. is open to suggestions and feedback! Comment below.
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  • Random Head
    Random Head

    He is growing slowly everyday by 1k cant wait for him to reach at 1 million

  • Random Head
    Random Head

    8:28 xD

  • Pradeep Ambewadikar
    Pradeep Ambewadikar

    Nice work Teemothy 👍👍

  • Om Deore
    Om Deore

    Saiman should make more videos like these....

  • Timothy

    10:40 They must be thinking they are really from TID

  • Ansh Palriwala
    Ansh Palriwala

    Bro, I hope you make more these kind of videos. Just an humble request

  • Vyom Khopade
    Vyom Khopade

    We live in a world where this guy hasn't crossed even 200k views on such a topic of awareness in 2 years and creators like Ashish, Carry and others are so "happy" that they cross millions of views in just 1 day.

  • Arpan Patil
    Arpan Patil

    Nice Initiative...

  • Ved Samant
    Ved Samant

    this video became so serious as it went on . SHIT !!

  • movies pro
    movies pro

    Aapka content amit bhada na se bhi acha hain aapko to millions me subscribers milne chahiye

  • Romil Shah
    Romil Shah

    Bhai 2.0 bana iska

  • Sarvagya Dwivedi
    Sarvagya Dwivedi

    I dont know what to say, but THANK YOU


    After 10:00 it's not comedy anymore, it's actual ground reporting which news channels have left for so long.

  • A to Z Gaming
    A to Z Gaming

    Best way to revel the nepotism of politisions

  • puneet pareek
    puneet pareek

    Government should take action against this

  • GoldenSaddle13

    Guys I Found Timothy 5:01 Look in the mirror

  • KRiSH xD
    KRiSH xD

    I Just Need A Friend Like Aditya💖🔥

  • GaurSome

    Not only Mumbai yae her jgha ki kahani hain

  • Sushma Singh
    Sushma Singh

    The dislikes arw from the government

  • Sushma Singh
    Sushma Singh

    This video actually deserves likes and views

  • sàçhîñ s
    sàçhîñ s

    ‼️‼️Timothy exposured ‼️‼️ ( 5:02 ) 👍 With camera 📸

  • Shourya Gupta
    Shourya Gupta

    You are such a big youtuber like you have 768k subscribers. But still you visited the public toilets of Mumbai.Like it is soo inspiring and you stood up for this big cause. I dont live in a chawl so I cannot properly understand that how they feel. The government should first work for this cause. You are doing a great Job keep it up @saimansays

  • devarsh shah
    devarsh shah

    5:02 Those of you who came for timothy.


    The day when SAIMAN and SALIL JAMDAR get the actual amount of subscribers they deserve , samaj jaana INDIA DEVELOPE HO CHUKA HAI.

  • Abhayjyoti Nath
    Abhayjyoti Nath

    Man literally huge respect for you apart from your comedy commentary video you can also make awareness videos like this people and authorities should see this 👍🏻

  • Vedant Kamble
    Vedant Kamble

    4:57 Timothy face reveal 😱😱😱

  • Surfer P
    Surfer P

    You should make more videos like these, now that u are reaching million subs

  • Dipak Sharma
    Dipak Sharma

    Bhai ek baar fir se investigation karo.

  • Md Feroz Fk
    Md Feroz Fk

    Why this video is not on trinding ???

  • Devna Srivastava
    Devna Srivastava

    Siman u r a true legend . I am deeply moved by this video. U r so smart

  • Masud Shaikh
    Masud Shaikh

    I think u should reinvestigate this case n see the situation is still same or improved...What say old ACP Saiman???

  • Shivani kona
    Shivani kona

    5:02 Timothy in the left side .. mirror. At first I thought not of commenting cause I wasn't sure if it is him. But now after 1 year I decided to.

  • KniGhT gaming
    KniGhT gaming

    12:22 garden me jake karenge LOL! but the point is to be noted

  • KniGhT gaming
    KniGhT gaming

    saiman aagli bar bada mic leke ja chete se kam nahi chalega😂😂

  • KniGhT gaming
    KniGhT gaming

    11:44 video recording ek number saiman ki fati hogi

  • KniGhT gaming
    KniGhT gaming

    10:56 aunty op

  • KniGhT gaming
    KniGhT gaming

    10:40 aunty saiman ka kyu dantrahi hai


    Why doesn't his content isn't famous as much as it should be ?

  • Aadya Pandita
    Aadya Pandita

    hats off to what u r doin man!...good job :making india proud

  • Hamza Kamal
    Hamza Kamal

    You should start making such videos again

  • Anand Shankar
    Anand Shankar

    8:28 happiest man in the world

  • Anand Shankar
    Anand Shankar

    Liking because saiman ne ki hai mehnat

  • Zaalm Boi
    Zaalm Boi

    But the sad things is views, its our responsibility to share this video.

  • Mohammed Shaikh
    Mohammed Shaikh

    The starting 2 mins are so cringe

  • Dipesh Patil
    Dipesh Patil

    Timothy Face Reveal at 5:01

  • Arpit kumar Dwivedi
    Arpit kumar Dwivedi

    Aap ke liye ijjaat aur bhad gyi h hamare dil mein

  • Sonali Debnath
    Sonali Debnath

    I am proud to be his fan

  • Shivam Mishra
    Shivam Mishra

    I feel so sorry that this man worked so hard to show people ground reality and nobody came to watch him and millions of people go and watch dhruv rathee who is enjoying his abroad trip in the name of so called informative content

  • Leasure Gaming
    Leasure Gaming

    Tum bohot acca Kam karta hai saiman bhai

  • Rex Tastic
    Rex Tastic


    • Rex Tastic
      Rex Tastic

      @Lakshit Jain yes

    • Lakshit Jain
      Lakshit Jain

      Is it timothy


    Bro u should do these videos to create awarness

  • mohit sharma
    mohit sharma

    Sab bhadwey politicians bus fake promise kartien hain logo ko but they don't do anything for them.

  • Rudra Shinde
    Rudra Shinde

    Go to Malad, Dindoshi and Gokuldham Shopping Centre Toilets they are unclean and smell bad too

  • Sid Raj
    Sid Raj

    Is the man with him is Timothy🤣🤣

  • Anita Tripathi
    Anita Tripathi

    Wonderful efforts.. such an eye opener.. proud of you sir... Well done. 👏👏👏👏

  • Megha Naoghare
    Megha Naoghare

    bro, you truly deserve 100 million subscribers

  • naman kaushik
    naman kaushik

    Gr8 video . This shows the bitter truth of our country. 😔

  • gaming graveyard ok
    gaming graveyard ok

    Timothy in the mirror3:27


    12:00 o felt bad for saiman But he did a great work👏👏

  • adah


  • Vedanti Madhav
    Vedanti Madhav

    The Toilets are so dirty that one may control his/her pee than going in it. People you have no choice are SUFFERING! You did a great job man! HUGE RESPECT❤ You went to all this nasty toilets, you had to go through so much, it was already difficult to even watch the toilets in video. It brings shivers of thinking, how people maybe be going helplessly in this everyday! Guys spread this video as much as possible!!! Thankyou soo much Saimandar🙏🏻🌼 I am late to the video...but this is still happening EVERYONE DESERVES SANITATION!!!!

  • Jay Mitchell
    Jay Mitchell

    13:37 :)

  • Mythic Boomers YT
    Mythic Boomers YT

    The guys in trian was seeing him 🙄🙄🙄 😂😂😂

  • ArTheGamer

    5:02 timothy caught on camera

  • Shruti Sawant
    Shruti Sawant

    Keep it up saiman!!! 💪👌

  • Ryusaki Madhav
    Ryusaki Madhav

    cant fricking understand why this doesnt guy have a million

  • Ryusaki Madhav
    Ryusaki Madhav

    ok imma subscribe

  • Samar Wajid
    Samar Wajid

    forget competing with first world countries like America , here people don't even have a proper place to shit


    Ye funny h yafir serious?

    • Manorama Rout
      Manorama Rout

      Masti masti.... Mai serious ho gaya.

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh

    Beautiful work bhai.. keep it up...

  • Shantanu

    My Respect for Saiman has increased manifolds 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Raj Shri Krishnam
    Raj Shri Krishnam

    They were in so professional outfit the public thought they were real inspectors.

  • prismoexe

    great content.all the influencers should actually spread awareness like this

  • Vicky Makwana
    Vicky Makwana

    After this video, I love his channel.

  • Azhar Pathan
    Azhar Pathan

    U really needs a guts to do this work and this man have guts in their balls 👍🔥😎

  • Player's Planet
    Player's Planet


  • koushik Thakur
    koushik Thakur

    You are awesome thank you for making this

  • prathik sharma
    prathik sharma

    I saw it after 2 years of upload...why such a good content so underrated..??

  • FYI

    6:58 uncle abhi takk isse asli toilet investigator smjte hoge

  • Sumit Basfor
    Sumit Basfor

    Bhai ye aadmi sabse alag aur hatke hai ye sirf apne content ka nahi pure city ko dikhata hai kaha kya chal raha hai we love you brother

  • Hell Yeah!
    Hell Yeah!

    Kindly do awareness video on Overpopulation

  • Hell Yeah!
    Hell Yeah!

    Not from India But loved your great idea and even greater execution

  • Shady

    Sad this has soo less views, this video didn't get what it deserved!

  • Grangious

    Didn't noticed the time when the video became serious...

  • Smriti shukla
    Smriti shukla

    Really great work ,sir

  • Rajan Brahma
    Rajan Brahma

    Please Saiman keep up this good work!! pata nehi desh ki logo ko kya ho gaya hain!! sab yalgaar yalgaar kar raha hain par kaam ki baat koi nehi karta!!! you are an inspiration Saiman..

  • Varad Kutte
    Varad Kutte

    Hats off saimin, just showed the content as it is ... the shit I noticed is that the posh toilets are on the areas where lots of people do not come often... It also needs a good heart to show this content without any AD

  • Shravani Ghalsasi
    Shravani Ghalsasi

    saiman bhaiyya u are really doing a great job.. Keep it up.

  • N Sin
    N Sin

    Very informative

  • Manav Pandit
    Manav Pandit

    Wow Saiman!!!! Everyday i used to wonder why these ppls do toilets on track and that pissed me off. U have changed my mind Saiman ..... U have shown the root cause of public toilets. Bravo! Proud to be ur subscriber

  • Sagar S Negi
    Sagar S Negi

    Great Job . @Saiman

  • Abhishek Secular
    Abhishek Secular

    Timothy having good acting skill

  • priyanka singh
    priyanka singh

    Wat a great attempt to open eyes of authorities concerned..awesome 👍

  • Charu Lata
    Charu Lata

    What an eyeopener Saiman , found it late but I am glad I did.

  • WoLfie Opera
    WoLfie Opera

    i dont know why people have mre views in phaltu videos of carryminati amit bhadana and all. im not against them but atleast these videos should have more views

  • Tashan Ekam da
    Tashan Ekam da

    Bro u should make more videos like this, we all will share ur videos

  • Yash Dharak
    Yash Dharak

    Jo carryminati khud ac mai green screen lagake video banata hai, woh iss Saimna ki jindagi banjar karega HUH !!!

  • ben parker
    ben parker

    Dil jeet liya bhi apne...

  • Keshav Saini
    Keshav Saini

    Good initiative bro

  • medini s rao
    medini s rao

    We need more creators like you man!

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