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My response to swedish youtuber pewdiepie
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  • Praddyumna Thorat 11
    Praddyumna Thorat 11

    Boring...... Quit INfun



  • i am chocoboy
    i am chocoboy

    Kabh banega aatmanirbhar

  • Roumit Rakshit
    Roumit Rakshit

    When Zack Snyder directs a Saiman Says video

  • NP Beast Gamer
    NP Beast Gamer

    Nobody talking about one piece😂

  • Km

    Disclaimer: If you're mature enough to understand sarcasm then only watch this videos or else go and watch your other shits

  • Km

    4:51 sad but true 😂 Samjho beta sarcasm

  • harshwardhan

    saying this again saiman isnt funny

  • Aanchal

    3:38 I AM A FEMALE FROM NORTH INDIA! hope this helps u with ur research saiman😂 Great job buddy💀


    I really want pewdiepie to watch this video

  • CARRY Unofficial
    CARRY Unofficial

    4:49 sirf isleye dislike nhi kri ye video :)

    • Shresth Aditya
      Shresth Aditya

      Irony 🤡

  • Shivani Singh Rajput
    Shivani Singh Rajput

    Saiman ke 1M subscribers kab honge? 1 year se wait kar rahi but ho hi nhi rahe 😖

  • Value From Books
    Value From Books

    2:06 it's one piece, my favourite anime of all time

  • meme jv
    meme jv

    Saiman says looking good then before after removing his beard

  • Ashish oraon
    Ashish oraon

    Op video. 👍👍👍

  • Ruby Israeli
    Ruby Israeli

    Saiman please roast sourv joshi

  • Ruby Israeli
    Ruby Israeli

    Saiman is the best but evil saiman is very 👌🏻👍🏻💪🏻

  • bhumi harchandani
    bhumi harchandani

    4:50 ye nahi bolna tha🤦

    • CARRY Unofficial
      CARRY Unofficial

      @Sahil Parab S-1020 thanks bro ✌️

    • Sahil Parab S-1020
      Sahil Parab S-1020

      @CARRY Unofficial Great! Please never change your thoughts!! Society needs more gems like you!!

    • CARRY Unofficial
      CARRY Unofficial

      @Sahil Parab S-1020 yesss

    • Sahil Parab S-1020
      Sahil Parab S-1020

      @CARRY Unofficial Ohh so you think a gay person can't have or express his opinion?

    • CARRY Unofficial
      CARRY Unofficial

      Chupp gaee

  • Sunny Kumar
    Sunny Kumar

    0:54 loving the background score 😈

  • Ananay Singh
    Ananay Singh

    saiman says incognito version


    4:44 hhaahaaa besttttt

  • bhanu

    4:50 He may have messed up with a catagory of people

    • CARRY Unofficial
      CARRY Unofficial

      @Sahil Parab S-1020 yes bro

    • CARRY Unofficial
      CARRY Unofficial

      @Sahil Parab S-1020 yess

    • Sahil Parab S-1020
      Sahil Parab S-1020

      @CARRY Unofficial Don't have any comeback now??

    • Sahil Parab S-1020
      Sahil Parab S-1020

      @CARRY Unofficial okay!I am gay!BTS are gay!So what?

    • CARRY Unofficial
      CARRY Unofficial

      @Sahil Parab S-1020 gae spotted

  • Phool Singh
    Phool Singh

    R.I.P Simon Playz

  • prakash chandraker
    prakash chandraker

    knowing Saiman is a wrestling fan, he has turned heel on his fan. It's just another character to avoid himself getting stale. Eventually, he will turn face.

  • suyog patil
    suyog patil

    I used to be your fan for content But the way you betrayed carry Tied hands with dhruv tutti and propagenda people for your growth You lost all respect unsibscribing

    • CARRY Unofficial
      CARRY Unofficial

      @suyog patil he is a kid ignore him bro.

    • suyog patil
      suyog patil

      @ShIvAM bhakt is person who is devotee of god Now days it's used to criticize BJP supporters even shame that hindus use this word Will muslims ever use word *NAMAZI* to criticize other muslims... never because they know how to respect their dharma(terrorism). They will never allow anyone to use word namazi That's why you fail shivam .. name me shiv he but i feel pitty for your parents who named you shivam

    • CARRY Unofficial
      CARRY Unofficial

      @ShIvAM komedy 👍 Kari vai

    • CARRY Unofficial
      CARRY Unofficial

      I'm centralist but u r ri8 bro.

    • ShIvAM

      bye bye brainwashed bhakt

  • darksoul

    At least upload 1 video per week

  • Mihir Bhatnagar
    Mihir Bhatnagar

    Bro, when you showed your hate towards BeastBoyShub and laughed, I didn't understand that are you trying to grab BeastBoyShub's audience attention towards you so that you reach 1 million subscribers soon? Because you are hurting the BeastBoyShub's audience who watch your videos.

  • black buck
    black buck

    Video dal na 😠😬

  • synor gaming
    synor gaming

    U broke pewdiepie heart and my heart for hate bbs

    • ThoraTic OP
      ThoraTic OP

      Bbs one was sarcastic and pewdiepie one was just to show darkness

  • Adil Siddique
    Adil Siddique

    While to understand Saiman Says Subreddit memes your IQ must be IQ:99999 If not then "mene ki hai mehnat".......

  • Username 098
    Username 098

    For reference 1:57 is from One piece episode 737 (or chapter 794 from the manga)

    • Priyanshu Singh
      Priyanshu Singh

      Marine ford war ka reference ka jo ki 500 ke aas paas h

    • Izuku Midoriya
      Izuku Midoriya

      Timestamp aur page number bhi de deta

  • Balraj Yadav
    Balraj Yadav

    Kaha ho bahi 😑😑😑,agli vid kab ayege ,10 min se jayda ki ami chayeeh

  • Isra Abrar
    Isra Abrar

    The intro music is actually better than the entire Yalgaar.

    • CARRY Unofficial
      CARRY Unofficial

      Jai Shree ram 🚩

  • Deadman Beatzz
    Deadman Beatzz

    7:43 yeah ❤️💙

  • Tarun _Sikdar
    Tarun _Sikdar

    4:50 BTS wala 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

    • Tarun _Sikdar
      Tarun _Sikdar

      @Sahil Parab S-1020 😂😂

    • Sahil Parab S-1020
      Sahil Parab S-1020

      😂😂😂 sarcastic thaa!!

  • Fox Slayaz
    Fox Slayaz

    😅 Saiman look cool in black shades

  • Pushpa shukla
    Pushpa shukla

    We exist Female from north India

    • Waidens

      It's jst joke

  • MH Status
    MH Status

    Why u and ajey not together 🙄



  • Akash Ghosh
    Akash Ghosh

    You still haven't reached 1M???

  • IPL ke charche
    IPL ke charche

    Stand Lele Mai paise deta hatme mat pakad thoda khrcha Kar chutiya sala dekh ke ignore mat maar

  • IPL ke charche
    IPL ke charche

    INfun chodde

  • Bruheeze


  • Mahendra Sharma
    Mahendra Sharma

    Crobge unfhuny

  • Trilok

    Abe Saiman tere purane chashme ki colour to dekhke spray paint kar na!! Simple Hai TOHDA MEHNAT BHI KARTE HONGE


    Yo that rajpal yadav hairstyle is dope buddy......

  • VivekChitransh

    siman siman nahi raha 🥺🤕🤕😢😢

  • Xavier Original
    Xavier Original

    कब आओगे मेरे Saiman तुम्हे Sai Sena बुलाती है।।


    This video was uploaded on 21st March 2021 Saiman uploaded "The Adventures of Sai-Man" on 22nd March 2020 I thought we'll be getting a sequel 1 year later..

  • Meme yt
    Meme yt

    Saiman says op

  • Abhinav Rawat
    Abhinav Rawat

    if you are running out of ideas for content you should try omegle ..............................please i would love it

  • Sid zone
    Sid zone

    one piece reference aces death lost glasses

  • The BoogeyMan EditZ
    The BoogeyMan EditZ

    Saiman Turn into BLACK SPIDERMAN - DANK RISHU 2021

  • Mohammad Zaid
    Mohammad Zaid

    At last bbs got roasted

  • Ansuman Dash
    Ansuman Dash

    Saiman tum dil ke ache ho , I don't care what others think

  • PhsyCraft

    6:04 Educated saiman😂

    • Binod Tharu
      Binod Tharu

      Use agar sahi me bhi nahi pata toh irony hi bolega

  • mostafijul kazi
    mostafijul kazi

    Are bhai 2weeks hogaya 😬abto video nahi to main arahu 💪

  • vsg champ
    vsg champ

    You have anxiety right?

  • AppleBoyOw

    #AppleBoyOw make me a meme

  • Naruto 1715
    Naruto 1715

    Omg that anime

  • •Adarsh • Anand • Singh •
    •Adarsh • Anand • Singh •

    tu wahi hai na bro jisne india mai saare boards pe subscribe to pwediepie ka board lagwaya tha ab kya huwa

  • Aruna S Ajayan
    Aruna S Ajayan

    Couldn't you have avoided using the term 'chakka'. I hope you are well aware that it is a homophobic slur. There are many ways to bring in comedy without being disrespectful to any community. Your videos are viewed by the upcoming generations and such expressions will normalise the attitude society already has toward their community.

    • Sahil Parab S-1020
      Sahil Parab S-1020

      He is aware!He said it sarcastically!That means he mocked the people who makes such comments indirectly saying that such comments aren't funny and wrong!

    • GamerOP

      Most of his audience knows that he said it in sarcasm.

    • エケです


  • Desi Boy
    Desi Boy

    Still Saiman Shows was Unfunny!!!

  • Evil Knight
    Evil Knight

    Abay BTS ko Kuch Nahi bolna

    • CARRY Unofficial
      CARRY Unofficial

      @Rohan K ok saiman andhbhakt 💀

    • Rohan K
      Rohan K

      @CARRY Unofficial Ok carry stan

    • CARRY Unofficial
      CARRY Unofficial

      @Rohan K ok boomer

    • Sahil Parab S-1020
      Sahil Parab S-1020

      That was sarcastic

    • Rohan K
      Rohan K

      @CARRY Unofficial Says a carry fan. The irony tho

  • The Klaws
    The Klaws

    Really bhai i will try my best to share this video and much as possible to everyone

  • Izan Abdullah
    Izan Abdullah


  • Franklyn Fuentes
    Franklyn Fuentes

    Sub to piewdiepie

  • mahathir toky
    mahathir toky

    do you watch anime saiman bolta?

  • the achintya
    the achintya

    Saiman, you reminded me of Spiderman 3. P.s I m here if you need to talk. Not putting a sarcastic comment. I, who has been following you for years, and others like me are seriously concerned now. Or maybe you have just executed this new character amazingly well.

  • Jethalal Gada
    Jethalal Gada

    Cringe unfunny unfunny cringe

  • Pixell Monke
    Pixell Monke

    3:13 Single line roast 🔥🔥😂

  • Dank

    One of the unfunniest video!

  • Crazyblings

    Bechara bbs boy 😭😭 are yaar

  • Ranu Kachhawa
    Ranu Kachhawa


    • Liki Tiki
      Liki Tiki

      Ya plz upload saiman says :(

    • Ranu Kachhawa
      Ranu Kachhawa


    • Ranu Kachhawa
      Ranu Kachhawa


  • GJ Ganesh
    GJ Ganesh

    #BringBackSaimanShows With dark saiman

  • Ghutghut

    😂 LOL Xt

  • Samyak Jain
    Samyak Jain

    Aj mko notification Mila 🤣🤣

  • suma nippani
    suma nippani


  • Shelly Bawa
    Shelly Bawa

    Yaar saiman I appreciate that you are trying to evolve your content,but please can we have at least once in a few videos,the comeback of old saiman, Yesterday I had a dream of old saiman making a video on holi Before that I had a dream where old saiman returned,but this new devil came and interrupted him Please yar

    • Divyansh Bhat
      Divyansh Bhat

      @Pirate king chai with sai VS saiman shows

    • Pirate king
      Pirate king

      His alter egos gonna have fight Saiman vs evil saiman vs sai MAN Death match

  • idk just commenting lol
    idk just commenting lol

    Exclusice news - back then saiman stopped saying wish you a happy married life, there are 6900 divorce cases in india.

    • idk just commenting lol
      idk just commenting lol

      @Atharva king 👑

    • Atharva

      Real id se aa papa ocus



    • The Ghost
      The Ghost


  • swati patil
    swati patil

    7:43 samjho beta sarcasm

  • Boomer Guy
    Boomer Guy


  • Shubhan Majumder
    Shubhan Majumder

    This retro intro is the best

  • Hypocrite XD
    Hypocrite XD

    Hagode sale hagane k alava kya ata hai tujhe


    Make some quality content vro😔😔😔 old saiman🤗

  • Quint Gamer
    Quint Gamer

    Deshdrohi Itni irony chalti hai yaar ye Saiman ka channel hai

  • Harsh Kumar
    Harsh Kumar

    7:56 that's why need to watch his video two times to understand

  • Vitthal Dikshit
    Vitthal Dikshit

    In 1928: Simon go back In 2021 : Saiman come back

  • Viraj Morabia
    Viraj Morabia

    Pakistan we have CBA India we have Saiman Says

  • Viraj Morabia
    Viraj Morabia

    Mai kehta hu Arey yaar 😂😂😂

  • Shatrughan Midha
    Shatrughan Midha

    I had my phone in my pocket listening to this video,i thought why luffy is crying in this..😂😂

  • Vivek Shinde
    Vivek Shinde

    Pls make video on @saloniyapaa

  • VT clips & videos
    VT clips & videos

    pagal insaan 😤saiman pewdiepie ka sath deta hai or t series ko demotivate karta hai !!!!!!🤬🤬isko unsubscribe karo jo bhi t series ko support karta hai jo saccha indian hai vo isko unsubscribe karega !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tanwi Chatterjee
      Tanwi Chatterjee

      @Kokushibou arey Yaar! Sorry.... my bad

    • Kokushibou

      @Tanwi Chatterjee I said the same thing India ko respect kaise kare? Is desh me kuch bhi nahi hai Mai us bande se puch raha tha Jisne comment kiya hai

    • Tanwi Chatterjee
      Tanwi Chatterjee

      @Kokushibou kya samjhana chahte ho ye toh bol do

    • Kokushibou

      @Tanwi Chatterjee ............. Koi mughe samajh nahi sakta 😭😭😭😭😭

    • Kokushibou

      @Debkalpa Pal I said the same thing

  • Kalyani Tewari
    Kalyani Tewari

    M female frm nrth india.

    • Kambli Kritarth
      Kambli Kritarth

      Source: Dude trust me bro

  • Try my luck
    Try my luck

    I am commenting for you engagement Simon ❤️

  • Phenom _K wwe
    Phenom _K wwe

    Saiman heel chrachter is awsome

  • Aarjav Swaroop
    Aarjav Swaroop

    Saiman bro why don't you use 'tags' ? I think that's the reason you aren't getting enough views. 😭

    • Arundhati Bhattacharyya
      Arundhati Bhattacharyya

      @Aarjav Swaroop" Yes, Absolutely!"

    • Aarjav Swaroop
      Aarjav Swaroop

      @Arundhati Bhattacharyya Another reason is that Saiman's sense of comedy is not easily understandable by normal viewers... You need to pay attention to each and every line of the video to understand what he's actually trying to say.

    • Arundhati Bhattacharyya
      Arundhati Bhattacharyya

      This might not be the proper reason but I think he wants himself to be different than others... Thats why I had a lot of respect for him... But I wish that he could use the tags because the fact that these videos are not getting much views actually triggers me...


    From brutal (timothy)🙂

  • NIDHI Khaire
    NIDHI Khaire


  • 1v4丶 RøNY
    1v4丶 RøNY