I made a better FAU-G poster on photoshop!
Pls hire me Akshay Kumar

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  • Gautam Sharma
    Gautam Sharma

    2:21 if you noticed symphony no. 25 👍

  • Ayush Dubey
    Ayush Dubey

    I want to say a few words to all the dislikers, guys saiman just wants to put in humour in this video he doesn't want to offend any of you through his videos. I think we all should get a bit mature and accept the humour without getting offended.

  • Sidespite

    Mordern Day Indian Bob Ross


    bhos-dk yahi patak ke chod denge

  • Harsh Tiwari
    Harsh Tiwari

    Just commenting for your 3k... otherwise content is average... Anyways keep growing and take love 💓💓

  • Rachi Shaji
    Rachi Shaji

    Love your content 3000 . Hope you vasool your 3000.

  • Soham Datta
    Soham Datta

    Awesome ❤️ ❤️

  • Rahul Routh
    Rahul Routh

    1:26 How can i subscribe this video?

  • Comment Cop
    Comment Cop

    साइमन भ्राता, चिंता मत करो तुम। मैं तुम्हे तुरंत ३०००रू का धन सहाय करूंगा। निश्चिंत रहो मेरे प्रिय मित्र। जय श्री राम।

  • Comment Cop
    Comment Cop

    Aakhir mai pehen na toh sabko bhagwa hai hau ⛳

  • akshantra paliwal
    akshantra paliwal

    This what hapend when Indianes do photo shop

  • aneesh_ped

    3k bokka

  • kshitij Chaudhary
    kshitij Chaudhary

    did i just hear my name

  • aa.

    imma subscribe the day he makes one with Antonia or Owaisi lol

  • Ghost Gaming
    Ghost Gaming

    Waa Saiman ji waa

  • Satwik Basu
    Satwik Basu

    Saiman laughing after saying "10 min bhi nahi hua is video ko" Captions : *laughs in pain*

  • Harsh Baghel
    Harsh Baghel

    why this guy is not having 1 million subs ?

  • rajat kalbande
    rajat kalbande

    That poster is actual amazing

  • Real_ Ezz
    Real_ Ezz

    2:54 achaaa.... tu nationalist logo ko terrorist bol raha hai 😾

  • Vansh Rawat
    Vansh Rawat

    Better'then real


    So now I know jinpig is a connggii

  • Phanboi Chau
    Phanboi Chau

    Grand theft auto saiman


    Meanwhile when u say Indira Gandhi real name u get arrested

  • Gamer kid
    Gamer kid

    1:04 bhai aapki hasi op hai op

  • Nashim Ahmad
    Nashim Ahmad


  • Zubin Bhatt
    Zubin Bhatt

    Only Saiman is true nationalist baki sab ke liye kya kehana sab apne apne dhandhe me busy he 😂😂😂

  • MulloKiAmmi MohammadKiDiwani
    MulloKiAmmi MohammadKiDiwani

    In delhi famrers - hamne indira ko mar diya modi baki hai Pakistan. Zindabad 50 log mar gaye Khalistani muslims in them Pakistan badhawa de rha unhe Saare state ke kisan khusb hain isse bas ye Khalistani log nahi Ye bill kai salo se pass krne ke liye bjp try kr raha tha par ye congress hi iska oppose krta tha Aur hone nahi deta tha

  • tacticsgameryt

    Bhai wher is rahul gandhi

  • Kshitij Chhokar
    Kshitij Chhokar

    5:37 I'm offended and blessed at the same time😂

  • Vedant Gowda
    Vedant Gowda

    1:27 JOINT on the desktop xD

  • Abdul Samad
    Abdul Samad

    That's breathtaking

  • Saptarshi Ghorai XI-A
    Saptarshi Ghorai XI-A

    1:28 NCB wants to know your location

  • Viraj Powale.
    Viraj Powale.

    5:37 🤣🤣khitij op

  • Crossfader SR
    Crossfader SR


  • Devendra Kumar
    Devendra Kumar

    kamaal he yaar tu , sara system hil jata he


    This is called roasting with creativity ♥

  • Harshal Alegaonkar
    Harshal Alegaonkar

    It is look like GTA 6 India version ❤️

  • Das Marxist
    Das Marxist

    Sanghi clowns consider this man another anti-national because he made this video 😂 😂

    • Das Marxist
      Das Marxist

      @Vikram mehla intellectuals like Umar Khalid? They are no danger to India. The real danger is the Sangh. It's just the Nazi party with Brahminical characteristics lmao.

    • Vikram mehla
      Vikram mehla

      @Das Marxistall know

    • Das Marxist
      Das Marxist

      @ALLAH LESBO SLU2 _ what exactly do you mean by jihadists?


      Jeehhadisstss gonna declare him their new dad 😂😂😂😝

  • Shaik Vaseem
    Shaik Vaseem

    Bro I need a thumbnail😂😂

  • OWEE 198
    OWEE 198

    ngl, Shitij looks awesome

  • R0CKY FF
    R0CKY FF

    Nobody Literally Nobody, Saiman : Using Windows XP Wallpaper in Windows 10.😂🤣🤣

    • Silver iodide
      Silver iodide

      Windows XP is ♥️

    • Vishal Bishnoi
      Vishal Bishnoi

      that's not xp that's more old version than xp

  • Pravara Vishe
    Pravara Vishe

    5:27 Yeah! it really looked amazing after saiman put himself in that poster I would also like to play that game now😂😂😂

  • Alok Rai
    Alok Rai

    I think no one noticed it that * paiso k liye mai nahi bnata video was the funniest line in this video * 😂😂😂🤣🤣👌👌

  • Nikhil Karmarkar
    Nikhil Karmarkar

    which mouse do u use?

  • R.R chauhan
    R.R chauhan

    You don't have proper information I think because fau-g take permit of those who owns poster

  • Ravi Maurya
    Ravi Maurya


  • Keshab Agarwal
    Keshab Agarwal

    Nice homour mind , with puns. You can compliment Ravish Kumar

  • nexus

    this poster is 100 times better than the original

  • Aurora Gaming
    Aurora Gaming

    Really looks nice 👍

  • AS Technical
    AS Technical

    I think saiman can make better game than FAU-G 😂😂😂

  • Narayan Roy
    Narayan Roy

    Can speak in hindi saiman😃

  • Tanishq Sharma
    Tanishq Sharma

    Counter nationalists😂😂

  • Anokha pagal Gaming
    Anokha pagal Gaming

    Unexpected Photoshop

  • Ayush Singh
    Ayush Singh

    Sometimes I also give Experimental Dislikes like today I did That's interesting

    • WalnutHead


  • 44_SAKETH _X I
    44_SAKETH _X I

    Why can't u just take the screenshot of the Shutterstock image

    • Phanboi Chau
      Phanboi Chau

      Samjho sarcasm

    • 44_SAKETH _X I
      44_SAKETH _X I

      @your comrade comon dude he can edit that

    • your comrade
      your comrade

      Then it will have Shutterstock watermark If he takes a screenshot

  • Shashwat Shukla
    Shashwat Shukla

    Talented creator, not a youthuber.....

  • Azhar Akhtyar
    Azhar Akhtyar


  • Vatsal Dalsania
    Vatsal Dalsania

    TBH I would totally watch this video till the absolute end even if Saiman left the last 2 minutes completely empty😂😂 Massive respect bro... Totally deserve the title of Pewds of India.

  • shrineel dadia
    shrineel dadia

    N-core games be like : we can’t hire this much controversy or we can’t afford this much controversy

  • Shaan.jr. garrix
    Shaan.jr. garrix

    It's actually look great

  • chirag goyal
    chirag goyal

    Please upload some tutorial videos for photoshop. :)

  • Fatin Ishraq
    Fatin Ishraq

    Bruh love uu!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️ Roast ee krte raho!!!

  • Kavish Rao
    Kavish Rao


  • Avish Choudhary
    Avish Choudhary

    Amazing man. Loved the poster👌👍😂

  • Rohit budhlani
    Rohit budhlani

    3:24 : Pain

  • gaming master blaster
    gaming master blaster

    wow very nice photoshop my friends keep roasting you but bhendi i tell them jyada mat bol

  • Yash D
    Yash D

    Photoshop skills ❤️

  • GlitchPro Gamer
    GlitchPro Gamer

    Saiman not a sponsored video I be like : 100% sponsored

  • Anuj Srivastava
    Anuj Srivastava

    Hmmm..... only 811k ppl have good content taste

    • Anuj Srivastava
      Anuj Srivastava

      @HORIZON ENJOY and also ye subscribers uss waqt ke the jab maine ye comment kiya tha ab toh 819k hai

    • Anuj Srivastava
      Anuj Srivastava

      @HORIZON ENJOY I meant subscribers

  • Kshitij Mascarenhas
    Kshitij Mascarenhas

    Why the f is your baby always Kshitij My name is Kshitij

    • Atharva Joshi fr
      Atharva Joshi fr



    Hindustani bhau 🤣🤣🤣 counter terrorist

  • Shabina Khan
    Shabina Khan

    Bada angrej banrahai hindi bol

  • sridevi ravikiran
    sridevi ravikiran


  • Ayaan Baig
    Ayaan Baig


  • Rahul Saini
    Rahul Saini

    Biden ko laao ab🥴

  • tanish hooda.tanish21
    tanish hooda.tanish21

    What About Ravish Kumar 😂

  • Arijit Mitra
    Arijit Mitra

    Wha bhai wha.....SAI-G

  • Bishal K Roy
    Bishal K Roy

    you've got some great photoshop skills man

  • Mohd Sifaat
    Mohd Sifaat

    Bhai yar iske 1M karva do bhai

  • kroh tg
    kroh tg

    That 4:3 aspect ratio.. Beautiful.. Watch it in 144p for maximum immersion

  • pramod Devarakonda
    pramod Devarakonda

    when he said 'apply some liquid white ' i almost feel that he had a arty practise good almost as SAIMAN ROSS

  • Syed Saif
    Syed Saif

    Really happy that u r close to 1M now...

  • Ashish Dhumal
    Ashish Dhumal

    I honestly think that editing is good 😂

  • Sidh Gaming
    Sidh Gaming

    China jhing ping chala 😂😂

  • manam shafin
    manam shafin

    fun fact: Most of his videos are copy righted

  • Satyakam Mishra
    Satyakam Mishra

    Make a gaming channel named Saiman Plays

  • pranav nanda
    pranav nanda

    This is next level!!

  • Divyansh Singh
    Divyansh Singh

    Sala harami desh drohi sala Tu tha mere ko pata tha gandu 🖕🖕🖕🖕

    • random guy
      random guy

      How exactly is he anti national?



  • Nabeel Gm
    Nabeel Gm

    8 mint kaafi hai ab 😌, you already know that 🏃‍♂️


    I dont really like his videos but that poster right there is godamnn masterpiece mfs can say whatever they want

  • earnest earthworm
    earnest earthworm

    I honestly wait till the end of the vid man.. the jazz instrumentals are so good

  • Ganesh Gowda
    Ganesh Gowda

    Why dhruv rathee? I am not a hater i just want to know.

    • Sam P
      Sam P

      See his previous video you will understand

  • CL Gaming
    CL Gaming


  • THE BaBuChAk
    THE BaBuChAk

    Plz make more videos I won't to see more

  • GLIT- men- Show
    GLIT- men- Show

    farm bill cancel krooo

  • 009 Yash Chavan
    009 Yash Chavan

    You got some real ps skills bro

  • hithansh


  • Parv Mittal
    Parv Mittal

    the postal is good

  • Aaryan

    When you set BOB ROSS’s video to 144p