Hosting at St. Xavier's College
Saiman Says Episode #33 -
So I was called to host this show at St. Xavier's College and.... it was fun. Ft. Shriya Pilgaonkar from the 'FAN' fame. Watch the previous vlog to follow the story!
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  • Shubh Jaiswal
    Shubh Jaiswal


  • Aryan Kumbhar
    Aryan Kumbhar

    Bruh no one expected saiman is so talented ❤️❤️

  • Piyush Pithade psp
    Piyush Pithade psp

    How can this guy be nervous 🤣

  • Gurpartap Singh
    Gurpartap Singh

    who fuck say him introvert

  • Maliha Jahan
    Maliha Jahan

    Rwatching is fun

  • Binod Tharu
    Binod Tharu

    His whole act is like dance kaisa laga??

  • R G
    R G

    Why i was feeling saiman is taking high weed at that time 😂😂

  • Shravan

    6:20 log stage se focus hata kar siman ko dekhne lage 😂

  • Prashant Vasaikar
    Prashant Vasaikar

    Mala tujya Saiman shows peksha Useless vlogs changle vatle Saimandar, though tula aani baki lokanna he aavdat nasel tari, Useless vlogs changle hote. Tase aata tuja chasma tutla, aata tari aadhi sarkha ho Saiman, SaiVilian asch ka hoyche aahe tula?

  • XenzDesh yt
    XenzDesh yt

    Damn bhruv

  • XenzDesh yt
    XenzDesh yt

    Was the person from mirzapur in your college XD!??....😳😳

  • Anant Krishna
    Anant Krishna

    Munna Bhaiya want's to know your location 😂😂😂😂😂

  • ASK 007
    ASK 007

    Dude you did a show with Yashaswimi Dayama and Shriya Pilgaonkar!!! Are they both from St. Xavier's?

  • Namita Paul
    Namita Paul

    St.xaviers mein admission lene ke liye kitna percentage chahiye.....for BA in psychology.......if we are from any state broad....!!!

    • Dont Check My Videos
      Dont Check My Videos

      Bro comment section me kyu daal raha hain ye google par dal

  • S. Kshirsagar
    S. Kshirsagar

    Aree tu ameya wagh sarkha disto

  • Kriti Rajda
    Kriti Rajda

    I love that watchman kaka. He's been there since I joined Xaviers in 2016 and I went back to visit in January 2020, and he recognised me :")

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh

    Saimandar was even great I think you can make a different channel for vlogs .

  • Kashish Lakhpati
    Kashish Lakhpati

    Saimandar's accent 😍 You actually remind me of my English teacher binoy. He also had an accent like yours.

  • Priyanshu Kumar
    Priyanshu Kumar

    Don't tell me he was not drunk....

  • Najah Siraj
    Najah Siraj

    Apka dance op tha 😂👌👏


    mirzapur sweety at 2:18 did anyone recognise her

  • Kj Krishna poet
    Kj Krishna poet

    Yt recommending after 4 years

  • abhilash p
    abhilash p

    Far better than any other indian vlogs....

  • Shreya

    7:30 yashaswini dayama

  • Shreya

    Damn Saiman is handsome. ( now some wanna be cool people with comment 'simp')

  • bhaicodekaro

    me watching this when our college is having online fest F


    Bhaisaaaaaaab...... Aur kuch to nahi pata but as a presenter you have evolved 😏❤️

  • Krishna Male
    Krishna Male

    Saiman rocks

  • Angshu Roy
    Angshu Roy

    Vaiii where was aditya

  • Angshu Roy
    Angshu Roy

    Quite energetic...saimandar says..

  • mr buzz
    mr buzz

    sweaty tumhare chakar m gudu bhiya mirzapur m bawal macha diye h or tum yaha p ek boring sa show host kr rhi ho

  • Life Is Crazy
    Life Is Crazy

    Most of the people didn't know shriya pilgaonkar but they all knew you..... 😅😅😅😅

  • Aryan Taluja
    Aryan Taluja

    The saimans says today and the saimandar 4 years ago. They are so different

  • Aryan Taluja
    Aryan Taluja

    Saiman you will be the next top INfunr. Sai sena

  • Aryan Taluja
    Aryan Taluja

    Guys I don't understand who is this guys. He looks like saimandar.

  • Manan Garg
    Manan Garg

    Seeing them today and it's just amazing to see how saiman evolved as a content creator. Love you saiman

  • Media Gallery
    Media Gallery

    where he was and now whate he is

  • Ravi Pal
    Ravi Pal

    Damn it! He's evolving just backwards

  • Mr_x_Like

    He is the most self-confident guy in this planet. And confident for good reason

  • Despo Talks
    Despo Talks

    Isnr it the same college in vaaste

  • Atharv Dalvi
    Atharv Dalvi

    Excitement level -69

  • Mihir Anand
    Mihir Anand

    Back in 2016 when roses were red Saiman stated vlogging And nobody cared . . . . . 2020 me☺

  • Lucky Rawat
    Lucky Rawat

    11:28 i guess he is drunk😂


    3:07 Saiman you look so much like Divyendu as Munna Bhaiya from Mirzapur. Sweety humara love hain. Also sweety is there aka shriya pilgaonkar. I dont know why, but youtube is recommending me this videos.


    The girl at 1:51 looks so similar to the cast girl in JordIndian.

  • Aditya Kulkarni
    Aditya Kulkarni

    Wow Saiman was really popular in his College days

  • Aushrt

    Broo this is making me cry the music the feel and bhendi himself soo wholesome

  • Siddharth Sid
    Siddharth Sid

    Love from Pluto . 👍

  • Divyank Adhikari
    Divyank Adhikari

    I still enjoy in nov 2020 watching from mars

  • Vaibhav Shakya
    Vaibhav Shakya

    Me watching this in 2020🌚

  • Pratham

    Are yaar😂

  • DA2 MM Gameplays
    DA2 MM Gameplays

    This is ironically cringy but hilarious video!

  • Anshuman Jain
    Anshuman Jain

    Who's here from the latest Saiman Video?

  • Shivam Nagpal
    Shivam Nagpal

    are bhai bhai bhai his personality is so developed now

  • Ohm Charan
    Ohm Charan

    10:15 Shriya Pilgaonkar sums up Saiman in a nutshell

  • The UnKnown
    The UnKnown

    Here after 3 years..

  • Arihant Thakur Roll no 24
    Arihant Thakur Roll no 24

    6:30 - Next level moves by saiman

  • mehul garg
    mehul garg

    Arre yaar

  • akshay khetre
    akshay khetre

    7:15 Is that Yashaswini Dayama?😍

  • Vaibhav chawla
    Vaibhav chawla

    Itna stage confidence kaha se aat h yaar 😔

  • Akil29

    beta franku

  • Killer B
    Killer B

    4:12 mah boii saiman vibing XDDDD

  • Harsh Tayal
    Harsh Tayal

    Saiman bhai kitneeee NASHEEEEEE!!!!


    So *Are you ready* ? quote is stick to your videos from the beginning itself 😂😂

  • muhsin

    1:55 83 views on his vlog but still see the confidence!

  • The Mamal Jain
    The Mamal Jain

    9:54 guddu bhaiya ki patni

  • Nikhil Rattan
    Nikhil Rattan

    2:10 Sweety apka lob hongi par Sweety ke lob ham hain

  • Rahul saudiya
    Rahul saudiya

    Saiman ye blog banate hue tujhe itna maza nhi ayabhoga jitna mujhe dekhne me aya bohot mast dance kiya bhai 😄 lai bhari

  • Akarsh

    where is guddu bhaiya

  • Tahmid

    Sweety from Mirzapur

  • Akanksha Gulwe
    Akanksha Gulwe

    Who tf said saiman is introvert?

  • Cooper

    I am here watching all the saiman's vlogs once again...that's life ladies and gentlemen. Can't get enough of him, he is adorable.

  • AKSHAY _9_D
    AKSHAY _9_D

    they were wrong actually 143k people were going to watch not 800

  • k

    And I'm a kid ;/

  • Shantanu Patil
    Shantanu Patil

    Giving me Vibes of Jagram complex housing society Ganpati mandal Jalsa karye kram :) P.S (This was the longest function name I came up with)

  • Mukul Sharma
    Mukul Sharma

    4:11 I literally said 'hagg diya' infront everyone after seeing Saiman's dance😂

  • Akash Mane
    Akash Mane

    Saiman you should start vlogging again ❤️

  • Aathira Reghu
    Aathira Reghu

    2:53... Wait this is wrong... I'm 20 y/o and giggling like a lil girl.. Lets give the gentlemen near him some privacy 😂😂

  • Suraj Kumar
    Suraj Kumar

    Yrr bhai tune pura attention seek kia hua tha. Bhot shi brother

  • Destruction Kingdom
    Destruction Kingdom

    10:28 Sweety Gupta

  • Whoose - namè
    Whoose - namè

    7:21 isn't that yashaswini dayama from filtercopy love her❤️

  • Dinkesh Jain
    Dinkesh Jain

    Love from Mars

  • Dinkesh Jain
    Dinkesh Jain

    7:20 Later she entered Filtercopy

  • Ved Samant
    Ved Samant

    7:16 is she the girl who acts in TVF , girlyapa videos ?

  • KU5HAN

    Is she sweety from mirzapur ?

    • M R Sagar
      M R Sagar


  • Mobile Gamer
    Mobile Gamer

    After Mirzapur

  • A R K
    A R K

    6:50 mirgi ka daura

  • Shikha Tiwari
    Shikha Tiwari

    I now watching this vlog and I am just thinking that his vlog is far much better than all vloggers and I am following saiman from 1 year and the bullshit INfun is recommending now me this all

  • hadi

    Bhai mai Eminem ke basement se video dekh raha hu pls send help before he turns into slimshady pls send help

  • Sharmila Shrestha
    Sharmila Shrestha


  • biplop karki
    biplop karki

    isnt she the actress of mirzapur ?

    • M R Sagar
      M R Sagar


  • Venu

    Ricebag Saiman. Lolzz

  • Venu

    No introvert would do all these! Saiman is some rare breed introvert.

  • Chanpreet Kaur
    Chanpreet Kaur

    i was correct its YASHHH at 10:54

  • Chanpreet Kaur
    Chanpreet Kaur

    is that yashaswi at 7:25 ?

  • Chanpreet Kaur
    Chanpreet Kaur

    DUDEEEE YOU ARE GEMMM. Why wasnt i here pehleee

  • GoldenSaddle13

    Saiman Now : I am actually quite cause I am shy and introverted Saiman before 6:00

  • Hemant Sehgal Talhan
    Hemant Sehgal Talhan

    Hi Saiman says your vlogs are really very good. You should make more vlogs like this .

  • Aditya Tripathi
    Aditya Tripathi

    Well, his teachers are hot.

    • Venu

      Abey saale

  • Black YouTuber
    Black YouTuber

    Real porformenc to ye kr rhe the 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

I'm on TV !!!