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  • Saiman Says
    Saiman Says

    This video was late because my PC crashed, and I had to edit this whole video on my old laptop. :/

    • Aditya Sarap
      Aditya Sarap

      Sab bomb

    • Aseem Kataria
      Aseem Kataria

      Pwedipie ke dalle

    • G Harshit Kumar
      G Harshit Kumar

      Timothy is the imaginary friend of Saimon who also helps him with his vidoes

    • Naina Chauhan
      Naina Chauhan

      Marry me Saiman 😭❤

    • Indramani Gaire
      Indramani Gaire

      @saiman says

  • Aadi!

    8:18 saiman lying. u can see the nervousness in his voice.

  • Aadi!

    i hope this channel hits 1 million cuz thats when we will see someone great rise.


    Like karo jis jis ko ya memes ghanta samajh mai nahi aya

  • Chhering Khampa
    Chhering Khampa

    The intro The wwe level acting

  • Pikachu Gaming
    Pikachu Gaming

    Amit Bhadana tiktok cancer -Saiman says

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. Nobody


  • Aditya Sarap
    Aditya Sarap

    Saiman are you well

  • Rocker Techs
    Rocker Techs

    It was timothy

  • Karan Passi
    Karan Passi

    Are you rock fan ...i mean you are


    bosadika op

    • mixbagtv

      Yeh terae Janam patei pae likha tha na....aap apnae Naam sae Binod meme Ko repeat karna chatae ho?

  • Pragun U Patil
    Pragun U Patil

    i ignored this video even though youtube recommended this like hell so without controlling this shit i am dislinking it now

  • Down2Top Studios
    Down2Top Studios

    Tbh amit bhadana as a person is better than carryminati

    • mixbagtv

      Yeah true he took the right criticism and changed himself unlike carry who made a disstrack playing the victim card and dissing amit for playing the victim card

  • FACTz 10
    FACTz 10

    Kitne jhooth bolta hai

  • FACTz 10
    FACTz 10

    Ye to latest news hai

  • real beast
    real beast like

  • Shohel Ahmed
    Shohel Ahmed

    We all know that tymothi is your camera.

  • im_artistic_ pratitya_
    im_artistic_ pratitya_

    @saimansays is cool and funny than @slayypoint and @triggeredinsaan who is agree give me like

    • im_artistic_ pratitya_
      im_artistic_ pratitya_

      @Suraj Bangar yaaa man

    • Suraj Bangar
      Suraj Bangar

      No, everyone is best, everyone has its own fanbase and own choice,who are you to judge

  • im_artistic_ pratitya_
    im_artistic_ pratitya_

    you are the legend on youtube

  • Arnav Dwivedi
    Arnav Dwivedi

    bhai hindi jyada bola kar

    • fastest man alive
      fastest man alive

      @Suraj Bangar uske congregulation wale video ka comment dekh aur indian memes wale comment dekh

    • Suraj Bangar
      Suraj Bangar

      @fastest man alive proof

    • fastest man alive
      fastest man alive

      bhai uske bahar ke audience bhi hai

  • Gyen Tsen
    Gyen Tsen

    Should have titled I-Meet Bhadana😉

  • bro tv
    bro tv

    1:32 I swear I hate this situation

  • sandeep pawar
    sandeep pawar

    New video ples 😎 😎

    • It'syoboy KRISH
      It'syoboy KRISH

      Fuck Off Ples😎😎 😂😂

    • sandeep pawar
      sandeep pawar

      Hay you happy birthday video 🎁

  • Nenwani Telochana
    Nenwani Telochana

    Bhai tune jab silver play button pas se dikhaya to use per Tera Naam likha tha

    • Cosmo

      @Suraj Bangar aee pagal h re ye

    • Suraj Bangar
      Suraj Bangar

      Abe pagal sabke upar likha hota hai😂😂😚

    • Cosmo

      abe likha hota h

  • Zaalm Boi
    Zaalm Boi

    Please read subtitles


    Abe ya to tu hindi me bat karle. Ya engliah me aur ha kakhana band kar

  • Shresth Srivastava
    Shresth Srivastava

    Big fan

  • TheBongBoy HR
    TheBongBoy HR


  • Sima Rai
    Sima Rai

    Plz come here and beat me

    • Cosmo


    • Vishal Tyagi
      Vishal Tyagi


  • Prathamesh. P. Patil
    Prathamesh. P. Patil

    Respected Saiman sir, from today I accept you as my guru🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️, I wanna start a INfun channel 🤗🤗please guide me sir. You are my master saimandar sensei🏮, please reply to my humble comment. Aapko timothy ki kasam please relpy..🙏

  • Bharat Lal Meena
    Bharat Lal Meena

    Saloo bhut se sc/st general se jyada number laake seat reserve krte h


    saiman:the guy in the reflection was Dane caption:the guy in the reflection was dead 😂

  • Rohit Kumar
    Rohit Kumar


    • mixbagtv

      Please don't recreate the Binod meme by writing your own name in the comments it's over now

    • one eyed demon
      one eyed demon

      1:10 Abe ye Tu nhi hai


    Booowowowowowowowwnwnwowk2neownenwnwnwnnwwowownwwow2newow2nbebebebebebebebb bono i be bwbwbwbwbwbebbentnbwowoenenneeejejeejjeejeewwwwwwwwwwwww33eeee333w3wee0e3093o3oowo3oepeoeoeooeieiwieieiwwhwjjwjwjwjjwjejejjejwieuwieie9e9w0weeow0e0eowe000101010w0001010♡•○♡○♤♤○♤•♡•♡♡•♡~♡♡\♡\♡\♡♡~♡~♡~♡○♤♤○♤○♤○♤○♤○♤○♤♤○♤○■○■○■•■••□□●●☆¤☆¤《▪︎《▪︎《▪︎▪︎》▪︎▪︎¡▪︎¡▪︎¿▪︎¿▪︎¿¡▪︎¡◇°♧]~]`[~}\}}|{|>>|>>|>||>■|●♤•♤♡•♡•[•900[990[[99[[9\♡\[\}\[\}\♡\♡○♡○♡○♤●■●●■●●●●●●♤●●♤●●●●♤●♤●●♤●♤●●●●○○○○○○♤○♤●●♤●♤■●♤●■●●■●■●■●■●♤■●■●●♤●●♤●♤●♤●♤♤♤●♤●♤♤♤♤♤●●●●♤○♤○♤○♤○♤hsjaisisiswiwiwiwiiweieiejejejeooo(@(@@(@((@(÷₹÷₹÷₹÷₹÷9÷₹₹#*#*#*#(#(#(#÷₹₹÷₹÷(÷(÷(×₹×₹×0×₹(♡♡♡○♡○♤○□□•■•{{~¡•》☆¡¡☆》▪︎▪︎《《▪︎▪︎《▪︎《☆《《☆《☆《☆《《☆《《☆¤¤¤¤¿¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎◇▪︎▪︎◇◇▪︎◇◇▪︎◇▪︎◇◇◇◇~◇~◇•◇•\○◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇○◇○◇◇◇◇\◇♧\]~]~]]~◇`◇○♤●♤●♤□♤●○•◇°♤○°♧♤●■♡●♤`♧`♧]`29[2001023233`]~♤●●♤●♤♤●♤●♤●♤●♡□♡□◇●◇◇◇•♧♧♧◇○◇○♡●♡●♤♤□●♡♧°♧♡○●♧°♧°♧°♧°♧°♧°♧♧◇•♡○♡◇◇•◇•◇•◇•◇♡○♡○♡○♡○♡♡○♡○♡○♡○♡○♡○♡●♡●♡●♡♤●♤●♤●♤●♤♤▪︎●♤♤●♤●♤●♤♤●■●□■□■□□□♤□■□□■□■□■□■■●□■□♤□■♤□♤□□♤■●■|■•>>{•[•]]`]~{|]~{[~]`]~]]`]`]`]`]`]]`]`]`]`]`]]`]`]``]]]`]`]`]`]]``]`]]``]]`]``]]`]``]]`]]``]]``]`]`]]`]`]`]~~[~[~[\[~[[~~[~[~[~[~[~[~[[~[~[~~[[~[~[~~[[~~[~~[~[~[}\}\}\}\}}\\}\}}\}}\}\}\}\}}\}\}\}}\}\}\}}\}\}}\}\}\}}\}}\}}\}\[\}}\[\}\}}\[\}\}\}}\[\}}\}\}\}\}\}\}\}}\}}\}\}\}\}\}}\}\}\}\}\}\}}\}\}\}}\}\\{|{|{|{|{|{|{|{{|{|{|{{|{|{|{|{{|{|{|{|{|{|{|{|{|{|{{|{|{|{|{|{|{{|{|{|{|{|{{||{{||{{|{|{|{|{|{||{{|{||{{|{|>||{|♧°♧°♧°♧°♧♧°♧°♧°♧♧°♧°♧♧°♧°♧°♧°♧°♧♧°♧°♧♧°◇°♧°◇°◇♧°♧°♧°◇♧°♧°♧°♧°♧♧°♧°♧°♧♧°♧°♧♧°♧°♧♧°♧°°♧♧°°♧°♧°♧°♧♧°♧°♧°♧°♧•♧°♧•♧•♧♧•♧•♧•♧•♧♧°♧°♧•♧♧°♧°♧°♧°♧°♧°♧°♧°°♧°♧♧°♧♧♧♧♧°♧°♧°♧°♧°♧°♧♧°♧°♧°♧♧°♧°♧♧°♧♧°°♧♧°♧°♧°°♧°♧♧°♧°♧°♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧°♧♧♧♧♧♧♧°♧°♧○◇•◇◇•◇•○◇○◇○◇○◇○◇○◇○◇○◇○◇○◇○◇○◇◇○◇○◇○○○○◇○◇◇◇○◇○◇○◇○○◇◇◇◇○◇○◇○◇◇◇○◇○◇◇◇○◇○◇◇○◇○◇○◇◇◇◇○◇♡○♡•♡••♡•♡•♡♡•♡•♤♤♤•♤■■●♤●♤□□□♤♤●♤♤□♤□♡□♡□□♡□♡□♤□♤□♤□♤□♡♡●♡●♤□♤°\|°♧◇♤~♡♧°♧°♧°♧♧°♧°♧°♧°◇•◇◇•◇•◇◇•◇♡○♡○♡○♡○♡○♡○♡♡●♤●■●■¿☆¿¿☆¿☆¿¿☆¿☆¿☆¿¿☆¿▪︎¿▪︎¡▪︎》¤》¤》》.,,.,.,..,.,.☆.☆.,.☆¿¿☆◇00=€£₹+₹+₹×(#((@(@(@((@(@(@(@(@(@((@(@(!(@(!(((!(!((!(!(!((+*×*@*#**#*#?#?-?#?#?#?#?#**#$**$$**$*?(×₹2((((?)-₩??)₩,(₹;*£:&£@&*@*@*@@*×**××*××*×*×*×**×*××+₩0+0×₩×₩×₩×÷÷+₩+++×+++++++++++++++++++++++++++×××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷=÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷===//={*())())•¡•♡•♡•♡○♤○♤○♡•◇°◇•◇◇•♡○♡○○♡○♤●■●■}♤□{○■□■□□■□□□■■■■■■■■■\●■●■●■■■●■●■●●●■■●■●●●■■●●●■○■■■□□□■>|》▪︎°°°•○○○○○●●□□■■♤《¤□□□□□●■♤♡♡♡◇♧♧◇♧♧◇◇◇◇◇♧♧◇◇♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡☆◇[▪︎°••°••••••••●{¤¤》¡《 xxzzsxxxxccc cc,,,,???????????????


    Kyu be aalmari me lock nhi hai kya

  • Veer Mehta
    Veer Mehta


    • Veer Mehta
      Veer Mehta

      @mixbagtv Experience hai na tera😏😏😏😏

    • mixbagtv

      Beta online classes Kae samay carry Ko maat dheka kar English bohot Bura hai tera

  • Suyash Pandey
    Suyash Pandey


  • adah


  • Riya Jain
    Riya Jain

    1:33 whole time i was waiting for the moment ki kb iski aakh m keechi laage

    • Cosmo

      sharam nahi ati nark m jana

  • Arya More
    Arya More

    Bhai kuch bhi kar na pr rvcj ka memes mat dikhana kabhi



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    Zombie Killer


  • Kumar Aditya
    Kumar Aditya

    nobody: everybody : nobody

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    Naina Chauhan

    Marry me Saiman 😭❤

    • Cosmo


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  • reetu bdeo
    reetu bdeo

    I appreciate how Amit Bhadana took the criticism in a sporting and humble way. Whereas Carry just knows how to convert criticism into hate in 0.000005 seconds.

    • reetu bdeo
      reetu bdeo

      @Suraj Bangar Bro all I am saying that video had constructive critism and carry just attacked him in that music video. So keep your fucking opinion to yourself

    • reetu bdeo
      reetu bdeo

      @mixbagtv 😂😂😂🤣🤣

    • mixbagtv

      @Suraj Bangar its too late for 12 year olds to stay up go drink milk and sleep 👍

    • Suraj Bangar
      Suraj Bangar

      Are you mad,carry supported him when saiman was planting,carry supported him when saiman calls his song bye PewDiePie tatti and collabed with him but now saiman is doing too much,I know his fans hate carry but if you don't have any information don't say anything in the comments section,you bitch

    • FactsInfinity

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  • Niharika Kalra
    Niharika Kalra

    SLR has come back on Sunday and it was a lot of fun and u r day and night and u r day and night and I have to go to the dress Lee haiSahi hai kya hota hai aur abhi byeee and u r day and night and I have to go to the dress and u r day and night and I have to go to the dress

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  • Perfect Gamer
    Perfect Gamer

    The crowd voice is from wwe who are booing Roman Reigns after defeating undertaker

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson

    I think Saiman watches Pyrocynical

  • Player's Planet
    Player's Planet

    mere channel ko shout out dedo! Content pasand aye toh... be a real pewdiepie fan!!

  • Manjunath. B.Bawali
    Manjunath. B.Bawali


  • sourav ganguly
    sourav ganguly

    Awesome video

  • DHRUV THE Star
    DHRUV THE Star

    Amit is legend and so humble

  • Adipta Dutta Choudhury
    Adipta Dutta Choudhury

    Pirated copy of PewDiePie

  • demon gaming show
    demon gaming show

    Wort INfun channel

    • mixbagtv

      Atleast he knows to spell worst

    • Cosmo

      abe nikal

    • Abhishek Pandey
      Abhishek Pandey

      Like you 😂



  • Rudresh Gawas
    Rudresh Gawas 🚨 *Heritage Connect Episode 3* *8th best city if 17th century | Our Lady Of Monte Chapel |* *We need your Support* *LIKE-->SUBSCRIBE-->SHARE*

  • ʂųཞყąŋʂɧų ཞąʝ
    ʂųཞყąŋʂɧų ཞąʝ

    Only 7 lakhs Indian have good taste I including me 😏

    • KRiSH xD
      KRiSH xD

      777k Including Me😏

    • Suraj Bangar
      Suraj Bangar

      Bro,not always that if you are saiman's fan then only you are matured,now don't troll me,I'm a subscriber of saysena

  • Binod Binod
    Binod Binod

    700k coming!! 😍😍

  • Shoe Box
    Shoe Box

    8:06 lolxD mai kaise maan lu

  • Berlin Heist
    Berlin Heist

    Dane is Timothy

    • The Ananya Talks TAT
      The Ananya Talks TAT

      @Cosmo When saiman Turns towards "Timothy" you cannot see Timothy's reflection in Saiman's glasses...

    • Cosmo

      @The Ananya Talks TAT Behind the camera

    • The Ananya Talks TAT
      The Ananya Talks TAT

      @Cosmo Yo Timothy kahan hai?😀

    • Cosmo

      @The Ananya Talks TAT there is

    • The Ananya Talks TAT
      The Ananya Talks TAT

      There is no Timothy

  • Raj Dev wild
    Raj Dev wild

    Buddhu admi

  • General Theory
    General Theory

    Saiman:who are you Bhadana: tera baap

  • Youtube user
    Youtube user

    1m... soon

  • Vedant Indulkar
    Vedant Indulkar

    OP saiman bhai❤️🥀

  • Rohit Tripathy
    Rohit Tripathy

    Fuck this nobody memes 🙄

  • Rajvardhan Thakur
    Rajvardhan Thakur

    2:23 bhai mai bol rha hun saiman ne har ek video mai 2020 ke har baat ko predict kiya hai😂


    Saiman's fans are nobodys so that means his fans love the nobody meme format


    So if you look properly, this video was basically this on Saiman's fan in terms of sub Reddit or his fans like kings.

  • RYAN Only
    RYAN Only

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Saiman: nobody likes nobody jokes.. Bhendi

  • The Anime Girl
    The Anime Girl

    Plot twist: Dane is actually timothy

    • The Ananya Talks TAT
      The Ananya Talks TAT

      There is no timothy bro

  • Rishi Bhàttacharya
    Rishi Bhàttacharya

    timothy ka face reveal kab karo ge?

    • Cosmo

      1 m pe shayad

  • Ruben Pereira
    Ruben Pereira

    Props to Bhadana. Unlike other normie youtubers, he knows how to take a good joke on him.

  • joker 69
    joker 69

    Chal bh.......

  • karthik Reddy
    karthik Reddy

    Drum music used in this video.. Can anyone tell me.. Where to download it

  • DJ babu
    DJ babu

    Amitbhadana ka chatla fir usko rost karda Carry ki tara

    • Rick Dalton
      Rick Dalton

      @NeverTheLess Productions Then why he gave swipe up to Amir siddiqui's manipulated video in his Instagram

    • Aditi Bhattarai
      Aditi Bhattarai

      LoL aagaye mahan baat karne,amit can take criticism but...

    • NeverTheLess Productions
      NeverTheLess Productions

      He also did it with Pewdiepie. But apparently Pewdiepie can take criticism well unlike...


      Pehle roast kiya phir collab bcoz amit knows how to handle criticism unlike some people.

  • renu sangwan
    renu sangwan

    Hamara toh saiman hai bhadana nhi

  • Sanskari Highlights
    Sanskari Highlights


  • Samruddhi Bhagat
    Samruddhi Bhagat

    But squidward6997 wasn't aware about the new rules about not using nobody 🙄that's unfair :(

  • Subscribe my channel if you are not a GAYYY
    Subscribe my channel if you are not a GAYYY

    Legend says - it's aaaaauuuuugg

  • ThE RaGe
    ThE RaGe

    7:29 Timothy exposed 👇👇👇

  • Ending Myself
    Ending Myself

    At Least Amit can take fair criticism

    • Shubhransh Singh
      Shubhransh Singh

      @Suraj Bangar he never said tatti song bye PewDiePie (even though is was hell yeah was) Go watch the video carefully

    • Suraj Bangar
      Suraj Bangar

      @GAMING UNIVERSE ok,you are saiman's new subscriber,you don't know anything about saiman and carry

    • Suraj Bangar
      Suraj Bangar

      @Wild Wolf Productions brother,carry has supported saiman and he followed him on instagram earlier when PewDiePie vs t series was going,saiman said tatti song bye PewDiePie and carry then collabed with him again,you don't know anything and this time carry take it seriously,I don't know why but if a person trolls you 10 times then will you keep quite

    • Wild Wolf Productions
      Wild Wolf Productions

      @Sonal Mohrir yes carry pappa can't take criticism

    • Sonal Mohrir
      Sonal Mohrir

      @Sagar Majillya no, carry

  • Kunal Sharma
    Kunal Sharma

    bro memechat ke memes reveiw karo aapke sub se ache memes hain vahan

  • Suyash Panpalia
    Suyash Panpalia

    My respect for Amit Bhadana has actually increased after this! Damn!

  • carryminati 100kfam
    carryminati 100kfam

    Bho Sid key....(are u well)..

    • Stron. Force
      Stron. Force

      @Rudra Goswami 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

    • Purveg Mistry
      Purveg Mistry

      @Rudra Goswami 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Rudra Goswami
      Rudra Goswami


  • Debabrata Mohapatra
    Debabrata Mohapatra

    Tu Haag Raha hey channel par

  • Malikin

    Amit bhadana was trolled,roasted and even hated. He still met his biggest critic saiman. Carry wasnt even hated or memed but he still mentioned him in Yalgaar. He still cant take constructive sarcasm. Amit sir>>>>>>>>>carry

    • Shubhransh Singh
      Shubhransh Singh

      @Sagar Majillya his sub reddit was full of carry memes but not "OFFENSIVE", if you see their comments threads, they are being called out for carry memes

    • Shubhransh Singh
      Shubhransh Singh

      @Sagar Majillya yes he faced hatred very "Maturely" lmao He was acting so childish like iNkI ZinDaGi AbB BanGeI BanJar ANd StOp MakIng AsSumPtioNs 😂😂

    • Shivam Patel
      Shivam Patel

      @FOREVER prince no saiman didn't directly roasted carry he just didn't liked his diss which was not even a diss.

    • I want To POOP
      I want To POOP

      Fuck carry and his toxic fans

    • kroh tg
      kroh tg

      His content might not be great, but he seems cool

  • Vyshnav nair
    Vyshnav nair

    Amit bhadana takes criticism like a pro unlike carry who played victim card and made a song which seemed to be written by a 10 year old.

    • Naba Kumar Mondal
      Naba Kumar Mondal

      He might be 21y/o but from his mind he's still a 15y/o kid

  • C-333 Sanobar Khan
    C-333 Sanobar Khan

    @Amitbhadana be careful he is very poisonous to u he can betray u very easily

    • Aditi Bhattarai
      Aditi Bhattarai

      LoL chuhe saap se darte hai Pata nahi?😂😂😂

    • sujon gaming
      sujon gaming


  • Annapurna Saha
    Annapurna Saha

    Vai ap ka tab mere paas bhi hai..and i broke it in 1 month..display glass..nostalgia..

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    Amogh Halemani

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    Amit Bhadana is actually much better than most of the Indian youtubers

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    1281 - Vishwas Kulkarni


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    9:03 Where is that Flex tape on your cupboard?? Fir se button le gaya kya Buttonchor or this time it is Timothy?? O_O Let me know the truth. This time I will help you in getting the Silver Button back! :)

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      Rajesh Pradhan

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