MUMBAI CLEAN-UP with my Subscribers!
Me and my subscribers join Mr. Afroz Shah's clean-up at Mithi River in Mumbai! Thank you so much for your support.
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  • Games Lan
    Games Lan

    Gg saiman

  • xD god
    xD god

    Petition for saiman to bring back the dab-off's 🙏🏻 Ps. My king really making genuinely good use of his subscribers 👑

  • Sayahna Chakraborty
    Sayahna Chakraborty

    Saiman's subscribers are smart like him that's why they are less in number

    • Akash Som
      Akash Som

      They day when Saiman will reach 10 million subs that day India will be mature

  • Maaheen Maahir
    Maaheen Maahir

    6:22 too good 😂

  • Anita Jain
    Anita Jain

    Yes i was thr 2 afroz shah at mithi river but another day bad luck!!!😠

  • Md Karbarine
    Md Karbarine

    We can clean anything but we can't clean the mindset indians have .... I am not pessimist that's the actualllity Well good work

  • Baldski

    1021dabs per sec Haha dabs go brrrr

  • Atharva Deshmukh
    Atharva Deshmukh

    How's India Nott soo clean sir

  • Parimesh Sridhar
    Parimesh Sridhar


  • Doodles Poodles
    Doodles Poodles

    You plant trees and clean up beaches and rivers and are doing good things for the country. So what? You support Pewdiepie. You are Anti- national and Deshdrohi.

  • Dinkesh Jain
    Dinkesh Jain

    9:47 Tseries banning the video next

  • Margaret Dcruze
    Margaret Dcruze

    I wish carry nd hid fans learn a bit😆

  • afrin

    saiman deserves mooooreeeee

  • Dark Star
    Dark Star

    proud to be a member of say sena

  • Nityay Jadhav
    Nityay Jadhav

    Where is the river

    • Baldski

      Its dry coz its summer. It fills up in monsoon

  • 32-Raghav Patil
    32-Raghav Patil

    These will be the next generals of the next king of INfun

    • My Foot
      My Foot

      Ur pfp😂

  • Harsh Vardhan
    Harsh Vardhan

    Yeah that's my country men 🌚🌚

  • May - May Centre
    May - May Centre

    I read about Afroz shah about 2 days and now I have saiman with afroz sir, Wow! The world!

  • Vikrant Manna
    Vikrant Manna


  • Paras Pawar
    Paras Pawar

    isko ek bhi dislike kyu mila ??

  • Chhavimani Choubey
    Chhavimani Choubey

    Cement barricading for a river? Or Sewer?🙄 Anyway saysena zindabad

    • Sushant Billava
      Sushant Billava

      That barricade if for the waste which is put out by the people who are living nearby. There is no proper sevage system there. I have visited that place for clean up

  • Jyoti Kshatriya
    Jyoti Kshatriya

    And they call you copy of Pewdiepie (sorry for spelling mistake😋) Your content is muchhhhh better than anyone else man

  • RNA

    Unse poocho - saari videos dekhi .?

  • Shikhar Sharma
    Shikhar Sharma

    Love you bhai

  • Anuj Joshi
    Anuj Joshi


  • siby skaria
    siby skaria

    Simon's fan base is mostly fat young boys with Timothy fetish......Just an observation. Although I am fat, young and for some reason wana see Timothy.

  • Ravi shankar Prasad
    Ravi shankar Prasad

    We love mumbikers and maharastrian ...they are so in kolkata in everything there is politics...n

    • Ravi shankar Prasad
      Ravi shankar Prasad

      @Shawn Mathew welcoem brother

  • Rohit Yadav
    Rohit Yadav

    Back side on wall the fecal material from toilets are draining

  • DeviL reX
    DeviL reX

    That blue shirt kid is legendery

    • MEmEMan

      Gacho gachoo

  • Bhandari G
    Bhandari G

    Plz visit dehradun...

  • saurabh shukla
    saurabh shukla


  • Velanka Dsouza
    Velanka Dsouza

    Good Public work is what we all should do not only saiman and afroz shah

  • Shubham Warangule
    Shubham Warangule

    भाऊ एक नंबर काम किया पर जो ये झोपडी में रेहणे वाले लोग हैं तुम्हा मेहनत को एक हफ्ते में बिघाड देंगे

  • eunoia

    react to kpop . please

  • shubham kothari
    shubham kothari

    bro you are wery good better than pewdiepie and carryand Ashish

  • Royal Boys
    Royal Boys

    Clean the city, clean the village, clean the India

  • Zeus

    When you have mirigi ke doure 8:30

  • username username
    username username

    Who all disliked this video?

    • Kaustubh Fadtare
      Kaustubh Fadtare

      Petriotik people

  • Ajib Daku
    Ajib Daku

    Am getting love with your humour

  • Jai Badrivishal Ji
    Jai Badrivishal Ji

    Kaam kam aur dikhawa jada kr rha h


    Other youtubers only content banate hai....itna subscribers hone ke baad ...par app ithne sey subscribers key sath...anti national chize karte frm Karnataka kundapura bro...

  • Kuldeep Raghav
    Kuldeep Raghav

    Amazing work bhai, literally watching your playlist in one shot, very interesting and great videos ❤️❤️keep it up , all the support

  • Soumya S
    Soumya S

    Hamesha kachra saaf karne se nahi hoga,kachra apne aap nahi hota ,kachra log nahi karenge to kachra hoga hi nahi aur saaf karna hi nahi padega

  • Karli Bagra
    Karli Bagra

    08:13 I'm more supporter's. I am more supporter's.

  • Rinzler

    last 4 minutes are soo cringy


    Oh yeah

  • maulik dev
    maulik dev

    If only everyone was anti national like saiman.


    So less views ahh feel hurt just cleaned 5kg of garbage from my locality

  • Vandana Sharma
    Vandana Sharma

    Bro tumare puane sub he tumare joke samaj payege

  • Akshay Mali
    Akshay Mali

    Afroz shah's voice is so relaxing He is like the Indian Bob Ross

  • Ritik x.x
    Ritik x.x

    5:40 😂😂😂🤘 jaldi se jaldi real karna hai 😂

  • Vallabh Sonawale
    Vallabh Sonawale

    9:18 Damn this is so accurate

  • Sushil S H
    Sushil S H

    Afroz is humble ✌️👌

  • THE UK04
    THE UK04

    Great job guys

  • flying thrilll
    flying thrilll

    Isi kehte hai deshbakti

  • Ram

    Bola tereko isse ghanta kuch nahi hone wala slum ko Bache paida karne se roko itni awareness hum laa sakte hai baki slums ko hatane ka kaam government ka ye safai se kuch nahi hota vo kal aur gandahi karenge

  • Kashish Sachdeva
    Kashish Sachdeva

    Please recommend this channel to your friends and family and they will definitely subscribe this channel as saimandar is great and hilarious. He is so underrated and I want to see him on top.

  • Krittika Sengupta
    Krittika Sengupta

    The way Saiman interacted with his followers was very cute. Saiman is a really nice person. Hope you scale great heights...

  • firdhouse ak
    firdhouse ak

    reduce use of plastic...........

  • Dance United
    Dance United

    Where is river but?☹️

    • Sushant Billava
      Sushant Billava

      Near powai

  • Major Guitarist
    Major Guitarist

    Saiman is a butcher

  • Viplav anand
    Viplav anand

    Jcb ki khudaai dekh le jaa ke isse badhiya

  • Jas Khurana
    Jas Khurana

    You are amazing bud... Keep rising

  • mehmud

    Very nice to see people following the swachh bharat campaign. Keep rocking guys. I am really proud of Saiman, people kept hating on you since you did the T Series vs Pew thing, but you followed the right path and true path, and today you have not only gained more respect from India and world but converted all those hatred to love. Cheers mate. I really love you. And thats what India is all about. India is about love.

  • Ujs

    Ise kehte he: *mene ki h mehnat*


    Mazak mat karo real karo bhailok

  • operator Maxwell
    operator Maxwell

    Fabulous brooo for that I am going to subscribe and like well done serious

  • Kabeer Malik
    Kabeer Malik

    Saiman says tatti hai

    • My Foot
      My Foot

      He's doing such a good work but ok

  • Sandeep Singh
    Sandeep Singh

    I think I have broken it down. Aditya is the real Timothy. Prove me wrong

  • Rome M
    Rome M

    Your collab with Pewdiepie almost made me subbed to you but this video made me actually subbed! God! This is awesome!

  • Troll Jod
    Troll Jod

    2:56 see that kid contributing on the wall on the river.

  • Ishan Dr
    Ishan Dr

    good job. desh bakt kahan hain.

  • j Fj
    j Fj

    Please please please do Indian government websites investigation cum review please that will add something meaning to you life and others'. Please man.

  • Inaya mulla
    Inaya mulla

    I subscribed to u just because of this video 💚

  • T U R K - 1 8 2
    T U R K - 1 8 2

    Good work guys! 👏👏👏

  • suvendu polley
    suvendu polley

    how the Fuck can there be 472 dislikes on this video...!!!

  • randygreen81

    Me, a 9 year old from Germany bows down to the 9 year olds from India! great job guys :)

  • MaarikMari


  • Louise Barrowman
    Louise Barrowman

    Congrats gents on a job well done! Be VERY PROUD of yourselves as you have all been a part of your countries history in this big clean-up!! I’M very proud of you all! What a difference this will make to your beach(es) and river(s), the environment as a whole as well as your health in general!! ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!👏👏👏👌🤜🤛✌️🙂

  • Gewber

    This is pretty cool. I like bilingual videos!

  • LatiNoble

    470 people are fans of T-Series.

  • Sagar Ghatti
    Sagar Ghatti

    saba kair bolne ke bad saimans dargay firse anti hindu n samj le . but he sais that by mistake

  • Feral Campfire Collection
    Feral Campfire Collection

    Salman is Awesome !!!

  • 09 Tamz
    09 Tamz

    so you have seven subscribers

  • A K
    A K

    I subscribed just because this video is so amazing - Keep up the great work and content brother! Much love from Australia :)

  • chuchi chäschtli
    chuchi chäschtli

    you're way too funny xD I really like your content, and find it very cool that you guys clean up our mother nature and educate people on littering. I always pick up plastic when I walk my dog in my lunchbreak at work. greetings from switzerland

  • Alexander Arias
    Alexander Arias

    This man is so wholesome it almost brings a tear to my eye.

  • Anthino Russo
    Anthino Russo

    Wish I could help, good job. Respect from the Balkans \m/


    around 0:20 I was expecting you guys to start dancing and singing xD

  • Carolus Rex
    Carolus Rex

    What does "anti-national" mean? Indians, pls answer

  • Anubhav Singh
    Anubhav Singh

    We need more indian youtubers to use their fanbase like this. It's really good to see this positive video 👌

  • Alex B
    Alex B

    What a wonderful way to use your online platform :’)

  • Mason

    say sena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saurav Kumar
    Saurav Kumar

    Mithi river is no longer a river

  • Sanjay I s
    Sanjay I s

    You are the best Mumbai INfunr ..and I respect you for that. There are some shits with big numbers in yt Chanel. .he forgot what he is first. A biker. ..hahaha such a west of subs

  • Av8r_ Adam
    Av8r_ Adam

    8:11 and we also have Indian Justin Trudeau

  • Z. Dixon
    Z. Dixon

    truly wonderful thing

  • Hamish_124

    Who would dis-like this?! monsters 😡😡😡

  • AdurnaNagra

    This is such a peculiar, yet welcome, type of subscriber meet-up. It doesn't seem like the filming was a cop out, unlike a majority meetup videos, which have mostly just hand cam/selfie-stick footage lazily edited upload. This is a great example of a standard of quality. I appreciate this level of work... as well as the humanitarian work put in.