How to get into St. Xavier's, Mumbai
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Saiman Says Episode #32 - All questions answered! Learn about how to get into St. Xavier's College, Mumbai from Saimandar.
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  • Milan D Vijay
    Milan D Vijay

    I guess saiman is the only successful man in that colledge

  • Optimistic Aryan
    Optimistic Aryan

    Damn how cool saiman was 🥶

  • Tanishtha Dhankar
    Tanishtha Dhankar

    3:34 Hogwarts what?

  • Rashid Aziz
    Rashid Aziz

    Anyone here after he hit 1M

  • Seema Bajaj
    Seema Bajaj

    Bhaiya is college me aane ke lie kitni percentage chahie hoti h ?

  • Akil29

    Dream College.

  • Kunj Mehta
    Kunj Mehta

    Plot twist - he passed from this college

  • Sampada Matkar
    Sampada Matkar

    5:44 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sluggish Falcon
    Sluggish Falcon

    2:51 saiman ko humsafar yahii Mila tha if you know!

  • Mellow Corn
    Mellow Corn

    Is this the same school from Hichki movie?

  • Pankaj Bhattarai
    Pankaj Bhattarai

    Anybody here in 2021?

  • Suraj Naik
    Suraj Naik

    Xavier's exists, Employment doesn't 😂


    Who is here to watch his old videos

  • crazyfish

    you have come a long way man, congrats

  • 11 Nishit Jain
    11 Nishit Jain

    2:58 I know saiman is still watching this video for her*

  • Barenya Bishruti
    Barenya Bishruti

    Okay this gonna be an unfamiliar comment I guess, But you resemble Ayush Mehra✨

  • FactsFlu

    3:11 watch the guy behind saiman 🤣I think he is the true fan

  • samb

    I still remember 3 yrs ago, I got to this vid whilst college hunting. I was so disappointed as I was just searching for answers so I disliked. Fast forward march 2020, suddenly " what is that saimandar guy doing" hit me cz low-key I liked this vid... Rn and forevermore, I'm an admirer of yours saiman ❤️


    Pls tell me r u reading this 😱

    • harishsambharia 0
      harishsambharia 0


  • Lifestyle Baba live in lovely places Silchar
    Lifestyle Baba live in lovely places Silchar

    Baba 121 aushman vava ✋✋✋

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    Mayur Valvi

    Full fan following he bhai ki 😂🙏

  • h.h holmes.
    h.h holmes.

    Saiman tu phele yeh sab video bnata tha yaha se padha hai kya ?? Saala main toh isko chutiya samjhta tha yeh toh paddha likha launda lagta. Full Support 🔥🔥

  • Anita Tripathi
    Anita Tripathi

    Why do I find this black framed saiboy more interesting than pink framed saiman..

  • insta reels uncut
    insta reels uncut

    Who new 3 years ago that this guy is gonna collabe with worlds biggest youtuber and India's biggest youtuber


    Saiman in denims :-*

  • Aaliya 3122
    Aaliya 3122

    Is there any restriction for muslim student to get admission because they are not accepting my payment

  • Akshada Chavan
    Akshada Chavan

    Bachelor of art Journalism and mass communication course available hai kya.. Iss college me?

  • Piyush's channel
    Piyush's channel

    This college is only for rich students

  • business buddies
    business buddies Hey guys if you are preparing for bba ,bca ,for any state university then plese subs subscribe our channel for business current affair And static gk

  • Sourya

    He has changed so much

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    Prakash Jha


  • chandu kanujiya
    chandu kanujiya

    Bhai apka HSC me percentages kitna gya


    Aree saiman Bhai 🤣🤣

  • Arjun

    Bhayia ba in psychology ke liye kya scene h udhar ka addmission kaise hota h

  • Ranveer Kapoor
    Ranveer Kapoor

    0:02 Lmao Byesaimandar

  • Scared Batman
    Scared Batman

    Me watching this video after getting 67%. Nice

  • Suprio Sheel
    Suprio Sheel

    He's a celebrity there.

  • Tanima Bartaria
    Tanima Bartaria

    I never know saiman was handsome

  • Prateek Grewal
    Prateek Grewal

    Why to get into St. Xavier's Mumbai?


    Saiman is lucky to have a that type of college Our college has so boring and other cringe people are here in our college.

  • Radhika sahu Mahi
    Radhika sahu Mahi

    The only youtuber who does like and replay his audience without any ego

  • kallingil 9
    kallingil 9

    Listen here saiman when there are 11 urinals only 5 can pee at a time. THATS THE LAW.

  • nemo

    INfun recommended me after 3 years wow

  • Varun Reddz
    Varun Reddz

    Lol xD meh kaise man lu

  • T B P P
    T B P P

    7:57 Saiman boy you have a shitty sense of hygiene

  • Arnab Maiti
    Arnab Maiti

    Looking at your life, I am thinking what have I done with my life

  • Rahul Motwani
    Rahul Motwani

    Your these kinda Vlogs are very should make these often


    This is beautiful 😍❣️❤️ Xavier's🥰🥰

  • Mr. Ayush
    Mr. Ayush

    The dislikes are from those stupid people who thought this video was about the admission process of St. Xavier's College.😆

  • Terror Sickoo
    Terror Sickoo

    Bro, what is longput?🤣🤣


    I just see Carry video as ad just before

  • Ohm Charan
    Ohm Charan

    Saiman don't act like you don't know me I saw you outside my window last night despite lockdown and you are also always in my recommended

  • Karan Acharya
    Karan Acharya

    Be a catholic!

  • hdbsb hsh
    hdbsb hsh

    just missing this badly

  • Utkarsh Gupta
    Utkarsh Gupta

    3:29 it's more like Hogwarts😂😂😂

  • It's Srj
    It's Srj

    Yye toh hichki hai ...

  • Shiva Yadav
    Shiva Yadav

    8:48 Lovable moment

  • Jay S
    Jay S

    Just say to the kaka at the door " pehchana?"

  • Abhishek Shukla
    Abhishek Shukla

    Hey Saiman ! Could you please put some more vlogs of st. Xavier's College. A big hug bro..

  • Riya Chernalia
    Riya Chernalia

    Sai pls answer veryy imp Does st xavier's have event mgmt course?

  • Nagaraja S
    Nagaraja S

    I need his confidence

  • Pr1NCE wee
    Pr1NCE wee

    Arnab goswami looks like you

  • Yash Hu Yaar
    Yash Hu Yaar

    I love how People from his college Love him.

  • Shristi Rana
    Shristi Rana

    Hi... I want to ask that if I got 60 percent in 12th board...and if I clear the entrance test .... Will I get admission?? Is it important to get Percent in 80s ??

  • Datar Shekhawat
    Datar Shekhawat

    Bhai BMS or cut off toh bata doh yr commerce ke liye

  • Samuel Ajgaonkar
    Samuel Ajgaonkar

    It’s time the entire college needs a revival renovation all over the place I could see so many damaged construction of walls stairs ceiling collapsed all over the place . Looks like so many hazards to students everywhere, imagine a student has a fall or has an accident , the students can sue this place for not providing a safe place to study in the university or college .

  • Mukul Vyas
    Mukul Vyas

    6:26 Kaisa laga dance ?

  • Sangeeta Vishe
    Sangeeta Vishe

    What field you had taken Science ,commerce or arts

    • Manorama Rout
      Manorama Rout

      Arts, mass media.

  • Dipankar Baruah
    Dipankar Baruah

    Bro if you see this plz start doing useless vlogs again..... happy to vloger can match

  • Dhurwanand Dhawale
    Dhurwanand Dhawale

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  • A Boy And His DREAM
    A Boy And His DREAM

    How to apply for MA in st xavier college plz tell me

  • Mini militia 2.0
    Mini militia 2.0

    Kabhi kabhi aditi zindagi me koi apna lagta hai😹😹

  • Anita Rose
    Anita Rose

    Who is the principal of the college?

  • Manik Gupta
    Manik Gupta

    Hlo would like to tell me that how can I take admission in st. Xavier

  • Akash Kumar
    Akash Kumar

    Sir I have a question for you In this college teach i.s.c clasa

  • #it's storytime
    #it's storytime

    log boltay hay na ki ap ki english weak hay , even youtube ki auto - genereated feature apki english ko understand karta hay , is say jyada acha proof kya chaiyaya haters ko


    For a college tour of St. Xavier's college watch-

  • pawan kumarshaurya
    pawan kumarshaurya

    I have to know admission procedure . Can outsiders take admission in this college ?

  • Gulmarg the paradise
    Gulmarg the paradise

    I just need ur contact bro

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    rahul yadav

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    soham bait

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    Apex Gaming

    3:06 she acts very well lmao

  • Sooraj Mishra
    Sooraj Mishra

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  • Foxi

    Q: how to get into St.Xaviers A: through a door.

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      ThePranit.K Art

      Damn never tried that .

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      Lukes Max

      Wtf ................oh fact

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      Nandhas DIY


  • Kush Lakhera
    Kush Lakhera


  • Kush Lakhera
    Kush Lakhera


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    0:36 got**

  • 422 Mandar Paripurna 581
    422 Mandar Paripurna 581

    I wish you still visit college each other day! Hope you meet once in college 😌

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    Saurabh Singh Watch This Video Before Enroll In Missionaries College ..

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    Samay ka Mosturizer

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    tHe contentless poorguy

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    Subam Kumar

    Can I get admission from reservation category.with 63%

  • moy Enne
    moy Enne

    Hlw I have a question. how international student can apply for Xavier's?

  • A D
    A D

    I graduated from xavier's in 2018. Good times bro :)

    • Harshraj Jadhav
      Harshraj Jadhav

      @A D what do you do now bro?

    • A D
      A D

      @Pratik Nazareth nicee :)

    • Pratik Nazareth
      Pratik Nazareth

      BSC micro/biochem

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      A D

      @Pratik Nazareth ​ hey bro, i pursued BSc Physics. what about you?

    • Pratik Nazareth
      Pratik Nazareth

      Same year bud, what did you pursue??

  • Law Student Till 2024
    Law Student Till 2024


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    My self

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  • Aryan 19BCH016
    Aryan 19BCH016

    I got into GBU instead of St. Xavier's college

  • Sneha Verma
    Sneha Verma

    Hey buddy ! i really love your videos , i have a question that - Can PCB students get admission in Xaviers ? plz do answer my question ! would have a great help

    • Arfa k
      Arfa k