MUMBIKER NIKHIL, pls don't copystrike this video | Chai with Sai ☕
Chai with Sai! Wouldn't have made this video, but what Mumbiker Nikhil did was wrong. Also, thank you for 300K subscribers!
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  • Saiman Says
    Saiman Says

    Mumbiker Nikhil is a good vlogger! But what he did was wrong. I don't intend to spread negativity, but it's important to call out such malpractices.

    • dark lord
      dark lord

      @Saurav Sarkar it didn't happen.

    • Aditya Vikram
      Aditya Vikram

      @Saurav Sarkar today 2020 is gonna be over and he still has 814k subscribers 🤣😢

    • henry joseph
      henry joseph

      Yea I like him but Nikhil was wrong period

    • Clyde Mascarenhas
      Clyde Mascarenhas

      ROAST KAISA LAGA????? ACHHA LAGA ROAST.. #saiman says

    • Aarsh Talawdekar
      Aarsh Talawdekar

      bruhhh u got a content hahahaaaaaa no offence bro u are totally wrong. atleast dont roast like this people who do hard work. and for to be honest his life is fuking better than youuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!! so better fucckk offfffff

  • Sarcastico

    Btw dance Kaisa laga?

  • Qasim Raza
    Qasim Raza

    Khol kapde

  • Prajakta Dhuri
    Prajakta Dhuri

    To be very Frank I don't like Mumbaikar nikhil vlogs.indian audience need to grow up

  • Ashmeet Singh U
    Ashmeet Singh U

    Strike kasa laga !!!

  • Chandan kumar jena
    Chandan kumar jena

    Tu chutiya he


      Abey yar ur channel logo looks like ur 18+ and I'm 13 But ur a kid. SACH ME BACCHE HO

    • Raj Gadhavi
      Raj Gadhavi

      Arey yaar

  • Yugaditya Bamalwa
    Yugaditya Bamalwa



    Haag diya bhai tune 🤣🤣🤦

  • Vedant Bhatt
    Vedant Bhatt

    I wish Mumbiker Nikhil sees this video

  • Heroic Break
    Heroic Break

    Meanwhile: How is this comment section still active? That confuses me the most among everything else - not that I'm getting hate but that I'm still getting hate. Why am I still getting hate?

  • Youth voice.
    Youth voice.

    garibo ka fasuuu


    Why isnt saiman says getting 1million subs?? He deserves it!! Everyone subscribe

  • animate phanboi chau
    animate phanboi chau Attack on Titan misheard lyrics ft Donald Trump

  • Tanaya Amar
    Tanaya Amar

    Amit Bhadana has my respect in this department

    • Niranjan kumar Singh
      Niranjan kumar Singh


  • naresh thakur
    naresh thakur

    Yaar sachme kholde kapde agar himat he to😆, hum to bhai kuch nahi bolenge sirf dekhenge ☺️

  • HarshisHarsh

    The Truth of Timothy- Bro watch this video bro it's really good bro. If you like the video then please come back and like this comment. Thanks.

  • Abhra & Friendz
    Abhra & Friendz

    Bro bro ...Please not MN..FFLYING BEAST is the best vlogger ever...Ever.ever.... gaurav sir jaisa achha nikhil nahi...Hai...He is a bloody self_obsessed..Guy......Love flying beast

  • Sourabh Ail
    Sourabh Ail

    Saiman - last mai Aarey ke baare mai hug diya

  • Soham Datta
    Soham Datta

    Believe me u are awesome... the work of a roaster is to highlight the negativity in the society and to remove it... What you know.... ❤️❤️

  • Aadarsha Nepal
    Aadarsha Nepal

    Roast kesa laga

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar

    tu chutiya hai saiman

    • Advay Mayank
      Advay Mayank

      @Deepak Kumar its sad to see someone as mature be toxic lmao, shame on u

    • Deepak Kumar
      Deepak Kumar

      @Advay Mayank i m 19 bro😒 and 10 pass

    • Advay Mayank
      Advay Mayank

      @Deepak Kumar ur a kid bruv. Don't be toxic and learn to respect people

    • Deepak Kumar
      Deepak Kumar

      @Advay Mayank kya kaha

    • Advay Mayank
      Advay Mayank

      Kya hqi age aapki? 10 ya 11?

  • NBR Op
    NBR Op

    Chutiye lode

  • Vatsal

    12k mumbaikar nikil fans ??

  • إيسين علي Easin
    إيسين علي Easin

    Nikhile ke maki cud tinbar

  • Abhraneel Mukherjee #D#
    Abhraneel Mukherjee #D#

    Sale tu ney is video ka opening chori kiya honest trailers ke se but anyway bahut acha video tha best of luck and huge fan but plssss copy mat kar

  • varun arora
    varun arora

    Copied intro from honest trailers? Hope they don't find it lol

  • Umair Khan
    Umair Khan


  • Zealok Zean
    Zealok Zean

    This is y I like siman

  • Anmol
    Anmol Learn shorthand on my channel.

  • Shiv Creator
    Shiv Creator

    Mumbai nikhil ekdum bogus lagta mko flying beast is the best

  • Salil Jamdar
    Salil Jamdar

    That maggi slide on that girl's 2 min. dialogue..😂

  • Saurabh Gamer
    Saurabh Gamer

    3:08 🤣🤣


    5:02 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ruchika Bhadane
    Ruchika Bhadane


  • shreyas aw
    shreyas aw

    Mumbaikar nikhil ko itna hate kyu😌😌

    • KARTAVYA OX-!X'2!
      KARTAVYA OX-!X'2!

      Aur mumbaikar nikhil bina mtlb ke small creator ko strike dega aur criticism nhi hoga kya?

    • shreyas aw
      shreyas aw

      @Sujal Maity pada hai bro. But even heard that mumbaikar nikhil is promoting bollywood and nepotism 🙂🙂 , agar bura laga tho maaf karna bro🙏🙏🙂

    • Sujal Maity
      Sujal Maity

      Bro aap ne pin comment nahi padha kya

    • GPS GaminG
      GPS GaminG

      @Raj Gadhavi Kuch Bhi 😂🤣

    • Raj Gadhavi
      Raj Gadhavi

      Hate nhi bus fun k liye h i am sure saiman ne nikhil se permission li hogi. Don't worry just enjoy

  • Herobrine nightcore
    Herobrine nightcore


  • Rushi Chaudhari
    Rushi Chaudhari

    He was second at that time. Gaurav Chaudhary was at top. Now, Flying Beast is no.1

    • GPS GaminG
      GPS GaminG

      @Ms Arman Abhi Gaurav Chaudhary No1 Vlogger hai

    • Ms Arman
      Ms Arman

      @Vikram mehla flying beast usse bhi zada grow kiya hai

    • Vikram mehla
      Vikram mehla

      @Ms Arman Sourva joshi gain 440 subs and 110 million views

    • Ms Arman
      Ms Arman

      @Vikram mehla growing channel but top 5 main nahi hai

    • Ms Arman
      Ms Arman

      @Vikram mehla no

  • Never Insane !
    Never Insane !

    It's ok ! Its wow , but it is not good for nikhil .


    Strike kaisa laga

  • Subhajit Mahapatra
    Subhajit Mahapatra

    I hate the INfunrs like you ...Nikhil has full rights to do anything to those motherfuckers who use his video like you Don't judge , spread negativity about others ..yiu are the politicians sala Sharam kr

    • Fuzzed Up
      Fuzzed Up

      @Subhajit Mahapatra Kbhi fair use ke baare mein suna hain?? Yaa fir Jio ke aane ke baad aaya?

    • Subhajit Mahapatra
      Subhajit Mahapatra

      @krishna gosavi yes I know man I agree with you 🤣 🤣 I should get a life , don't take that seriously, I even don't watch Nikhil just ye roasting youtube channel k roast kr rhe the time pass

    • krishna gosavi
      krishna gosavi

      @Subhajit Mahapatra actually I was telling you to get a life

    • Subhajit Mahapatra
      Subhajit Mahapatra

      @krishna gosavi yea I agree with you 🤣🤣🤣

    • Anshul Gautam
      Anshul Gautam

      Shut up man... first know whole story

  • shreenath K V
    shreenath K V

    Intro from screen junkies

  • Aryan

    Bhaiya ab jara MumbaikerNikhil ka gaana suno..One of the Best Song Ever

    • Dwaipayan Saha
      Dwaipayan Saha

      Yeah man I wonder why he didn't got Grammy award

  • Raj to Darshan
    Raj to Darshan

    Nice I am supporting you Mumbaikar nikhil pagal hai

  • Kritarth Kaushik
    Kritarth Kaushik

    Casey .....the god of vlogger

  • Anurag sharma
    Anurag sharma

    Chal hat terimakichut

    • Otaku Raman
      Otaku Raman

      @Heroic Break cause carry hamare pita ji hai

    • Heroic Break
      Heroic Break

      Saiman: Why am I - still getting hate?

    • Otaku Raman
      Otaku Raman

      @QUOTES CITY okay bro


      @Otaku Raman dont reply these people they dont know anything there are just stans they dont use their brain to think

    • Otaku Raman
      Otaku Raman

      Nice Abusing his mother when you don't know anything about her

  • Hetansh Ghelani
    Hetansh Ghelani

    delete this rn

    • Dwaipayan Saha
      Dwaipayan Saha

      This dhamki was as effective as mumbaiker nikhil

    • Abhishek Kendre
      Abhishek Kendre

      Ok But how can I delete your comment???🤔

    • Harshal Shah
      Harshal Shah


    • Otaku Raman
      Otaku Raman

      Your comment?? Yeah it should be deleted

  • Sad Guy
    Sad Guy

    Start of video copied from Screen junkies😂😂



  • neeta kalunkhe
    neeta kalunkhe

    Uhh said about kidshot he is my inspiration uh should not do this mistake again

    • Zoo zoo
      Zoo zoo


  • Jai hind dosto
    Jai hind dosto

    Roast flying beast

    • Nishank More
      Nishank More

      Whatttt why??



  • vishal chow
    vishal chow

    Saiman please bring back these series


    Saiman op🙂

  • sujot Gatade
    sujot Gatade

    Ok come in mumbai

    • Unknown Guy
      Unknown Guy

      he is living in mumbai😂

  • Yash L Naik
    Yash L Naik

    5:14 okay gufran bhai... My Google assistant got activated lol

  • Sonu kamble
    Sonu kamble

    Nikhila toxic fans got more roasted. 😂

  • Rekha Singh
    Rekha Singh

    yes i will protest with you if every one else is convenced to open their clothes

  • Shekhar Tirkey
    Shekhar Tirkey

    Good content bro

  • Txc Jin
    Txc Jin

    Chhaka of INfunr

    • Sujal Maity
      Sujal Maity

      The thing is chakka should not be a disrespect it is also a gender some youtuber has made this thing a cuss word

    • Otaku Raman
      Otaku Raman

      @Vikram mehla point is not that whom he is talking about !! The Point is unnecessary hate !!

    • Vikram mehla
      Vikram mehla

      @Otaku Raman Irony he was talking about nikhil

    • Jagrut Kikani
      Jagrut Kikani

      Keri papa

    • Otaku Raman
      Otaku Raman

      Great inglish + great mindset !!!

  • Saprem Kaluste
    Saprem Kaluste

    Badk tera bap hai Mumbaikar nikhil


      @Rohan K haha lol

    • Rohan K
      Rohan K

      Bhai aajkal sab baap ban chuke hai bc

    • Harshal Shah
      Harshal Shah

      Bacche chup tmkc

    • EXODUS Ares
      EXODUS Ares

      'badk' ok👍

    • Aye Editor
      Aye Editor

      @Perry Chirpy 😂😂😂

  • Ayaan Baig
    Ayaan Baig


  • Arnav Mudgal
    Arnav Mudgal

    Thaf chhaddi thing was done by mr. Bean before it was famous...


    J marwale

  • Mann Parmar
    Mann Parmar


  • akshay bobade
    akshay bobade

    Jo khud bola tha judge nahi karna chaiye wo khud dusre social media ko judge kiya

  • Aanchal Das
    Aanchal Das

    I love the honest trailers inspired intro bro!

  • Ayush Vyas
    Ayush Vyas

    His content is 10 times better than carryminati


      Pahle kafi better tha carry but abb tatti

    • achinthya madhusoodanan
      achinthya madhusoodanan

      Straight faxx, and Eminem profile pic makes it even better

  • Shubhra

    Saiman and his jeeru

  • Pritam Sarkar
    Pritam Sarkar

    Kiya hasi hain bhai ki.

  • SomaCrush


  • Bleed Blue
    Bleed Blue

    Saiman feeling sad about nikhil collaborating with WWE but inturn collabs with PewDiePie ❤️❤️

  • Jainam Jain
    Jainam Jain

    Papaocus ne kitne paise die bhai😁

    • Captain Cranium
      Captain Cranium

      @Nishank More bruh

    • Nishank More
      Nishank More

      @Captain Cranium wait what !!!!!!!!!

    • Mexi Op
      Mexi Op

      @Otaku Raman nice

    • Captain Cranium
      Captain Cranium

      @Otaku Raman 🤣🤣

    • pujan pyakurel
      pujan pyakurel

      @Otaku Raman oooh

  • Rodali Multimedia
    Rodali Multimedia

    "Tabhi aap pade the, Abhi ab saiman bhai ki muh me haga hai"😂 #MN_Fan

    • The Nonsense guy
      The Nonsense guy

      Saiman did the rigth thing by calling out Nikhil, otherwise nikhil would have went on abusing copyright strike, selling illegal merchandise and even doing fake brand deals . Nikhil deserved it.

  • Shrawani Gawde
    Shrawani Gawde

    4:00 was hilarious

  • Cosmic CybeR Gaming
    Cosmic CybeR Gaming

    oo bhai!!!! cant believe that this channel dosent have a diamond play button. gand galadene wala roast in a family friendly way!! lol...

  • Kwthar Jamatia
    Kwthar Jamatia

    6:30 when she said Do minute lagega Do minute lagega kholu kapede and that Maggi Packet comes in🤣 i was about to die laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ayan Patel
    Ayan Patel

    7:44 I am glad that now Aarey will not be demolish .....

  • Ayan Patel
    Ayan Patel

    3:07 was epic


    7:12 Very useful hack.

  • kalpana Dahake
    kalpana Dahake


  • Brajesh Thakur
    Brajesh Thakur

    Gel**oda hai wo

    • Heroic Break
      Heroic Break

      ...konsi gaali hai ye bhai?

    • Raj Gadhavi
      Raj Gadhavi

      Don't hate bro enjoy content

  • Jay Sanap
    Jay Sanap

  • Avi Sharma
    Avi Sharma

    Saiman tu chutiya reh gaya re....🤣🤣 Improve your content dude

    • Ifaz Mahir
      Ifaz Mahir

      Are Kiska Baccha Kho Gaya Ye .

    • Eren Jaeger
      Eren Jaeger

      @Deamon's King jane de bru koi 8 saal ka baacha ho ga nahi samjhega woh 😂

    • kidza.

      @Avi Sharma aisa bol na samajh nahi aata

    • Deamon's King
      Deamon's King

      @Avi Sharma if you can support content like carry or mumbaiker nikhil then saiman is way better then them

    • Avi Sharma
      Avi Sharma

      How you all are supporting such shitty content like this 🤣

  • Angsudip Dutta
    Angsudip Dutta

    Tu sala Gandu he.... kud se kuch kar....u guys are jealous about him.....

    • kidza.

      About 800k subs hain and increasing, aur agar kuch galat hone pe kuch bol diya to wo kuch karta hi nahi?

  • Narendra singh prajapati
    Narendra singh prajapati


    • pujan pyakurel
      pujan pyakurel

      @The Nonsense guy koi na galti sabse hoti hai

    • Deamon's King
      Deamon's King

      @The Nonsense guy no problem bro it happens

    • The Nonsense guy
      The Nonsense guy

      @Deamon's King ohhh , sorry I thought they were abusing saiman , I did not understand the first time 😅.

    • Deamon's King
      Deamon's King

      @The Nonsense guy bro if you are in saiman's side then why are you abusing people who are in saiman's side too from your first reply to the comment i thought you were on saimans side and when when pujan payakurel also replied to his comment then you started abusing him

    • The Nonsense guy
      The Nonsense guy

      @Deamon's King and you did not get which side i am on by the comments above , you don't have the rigth to have heat ledgers joker as your profile

  • NEEL Saini
    NEEL Saini

    now, FLYING BEAST is the biggest indian vlogger.

    • SongWala

      He is a clean hearted man

    • NEEL Saini
      NEEL Saini

      @Pratyush SÏÑHÄ hatt bey saala. itne acche vlogger ko tu aisa bolta hai.

    • Pratyush SÏÑHÄ
      Pratyush SÏÑHÄ

      Flying breast toh or bekar hai yaar..vlog ke naam par literally kuch bhi daal deta hai smh

    • Bitu Khyalia
      Bitu Khyalia


    • NEEL Saini
      NEEL Saini

      @NEEhAl i like all.

  • manoj siddh
    manoj siddh

    Lodu saiman

    • KARTAVYA OX-!X'2!
      KARTAVYA OX-!X'2!

      Ye admi kitna hypocritic hai

    • The Nonsense guy
      The Nonsense guy

      @manoj siddh if you want to critique saiman , do it the rigth way . Ever heard of constructive criticism? Calling a hardworking sincere and respected youtuber "Gandu" only make you appear toxic .

    • kidza.

      @manoj siddh saiman gaali nahi deta criticise karta hai smh, aur baat to gaali k bina bhi bol sakte hain fir tum bol rhe ki iaM nOt tOxIc CaRrY fAn

    • NEEL Saini
      NEEL Saini

      @Aaryan with double A i am not fighting. but yeh toxic carry fans saale har jagah gandh failane aa jaate hai. mein bhi carry ko pasand karta hu, but i am not his toxic fan.

    • manoj siddh
      manoj siddh

      @Aaryan with double A bhai m fight nhi kar raha m to bas apni baat bol raha hu

  • Shit-hot Gaming
    Shit-hot Gaming

    Op bruh 🔥🔥

  • Pratik Surve
    Pratik Surve

    Gov not able to reverse the whole decision of car shade , but they have shifted the car shed to kanjurmarg

  • Nidhi Sharma
    Nidhi Sharma

    We want more like this saiman in this year 2020

  • Arun Jadhav
    Arun Jadhav

    aham bhramasmi ..

  • Prasad Mahajan
    Prasad Mahajan

    I hate you just because you are a hater of carry and mumbiker

    • Eren Jaeger
      Eren Jaeger

      @pujan pyakurel u didn't have to destroyed him this badly😂😂😂😂

    • pujan pyakurel
      pujan pyakurel

      Nobody cares

    • ranjit singh
      ranjit singh

      He is not a hater

    • Otaku Raman
      Otaku Raman

      Who said he is a hater

  • Yash Ramsinghani
    Yash Ramsinghani

    The last part got me 😂🤣 xD

  • Varun Kashyap
    Varun Kashyap

    Dusre ko gaaliya nikaalke khudko bohot acha samajhna trend ho gaya hai. Expose video to aise aa rahe hain jaise subah tatti aati hai 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Otaku Raman
      Otaku Raman

      Reaction videos are expose videos !! Nice joke

  • harys

    3000 trees jo cut kiya. metro nirman ke liye, jo shayad traffic ka pollution bacha sakta hai. uska kya haha bullywood walo ne 3000 se bi zada trees cut ke ke film studio banya. sai man u shd destroy tht studio before protesting agains metro. hehe yese wese kr ke kuch eenglees pel diya maaf kr dena 😗🙏

  • 41. ROHAN NOOR
    41. ROHAN NOOR


  • yasmeen kamran
    yasmeen kamran

    Jal jal ke kaala ho gya saale

    • The Nonsense guy
      The Nonsense guy

      @yasmeen kamran "tera baap" did you even hit puberty yet?

    • yasmeen kamran
      yasmeen kamran

      @ranjit singh abe purani photo hai

    • ranjit singh
      ranjit singh

      10 saal ke papaji namaste

    • yasmeen kamran
      yasmeen kamran

      Nahi tera baap

    • ranjit singh
      ranjit singh

      Tu mummy hai kya baccha?

  • Shahan Mistry
    Shahan Mistry

    Bhai aap Carry aur Slayy Point baan neh ki kosish kaar rage ho 😠😠😤😤😡😡👿👿

    • The Nonsense guy
      The Nonsense guy

      No , his content is wayy different then theirs, his comedy to is mostly sarcasm ( something your fetus IQ can't comprehend)

  • Bob Man
    Bob Man

    Strike kesa laga Public kesa laga strike

  • rajesh chahila
    rajesh chahila

    Is bhai ka face bhi nikhil jaisa lag RHA hai

  • Hemanth Nayak
    Hemanth Nayak

    That ICICI 😂😂😂 I never saw it coming