My last show in St. Xavier's College
I think I need to move on...?
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  • Pooja Mete
    Pooja Mete

    I know that I am very late to comment on this but I am binge watching all your videos and you were asking so genuinely in this so here it goes 'Yes you are looking very very good and I liked this look very much. This color suits on you'.

  • Ishaan shindé
    Ishaan shindé

    @4:31 ... rest is history

  • Shreeshanth Kadam
    Shreeshanth Kadam

    Never seen an introvert with such a confidence... I wish I was like u... 😔 Nice dance BTW 🙂

  • Jitender obroy
    Jitender obroy

    Anyone tell me how to get admission in st.xavier college

    • we love entertainment
      we love entertainment

      Mundi niche pair upar karke

  • Jai Bhanot
    Jai Bhanot

    Sir u r now a big You Tuber, I don't think so that I will get a heart....

  • Ajayraj Singh chouhan
    Ajayraj Singh chouhan

    Saiman is a girl's boy😁😁😁

  • Manish Gupta
    Manish Gupta

    I am on a mission to see and like all of your videos.....

    • Mohsin Chheena
      Mohsin Chheena


  • Shlok Chitnis
    Shlok Chitnis

    You have balls of a metal which is yet to be discovered

  • Anubhav Kharkar
    Anubhav Kharkar

    Timothy is from this college 😂??

  • Vocalist Vakeel
    Vocalist Vakeel

    Hello Mr-Hotness-On-The-Stage !!!! 😍

  • Feroza Ahmed
    Feroza Ahmed

    Your vlogs was really enjoying ☺️☺️☺️

  • Ayush Bagde
    Ayush Bagde

    This guy is having lot of confidence i wish i had like this

  • Chhavimani Choubey
    Chhavimani Choubey

    Saiman more like Pablo escobar


    Nice vid

  • Shikhar Sharma
    Shikhar Sharma

    Bhai you are a proper entertainer

  • Meenish Jaiswal
    Meenish Jaiswal

    Whenever Saimam says he is an Introvert ....this vedio comes in my mind...

    • Saubia Ansari
      Saubia Ansari


  • Philip Lopes
    Philip Lopes

    Love u bro Very unique, witty and down to earth youtuber. Love your roast the most. It was kinda wired see like this in the past as compared to now. Really high on special events. Great. Keep doing what you do...

  • UnderDawg

    MOOCH say dosti kia tu 😏😒

  • soham s shirwalkar
    soham s shirwalkar

    lol my bro... you a long way (2020)

  • Chandan Kumar
    Chandan Kumar

    Yes bro u r looking good . U and your content and your channel and your performance ...Sab kuch good hai 😊

  • Shubham Shintre
    Shubham Shintre

    Only guts guts my son guts

  • Shahzad Ahmad
    Shahzad Ahmad

    04:43 yep modern classic 👌

  • Shahzad Ahmad
    Shahzad Ahmad

    03:30 Saiman's Valentine 😄😄

  • kamrul

    Is this our saiman?😂Love you 3000 man❤

  • bihariLonda Gaming
    bihariLonda Gaming

    Bhai q ye last show tha tera?

  • Dhaundiyal Cp
    Dhaundiyal Cp


  • Tanush Sachdeva
    Tanush Sachdeva

    Saiman bhai please do this look again


    You are dancing like a monkey🙊🙊🙊🙊

  • Priyanshu Bharadwa
    Priyanshu Bharadwa

    Look's like a YTFF organised for Saiman only.

  • pranav kumar raghuvanshi
    pranav kumar raghuvanshi

    3:31 yashashavi ji spoted😍😍😍😍

    • 11 Nishit Jain
      11 Nishit Jain


  • BuzzFlow

    You're a Stage Guy I Want To See You In #YTFF !

  • Hardinfardin

    time to share your channel as much as I can.

  • Atharva Sagavekar
    Atharva Sagavekar

    Wowwwww I can feel that energy here in Ratnagiri 😂😂😂😂

  • Rushabh

    Majaa aa gaya🔥

  • Abhishek

    You are awesome bro



  • Smit Surve
    Smit Surve

    Best vlogger

  • G Hoper
    G Hoper

    Bhai kya mazak kar raha he

  • Liboni Ngullie
    Liboni Ngullie

    Aahh so you go to Christian institute. You are definitely an anti national. No wonder where all you perverse ideas are coming from. 😂😂😂😂

    • Gaurav Batra
      Gaurav Batra

      Ok boomer

    • G Hoper
      G Hoper

      Haha nice

  • Liboni Ngullie
    Liboni Ngullie

    Aahh so you go to Christian institute. You are definitely an anti national. No wonder where all you perverse ideas are coming from. 😂😂😂😂

    • Gaurav Batra
      Gaurav Batra

      Ok boomer

    • Akash Pal
      Akash Pal

      What perverse ideas

  • Mukesh Garg
    Mukesh Garg

    Bhai has confidence and that is enough

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says


  • Kashyap Shirodkar
    Kashyap Shirodkar

    Clearly underrated!

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Thanks man!

  • Shamshad Mohd
    Shamshad Mohd

    Nice enthusiasm!!!! Keep it up bro!

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Shamshad Mohd Thanks man

  • Naam Toh Suna Hi Nahi Hoga: Jiniya Chatterjee
    Naam Toh Suna Hi Nahi Hoga: Jiniya Chatterjee

    Thank you so much for hosting our Bollywood orchestra and adding a different level of fun to it! I had great fun watching you host (from backstage), but I'm glad I appear in 2 songs in this vlog (Jag ghoomeya and udi udi jaaye, on which you danced open heartedly!) Hoping to have more such shows (Bollywood orchestra specifically) with you hosting! :)

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Jiniya Chatterjee Haha thank you so much Jiniya! 😀😀😀

  • Sourabh Rai
    Sourabh Rai

    Saiman = Awesomeness

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Sourabh Rai Haha thank you Sourabh!!!

  • Ekas Bhatia
    Ekas Bhatia

    Saimandar u r awesome 👌

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Ekas Bhatia Thanks a lot man :)

  • Tanvi Poojari
    Tanvi Poojari

    You deserve a lot more subscribers! ❤


      @Anshul Patil yes


      @Saiman Says u got

    • Anshul Patil
      Anshul Patil

      He has now

    • Tech reacts
      Tech reacts

      @Shahzad Ahmad aa jhatu chop

    • Shahzad Ahmad
      Shahzad Ahmad

      @bihariLonda Gaming 🤣😂😂 ✋ Hi5.

  • Donovan Nazareth
    Donovan Nazareth

    Great look, great vlog ❤️

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Donovan Nazareth Thanks a lot Donovan ❤

  • Sujoy Sawant
    Sujoy Sawant

    Watching all your vlogs this year, after watching this one, all I could say is 'Exciting beginnings and Great endings' ❤

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Sujoy Sawant Haha thank you so much Sujoy! 💙

  • Manish Patil
    Manish Patil

    Very good bro😊😊

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Manish Patil Thanks man :D

  • D LC
    D LC

    Sir you are the best ......and sir what is the cut off percentage FOR Xavier s

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      D LC haha please ask the college office. And thanks. :D


    The first look was great

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says



    Buddy I want my saiman back

    • HumourVoice

      Not saiman he was saimandar at that time

  • NeBurner

    Can i get a heart tho?

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      NeBurner Haha why not man

  • NeBurner

    First lol

I'm on TV !!!