PUBG BANNED in India! 😱
This is so sad!
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  • Saiman Says
    Saiman Says

    2:42 Avengers: Endgame leaked footage. 😳

    • Bolt gamingyt
      Bolt gamingyt

      Buddy maine apne video mai PUBG ke baare me latest aur Bahout important chiz bataai hai wo apki kafi kaam aayegi bhai👍 Pls bhai Subscribe kr dena bahi nahi to bahi bura lagata hai bhai dil se bura lagata hai ❤️ Majaak nahi kr raha hun real kr raha hun❤️❣️

    • Bolt gamingyt
      Bolt gamingyt

      Buddy maine apne video mai PUBG ke baare me latest aur Bahout important chiz bataai hai wo apki kafi kaam aayegi bhai👍 Pls bhai Subscribe kr dena bahi nahi to bahi bura lagata hai bhai dil se bura lagata hai ❤️ Majaak nahi kr raha hun real kr raha hun❤️❣️

    • kamal .v
      kamal .v

      Op editing

    • free fire world
      free fire world


    • The Invincible Roaster
      The Invincible Roaster

      Ad dikhaneka tareeka

  • Blackbird. exe
    Blackbird. exe

    11/yo : I played a 16+ game which is violent Me: oh please uninstall it because it's not lawful for underaged kid to play PUBG a 16+ game Government of India: Hum karte hain prabandh aap chinta naa karen

  • Blackbird. exe
    Blackbird. exe

    11 y/o kid : PUBG is very violent Me: kyu re saale po*n dekhne wakt tho aggressive search karte ho

  • Valkyier911

    "Maine ki hai meth" LMAO 🤣🤣 7:24

  • Ritesh Sahu
    Ritesh Sahu


  • Rakshith G
    Rakshith G

    5:40 i laughed so hard

  • Surath Saha
    Surath Saha

    3:28 Reason why Black Widow DIED

  • Aryan Verma 2996
    Aryan Verma 2996

    2:12 that was a lame meme Not funny at all

  • 213 Saish Chougule
    213 Saish Chougule

    4:12 Aamir khan seen with Bruhmantri & Saiman says

  • Ma Ma
    Ma Ma

    itna acha lgta he tu ki bar bar dekh k views bdau man krta he🤣

  • Aayushmaan Pandey
    Aayushmaan Pandey

    That kid would be noob in pubg

  • Ethical Kai
    Ethical Kai

    Students suicide for education system, they didn't change it's system... They ban pubg, which is one side of entertainment industry... Hence proved Indian system is worst

    • Vikram mehla
      Vikram mehla

      Quota is destroying

    • Vikram mehla
      Vikram mehla

      It will what we can do we live in country with 1.4 billion

  • Om Ramanuj
    Om Ramanuj

    Saiman , before watching endgame, ( about natasha ) what can she do ? after watching endgame.... Why would she do it ?

  • Sushma Singh
    Sushma Singh

    That's why my sis doesn't allow me to play pubg It's 16 And I am not 16

  • Vashisht Sharma
    Vashisht Sharma

    Saiman on seeing black widow: Zarurat kya hai iski movie me Me after watching movie:😑

  • Herobrine nightcore
    Herobrine nightcore

    7:29 me too

  • Roxstar gaming and more
    Roxstar gaming and more

    0:15 I actually thought he was a girl because of his voice(i am not calling him gay I just thought that he is a girl)

  • fArDiN AbRaR
    fArDiN AbRaR

    Is Baccho ko maar do

  • Aryan Rao
    Aryan Rao

    0:20 who the fuck told him to play? He is underaged.

  • Rethash Dev Reddy
    Rethash Dev Reddy

    Carryminati calls them "chakka" not directly but saiman calls t series subscribers gay and use it as an abuse directly but still saiman bhakts will say that carry is at fault. In my opinion saiman has the the most illogical fanbase in India kya chutiya log ho yaar tum sab

    • Rethash Dev Reddy
      Rethash Dev Reddy

      @Sharul JR dude this is called sasta sarcasm if u wanna know wht is actually called sarcasm then go watch AIB(which is now banned)

    • Sharul JR
      Sharul JR

      @Rethash Dev Reddy saiman says also is a roasting channel But most of his roast jokes are not being digested by people cuz they can't understand sarcasm That's what !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rethash Dev Reddy
      Rethash Dev Reddy

      @Sharul JR dude u guys just repeat whatever he says and call urselves "intellectuals" i don't deny that a part of carry's fanbase is toxic but its for every creator people point out carry as he has many enemies because of his cannels genre that is roasting

    • Sharul JR
      Sharul JR

      Rathesh u need high level sarcasm to understand saiman says , Unlike carry who says illogical stuffs , saiman points out and criticism situation in a sarcastic manner Carry's fan base is toxic

    • GodRexzYT

      Keep searching boys let's find out who tf asked.

  • Nitty Natsha
    Nitty Natsha

    Is it just me whos Gujarati here??

  • Kamalakara Rao
    Kamalakara Rao


  • Gamer XY
    Gamer XY

    4:00 See his T-Shirt ;D


    *I watch this video after 1 year*

  • Fardin Siam
    Fardin Siam

    Disliked this video for only black widow review 😒

  • Rushikesh Karle
    Rushikesh Karle

    This kid is having no idea that pubg is so satisfying and he so mad

    • Vikram mehla
      Vikram mehla

      He is underage he should play ff

  • Ayaan Baig
    Ayaan Baig


  • Dhruv Suri
    Dhruv Suri

    Bass alert

  • Hinata Shoyo
    Hinata Shoyo

    makes more sense now

  • Legendary JAAT
    Legendary JAAT

    Who is here after Pubg really got banned What a prediction Saiman sir , I think you should make a team on dream 11 😂😂

  • Sahil R
    Sahil R

    6:58 definetly not

  • Shashi Gopal
    Shashi Gopal

    Apni tutti mat khao jeera bhi jabao

  • Shashi Gopal
    Shashi Gopal

    Mehnat of saiman

  • abdalhussain Hussain
    abdalhussain Hussain

    Time machine worked!!!

    • Prabhu plays og ッ
      Prabhu plays og ッ


  • Royobeep


  • DK GaMeR
    DK GaMeR

    Oh man , what a prediction 🔥🔥 ILLUMINATI TUNE

  • Gameistic Swastik
    Gameistic Swastik

    who just paused at 2:21 to see the 😳😳😳

  • Frag CODM and PUBGM
    Frag CODM and PUBGM

    Reasons why India F:@:!393,&:CKING loves Call of Duty

  • Mihir Desai
    Mihir Desai

    4:40 definition of this channel and saiman's humour

  • Comedy Hub
    Comedy Hub

    Your joke wasn't lame It made me laugh..

  • Driver Gaming
    Driver Gaming

    Pubg sahi mei pure india mei ban ho gaya ha

  • Jay Dargar
    Jay Dargar

    I loved the meme of disha pata nahi👍👍


    I'm a deshdrohi

  • kochumol pc
    kochumol pc

    Illuminati confirmed. PUBG banned


    Saiman: Happy Holi guys Me: Watching on the day of Diwali 😑

    • Supreme GAMING
      Supreme GAMING

      Me but close to christmas😐😜

    • L


  • Sidharth S
    Sidharth S

    Yaah baccha jab 2saal ka tha tho wo sar ke bal gira tha, saare ulti kopdi ka jaanvaron ko me yahi bolna Chaahata hu ki, thum chutiya ho

  • Raghav Patil
    Raghav Patil

    Tseries: a communist channel America:Communist detected on Indian soil engaging lethal force!!!!

  • ᐯᗩᑎTᗩᘜᙓ ᑭOIᑎT
    ᐯᗩᑎTᗩᘜᙓ ᑭOIᑎT

    Ping should be banned

  • Gaming with gamer
    Gaming with gamer

    1 year later both banned

  • Asuperhuman

    Pubg vapas aagya :)

  • Radha Iyer
    Radha Iyer



    Saala chutiya baccha😂😂

  • Jashanjot Singh
    Jashanjot Singh

    Watching this video today feels like saiman went into future and written the script afterwards😂


    Baccha ja ke candy crush khel 0:21


    It was real...😂


    Saiman do you like communism. I am a communist( Indian).

  • un- known
    un- known

    Who is after whole ban.😂

  • Shubhransh Singh
    Shubhransh Singh

    I bet he gets aroused after seeing GTA V poster !!

  • Yash Varma
    Yash Varma

    I was having a sip of coffee until 5:44 and i just threw up the coffee out of nowhere! #USSR #B-SERIES

  • Utkarsh Dewan
    Utkarsh Dewan

    This didn't age well

  • Devansh Trivedi
    Devansh Trivedi

    The kid must be a boomer cause they are also same boomers think that all games are time waste

  • Sam Shady Mathers
    Sam Shady Mathers

    Instead of mixing up in a bunch of fools, crookheads and people who have no funny bone, I'd rather be a SaySena.

  • Arjav Jain
    Arjav Jain

    Lol both tik-tok And Pubg 😂😂😂😂😂 Banned 🚫🚫 now in India

  • Rahul Mahala
    Rahul Mahala

    The only reson why i watch marvel is just because of black widow

  • Abhinandan Prasad Barnwal
    Abhinandan Prasad Barnwal

    4:47 when you realise. she was killed by Munna bhaiya in mirzapur. 😂😂😂😂

  • Chitresh Soni
    Chitresh Soni

    1:15 Saiman not only predicted the BAN. But also the launch of a new app SUBG. Which is created by someone who's in his circle*. *Priyal Dhuri and Aapka Jata promoted it so I'm assuming saiman also knows the developer.

  • Sameer Deshpande
    Sameer Deshpande

    I love 3:10 part so much

  • Mr0Crappy

    The kid is literally not mature enough

  • Muna Baral
    Muna Baral

    In 2019, bollywood actors came out of no where to support t-series and in 2020, youtubers came out of nowhere to boycott bollywood and nepotism.

  • yash exe
    yash exe

    This aged like a fine wine

  • krupal gadhiya
    krupal gadhiya

    Wait! What saiman knows Gujarati

  • Aman Chaudhary
    Aman Chaudhary

    3:30 Saiman says the black widow character is useless, next thing you know she dies in Endgame! Coincident? I think not! I know you're seeing this and trying to avoid this @Saiman, but for how long can you suppress this!

    • Aman Chaudhary
      Aman Chaudhary

      Not to say about the PUBG ban too! @Saiman, we know the truth now, you cannot hide it for long!

  • Ayush

    *Who else is here after Pubg Ban* 😂😂😂

  • Diary of a Kiddie
    Diary of a Kiddie

    Indian pewdiepie

  • Dodurga Editz
    Dodurga Editz

    Pubg nhi subg se kaam chala re baaba

  • ThunderWithShiKhaR

    Who is watching after real ban 😂😂😂

  • Astro g
    Astro g


  • Malhar Awatade
    Malhar Awatade

    Saiman Predicted Future Ages Ago .. ... ❤️

  • Devansh Trivedi
    Devansh Trivedi

    Bro shayad se marvel aapke videos dekhte hein kyunki aapne bola ki black widow ka kaam movie mein kuch nahi hai par uska bhi acha khasa role hai.

  • Anup Raj
    Anup Raj

    This video aged well.

  • Inki Oja
    Inki Oja

    11 year kid - Pubg is violence Gta - Am I joke to you

    • Supreme GAMING
      Supreme GAMING

      Doom Eternal : Am I a joke to YOU?

  • Ruchira Naik
    Ruchira Naik

    "Come on ladies, if you say you're watching the videos for content, then you're lying to yourself" "Cause there is no content in these videos" pFFFFFFTTT

  • krish prajapati
    krish prajapati

    acc. to that lodu uhh that kid, pubg is violent so as any other millions of games in action genera in INDIA

  • MilitaryMode Gaming
    MilitaryMode Gaming

    who is here aftr pubgm ban?

  • Black Hawk
    Black Hawk


  • Ansh Choudhary
    Ansh Choudhary

    i am too a gujrati but from mp

  • Akash Adur
    Akash Adur

    Kitna Bada chu*iya


    I thought Disha patani means Dish ko patani hai XD XD XD

  • TheVulcan420

    When T series is winning : my Victory When T series is losing : Our lose

  • TheVulcan420

    Why dont they ban all movies since some of them are 15+

  • Sharvil Dandekar
    Sharvil Dandekar

    When Lockdown's so boring and you binge watch all of Saiman's content just to realize he is a PYSCHIC to predict the future... HOW SAIMAN, HOW?

  • Premsing Girase
    Premsing Girase

    sala vo chota baccha

  • Aditya Thakur
    Aditya Thakur

    Made a year ago.But this happened now!

  • Aditya Singh Pal
    Aditya Singh Pal

    8:43 Someone please explain me that meme

    • Supreme GAMING
      Supreme GAMING

      I think you like POGO TV😅

  • Gaming with MostEagle
    Gaming with MostEagle

    You predicted the future

  • Pavan Penugonda
    Pavan Penugonda

    Okay let's educate some ppl *PUBG didn't banned*

    • Andrew

      Bruh its PUBG didnt ban* And ya u r right we successfully found a way to play that overrated game again :)

  • Piyali Das
    Piyali Das

    Fuck you saiman

  • Manju Mohil
    Manju Mohil

    I don't hate you because you don't support PewDiePie because when carryminati stands aagaint a country but when you betray the country in which you live it's a shame on you STUPID

    • Pavan Penugonda
      Pavan Penugonda

      Gand mara .. Galli dena he tho de..Carry ko mention karke uska nam bhi barbad kar rahe ho

  • Spexicle

    me watching this in august u said it firt saiman

  • Aasim Mohammed
    Aasim Mohammed

    Whos here after the actual pubg ban, like here!!