SAIMAN KE GOLGAPPE | Chotu ke Golgappe Parody | Comedy Video
'Chotu ke Golgappe' parody.
Context: Last week, I did a reaction video on 'Chotu ke Golgappe', a hindi comedy video which has 478 million views as of now. It is by far the highest viewed comedy sketch video in India.
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    Saimon..Errr.... Saiman's acting is the biggest threat to Chotu's over acting career .....End is Near.... Sab mar jaayenge sirf Saiman bach jayega... Keep it up.

    • Surath Saha
      Surath Saha

      You guys actually understood the meaning of roasting and sarcasm. Has Off to you!

    • Harit


    • all in one
      all in one

      Chotu get population of 1.12 billion. But your video don't hit even a million. (PewDiePie servant not)

    • ARGHYA Mukhopadhyay
      ARGHYA Mukhopadhyay

      Kafi shaddy comment hai yaar. 😅😅

    • prashanth spd
      prashanth spd

      @Saiman Says cool


    Not even a million 🤣🤣

  • DeMe Gamers
    DeMe Gamers

    So much wastage of puris...😔🤨😔

  • Yash Gaming
    Yash Gaming

    😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I laughed soo much that I am crying now. Watched this video 8 times my favourite seen. 1:57 Aditiya’s acting was soo funny

  • potatoe

    Does anyone realize that it is a periodic table song

  • Muhammed Bilal
    Muhammed Bilal

    I havent seen such a youtuber who roasts himself in his video... Big fan Saiman❤️❤️

  • Shashwat Singh
    Shashwat Singh

    Saiman, no hate brother but you wasted a lot of food brother. I mean it hurts when I watch food getting wasted.

  • Disha Mishra
    Disha Mishra


  • The Poke Ball Z
    The Poke Ball Z

    I died from cringe

  • Fatema Aliasgar
    Fatema Aliasgar

    Worst parody ever

  • Kaushik Chevendra
    Kaushik Chevendra

    The chotu video has 1B views now.

  • Shivang Shrivastava
    Shivang Shrivastava

    2:02 an acidental smile

  • Sushma Singh
    Sushma Singh

    He literally ate colgate 😂😂 I puked

  • Krusty

    In loving memory of 3 packets of PaniPuri, plz 1 min. silence.

  • Quasimodo Gaming
    Quasimodo Gaming

    This video deserve a like

  • Vedant Shriyan
    Vedant Shriyan

    Never seen saiman go off character ina video😆

  • Goldyaa G
    Goldyaa G

    Ab iss video ke 1 billion purey hogey 🔥🔥 # chotu ke golgape

  • Sapiens

    I dont know why but I laughed at this video😂. Unironically my one of the favourite saiman says video.

  • Rushan Editz 08
    Rushan Editz 08

    Bro kuch jyada hi khana barbaad krdia tumne

  • Abish Adhikari
    Abish Adhikari


  • Vasanth

    I disliked for wasting food (puri)

  • Gagan Kumar
    Gagan Kumar

    Saiman knew it3:30


    Best INfunr 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Dakshata Jain
    Dakshata Jain

    Chotu ke golgappe = 1 billion views Siman ke golgappe = 600k views WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY

  • Clash Gaming
    Clash Gaming

    Disclaimer: play button chor was not harmed during this video 😂😂😂

  • Joshi

    Stop wasting food man

    • Pewds Lewds
      Pewds Lewds

      Junk food

  • Rushi Chaudhari
    Rushi Chaudhari

    4:27 DDT on the panipuri.


  • Ayush Gupta
    Ayush Gupta

    saiman cutting part was not all U added bloppers also XD

  • Ishita Rocks
    Ishita Rocks

    Now it has reached 1 b + views lol

  • Dhruv Shah
    Dhruv Shah

    Now this video has 1.1B views what the FU*CK

  • Gaming Knight
    Gaming Knight

    Saimon just roasted chotu


    Don't wast food

  • sarthak tyagi
    sarthak tyagi

    Still the best saiman video till date

  • dapsychobaba

    साइमन भाई आप थोड़े pewdiepie समान दिखते हो अगर हेयर स्टाइल भी वैसा कर लोंगे तो सेम दिखोगे

  • Dev Shah
    Dev Shah

    now cry it has 1B views

  • piyush kumar
    piyush kumar

    Finally Saiman's content became funny. I have never seen so much dank in my life

  • Ayush Singh
    Ayush Singh

    Bhai bhai bhai, andar se pet saaf ho gaya lifebuoy wala golgappa khaakar 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Arnav Kadam
    Arnav Kadam

    why did u waste so much food !!!!!!!!!!😤didn't expect something like this from u 😢

  • Phanboi Chau
    Phanboi Chau

    Waiting for the 450 mil views

  • Renu Pande
    Renu Pande

    Shit but the views is not like that😢

  • Gental men
    Gental men


  • Atharva Kulkarni
    Atharva Kulkarni

    Did you really eat it



  • Being Zombie Made it
    Being Zombie Made it

    Saiman ki pani puri

  • all in one
    all in one

    Chotu get the population of 1.12 billion. But your video don't hit even a million.


    Food waste

  • let it pass
    let it pass

    Someone:- if you have 30 plates of panipuri and if I eat 20 . How much plates are left now? Me:-1:57

  • Yogesh Yadev
    Yogesh Yadev

    1 million bhi nhi hua

  • Laxmi chit Fund
    Laxmi chit Fund

    Better than original 💋😂😂

  • Pranay Pawar
    Pranay Pawar

    No puri's were hurt making this videos.

  • Tuplu sunil
    Tuplu sunil

    4:20 - 4:37 Aditya's "Aaahh" sound though XD XD

  • Varenyam Gupta
    Varenyam Gupta

    No pani puris were harmed making this video


    This video should get 10 millions view this is lakh times better than chotu ones

  • Bipul Sarkar
    Bipul Sarkar

    Disclaimer: no panipuri wala was hurt during the making of this video.....

  • hi tech
    hi tech


  • infinity gaming
    infinity gaming

    Bohot cringe hai aur koi nahi pasand karta hai

  • Nikhil Prasad
    Nikhil Prasad

    Jyada Colgate is not good 4 health..

  • Vaibhav_nitesh

    Hey Saiman why don't you invite him for an interview....An interview not a roast interview or any collaboration.

  • Hanzala Khanzada STUDIO
    Hanzala Khanzada STUDIO

    Please don't wast food no 😔

  • Shardul Kawale
    Shardul Kawale

    Bhai video ke chakkar main faltu ki poori waste kardi!!!😑😑 You are an influencer now..😑😣

  • Irritated Tachyon
    Irritated Tachyon

    𝘽𝙝𝙖𝙞 𝙗𝙖𝙝𝙪𝙩 𝙝𝙞 𝙯𝙮𝙖𝙙𝙖 𝙛𝙪𝙣𝙣𝙮 𝙩𝙝𝙖 𝙩𝙪𝙢𝙝𝙚 𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙚𝙙𝙮 𝙫𝙞𝙙𝙚𝙤𝙨 𝙗𝙖𝙣𝙖𝙣𝙞 𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙝𝙞𝙮𝙚

  • Gameistic Swastik
    Gameistic Swastik

    3:10 this what happens when you do stunts and you are not getting views

  • Pterido-Fights

    I thought the video was at 608M views... 😂😂


    Pls dont waste food.

  • A1 GaMer
    A1 GaMer

    Best part was when The GOLGAPPA wala said saiman bad words and they both started laughing 😂😂😂

  • ARGHYA Mukhopadhyay
    ARGHYA Mukhopadhyay

    Aditya looks as if it's a dead crow on his head. But really Appreciate Saiman's content. He can go this nasty to entertain his audience. ☺️☺️

  • Devansh kumar
    Devansh kumar

    Not funny

  • m.r gamer
    m.r gamer

    To much wastage of panipuri

  • Dr.Anjan Kumar Sarangi
    Dr.Anjan Kumar Sarangi

    Americans have Matt stonie india we have saiman says


    So lame

  • MR Explorer
    MR Explorer

    Which shooting

  • Jimmy Donaldson
    Jimmy Donaldson

    604 M views

  • Champs Tv
    Champs Tv

    1 billion completed!!!


    Can we just talk about Aditya aka pani puri wala's acting

  • Sunita devi
    Sunita devi

    aditya has best expression

  • Pragati Plays
    Pragati Plays

    2:04 was the best part for me

  • Chirag Agrawal
    Chirag Agrawal

    No panipuri was harmed in making of this video😂😂😂😂

  • Mayur Shirsath
    Mayur Shirsath

    Saiman chotu never use abusive language

  • Harshitha Chintalapudi
    Harshitha Chintalapudi

    Saiman bhai .. are these the techniques you use to torture Timothy ???😂😂😂

  • HARISH Rajwar
    HARISH Rajwar

    SAIMAN KE GOLGAPPE | Chotu ke Golgappe Parody | Comedy Video 602,827 views•Jul 3, 2019 48K 1.9K SHARE SAVE Saiman Says 811K subscribers 'Chotu ke Golgappe' parody. Context: Last week, I did a reaction video on 'Chotu ke Golgappe', a hindi comedy video which has 478 million views as of now. It is by far the highest viewed comedy sketch video in India. Thank you: Aditya: Moxses: Christy: Prabhu: My Subreddit: My Instagram: 3,548 Comments HARISH Rajwar Add a public comment... KHANDESHI MOVIES Pinned by Saiman Says KHANDESHI MOVIES 1 year ago Saimon..Errr.... Saiman's acting is the biggest threat to Chotu's over acting career .....End is Near.... Sab mar jaayenge sirf Saiman bach jayega... Keep it up. 11K Saiman Says Tonde Gamer Tonde Gamer 3 months ago you look like johnwick !! 368 Rohan Yadav Rohan Yadav 6 months ago That sanitizer puri though..dream of every Indian during this lockdown 644 Saiman Says Vidhu Bhardwaj Vidhu Bhardwaj 1 year ago (edited) Nobody : Literally Nobody: Not even Chhotu: Mumbiker Nikhil in 2050: Dance Kaisa laga ? 2K Facts India Facts India 6 months ago (edited) Maybe Khandeshi Movies are Overrated But They Get the joke Not like other creators who Get Offended 651 Ahmed Khan Ahmed Khan 1 year ago Thimothi: How much sound effects do you want to use? Saiman : YES 2.8K Saiman Says Junaid Firdosi Junaid Firdosi 1 year ago Let's be real for a Second Khandeshi movies reactions to all of this was Unexpected and Remarkable 559 Satvik Shrivastava Satvik Shrivastava 4 months ago 1:40 "yeh paani" points at puri "aur yeh poori" points at paani 64 Rijul Chindarkar Rijul Chindarkar 5 months ago Can we just take a moment to appreciate saiman's effort i mean he literally ate a lifebouy and toothpaste puri! 435 Sahil Goyal Sahil Goyal 1 year ago I just love how you both lost it at 2:01 😂 541 Karthik Krishna Karthik Krishna 1 year ago (edited) Bear grylls: I can eat anything.. : : : Saiman: Hold my jeeru 1.3K Shoe.Bum Shoe.Bum 1 year ago Moxses-Aditya-Saiman combo looks like a Motu-Patlu Crossover with Chota Bheem! 259 Saiman Says Farrago 45 Farrago 45 1 year ago According to my conspiracy, Timothy did it. He wanted to go to London. It's not timothy that he doesn't want to come in front of camera, it's Saiman who never allows him.Timothy does everything like editing and selecting memes but Saiman gets all the fame and name.Timothy had to take his revenge by stealing the play button since he deserved it more. 242 Jyoti Prakash Mallick Jyoti Prakash Mallick 1 year ago 4:27 aditya's acting skills are on another level. 98 Parasara Naik Parasara Naik 10 months ago I was watching Saiman Says How did I end up watching HowToBasic? 18 Shadow JacK Shadow JacK 1 year ago Warning : stunts have been performed by experts only. Do not try this at home. 2.4K Saiman Says Sarthak Sharma Sarthak Sharma 1 year ago The guy at the end sounds a bit like ashish chanchalani 81 Arceusgod Supreme Arceusgod Supreme 6 months ago Me after watching saiman eat all those gol gappes - "Taste kaisa Laga?" 😂😂😂 40 Rafia Alexa Rafia Alexa 6 months ago (7:45)His voice feels like a young version of Ashish Chanchlani 45 Aryasree Das Aryasree Das 6 months ago First time ever in life these sound effects managed to make me laugh genuinely instead of cringing at them 🙃 Realized that they sound funnier and signifant in such parodies than the original sketches...! 54 10 ON 10 - Travel & Entertainment - हिन्दी 10 ON 10 - Travel & Entertainment - हिन्दी 1 year ago Your dedication level and creativity is outstanding! 👍 247 Abh N Abh N 1 month ago disclaimer: no golgappas ware harmed while making this video 5 B8848 NP B8848 NP 5 hours ago This is parody, people misbelieved about Saiman says after the video🤣 GAMER xD GAMER xD 1 month ago Saiman and Aditya just proved that even overacting requires skill nd talent.😅 9 Dushyant Luthra Dushyant Luthra 1 year ago Best video in terms of Editing Screenplay Storyline Humour Parody 63 Aoxern Aoxern 6 months ago 3:46 saiman did this before it was even cool 15 Sanskar Khopade Sanskar Khopade 4 months ago Can we please appreciate Aditya's voice over😂😂😂😂 13 Aadimater 15 Aadimater 15 3 months ago I literally got anxiety after the waste of panipuri 18 NANI SARKAR NANI SARKAR 6 months ago Two bloopers, aditya cursed saiman and they laughed. Also saiman was unable to eat the handwash golgappa. This two moments made the video more funny. 20 Midhun Muraleedharan Midhun Muraleedharan 1 year ago No PANI PURIS were harmed in the making of this video 709 ``LUKKY`` ``LUKKY`` 1 year ago I like that the channel is actually so humble about this Big respect for them 14 Jabber Sheake Jabber Sheake 11 months ago (edited) From when this video was released till then have still didn't watch after 3:51 9 govind sakhi govind sakhi 1 year ago 1:36 Simon was so cute! 7 Mohit Nikhare Mohit Nikhare 1 year ago 4:44 this are professionally trained athletes don't try this at home school or anywhere 8 Shoaib Shoaib 1 year ago Most expensive movies ever made: 1. Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Avengers Endgame 3. Saiman ke Golgappe 811 Manish Dalvi Manish Dalvi 1 year ago 2:00 When we realise that We gave first time abusive words 😂😂 16 Sangeeta Vishe Sangeeta Vishe 6 months ago (edited) 3:54 My reaction was the same when I saw saiman eating handwash😂😂😂😂😂😂 7 Nikhil Johnson Nikhil Johnson 1 year ago That "My God" was ACP Pradyuman's reaction from CID 🤣🤣 3 ΛNDROID 17 ΛNDROID 17 1 year ago 4:26 Dean Ambrose after leaving WWE 💔 17 Sudheer Suryawanshi Sudheer Suryawanshi 1 year ago this-video.mp4 ~ 250 MB sound-effects.mp3 ~ 249 MB 673 Saiman Says vivek Arora vivek Arora 2 months ago 3:36 it’s possible in 2020 4 naman kaushik naman kaushik 2 months ago 6:34 savdhan india scene.XD 4 Hell Spawn Gaming YT Hell Spawn Gaming YT 1 year ago AT LAST, WE FOUND TIMOTHY! 8 Goransh Garg Goransh Garg 1 day ago I can't even imagine how he did it NotNewNaveen NotNewNaveen 1 year ago Good try Saiman, you succeeded in making it more funny... But you can't make it more cringy than the original. 😁😁. Also how underrated is Aditya! 👊😍 308 Saiman Says Richa Goyal Richa Goyal 6 months ago You made my quarantine days easier. 3 videos everyday - morning and evening 😂😂 3 Rishank 1426 Rishank 1426 1 year ago 6:48 A rare footage of Thor playing with his new weapon 6 Pow3r Pow3r 1 year ago There is something wrong According to my brilliant science and INfun ALOGRITHM this video should have more than 500 million views 3 Utkarsh Solanki Utkarsh Solanki 5 days ago 7:05 Don't do this to anyone Its dangerous 2 Programmer 404 Programmer 404 3 months ago (edited) You wasted the food that could go inside a Poor's stomach 2 Heeru Heeru 1 year ago 4:19 better than WWE 😂 3 Dubai 2020 Dubai 2020 1 month ago (edited) I thought that the guy who is golgappe shop owner was Timothy 2 Old PC Games Old PC Games 4 months ago (edited) The whole video is super cringy but its of Saima so cringe also looks funny to me 😂😂 Well done saiman hope you reach get million subscribers soon 2 Poor gamer clan Poor gamer clan 1 year ago Itne saste golgappe hmare yhaa 10 ka 1 milta hai wo bhi sukha 😂🤣 pani ghrr se lana pdta hai 16 nicknile1 nicknile1 1 year ago It's was Hilarious all the way 4 Pomagrenade Pomagrenade 1 year ago 5:50 to 8:07 is better than all of stranger things s3 combined 😂😂 P.S Saiman I'm a big fan so if u could reply that would be actually crazy love from London 9 Saiman Says Aayush Mathur Aayush Mathur 2 months ago Disclaimer: no golgappe were destroyed in the video 1 Manjari Saraswat Manjari Saraswat 5 months ago (edited) "Buttonchor" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I really appreciate your content, it's entertaining and different i must say!👏👏👏 cool aid cool aid 1 year ago Everyone ignoring the fact that saiman typed in Chotu Ka Chotu in the start.. 821 Rakshan birva Rakshan birva 4 months ago 4:28 Ambrose with DDT 2 Yash Bhalerao

  • B8848 NP
    B8848 NP

    This is parody, people misbelieved about Saiman says after the video🤣

  • BD Tweety Bird
    BD Tweety Bird

    Saiman is very very Underrated! He is very talented

  • Ayaan Baig
    Ayaan Baig


  • Sairaj Hegde
    Sairaj Hegde

    I liked the end part "pewdiepie ka jhatu sala hatt !!"😂😂

  • Goransh Garg
    Goransh Garg

    I can't even imagine how he did it

  • Dip FreeFire
    Dip FreeFire

    Ye video 1B views kiu nahi gya ?? 🤔

  • vishal singh
    vishal singh

    Over acting krna bhi mushkil hai yrr.. 🤨


    Please don't vest food🙏

  • Hitasree

    No puri were harmed during this video 😂😂

  • gaming wt sam
    gaming wt sam

    Don't waste food bro 😶

  • Nishank More
    Nishank More

    My ears are dead......

  • Karan Rautela
    Karan Rautela


    • D D
      D D

      Check out Howtobasic then

  • Sai Kiran
    Sai Kiran


  • akshat sharma
    akshat sharma

    For making funny video we should need in 1sec 1cr sounds effect

  • Sushma Singh
    Sushma Singh

    Background mei periodic table song chalane ka kya matlab tha bhai

  • Somesh Soni
    Somesh Soni

    3:00 ice cream wali pani puri

  • Utkarsh Solanki
    Utkarsh Solanki

    7:05 Don't do this to anyone Its dangerous

  • Kishore Gandhi
    Kishore Gandhi

    Legends know the views reached 1 billion

  • Saysena karyakarta
    Saysena karyakarta

    Rip paanipuri😭😭😭