JUDGING at St. Xavier's College, Mumbai!
Saimandar and Friends ep.1
They called me to judge! lol
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  • Luv Sharma
    Luv Sharma

    I want somebody to look at me the way @Saiman Says looks at Yashasvi

  • Md Zawad Rahman
    Md Zawad Rahman

    the vlog started like 3.......2.......1 and my add also started like 3........2.........1 and both were in the same time.What a coincidence

  • 11 Nishit Jain
    11 Nishit Jain

    5:30 Vaise toh saiman sakth launda hai, Par yaha vo pighal gaya!

  • Sahid shaikh
    Sahid shaikh

    2:45Boys and girls we got him

  • Anuraj Singh Rathore
    Anuraj Singh Rathore

    1:49 wtf..! my sister 🤣😂

    • 11 Nishit Jain
      11 Nishit Jain

      Really, the black one? She's cute though 😅

  • Crafty Web
    Crafty Web

    8:14 You are actually cute 😙❤

    • sed grill
      sed grill

      Yea he is 😽

  • Pixiloom

    Saimander be like Mr. Steal your girl

  • Lifestyle Baba live in lovely places Silchar
    Lifestyle Baba live in lovely places Silchar

    Baba 121 aushman vava ✋✋✋✋

  • prime odo
    prime odo

    Mine is 101 comment

  • Player's Planet
    Player's Planet


  • P4Z1V4L %
    P4Z1V4L %

    7:42 poor souls they probably didn't know that he's gonna be one of the greatest INfunr in india.

  • DC12 Gaming
    DC12 Gaming


  • Sid gupta
    Sid gupta


  • Mahmood Khan
    Mahmood Khan

    Hi, i am from 2030 and now you are India's biggest INfunr 😉

  • _Fun With Art and Craft
    _Fun With Art and Craft


  • Abhisek Sarkar
    Abhisek Sarkar

    When Saiman Says was Saimandar

  • VenTureD DaWn
    VenTureD DaWn

    watching in 2020 when saiman doesnt give hearts anymore.... "Motha manus zalay ata". 😂😂😥

  • PKDT Gamers
    PKDT Gamers

    Is it the hichki one schol


    Such a good n friendly environment.I miss this in my college of DU.

  • Abhinav Sital
    Abhinav Sital

    bc itni english saade khalsa college valeya da aukha ethe

  • Digvijay Singh
    Digvijay Singh

    Hichki movie yaha per shoot hui thi

  • Atul Lenka
    Atul Lenka

    just enjoying all your videos. gonna join credit just for you

  • Ohm Charan
    Ohm Charan

    Sometimes I Just watch old Saiman videos and go like, *_"Introvert mera Lowda."_*

    • Keshav Khandelwal
      Keshav Khandelwal

      M yhi comment dhund rha tha😂😂sala ye to Pura hrami nikla

  • Vijay Udhan
    Vijay Udhan

    Yup I'm here and I don't know by the vlog is 👍👍 i'm subscribing

  • Pranav Panchal
    Pranav Panchal

    Xavier's ki ladkiyan kitni cool aur achi hy nature ki hai. BMM k fayde. Engg. college mein toh than than gopal tha. lol

  • Rish4bh - Brawl Stars
    Rish4bh - Brawl Stars

    7:42 bullies

  • Anmol Chandak
    Anmol Chandak

    Who Is Watching it in Lockdown like

  • Shiva Yadav
    Shiva Yadav

    Really fun to be watching Raw-Saiman after Pro-Saiman

  • Mayur valodra
    Mayur valodra

    Mothi loko zalai tumhi....

  • Shikhar Awasthi
    Shikhar Awasthi

    Mere pas bhi h ye Sony vala 📷 camera


    Who the fk were those bastards laughing at him 7:40

  • shara30000

    She was being humble and saying that no one knows who she is, and the wind was completely cutting her voice out lol

  • Fahad Ahmed
    Fahad Ahmed

    Hey I am from future 😁😉 and his name has changed to saiman says!

    • Fahad Ahmed
      Fahad Ahmed

      @Blazin Smokes saimander!! Was his before Simon says!

    • Blazin Smokes
      Blazin Smokes

      What was his name before?

  • Vikas Miraje
    Vikas Miraje

    Kharach mothi lok jhalit hi 😂

  • MumbaiKaShaana

    Bro at 7:42 He was laughing because you were vlogging

  • Atharva Dahake
    Atharva Dahake

    Work on your thumbnail buddy it's so baddd

  • Anand Namdev
    Anand Namdev

    At 3:27 stand up comic Punit punia

  • Sawan Panwar
    Sawan Panwar

    6:54 Plot twist : Haren was a time traveller 😳

    • Megs

      what happen?

  • Raja Parvez
    Raja Parvez

    That thumbnail😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nikhil Miend
    Nikhil Miend

    2:14 Valentine day chick spotted

    • TOMMY FF
      TOMMY FF

      @Grahit Waghe what

    • Grahit Waghe
      Grahit Waghe

      Yashashree Uchil She is

  • Jacob Garcia
    Jacob Garcia

    1:18 Is that the kid from Bhoothnath?

    • pranav singla
      pranav singla

      Same eyes same body language

    • Arnav Jain
      Arnav Jain

      Yeah he looks similar

  • Sunny

    Man I just accidentally binge-watched all of your vlogs ❤️

  • Lakshith Rao R
    Lakshith Rao R

    You keep inspiring me 😌✌️☺️

  • Nishchay

    That song in end is awesome... What is its name?

    • Nishchay

      @Lakshith Rao R I couldnot in the dicription for the song in last 10 second.. There is no link for it

    • Lakshith Rao R
      Lakshith Rao R

      You will find in description bro👊

  • Viraaj Rane
    Viraaj Rane

    Why don't you Vlog these days you are so good at it

  • harshad sharma
    harshad sharma

    Kitne mein bika camera?

    • Viraat Gautam
      Viraat Gautam


    • Abhisek Sarkar
      Abhisek Sarkar

      Michael Jackson

  • Jayesh

    6:37 👍

  • Nimit Mistry
    Nimit Mistry

    Mature bag😂😂😂😂

  • 771_Anurag Hedau
    771_Anurag Hedau

    6:45 , fkk he predicted the future.😰

    • Megs

      @Zaid Shaikh yes ??

    • sed grill
      sed grill

      I've noticed he has predicted future a lot of times in his old videos 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀

    • Zaid Shaikh
      Zaid Shaikh

      What future?

  • Mhao Yeager ZqpyAFfDpG
    Mhao Yeager ZqpyAFfDpG

    Feels good to revisit some old videos

  • pranav kumar raghuvanshi
    pranav kumar raghuvanshi

    Simon if you are reading this it's my humble request from you please roast Gaurav zone and mostly lame....


    Nice as usual

  • Hardinfardin

    one more reason to visit Xaviers

  • Rushil

    2:07 king of awkward handshakes

    • Sahid shaikh
      Sahid shaikh

      He mastered it😅

  • Christmas Cake
    Christmas Cake

    Ye ladka kya se kya ho gaya

  • Dixit Soni
    Dixit Soni

    6.49 that guy in purple in between.......that face look at it keep looking it will haunt you omg.....yhat sneaky look😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Krishna Oza
    Krishna Oza

    What's with name saimandar. What does it mean.

  • Clinton

    I was there in woods at that time. I would have been in that vlog but you didnt come in woods.

  • Parth yadav
    Parth yadav

    Your struggle is gonna over

  • Aman Ansari
    Aman Ansari

    kisko pata tha k yeh banda pewdiepie k video main ayga

    • sed grill
      sed grill

      @Arnav Jain yeaa

    • Arnav Jain
      Arnav Jain

      More like, Pewdiepie iski video me ayga!

  • Maruthupandian M
    Maruthupandian M

    1:50 that girl in the black t shirt 😍😍😍😍

    • [Ramen] SiCk{Bhuvan}
      [Ramen] SiCk{Bhuvan}

      Bro your taste hurts

  • Noobness Overloaded
    Noobness Overloaded

    Bro amit bhadana ka fir se roast karo. Is baar amit ke fans ko roast Karna bohot maza ayega

  • Sanyukta Singh
    Sanyukta Singh

    can you make Xavier's roasting videos please, (I love your vlogs.)


    I am in f.y.b.com we want singing, music instruments. Practice room in week, or 15days one time one or two hours

  • D LC
    D LC

    Saimandar is best

    • D LC
      D LC

      I am your subscriber from 2016

  • Lionel D souza
    Lionel D souza

    Will you be at malhar tommorrow

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Margaret D'souza I attended just the last session which started at 6.

    • Margaret D'souza
      Margaret D'souza

      Didnt see you on the first day i had attended the conclave

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Lionel D souza Mostly no... I went the first two days. :/ If i go Ill comment here again.

  • Ishan kulkarni
    Ishan kulkarni

    Hello so did u visit malhar? And when was this recorded ?

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Ishan kulkarni Xavier's is better.

    • Ishan kulkarni
      Ishan kulkarni

      Saimandar you were at jaihind for junior college and the Xavier's right , so what do u think which one is better according to you ?

    • Ishan kulkarni
      Ishan kulkarni

      Saimandar ohh Even I am at Xavier's. Actually I am new at Xavier's at FYJC Junior college.

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Ishan kulkarni This was at Eliminations day on 6th August this year.

  • Margaret D'souza
    Margaret D'souza

    Bro will you be at malhar

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Margaret D'souza I am at Malhar as i type this lol.

  • harman singh
    harman singh

    Every time i see your blg , i do want to visit india again , god bless n prayers 4 u

    • D. jaswanth
      D. jaswanth

      @Saiman Says plz feature me in your channel plz

    • Aditi Mundra
      Aditi Mundra

      This is a college

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      harman singh Haha thanks a lot! :D

  • BloodBrothers

    Fun vlog .. and glad you met Ramona who was one of the coolest Vj's back in my day.

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      BloodBrothers Yes! Thanks. :)

  • ameya zade
    ameya zade

    ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾 high regards

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      ameya zade Thanks :)

  • Naythan Dcunha
    Naythan Dcunha

    Cybershot ka kitna mila?

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Naythan Dcunha rs.1500

  • Naythan Dcunha
    Naythan Dcunha

    Saimandar i told you you're famous!!

    • ADITYA Gudagagol
      ADITYA Gudagagol

      @Asra Rashid no now is the correct time to say it

    • Asra Rashid
      Asra Rashid

      @Saiman Says now is the right time to say this

    • Mingus

      @Saiman Says looks like now is the correct time to say this

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Naythan Dcunha Hahaha

  • Sinish Maliekal
    Sinish Maliekal

    nice one

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Sinish Maliekal Thanks :)

  • AkritiRajput

    Wow!! You judged at Malhar!! Awesome!

    • AkritiRajput

      Saimandar yeah I figured that! But that's still cool!!

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Haha yes! Not the main day though... just the eliminations. Thanks. :)

  • HY production
    HY production


    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      HY Production This is the earliest ive gotten a comment after uploading haha. Thanks!