Looking for a plot in Ladakh | Ladakh Vlog 2
Pangong lake is more breathtaking than Keanu Reeves.
90% of this footage is shot on my phone Samsung Galaxy S10.
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  • Saiman Says
    Saiman Says

    90% of both of these vlogs were shot on my phone, Galaxy S10. Subtitles are up! Hope you liked the vlogs. ✌

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      Ashish singh

      I am the one who make saiman comment reach 1000 👍

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      dock star

      You have taught us to criticize person's contents not the person. That's really great saiman

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      dock star

      People need lots of memes knowledge and Sarcasm to understand your each contents

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      Subhash Bishnoi

      You really worked hard for these vlogs. Its was good time. Hope it had special time in your life. *Now don't reply with only thanks man :)*

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      arjun cheriyath


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    Harsh Shah

    Why do u have less than 1 million subs

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    Harsh Shah

    JCB x Saiman 🔥

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    Harsh Shah

    Best vlogger in India 🔥

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    Subhash Bishnoi

    Again here , I mean Best.

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    Bhavy Doshi

    This is quality content Other vloggers just keep shouting for no reason

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      Abhay Jain


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    A R K

    Proof that pangong was in India🤣🤣

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    Subhash Bishnoi

    Best travel vlog on INfun. Saiman in the vlog-😎

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    4:35 Guess what the news is


    what is pok?

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    Subhash Bishnoi


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    Tapas Oraon

    This is nice video. If I get chance I definitely will meet you.

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    cringy pill

    okay, so tbh this is one of the best vlogs ive seen.

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    divya rastogi

    Where is Timothy why you ar vloging yourself

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    Gypsy Lifestyle

    Where the fuck were you looking for the plot? I was waiting for that shit man. Thats a fuckin click bait man !!


    4.40 yahi se nazar lgg gyi bro

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    M.A Thakkar

    Toh fir garh se s10 de do

  • Godhell 20
    Godhell 20

    2:02 Notice that the first guy was sitting in front of Saiman and in the next shot he was sitting right beside Saiman.

  • Eshaan Ramaul
    Eshaan Ramaul

    petition to name this series saiman vlogs

  • Eshaan Ramaul
    Eshaan Ramaul

    i swear i will go to leh ladakh like this with my friends when i turn 23

  • Prathamesh. P. Patil
    Prathamesh. P. Patil

    Respected Saiman sir, from today I accept you as my guru🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️, I wanna start a INfun channel 🤗🤗please guide me sir. You are my master saimandar sensei🏮🏮, please reply to my humble comment. Aapko timothy ki kasam please relpy

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    generic username

    9:28 this video is sponsored by airtel digital tv HD

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    Lifestyle Baba live in lovely places Silchar

    Baba 121 aushman vava ✋✋


    No one take about internet banned in Kashmir 😂😂😂

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    Bhanu Kishore

    Me searching for Timothy

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    Mythic Boomers YT

    Bro 1 drop on your camera is really a aar ajib h

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    saras gupta

    Your vlog really showed the reality often vloggera dont show the budget part of vlog, but you did so Say sena jindabad

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    Bhishm Yadav

    So calm that news doesn't show. You jinxed it

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    Nithin S

    It's a very pleasant feeling watching your vlogs. I was searching for such a vloggers. And I found you

  • Bird Person
    Bird Person

    When he said happy independence day i could relate to it.

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    kushant koli

    Mereko leh k woh flags chahiye pls a Saimandar leke aao pls

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    Anas Karatela

    4:39 RIP

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    Jason Surla

    The most wholesome vlog I have ever seen

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    Kush Raval

    Bro I literally used this check the quality for my computer and TV.... Camera is Amazing..... Ek Giveaway kar do na !!! XD 😂👍🙌 #LovefromAbuDhabi.... Btw when are you guys coming to Dubai / Abu Dhabi , waiting ... please welcome..... LOVE YOU 10,000

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    Rajeev Kumar Ranjan

    BhAi kitna paisa laga

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    Balraj Singh

    This is one of best vlog he's done!

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    One of the best vlog by cinematic and editing view.. 👍👍🙏🙏✌️✌️🔥🔥

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    A R

    Agar Saiman aaj Pangkok lake pe jata to Chinese milte vaha

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    Ci Stare

    I was wondering why didnt you go to leh by airplane in part 1 when there is an airport in leh

  • Vinit Furia
    Vinit Furia

    Saimandar got infected by Covid before it started getting "cool" 4:50

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    Quadfather Inc.

    This is the best vlog I've ever watched. Why hasn't this reached 1m ?

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    Donald Trump Official

    Tera iss dost ke nazae laag gaye . Pangong lake ke shakti khatam kr de usne

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    Prathamesh Chavarkar

    Pyaar le aana ❤️ ☮️

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    addicted a1

    Who is watching after india china faceoff

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    Sanjiv Kumar

    COP China occupied pangong

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    Ridham Pandhare

    Leh is as beautiful as saimans heart

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    Aashlesha Gaikwad

    This vlogggg is so wow!

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    Gaurav Kumar

    Watched both the vlogs back to back... Awesome 🔥👌

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    dark arceus

    So you had the chance to call kahva a specialy-"tea" but you chose not to. Huh.

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    Dhaval Dholakia

    This is one of the best vlogs I've seen❤️

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    Harsh Patel

    Saiman's vlogging is as good as his roasting


    Miss the useless vlogs


    The region of Ladakh in India looks beautiful !

  • Lol Dark
    Lol Dark

    u now need a chinese visa to travel to pangong lake.

    • Luv Kumar
      Luv Kumar

      Now it has been recaptured by Indian army So you don't need it now

  • Chaitanya S
    Chaitanya S

    Hi Sai, wow really a nice video, is there any way to buy a flat or house or small land at leh.


    Kashmir ko mullon NE Ganda kar rakha hai Bhai nhi toh Kashmir bhi kuch kam nhi tha

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    Hey Yo

    Saiman tum traveling blogs hi bnaaaaooo😍

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    Nidhi Bagari

    Fuck a trip to Goa. I want to go Ladhak

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    A-33 Arya Raut

    Leh Market se thoda dimag leke aa lakshya bhai ke liye🤭

  • A-33 Arya Raut
    A-33 Arya Raut


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    nidhi thakkar

    Need more Saiman vlogs please!!!

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    Abhiram Bidwai

    Where was this channel all this while?

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    Ojaswi Srivastava

    Beautiful, relaxing, funny and very positive video! Thanks

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    Mohit Parker

    Love you saiman.

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    Dwight Wilson

    Sasta Aquamagica 🤦‍♂️ Best vlog uploaded on this channel🔥🔥 4:22 looked like a CGI image man🤩🤩 Video ke starting mein 5 log the Abhi sirf 4 baki hai

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    Shubhankar Joshi

    8:52 ye hai asli equality

  • Rishabh Satish
    Rishabh Satish

    Parth is right, we really aren't used to seeing such beautiful lakes in our cities and states. But I was really shocked of how beautiful the Pangong lake was.

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    Abhishek Sharma

    Thats how people make their subscribers their fan


    inmese Timothy kon hai saiiiiiimandaaaar? abi bolll bhi do.

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    Jay More

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    Tripti Shukla

    It was such a pleasent video...😌😌😌


    Where is that place which 3 Idiots has been shooted ?

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    Prayag Agrawal

    Ise kehte hai vloging Bhai what a vlog Goberzone and mumbaiker should learn frm u and u can even keep vloging also with roast

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    Srajan Kishor Gupta

    plot twist: everything was shot on green screen



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    Mepham Singey

    Im your subscriber from ladakh, hope you enjoyed

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  • Point Action
    Point Action

    OMG you were in ladakh,love you even more now, I'm from Kargil and FYI you have to eat the nuts inside the apricots coz it helps in digesting it.

  • Sawan Panwar
    Sawan Panwar

    Parth to ladakh Guides : i am bout to end this man's whole career

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    Manan Sharma

    Can you please tell when did you visit? The crowd is so less! Amazing work btw!!

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    Yash Matkar

    Bhai total kharcha kitna hua puri trip ka including everything

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    Saiman has got dark circles under eyes. Jawani me buddhapa

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    Durvesh Patil

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    Anselm Dsouza

    No bro my sis lost her bag with all her Canadian documents in train at churchgate and still got it back from this wonderful women who kept it safe n contacted through FB


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    @10:58 i need good content

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    Kalpana Tale

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