Looking for a plot in Ladakh | Ladakh Vlog 2
Pangong lake is more breathtaking than Keanu Reeves.
90% of this footage is shot on my phone Samsung Galaxy S10.
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  • Saiman Says
    Saiman Says

    90% of both of these vlogs were shot on my phone, Galaxy S10. Subtitles are up! Hope you liked the vlogs. ✌

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      Subhash BishnOi

      We need these back

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      Shashi Vashisht

      That's why it's so pbad

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      Ashish singh

      I am the one who make saiman comment reach 1000 👍

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      dock star

      You have taught us to criticize person's contents not the person. That's really great saiman

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    Captain Salif

    3:51 Asman artificial lag raha h 😁

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    Anuj Balaji

    This was such a beautiful vlog! :D

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    Shivam Chauhan

    I don't know but U r my go away kind of a thing❤️❤️❤️ I'm preparing for jee and when I feel sad or lonely I just see your video and my motivation and happiness comes back Because I realise that these struggles are only for some time and if once one step is taken then other steps are very easy to be taken Thank you saimandar 😂😂😂 I don't I know I spelled it right or wrong Sorry!😅😅

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    Harsh Unnithan

    Loved it !! ❤️

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    Dr. Spam Spamm

    04:35 - Comments that didn't age well

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    Despo Talks

    Namgyal dancing was so super

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    Yeah, right. He's an introvert, right? Yeah, ok.

  • Subham Adhikari
    Subham Adhikari

    this is good vlog brother


    1:23 Glenn Maxwell no offence XD

  • J01 ruchita achari
    J01 ruchita achari

    Its so mesmerizing, this video is full of amazing wallpapers thank you saiman!

  • Maverick

    Saiman didn't include the price of JCB ride😩

  • Liam Farishta
    Liam Farishta

    Everything looks heavenly 🧖🏻‍♀️🧖🏻‍♀️

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    saurabh nandu

    4:04 yeh line sunke he china waale aaye hai

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    Karan Bhusal

    acchii vlogging ki hai sir aapne , maja aagaya!

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    Emergency Yadav

    Saiman : **Points at litreally anything** Parth : Ab main gyaan chodunga

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    Parth Ghuge

    3:39 three idiots climax

  • Parth Ghuge
    Parth Ghuge


  • Manisha Sheoran
    Manisha Sheoran

    Jannat wala view❤

  • Uday S
    Uday S

    I have said it before, (just a few minutes back) and I will say it again. Wow. Wow.

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    GFK Gamer

    Fuxk china

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    maruko chan


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    ghss karhiya1

    I fell lucky when I see the blue water so clean my god

  • King of Mirzapur
    King of Mirzapur

    Look at the lake who would think that there will be bloodshed there after 1 year

  • Harman195

    It's China now

  • Ajey Raj Jha
    Ajey Raj Jha

    Saiman does vloging better than india's so called 'biggest vlogers'

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    Sarthak Chivelkar

    10:52 lol😂

  • Varun Kumar
    Varun Kumar

    4:37 So calm. Me watching this after indo-china tensions in 2020

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    Harsh Shah

    Why do u have less than 1 million subs

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    Harsh Shah

    JCB x Saiman 🔥

  • Harsh Shah
    Harsh Shah

    Best vlogger in India 🔥

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    Mr Farenheit

    This is quality content Other vloggers just keep shouting for no reason

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      Abhay Jain


  • A R K
    A R K

    Proof that pangong was in India🤣🤣

  • jethalal

    4:35 Guess what the news is

  • Dark Star
    Dark Star

    what is pok?

  • Tapas Oraon
    Tapas Oraon

    This is nice video. If I get chance I definitely will meet you.

  • cringy pill
    cringy pill

    okay, so tbh this is one of the best vlogs ive seen.

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    divya rastogi

    Where is Timothy why you ar vloging yourself

  • Gypsy Lifestyle
    Gypsy Lifestyle

    Where the fuck were you looking for the plot? I was waiting for that shit man. Thats a fuckin click bait man !!


    4.40 yahi se nazar lgg gyi bro

  • M.A Thakkar
    M.A Thakkar

    Toh fir garh se s10 de do

  • Godhell 20
    Godhell 20

    2:02 Notice that the first guy was sitting in front of Saiman and in the next shot he was sitting right beside Saiman.

  • Eshaan Ramaul
    Eshaan Ramaul

    petition to name this series saiman vlogs

  • Eshaan Ramaul
    Eshaan Ramaul

    i swear i will go to leh ladakh like this with my friends when i turn 23

  • Prathamesh.P. Patil
    Prathamesh.P. Patil

    Respected Saiman sir, from today I accept you as my guru🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️, I wanna start a INfun channel 🤗🤗please guide me sir. You are my master saimandar sensei🏮🏮, please reply to my humble comment. Aapko timothy ki kasam please relpy

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    generic username

    9:28 this video is sponsored by airtel digital tv HD

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    Lifestyle Baba live in lovely places Silchar

    Baba 121 aushman vava ✋✋


    No one take about internet banned in Kashmir 😂😂😂

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    Bhanu Kishore

    Me searching for Timothy

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    Mythic Boomers YT

    Bro 1 drop on your camera is really a aar ajib h

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    saras gupta

    Your vlog really showed the reality often vloggera dont show the budget part of vlog, but you did so Say sena jindabad

  • Bhishm Yadav
    Bhishm Yadav

    So calm that news doesn't show. You jinxed it

  • Nithin S
    Nithin S

    It's a very pleasant feeling watching your vlogs. I was searching for such a vloggers. And I found you

  • Bird Person
    Bird Person

    When he said happy independence day i could relate to it.

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    kushant koli

    Mereko leh k woh flags chahiye pls a Saimandar leke aao pls

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    Anas Karatela

    4:39 RIP

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    Jason Surla

    The most wholesome vlog I have ever seen

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    Kush Raval

    Bro I literally used this check the quality for my computer and TV.... Camera is Amazing..... Ek Giveaway kar do na !!! XD 😂👍🙌 #LovefromAbuDhabi.... Btw when are you guys coming to Dubai / Abu Dhabi , waiting ... please welcome..... LOVE YOU 10,000

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    Rajeev Kumar Ranjan

    BhAi kitna paisa laga

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    Balraj Singh

    This is one of best vlog he's done!

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    movies today

    One of the best vlog by cinematic and editing view.. 👍👍🙏🙏✌️✌️🔥🔥

  • A R
    A R

    Agar Saiman aaj Pangkok lake pe jata to Chinese milte vaha

  • Ci Stare
    Ci Stare

    I was wondering why didnt you go to leh by airplane in part 1 when there is an airport in leh

  • Vinit Furia
    Vinit Furia

    Saimandar got infected by Covid before it started getting "cool" 4:50

  • Ronnie D'Souza
    Ronnie D'Souza

    This is the best vlog I've ever watched. Why hasn't this reached 1m ?

  • Donald Trump Official
    Donald Trump Official

    Tera iss dost ke nazae laag gaye . Pangong lake ke shakti khatam kr de usne

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    Prathamesh Chavarkar

    Pyaar le aana ❤️ ☮️

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    addicted a1

    Who is watching after india china faceoff

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    Sanjiv Kumar

    COP China occupied pangong

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    Ridham Pandhare

    Leh is as beautiful as saimans heart

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    Aashlesha Gaikwad

    This vlogggg is so wow!

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    Gaurav Kumar

    Watched both the vlogs back to back... Awesome 🔥👌

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    dark arceus

    So you had the chance to call kahva a specialy-"tea" but you chose not to. Huh.

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    Dhaval Dholakia

    This is one of the best vlogs I've seen❤️

  • Harsh Patel
    Harsh Patel

    Saiman's vlogging is as good as his roasting


    Miss the useless vlogs


    The region of Ladakh in India looks beautiful !

  • Lol Dark
    Lol Dark

    u now need a chinese visa to travel to pangong lake.

    • Luv Kumar
      Luv Kumar

      Now it has been recaptured by Indian army So you don't need it now

  • Chaitanya S
    Chaitanya S

    Hi Sai, wow really a nice video, is there any way to buy a flat or house or small land at leh.

  • Hey Yo
    Hey Yo

    Saiman tum traveling blogs hi bnaaaaooo😍

  • Nidhi Bagari
    Nidhi Bagari

    Fuck a trip to Goa. I want to go Ladhak

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    A033 Arya Raut

    Leh Market se thoda dimag leke aa lakshya bhai ke liye🤭

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    A033 Arya Raut


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    nidhi thakkar

    Need more Saiman vlogs please!!!

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    Abhiram Bidwai

    Where was this channel all this while?

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    Ojaswi Srivastava

    Beautiful, relaxing, funny and very positive video! Thanks

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    Mohit Parker

    Love you saiman.

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    Dwight Wilson

    Sasta Aquamagica 🤦‍♂️ Best vlog uploaded on this channel🔥🔥 4:22 looked like a CGI image man🤩🤩 Video ke starting mein 5 log the Abhi sirf 4 baki hai

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    Shubhankar Joshi

    8:52 ye hai asli equality

  • Rishabh Satish
    Rishabh Satish

    Parth is right, we really aren't used to seeing such beautiful lakes in our cities and states. But I was really shocked of how beautiful the Pangong lake was.

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    Abhishek Sharma

    Thats how people make their subscribers their fan


    inmese Timothy kon hai saiiiiiimandaaaar? abi bolll bhi do.

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    Jay More

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    prayas upadhyay

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    Tripti Shukla

    It was such a pleasent video...😌😌😌


    Where is that place which 3 Idiots has been shooted ?

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    Prayag Agrawal

    Ise kehte hai vloging Bhai what a vlog Goberzone and mumbaiker should learn frm u and u can even keep vloging also with roast

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    Srajan Kishor Gupta

    plot twist: everything was shot on green screen



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    Mepham Singey

    Im your subscriber from ladakh, hope you enjoyed

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