Saiman Says Episode 43
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Cool Vibes - Film Noire by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100863
Artist: incompetech.com/

  • Khapiya 12
    Khapiya 12

    Kya boring hai charo k charo kuch excitement hai hi ni Hattt Bhakk

  • Shriraj Pethe
    Shriraj Pethe

    @Saiman Says @05:41 which stock music have you used? It's basically same as the Print's intro/subscribe footage @ThePrint



  • 사탕Crewmate

    INfun : Saiman ki purani video dek 👀

  • Harsh kujur
    Harsh kujur


  • Naman Khurana
    Naman Khurana

    Saiman smokes. 1:04

    • 사탕Crewmate


  • monster mash
    monster mash

    INfun recommended this.

    • 사탕Crewmate

      Same xD



  • Shashank Tiwari 8070
    Shashank Tiwari 8070

    Bhai snow me sports shoes mat use karna♥️

  • Jagrat Baria
    Jagrat Baria

    IDK but it was sounding like you were somewhere near a lava(sound in minecraft)

  • khushal Joshi
    khushal Joshi

    Hi saiman I am watching this vidmduring my online classes in 2020🙃😅

    • hell ya
      hell ya

      Aeee....me too

    • Z0D1AC MARZ
      Z0D1AC MARZ

      Same 🤣

  • Haseeb Ahmed
    Haseeb Ahmed

    Don't wear sports shoes in the snow always use trek shoes for trekking.

  • Lifestyle Baba live in lovely places Silchar
    Lifestyle Baba live in lovely places Silchar

    Baba 121 aushman vava ✋✋✋✋✋✋

  • K. B. S Srikar
    K. B. S Srikar

    Nice video sai - man , i enjoyed it , I am watching all of your previous videos , I wish you will recover from the overdose of bendhi and come soooonn

  • Prabhav Pandey
    Prabhav Pandey

    Who's here in August 2020 because Saiman is not uploading new videos? *sad emoji* "Timothy yaar, what is this?"

  • Shatakshi Sen
    Shatakshi Sen

    You are so good at what you do and I love your personality !

  • Vocalist Vakeel
    Vocalist Vakeel

    4:49 looks just like the dessert temple in ur lenovo ghoda minecraft video! 😍

  • Nathan Nadar
    Nathan Nadar

    Saiman bhai 2020 se aaya hoon

  • Pranaya Veer
    Pranaya Veer

    I don't know if this would get noticed by Saiman or not, but just got to say this. His dedication towards this vlog and many others that I have seen till now is amazing. He has been taking INfun really seriously and focuses solely on good content and has been blessing us with that. Thank God he's getting some recognition, even if it is after so many years. Personally I prefer his vlogging videos more than his reaction videos. Keep up the good work Saiman! You deserve so much more success!

  • 395 FYBCOM C Aditya Shelar
    395 FYBCOM C Aditya Shelar

    I thought I hAve watching action movie 🤣

  • Teeushar Gaming
    Teeushar Gaming

    Love you saiman, you are great

  • Chhavimani Choubey
    Chhavimani Choubey

    Useless vlog's are nostalgic times

    • Chhavimani Choubey
      Chhavimani Choubey

      @11 Nishit Jain yes cuz it's never coming back

    • 11 Nishit Jain
      11 Nishit Jain

      Rulaoge kya?

  • Shreyas

    Bsdk kya vlog banaya hai wow😍

  • D 11 GAMER
    D 11 GAMER

    *Wow this guy did everything* Why i am writing comment in English 😂😂 while seeing this vlog

  • Tripti Rana
    Tripti Rana


  • Varun Thakur
    Varun Thakur

    Wish I had such cool friends like yours

  • ayush


    • 11 Nishit Jain
      11 Nishit Jain

      @ayush much better

    • ayush


  • Ankit Patel
    Ankit Patel

    This honestly feel like a thriller movie

  • Ankit Patel
    Ankit Patel

    You are gooooood

  • Jay K
    Jay K

    Bhai without gloves, in that atmosphere is just insane thing to do. Kudos to your effort

  • Pallav Kamadiya
    Pallav Kamadiya

    at 10:13 saiman be like mai madr#*#d hun jo yaha aaya!!! and yes i'm from sept,2019.😁

    • Ashish the gamer
      Ashish the gamer

      And I from future

  • pooja Thapliyal
    pooja Thapliyal

    Who is here after that Ladakh trip vlog ???

  • Golden liberator
    Golden liberator

    Am I the latest?

  • Arnav Kapoor
    Arnav Kapoor

    I was soo scared

  • Umemployed Plumber
    Umemployed Plumber

    I am from the region and despite the video being amazing, what you guys did was plain stupid. going out for a trek in such weather is completely idiotic, and over that doing that in night time is a big no no. a lot of inexperienced and experienced trekkers go missing in winters in himachal every year.

  • Shobhit Srivastava
    Shobhit Srivastava

    Is that Parth Vijayvargiya???

  • Prathamesh Bodke
    Prathamesh Bodke

    Great vlog man

  • Hardinfardin

    at one point I thought u guys are dying! :P

  • Deepak Lohani
    Deepak Lohani

    What's your age?

  • Arkabrata Datta RoyChowdhury
    Arkabrata Datta RoyChowdhury

    This place is really beautiful! Which month did you visit?

    • Blazin Smokes
      Blazin Smokes

      @Aviral Shukla kya comment tha thera?

    • Aviral Shukla
      Aviral Shukla

      @Saiman Says kabhi hamare comment ka reply kar deya karo

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says


  • Maverick

    adventure time

  • Jim Jiminy
    Jim Jiminy

    No momos☹️

  • Atinderpal Singh
    Atinderpal Singh


    • Sawan Panwar
      Sawan Panwar

      @Rushabh Hahahaha

    • Rushabh

      @Saiman Says bro abhi yeh bolne ki baat nahi rahi!

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Atinderpal Singh Thanks a lot! Pls check out all videos and subscribe for more! 😄

  • Saswati Roy
    Saswati Roy

    i just can't overcome from ths trip , thank you to my beautiful friend

    • Anushree

      @Saswati Roy ladakh, yes.

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Saswati Roy If i get to go there anytime then sure!

    • Saswati Roy
      Saswati Roy

      plz do some where in ladakh or nanital or nepal

    • Saswati Roy
      Saswati Roy

      Saimandar absolutely thank you

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Saswati Roy haha thanks a lot for the kind words! :D

  • Saswati Roy
    Saswati Roy

    toooooooo good

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Thank you! :)

  • Saswati Roy
    Saswati Roy

    which camera is it,dslr

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Saswati Roy ive used both - Dslr and mobile. But mostly mobile.

  • trax9987

    Great stuff, can you do Ooty or Kerala?

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      +trax9987 Thanks a lot man! If I get a chance to go there, then why not. Im not earning anything from youtube yet so not possible to travel much. :)

  • TechJet

    Keep it up!!

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      TechJet Yes! Thank you! :D

  • Sarathi Vin
    Sarathi Vin

    That was some great work !!.. Keep up Saimandar!!...such decicated work to show us extremely good content!

    • Sarathi Vin
      Sarathi Vin

      Keep entertaining us!!...

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Sarathi Vin Thanks a lot Sarathi! :D

  • Ankita Das
    Ankita Das

    Parth, enough of the momos already! x)

  • Donovan Nazareth
    Donovan Nazareth

    was really happy when that guy found his phone. You guys had some trip.

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Donovan Nazareth Yes man. I was about 90% sure that he won't find it but I was happy to be wrong.

  • Jimmen Marvin Luther
    Jimmen Marvin Luther

    Sir risk his life for our Entertainment!!.. thank you sir!!...

  • Jimmen Marvin Luther
    Jimmen Marvin Luther

    Sir risk his life for our Entertainment!!.. thank you sir!!...

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Jimmen Marvin Luther Haha not exactly man... But thanks for watching! :D

  • HY production
    HY production

    15:01 is that mogli ??

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Hahah no, that is Aditya. Mogli is on Jalandhar training for wrestling.

  • HY production
    HY production

    How do you shoot during rain

    • rohan madan
      rohan madan

      @Saiman Says damn risk taker , Jai saiman 😁 big fan !!

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      I use my phone during rain. Though my phone is not waterproof, I take a risk lol.

  • HY production
    HY production

    👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻good bro

  • Gaurav Patankar
    Gaurav Patankar

    Manali vlogs are amazing bro.. You have manage to show us everything . I wish I was there .

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Haha thanks a lot! :)