HATE COMMENTS 😡 | Ft. Amit Bhadana, Pewdiepie fans
Dealing with Hate Comments.

  • Apurv Nagare XA
    Apurv Nagare XA

    Bho sad ike

  • Vamsi Tella
    Vamsi Tella

    I bet saiman is the kind of guy that makes Timothy pay him to work for him

  • Ronty Saha
    Ronty Saha

    hi, like u r videos very much...can tell me the source of your music?

  • sed grill
    sed grill

    Sometimes I feel worried about you .. doesn't your feelings get hurt by all these comments ? i know I'm a UwU person


    Most underrated youtuber :)

  • Bali Chavan
    Bali Chavan

    Op Timothy


    bhai baar baar amit bhadana ki jalate ho [no problem] but mae ye soch ke hairan hu ki wo kabhi bura nhi mana jaise baki youtuber maan lete hai [samjh hi gaye hoge mae kis ki baat kar rha hu ]nice content bro.

  • Tauhid Sayed
    Tauhid Sayed

    1st of all while watching youre channel I thought youtube glichted and it's showing 700k subs instead of 7M subs. Don't worry although it isn't 7M. It'll be one soon.

  • BoT

    mast video suport pewdiepie

  • Ifti Alam
    Ifti Alam

    Timothy's shadow made a cameo

  • Vinay Kumar
    Vinay Kumar

    Saimon bhai apko class me sst mam ne kabi kaha h 'go back simon'

  • 1 3
    1 3

    Saiman says u are bestest person maina aapko saare phones de subscribe kiya hua hai

  • Umesh Akbari
    Umesh Akbari

    Chutiya to tu hai no daout

    • Umesh Akbari
      Umesh Akbari

      Sorry it's joke don't take Sirius im big of him

    • mixbagtv

      Doubt ki spelling seek le !

    • Ayush Saha
      Ayush Saha

      tera baap chutiya

  • Pranav

    love u bro

  • Ojasva Garg XD
    Ojasva Garg XD

    6:29 😂😂 I almost choked out

  • armoured phantom
    armoured phantom

    This video in short is about *"r/whoooosh"*

  • Banks

    India is country where cringeness is considered as humor....😐

    • Suraj Bangar
      Suraj Bangar

      Not all are cringe

  • Somil Garad
    Somil Garad

    Abey saale naya video daal kitna wait kar vaayega

  • street gamerz gaming
    street gamerz gaming

    After 2 years

  • Aman Shinde
    Aman Shinde

    Radhika bachan 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Raghav Patil
    Raghav Patil

    I'll never put a hate comment on you


    I love you brother.. You are very polite than other roasters❤️❤️

  • Susnato Bhattacharjee
    Susnato Bhattacharjee

    One day ur channel will grow like no one's,, really brother keep doing this ❤️

  • Arun Sangare
    Arun Sangare

    Nice saiman keep it up you're the best 👍👍

  • T Series
    T Series

    Subscribe to sandymation

  • T Series
    T Series

    I still hate pewdiepie

    • aryan

      Cool that's ur choice

    • bobs and vegana
      bobs and vegana

      Ok t series


    Saiman is Soo cuteee

  • DOPA

    Loser reads hater comments.

    • mixbagtv

      Lol I see saiman reading comments not you

  • MITHIL 2504
    MITHIL 2504

    radhika bacchan , hahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!

  • boni katake
    boni katake

    Amit dada Wilding

  • Aaryan Jain
    Aaryan Jain

    A good outro doesnt exis.....

  • kamal .v
    kamal .v

    Lol xd

  • ishwinder kaur
    ishwinder kaur

    You make best videos in the world 💖💖💖

  • Unfunny Arsehole
    Unfunny Arsehole

    4:05 Wow saiman you made such a good job of censoring his name. Only if I could find a way of knowing his name 😔

  • Kshitij Sabale
    Kshitij Sabale

    The best INfunr in India ❤️

  • Anand Shankar
    Anand Shankar

    Keep rocking on!

  • Anand Shankar
    Anand Shankar

    This is next level sarcasm

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    Radhika Bachhan

  • Daniel Fernandes
    Daniel Fernandes

    You are really a awesome person. Filled with lots of positivity

  • Jagjeet Singh Chandok
    Jagjeet Singh Chandok

    4:10 pe TechHydra likha huva h also at 4:26 I am hiding your naam op


    Became a fan brother in just last few days. I am happy that i saw your channel, After seeing the other youtubers videos, who always tries to make comedy by vulgar jokes, and using slang languages. Still after getting so much dislikes and hate comments, you are carrying the same smile and positive attitude in every videos. While people are saying you can't be like some other famous youtubers, i think you shouldn't be like them ever. You are very good at what you do.... See, we have millions of illetrate people on the internet. So very few have knowledge to understand your videos, in short very few people have good test. People showing their own standards, by their comments. Carry on brother. I wish this channel might not be the most subscribed channel in future, but it should be a very improved version of it. Came to visit this channel as a carry fan. But now my thinking changed. Keep going brother ❤️🔥


      @Suraj Bangar definitely i don't hate carry brother. He is also a very good youtuber. He did exactly what he needed to do to be no. 1 youtuber in India, as he got the idea how he can get most subscribers. At the end of the day, everyone consider a person successful by the visible result. But according to me, saiman is way better.

    • Suraj Bangar
      Suraj Bangar

      But don't hate carry now,plzz

  • Mohd. Mubassir
    Mohd. Mubassir

    Bina padhe pehchana kaise ki positive comments hain ?? 😂

  • Rinchin Norbu
    Rinchin Norbu

    U r great

  • Nipun Srivastava
    Nipun Srivastava

    Subscribe to My Channel #letscaptureit

  • MrReX

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bahiiiiiiiiiii meine ye video abhi deki hai bro love you op videos man never stop making themmmmmmmm 🙂🙂

  • Max L
    Max L

    Indians can't take a joke. Indians don't get sarcasm. Indians are super sensitive.

    • Suraj Bangar
      Suraj Bangar

      Bro not all

  • Aush

    Bro people were so dumb back then

    • ‹ Donny ›
      ‹ Donny ›

      @ISHAAN KAPIL sahi bola


      Ek wo chutiya rudraksh srivastav hain


      Abh8 bhi hain

    • ‹ Donny ›
      ‹ Donny ›


  • Shreyansh Pani
    Shreyansh Pani

    when world understands sarcasm saiman says will be declared modi with timothi as amit shah

    • Suraj Bangar
      Suraj Bangar

      And modi is tatti,gandu hai wo saara Maharashtra ka paisa Gujarat mein ghussa raha hai

    • Suraj Bangar
      Suraj Bangar

      Will understand hota hai

    • Torrid 229
      Torrid 229


  • Harkirat Singh
    Harkirat Singh

    Bro abi teri video achi lagne lgi hai

    • Ash Ketchum
      Ash Ketchum

      carry ki nayi video dekh k aye?

  • ashutosh jadhav
    ashutosh jadhav

    Reply pahije hota rao kay tr tips vagere Jamla tr sanga

  • ashutosh jadhav
    ashutosh jadhav

    Are tumche 2k te 700k 1 ka varshat zalet Mi pan you tube channel chalu kela ahe kasa sub gain karta yetil sanga ki jara Tumhi kay kela hota survatila


    who is timothy🤔🤔 comment if u know

  • shakif nadeem
    shakif nadeem

    Saiman love from tamilnadu , really u r a best INfunr I have seen bro . 💝

  • karan amrish jerajani
    karan amrish jerajani

    Saiman how do you tolerate so much hate????

    • Ash Ketchum
      Ash Ketchum

      ignore them

  • Omkar Sawant
    Omkar Sawant

    Bhava saimandar tula khup subscribers bhetner.. ... U r underrated.. Just because many people watch your only one video .. Which u hav roasted their favorite..

  • Aloke Yadav
    Aloke Yadav

    Dear Saiman, I am watching Your videos since 3 days and I thought that your channel is very good love you. But you can't tell anything about a youtuber don't insult them.By the way your channel is very good.Love you,I wish your channel hit millions Love you😘😘😘😘 Your Subscriber Aloke Yadav

  • Avishkar Pawar
    Avishkar Pawar

    6:46 saglyat bhari comment

  • ashish deshmukhe
    ashish deshmukhe

    Bhai Tum bahot aache Ho

  • Lakshay Dawar
    Lakshay Dawar

    Bhai tune Bola ki u are hiding his name but you wrote his name in the reply 😂😂 his name is tech hydra

  • Gunpreet Singh
    Gunpreet Singh

    Nice video sir

  • Prathamesh Dound
    Prathamesh Dound

    i love your videos

  • Rayu 4rm Hetauda
    Rayu 4rm Hetauda

    Man ..your funny as heck 🤣🤣

  • Kaushik Chevendra
    Kaushik Chevendra

    PewDiePie reviews insults on other countries? If I review homophobic content and support it ,is it ok? "He roasts other countries also, why only we are getting offended" if someone posts racist and homophobic content will you support it saying he roasts other communities as well and no need to get offended? Why do you contradict yourself so much? Your content is good but please don't support people without any logic which ultimately makes you a hypocrite.

    • Kaushik Chevendra
      Kaushik Chevendra

      @Sʜᴜʙʜʀᴀɴsʜ Sɪɴɢʜ I have no problem with saimans content. Infact I enjoy his videos. I point out inaccuracies that exist,that's all. Anyway thanks for your responses.

    • Kaushik Chevendra
      Kaushik Chevendra

      @Sʜᴜʙʜʀᴀɴsʜ Sɪɴɢʜ none was racist. You still haven't understood what I have said. I said one cannot defend such statements that's all. There were comments such as "you India you loose", to which saiman tried to defend.

    • Kaushik Chevendra
      Kaushik Chevendra

      @Sʜᴜʙʜʀᴀɴsʜ Sɪɴɢʜ please read what I said above and try to understand. I haven't said PewDiePie made homophobic content , what I said was one cannot defend peoples unnecessary and insulting comments as just "reviewing".

  • Surya dev Singh
    Surya dev Singh

    I don't why any one don't take a roast sportingly and by the we love you saiman bro you are the best ✌

  • The dynamic Man
    The dynamic Man


  • Hitesh Pawangadkar
    Hitesh Pawangadkar

    Indian youtube community need you, yes we need you💗💗💗💗💗

    • World's best channel
      World's best channel


  • Jitendra Choudhary
    Jitendra Choudhary

    My fav INfunr SAIMAM SAYS

  • Razzy Vlogs
    Razzy Vlogs

    You are great and your English is also very good well done bro love your videos

    • World's best channel
      World's best channel

      The English he speaks in the video is just for fun

  • Aaradhya Tyagi
    Aaradhya Tyagi

    Bro you are doing great don't even listen to haters

  • thunderpopzzz

    That last comment though🤣🤣🤣

  • More Than Fun
    More Than Fun

    Are you itna velaa ki you read your own videos comments

  • Swayam Janve
    Swayam Janve

    Love you simon

  • Melosoulic

    You talk with logic and not with emotions bcz other INfunrs use the emotions of Indians to remain truthful to their audience

  • Super Gamer X90
    Super Gamer X90


  • Super Gamer X90
    Super Gamer X90


  • Sid Gehlot
    Sid Gehlot

    Loved ur patience

  • Sid Gehlot
    Sid Gehlot

    Bhai tum kasa itna control Kar tha ho

  • Sid Gehlot
    Sid Gehlot

    Bhai how you keep urself motivated

  • Sid Gehlot
    Sid Gehlot

    Bhai love u

  • Vedant Chitnis
    Vedant Chitnis

    Amit bhadana che video baghna mazhe dudhachya pishvit daru anya sarkha aahe😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Vidya H
    Vidya H

    superb channel why don't you have like 10million

  • Harsh Gharlute
    Harsh Gharlute

    Sarcasm samjho yaar gawaro😭❤️ He's doing a great job!

    • World's best channel
      World's best channel


  • hridya thadicherla
    hridya thadicherla

    2,639 se 733k tak ki hai ye Zindagi

    • Anukul Tomar
      Anukul Tomar


  • wierd arts Prateek suryavanshi
    wierd arts Prateek suryavanshi

    nice work simon

  • Roast Me Not
    Roast Me Not

    Bhai kitna PewDiePie ki chamchagiri karega😂 kabhi tho apne nation ko bhi support kardiya karo tum to humesa hume hi galat batate ho wo views ke liye humare upar video banata hai ye sach hai

    • Golden Dog
      Golden Dog

      You need a BroFist

    • Abhiraj Arora
      Abhiraj Arora

      Ok Gaaliminati ke chamche

  • Pranab Gogoi
    Pranab Gogoi

    Amit bharwa has over acting personality

  • Dhruv Sharma
    Dhruv Sharma

    Tis is india Tis is india


    Pewdiepie is the best youtuber in the world and you also.

  • ArTheGamer

    4:03 his name is TechHydra

  • Kamrul Hasan
    Kamrul Hasan

    7:41 Is anyone noticed a shadow?

  • Adityakumar Yadav
    Adityakumar Yadav

    This channel is so underrated The content of this channel is much better than Amit Bhadana

  • nationalist sharma
    nationalist sharma

    PewDiePie k Lund chusne wala fir bhi Kuch nhi hua

    • HÃRSH ØP
      HÃRSH ØP

      tune zindigi mai konsa kuch ukhad liya

    • Aditya Sharma
      Aditya Sharma

      He's the only Indian youtuber to Collab with PewDiePie

  • nationalist sharma
    nationalist sharma

    Ye bhi librandu h sala

  • OjAs bHoLe
    OjAs bHoLe

    the people who do hate comments on youtubers like saiman,slay point,and salil jamdar they are not mature enough to understand sarcasm and your content their brain has not fully develod i dont thik half also i think such people didnt even know meaning of sarcasm

  • Keshav Khandelwal
    Keshav Khandelwal

    8:46 😂😂😂

  • new movies hindi bolly se Holly tak
    new movies hindi bolly se Holly tak

    sorry bhai

  • new movies hindi bolly se Holly tak
    new movies hindi bolly se Holly tak

    bhai sorry

  • Shreya Chauhan
    Shreya Chauhan

    i love the way u talk.........and the way you handle these people who spread hate............one of ur biggest fan

  • Rohan Kumar
    Rohan Kumar

    Others Get Demotivated When They Get Hate Comments Saiman Uploads a Video On It And makes money *Modern problems require modern solutions*

    • B-ZAR

      *_Outstanding Move_*

  • Hello World
    Hello World

    The reason AIB did not have the kind of support is because people want dumb and simple comedy and not the comedy and commentary on social or political issue. That is the reason Kamra gets hate and Buggers like carry are carried on shoulders.