MUMBAI beach clean-up with Afroz Shah #TrashTag Challenge
Join me for the next Clean-Up this Sunday (24th March), organised by Afroz Shah!
Venue: River Mithi, Royal Palms Rd, Filter Pada, Aarey Colony.
Time: 9 to 11 am.
Please fill this google form to indicate your participation:
(More details given in the google doc ^)
*Also, DM me on instagram if you're confirmed to come.*
Afroz Shah -
Thank you!
Christy -
Parth -
Subtitles by Dhananjay Baraik:
#TrashTag #TrashTagChallenge

  • Jay Waghela
    Jay Waghela

    If anyone is interested in the full version of the "son of the beach" song

    • Yash Rautela
      Yash Rautela

      Son of a bitch?

    • grasscandy_ 77
      grasscandy_ 77


    • irtebat

      8:14 you are A real son of a Beach 🤣🤣🤣

    • Weird Techs
      Weird Techs

      @aarav singh hey

    • Weird Techs
      Weird Techs

      Link not working bro

  • Doin Johnson
    Doin Johnson

    3:54 notice the *Blue* shirt kid.

  • Say Sena
    Say Sena

    Oh no Saiman uses NOBODY MEME 7:15

  • Baldski

    Afroz shah is a savage

  • madzub

    Mitch McConald is following PROTO !

  • Sakshi Shinde
    Sakshi Shinde

    So now i know Timothy is human👍❤️

  • Bhushan Kulkarni
    Bhushan Kulkarni

    Nobody: Ssiman using the *Nobody* format 😂😂

    • Baldski

      I think nobody format was used properly

  • whsd lavde pe
    whsd lavde pe

    He is underserved

  • Dyaúh

    That's some quality content ☺️

  • Pramod Kumar
    Pramod Kumar

    3:12 Timothy hand reveal 😍


    3:11 Timothi hand revealed😂😂

  • Koman Truth
    Koman Truth

    Afroze shah Katwa Mullah Aatanki Deshdroh

  • Raj Shukla
    Raj Shukla

    U r a real son of beach😂😂

  • Realistic Rudy
    Realistic Rudy

    Sir lockdown mein bhi cleanup tha kya please reply

  • Suvradeep Mondal
    Suvradeep Mondal

    I cracked up when he said "You're a real son of a beach"🤣

  • Ronit Proshad Sonar
    Ronit Proshad Sonar

    u r really son of a beach😂😂😂💜💜

  • Die Long Music
    Die Long Music

    So that "Green Shirt Kid" know who is timothy.........!!!!!!!

  • Sonu Yadav
    Sonu Yadav

    3:49 only fan of saiman who has seen timothy

  • Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek Sharma

    Real son of beach 🤣😂🤣😂😂😂


    Oh my god, we heard Timothy's laugh.

  • YashHuYaar

    Aditya bhaiya Is Timothy.

  • Subhro Das
    Subhro Das

    ''making love to the beach'' was awesome.....

  • Deepson Budhathoki
    Deepson Budhathoki

    timothi handreveal

  • Blue mass
    Blue mass

    Good job bro

  • Abhinav

    Name a INfunr who will do such a thing In my opinion carryminati, Chanchlani or Bhadana

  • Shilpa Bagade
    Shilpa Bagade

    timothy hand reveal

  • Shilpa Bagade
    Shilpa Bagade

    timothy voice reveal

  • Shilpa Bagade
    Shilpa Bagade

    say sena!!!

  • Rajat Sinha
    Rajat Sinha

    Who said saiman hates nobody meme go to 7:16

  • Parth Sharma
    Parth Sharma

    You are mr beast of India 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Shreya Pandit
    Shreya Pandit

    Okay guys no one's saying this but apart from afroz being a great guy and a wonderful citizen his voice is so sexy. I mean cmon can't be just me! Great work there I have also been a part of this trashtag challenge. Gonna do whatever it takes to make bharat ma happy. Also happy republic day we make our own rules and choose to maintain hygiene and sanitation. Jai hind. 🇮🇳

  • y Gaming
    y Gaming

    Afroz shah is very bad

  • Mr.Netizen


  • Captainfanplastic

    I approve this beach cleaning!

  • daisuwu

    Good job!! Thank you for saving our earth ✨✨

  • Hannahsacumen

    I love how this trash tag that doesn't use plastic bags to gather the trash!

  • X.Y. Z.
    X.Y. Z.


  • Artistry with Rahul
    Artistry with Rahul

    Tune ki hai mehnat .. tag Amit badhana 😄😁😄😁

  • Aryan Dwivedi
    Aryan Dwivedi

    wow he is like me

  • Elroy

    Amay has seen Timothy I need Amay's full name!

  • atrangi bhaijaan
    atrangi bhaijaan

    I was looking for condoms in the video.

  • Nitant Mestry
    Nitant Mestry

    kya yaar glvoes tho utarna tha very dirty saiman

  • Manish Dadhich
    Manish Dadhich


  • Bappa Pati
    Bappa Pati

    Majak bana ke rakh diya ek achha initiative ko...

  • Sayali Gholap
    Sayali Gholap

    rap excellent

  • A S
    A S

    Kuch foreigner bhi hai vha 😎❤️🙏

  • A S
    A S


  • shivshankar singh
    shivshankar singh

    Kisi or ki mehant par apni roti pakana inse sikhe

  • Prateek Grewal
    Prateek Grewal

    Son of a beach 😂😂😂😂 it just cracked me up

  • raghav upadhyay
    raghav upadhyay

    8:01 taken from Phineas and Ferb Backyard beach ye Hai backyard beach

  • J J
    J J

    Clean the river too and take animals too is so many dogs and cats street.And people need stop poop in beach is dirty.

  • home made
    home made

    Last 🤙😂😂😂🤣🤣


    BMC should collectively take actions on people throwing garbages and shit on the beach. A good amount of fine has to be imposed on the people throwing garbages and abusing the beach. The amount collected should be further used for beach clean up. Further if it is costly to keep employees by bmc to have an eye on people, they must start a volunteering posting team (as we had in school posting boys). Strict laws for this nuisance is must.

  • Syed Faraz Hashmi
    Syed Faraz Hashmi

    You're a real son of a beach 🏄 😂

  • Sudeep Baug
    Sudeep Baug

    Condom nhi uthaya😂

  • rational mind
    rational mind

    nothing is going to happen unless and until the population is controlled, you clean thousand-tonne waste another thousand will be on its way to the beach. but hands off to the initiative and affort of great mr afroz shah.

  • Tech SSP English
    Tech SSP English


  • non one
    non one

    Somebody noticed condom in saiman bucket

  • Mehtab

    Aisay ek bhi bhakt hotay to Ganga kab ki saaf hojati

  • dawood qureshi
    dawood qureshi

    Afroz Shah Mumbai's Manjhi

  • Syed Asrar
    Syed Asrar

    You are a real son of a ....😀

  • Azeem Khan
    Azeem Khan


  • Prabhakar Rahi
    Prabhakar Rahi

    I love your voice and simplicity..

  • 085_Rishit Gulati
    085_Rishit Gulati

    Son of the beach 😂😂😂

  • technical guys
    technical guys

    why only this beach.

  • Jwajj Gangula
    Jwajj Gangula

    Who the hell on earth dislikes this video. R they made of plastic or what

  • After Life
    After Life

    Beaches of Mumbai are useless do din baad usse bhi jyada gandagi hogi kuch nahi ho sakta Mumbaikers kaa slum's hatao pehle 🤣

  • Catch off Entertainments
    Catch off Entertainments

    3:30 I think you can get it. No need to explain. 😅😂😂

  • Kashish Sachdeva
    Kashish Sachdeva

    Please recommend this channel to your friends and family and they will definitely subscribe this channel as saimandar is great and hilarious. He is so underrated and I want to see him on top.

  • Krittika Sengupta
    Krittika Sengupta

    Saiman is Toilet Obsessed!! What kind of fetish is this??😶

  • Pratik khetiya
    Pratik khetiya

    Great work

  • LammyRu

    I lost it when he said "You're a real son of a beach" lol

  • Marianela vega
    Marianela vega

    I hope this spreads all over the world and this challenge never stops

  • Rahul RB LODHI
    Rahul RB LODHI

    लोगो का दुसरो की गंदगी फैलाने पर उसे समझाते या टोकना,और साथ में सभी आस पास के लोगो का बोलना,एक बेहतर society बनायेगा, जिसमे लोग गंदगी नही करेगे।ये सभी को करना ही चाहिये।

  • Rahul RB LODHI
    Rahul RB LODHI

    Goa और दूसरों states के beaches पर भी सफाई अभियान शुरू करना चाहिये हमे।सबसे ज़िम्मेदारी लोगो की बनती है,अगर वो जागरूक होके कचरा फेंके ही नही,तो गंदगी हो ही न।Main problem लोग सही educated नही है,&कोई उन्हें उनकी गलती पर समझाता नही है।

  • shirin malakian
    shirin malakian

    im going jk im in canada but thx for cleaning up i came to see this it was for my homwork we do this in school so i went on the find out more and i found this so ugh ya! the part where your asistant you told him he was lazy the busted me out!:)

  • Илья Нехай
    Илья Нехай

    Well I thought about my upcoming vacation and there was a chance to travel to India.. but when I saw the trash spreading everywhere on the streets and beaches at every town in this country... man this shit is awful. Even Egypt beaches isn't so littered than Indian.

  • 7subsChallenge


  • FAU-G Guru
    FAU-G Guru

    I'm from Odisha. We've a long coast line. And 99.99% of it is flawlessly clean (No we don't use Dettol). And we get the highest amount of Olive Ridely nests in our state coast lines. Mumbai is a very big and rich city but they lack common sense.. Afroz has rightly said Mumbaikars need to change their mind set 1st.

  • Amaan Khan
    Amaan Khan

    I think Timothy is that aditya guy from saiman's videos. He was his friend who helped make videos a few years back.

  • Amaan Khan
    Amaan Khan

    Bro i will be really happy if you come to the taximen colony the mithi river flows through there too.

  • Nadeem Pasha
    Nadeem Pasha

    Mumbai people are soo bold and open guys 😍😍😍 I really scared talking just bad words in front of girls in my office my god this people are just talking openly 😍😍😍 I wish to be a Mumbaikar equal rights to all

  • Nadeem Pasha
    Nadeem Pasha

    You are real son of the beach 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jai Patil
    Jai Patil

    Salute to sir proud to be a Indian

  • Yash Thorat
    Yash Thorat


  • Dank Bat
    Dank Bat

    Tseries clean up challenge 🤣

  • Girish Anchan
    Girish Anchan

    @3.45 abbe usko dard nahi ho raha hai ki tu usko massage dene ki koshish kar raha hai..!! Awesome work done by u and timothy.... !


    I am the 100th disliker 😂😂

  • Time Traveler
    Time Traveler

    You are a real son of beach 😁😂

  • mani huma
    mani huma

    I admire you so much bro. I didn't see many youtubers that joke on themselves. I am a big fan. P.S: Still fan of T-series and Amit Bhadhana...

  • Prasad Labde
    Prasad Labde

    Green shirt kid

  • dirrick. zm9
    dirrick. zm9

    1:21 lmao kuta mut raha he

  • RoMo 17DZ
    RoMo 17DZ

    Algerian guy named Drici Tani Youness who started this challenge #TrashTag

  • Ravinder Singh
    Ravinder Singh

    Tum salo camera Bhai cachre ke dibbey me dalo

  • DivVi’s Facts
    DivVi’s Facts

    T series jeet gaya😃😃😃!!! Tera pewdiepie hara 😡😡😡😡

  • ইসলামি গল্প
    ইসলামি গল্প

    ❤Still watching your video from Bangladesh🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • Jake Parker
    Jake Parker

    This makes me think, Thanos was right all along.

  • ଜାପାନୀ ପ୍ରେମୀ
    ଜାପାନୀ ପ୍ରେମୀ

    Son of a Beach 😂

  • Indrakant Dana
    Indrakant Dana

    Bhai jab tu chasma lagata hai toh thoda "JAVED JAFFREY" jaisa lagta h..

  • Param Sekhon
    Param Sekhon

    Afroz shah is such a cutie