MUMBIKER NIKHIL, pls don't copystrike this video | Chai with Sai ☕
Chai with Sai! Wouldn't have made this video, but what Mumbiker Nikhil did was wrong. Also, thank you for 300K subscribers!
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  • Saiman Says
    Saiman Says

    Mumbiker Nikhil is a good vlogger! But what he did was wrong. I don't intend to spread negativity, but it's important to call out such malpractices.

    • Your killer
      Your killer


    • Abhay Kshirsagar
      Abhay Kshirsagar

      @HIMANSHU THAKUR i will rather support a poor person who has worked hard not only in his career but also developing himself. Mumbiker nikil might be great in his career but as a personality he is not.


      Abe lodu uski lifestyle dekh content dekh lodu Hardwork dekh uska dedication dekh chutiya

    • piyush upadhyay
      piyush upadhyay

      Tune video Kyon Banaya nikhil bhi ka brama

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      abdul ahaad

      Ab saala

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    Aman Saikia

    Mumbiker nikhil ka content aajkal full tatti hai

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    VIND Vlogs

    Roast vind vlogs please

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    Kedar Balwante


  • Surekha Padekar
    Surekha Padekar

    Noob da nikhil aukat nahi hai uski strike marne ki


    that is the way of marketing bro, marketing without showing that its paid to him. He wont show that this company has sponsored him, he will do what he is paid for he will promote the brand. It doesnt matter what other people "normally" do.

  • Mokshit Jain
    Mokshit Jain

    Bakwas content .

  • Kolkata YouTuber
    Kolkata YouTuber

    Support him..he is really good❤️


    Hate you nikkhil nikkhil is a bakwas youtuber #bhanharmn #nikkhilhater

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    Mridul Singla


  • Laila Sharma
    Laila Sharma

    Saloniyappa is growing faster than saiman☹ why is the good so slow


    Project is moved to kanjurmarg 😎😎😎

  • Aman Vijayvargiya
    Aman Vijayvargiya

    Bhai ab woh metro bhi band ho gaya banna

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    list of amazing things

    " "

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    captain deadly

    Bhai main toh tayyar hoon

  • Gaurang Sharad
    Gaurang Sharad

    That's why now I watch Sriman Kotharu over him.

  • tyag musics
    tyag musics

    sambhalkar kahi tera video na del ho😂😂😂

  • Pratyush Bhoi
    Pratyush Bhoi

    When she said 2 min lagega and Maggie popped up

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    ___Zone ?

    3:46 check nikkkhil vlog 13 Oct 2020 Luxury car 👍🔥💪❤️

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    HR_Anmol Gaming

    Jaliii iskiii bss yee pta h

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    HR_Anmol Gaming

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    Born Champion

    Tere jaise mithai ki dukaan par 85 rupay mein bik jaayega

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      Born Champion

      @Anshul Gautam Teri mummy ke phone se kiya tha

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      Anshul Gautam

      abe ghochu mummy ka phone mat use ka homework khatam kr

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    Born Champion

    Abbe oo gandi shakal ke bas subscriber lene ke liye yeh sab mat kara kar


    Roast ke naam ke kya paros ra hai tu?

  • apurv more
    apurv more

    I'm from future. The car shed is moved to Kanjurmarg. Arey forest stays!

    • Precision Edits
      Precision Edits

      Ya, true

  • Its me RB
    Its me RB

    Wish you tube had a laughing smiley 😂😂😂

  • Amey 21
    Amey 21

    Mumbiker is a scam🥴

  • Let's Modify it
    Let's Modify it

    Don't know what is this?If I see from his side the roast was very good no issue.I am Mumbaiker Nikhil fan,so actually there are some videos I also did not like but some videos are just awesome. So, actually the thing is that we all are just viewers,we don't have right to commenting any person whether he is famous or not Everyone is right in his place,they both worked hard to get this place otherwise they'll be just like us😂.

  • Its Mee
    Its Mee

    Here after a year later when the Metro Car Shed project is finally moved from Aarey Forest to Kanjurmarg. Thanks Saiman for what you did regarding tree plantation. You're a Gem! ❤️

  • Sneha Shah
    Sneha Shah

    You are too brave Mann👍👏👏👏❤️❤️

  • Tanay Bachhav
    Tanay Bachhav

    Pls pls pls ispe strike aye

  • Z Raul BS
    Z Raul BS

    Yes!!! This video has got copyright clam! Mumbiker nikhil: yeah😏

  • 4gility

    “If you were a fan you would not make the title ‘time to play the game’ and put a Steve Austin thumbnail” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Raman Saxena
      Raman Saxena

      Content Dede bhai

  • The Song Roaster
    The Song Roaster

    That tutorial was very good

  • Mamun Khan
    Mamun Khan

    4:54 may jane hi wala tha ....


    He will not strikee u because He knows the consequences 😂😜😜😜😜😂

  • Aashish Mohankumar
    Aashish Mohankumar

    wait...itachi is dead isn't he?

    • uchiha vinay
      uchiha vinay

      Wtf mann

  • Vighnarth Nile
    Vighnarth Nile

    To save Aarey Forest Le Say Sena: Huzur tusi great ho toofa qubool karo

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    Meet Channel

    Is Channel ka kya matlab hai #siman says

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    Aashman Honor

    Idk y he doesn't have 1 M subs

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    Sahag Singh

    Tabhi aap paade the...abhi aapne hug diya😂😂😂😂suprb

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    Yashvardan Vkr

    I used o support you *#@#**

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      What happened now

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    Naman joshi

    Lest roast saminsays From carryminati

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      Naman joshi

      @Akshaiyan M Bara logic ha Timothy and apne ak video me gana bjate bjate guiter tod dena

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      Akshaiyan M

      @Naman joshi toh kya kyunki Saiman toh logic ko support karte aur tum bhi jaake saiman ki congratulations ka review dekho woh blind fan nahi hai

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      Naman joshi

      @Akshaiyan M Kaye cheze dikte nahi par hote ha yad ha carryminati distrak Jab usne distract bnaya tha tab ye PewDiePie ke sath Collab kar raha tha

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      Akshaiyan M

      @Naman joshi abbey pagal ho kya tum isne kab America ke saath roast kara?

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      Naman joshi

      @Akshaiyan M yea vo banda ha jo amrica ke sath milke indiako roast karta ha

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    Sourav Patel

    Or jo tu saale uska title lga k views bdha rha h “watching time”

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      Dragon boy

      It's watch time idiot

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    Nitin Thakur

    Saiman u r the best👌


    If u are interested in gaming then this channel is for

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    Mr. Memes

    Subscribe me and help me reach 1K I'll give you 100$

  • Mr. Memes
    Mr. Memes

    Subscribe me and help me reach 1K I'll give you 100$

  • Harnoor Singh Behl
    Harnoor Singh Behl

    This guy is litrally honest and thats why the shitty fans of other fake youtubers spread hate about him lmao. His subscribers would easily be 5-6 millions if he spoke good about all.


    Amit bhadana is like a DEV MANUSH😝😝😝😝😝

  • Shantanu Sen Gupta
    Shantanu Sen Gupta

    Saiman is really jealous of vlogger cause iska vlog channel nhi chla


    You can’t reach till nikhil he’s on another level bro! Kitna bhi bana lo usse jhaant farak nahi padta

  • shaurya paul
    shaurya paul

    Bhai ganee ittne tatti 😂😂😂banata hai did a good job bro 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aatmanirbhar Bharat
    Aatmanirbhar Bharat guys watch me 1st video plzz support

  • Margaret Dcruze
    Margaret Dcruze

    Amit is actually a good nd humble person.

  • Nishant Saxena
    Nishant Saxena

    Bhai khud ne honest trailers ki starting copy kar li puri aur copy karne ki baat kr rha hai .... hypocrisy on next level INfun Channel : Screen Junkies ( Koi bhi video dekh lo honest trailers ki same starting

  • Madhur Nakharekar
    Madhur Nakharekar

    Boring roast

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      uchiha vinay

      Chotu tu ja key carry ko dekh lo

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    Akash Gaming

    Ha chutia hat

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      That dank Guy

      🤣🤣🤣🤮🤢 beta tum free fire khelo

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    Abhijit Mohanty

    Saiman chutiya he

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    piyush upadhyay

    Nikhil bhai ko Kuchh Nahin Kahane ka 👆👆

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      That dank Guy

      Chup bache

  • Advait Phadnis
    Advait Phadnis

    Bhai teri aukad nai hai mumbaiker nikhil ke bare me bolne ko Phle apna channel bana fir us ke bare ma bat kar

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      arnav rajput

      Kam se kam tujse toh famous hai

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    Siddhant Kumar

    Aur tu pura video mai chai Pete hua Haga h....

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    Aditya Chopra

    Doosre k dam p famous hona chahta h sala...mumbiker nikhil is much better than u man..

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      Mehta Manoj

      @Aditya Chopra Bache Jake pubg khel aur carry Dekh yeh tumhe samaj nhi ayegi

    • Aditya Chopra
      Aditya Chopra

      @That dank Guy tu hoga chutiya...tere bhi jal gye kya😂😂

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      That dank Guy

      Chal chutiye sach bola hai saiman ne tere so called famous INfunr ki asliyat bhi toh pata chal ni chahiye dusro ko

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    Dark Heaven

    Today he naught a Mercedes

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    Faiz Shaikh

    Lekin mardo ne mana kar diya that point man😂😂😂😂

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      Dragon boy

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      That dank Guy

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    siddhesh Patil

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    WhatsApp status

    Dusron ko roast Karne accha tum hi ek song banao na

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    Mohit Kumar


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  • Hizbul Rehman
    Hizbul Rehman

    Was it even a roast?

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      Dragon boy

      No this was criticism

  • Sóñú Nama
    Sóñú Nama

    kuch alag don Raha tha ,,Socha nehi tha ki aisa kuch milega ,,,,hats of you ,,,na darke Sach Bolne ke liye 🙏🏽🙏🏽

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    Sinewy Vogue

    "Kholun kya kapde" ko 1 saal ho gaye

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    Prince Kohli



    He is time waste...plz learn something instead of seeing this fool 🥱

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      Dragon boy

      @DISKO GAMING ok

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      Akshaiyan M

      @DISKO GAMING mai bhi Saiman ka hater tha 10 video dekhi aur fan bangaya


      @Akshaiyan M bhai really...ya chutiya ha...

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      Akshaiyan M

      @DISKO GAMING edited kara kya 😂

    • Akshaiyan M
      Akshaiyan M

      @DISKO GAMING Carry ke bhakth chup kar

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    Honest trailers 😂😂

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    Sarcastic Nitin

    Zhatu Hai Re NM

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    Meet Trivedi


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    sachin raj

    Good video ji

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    Abcde Fghij

    I am from future and I am here to tell your all that saiman has completed 3 million subscribers

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      Utkarsh Patil

      Lol Mai kese man lu xd

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    Toxic Tinado

    The editing was awesome😂

  • Akshansh Yadav
    Akshansh Yadav

    I love how he keeps his chai in a Jeeru soda bottle. Lol

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    Manas Kulkarni

    Nikhil Bhai Tabhi Aap Paade The... Abhi Hage Hai..... - Saiman

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    Avaneesh Chavan

    I came here so that I could be away from this fricking WHITE HAT JR ADDS BUT NO, THEY HAVE CAPTURED THE WHOLE INfun.

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    Sanam Puri

    Salman khan rost

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    Kunal Thapa

    Mumbiker Nikhil is my inspiration

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      Sanam Puri

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      Soumyadeep Choudhury

      Bhai career khatre me hai apke😆

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      Sanam Puri

      Salman khan rost

  • RTX ini
    RTX ini

    This is not funny saiman You are disrespect a good person I wish your has been deleted

    • Shresth Aditya
      Shresth Aditya

      @RTX ini he is not disrespecting Mumbiker nikhil, he is just pointing his mistakes and giving him constructive criticism . Saiman also admits that he is a good vlogger(see his pinned comment)

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      Dragon boy


  • TheNavodayaShow

    Bhai , mumbiker nikhil is no longer the biggest vlog channel , flying beast is now

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      Soumyadeep Choudhury

      This vid was made 1 year ago😆

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    Abhimanyu Malik

    Ye ScreenJunkies ka intro bhi chura liya ? Lmao jk.

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    Paresh Mistry

    kuchh aur achha kr lete bhai...unique content invent kro

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    Best vlogger.. 1) mumbaiker nikhil:❌ 2) flying beast: ❌ 3) rashbhari: ✅....

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    Hely Bhatiya

    This whatever Nikhil seems so narcissistic

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      Dragon boy

      Now someone will give his number to you and maybe you will call him

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    honest trailers type intro