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  • Saiman Says
    Saiman Says

    No guys, I wasn't actually sad in the end haha, dw. Thank you so much for your support. 🙏 I try to read and appreciate each and every comment!

    • Aryan Taluja
      Aryan Taluja

      Bhai you are taking content to next level also keep it up

    • Md Opu
      Md Opu


    • Shreyash The great
      Shreyash The great

      @Anti sarcastic yup your name is true..u really don't understand sarcasm. For u entertainment is only cursing someone and shaming them..gtfo from here


      When I saw this video in eyes tears came 😢

    • S.R RAJ
      S.R RAJ

      Saiman I really appreciate your efforts and the truth that nobody can say or talk about .. Edit.. as you said in your slayy point collab video. That everyone doesn't has ball as big as me.

  • Madhu Jha
    Madhu Jha

    Saiman says is better than mumbaikar nikil and guffaw

  • MoanaGold



    Sir you are really good at your work don't let anyone speak about you in your life(bad things). I started watching you 2 days before I post this comment. I feel realy bad for you at the end of this video. Your content is amazing and sensible. No other can match your level of content. Yaar bhai teri sari videos 2 din mai dekh le hai mai yai samajh gay ki perfection = you. You are the best and you should be proud that you can overcome all these things and make a fresh content with me excitement. In tha end I just want to say that you are the best👍💯. Don't change and make sure that you make these type of content and make us feel happy 😊. LOVE YOU BRO LOVE FROM SHASHWAT ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Sunidhi Rathore
    Sunidhi Rathore

    3:51 India has 30 billion population.

  • Vardan Verma 158
    Vardan Verma 158

    Honestly tell me what danish has done for our society aur country...🙏 Uske jaise 50 ghumte hain road pr chapri kahin ke😂🤣..itni respect apne father ki kr liya kro👍

  • Aridamann sanga
    Aridamann sanga

    Your old videos are gold . But now you have completely lost your sense of humor , I didnt expect you to change so early .

  • DayBot


  • jugraj singh
    jugraj singh

    saiman u look amazing

  • 20Deep Korde
    20Deep Korde

    Saiman bhai... Pata nahi q magar jab se tumhara channel dekhna suru kiya hai tabse baki channel ka content dekhne ki icha hi nahi hoti.. Unlike carry's(over reacting vdos) your vdo gives a real feel of pure content! And at the last i just want to say plz don't get offended by these immature so called people who didnt even know who and what danish zehen was when he was alive.. They keep showing off by using him name and the #fambruh sequel as well.. And i bet each and every person who have subscribed your channel is mature enough to handle your pure and realism content and we are mature enough to realize that your content is far better than other reacting and even roasting channel excluding carry!.. So plz keep doing your job we love you and we will keep supporting you always no matter what and bruh your new look is fabulous ❤️.. In amir siddiqui wala vdo

    • Tejas Marathi
      Tejas Marathi


  • adithya Ts
    adithya Ts

    Tu Mumbai Jayega bahut aage badega

  • Sarvesh Terkar
    Sarvesh Terkar

    7:00 sad for us

  • Sarvesh Terkar
    Sarvesh Terkar

    Only OGs know that the thumbnail has been changed

  • rana uday
    rana uday

    Intro is op


    amazing person love you bro

  • Sayali

    I am surprised Saiman knows a beauty influencer “Tati” 😂😂😂🤣

  • Old school guy
    Old school guy


  • 10C 33 Nabar Maitreyee
    10C 33 Nabar Maitreyee

    Please do one more hate comments vid

  • vandana Singh
    vandana Singh

    Really tooo good,the way you accepted all the haters is really appreciatable. Love your content❤


    Haters ki maa cho*di bhaiya ji aapney tou

    • Krishnanand KJ
      Krishnanand KJ

      Well sometimes hater are right but many times they are wrong.

  • Praakhar Dev
    Praakhar Dev

    At 1.48 that's how Pewds got his idea of making cocomelon I tro in his videos

  • shreya khaire
    shreya khaire

    your level is too high than all the INfunrs combine. Just binge watching all your videos. I feel sad that i found you so late. please Don't change after 1 Million

  • THE BaBuChAk
    THE BaBuChAk

    I miss old Saiman Simple innocent positive

  • 09. Arnav Gupta
    09. Arnav Gupta

    Jisko lagta hai use lagne do par Saiman ke fans ko uski shakal pasand hai


    00:01 Saiman nachega

  • Aditya Tripathi
    Aditya Tripathi

    Love your videos bhai 🔥🔥❤️

  • just Fact
    just Fact

    Keep going bro I am subscribe from five phone. Keep going

  • Daniel Nadar
    Daniel Nadar

    7:37 but i like ur face give heart

    • Daniel Nadar
      Daniel Nadar

      @Gafv km yea

    • Gafv km
      Gafv km

      Yea 8:00 this one make me realise,, He is un-evedible no .1 creator in all of youtube

  • YYS Saindane
    YYS Saindane

    U will hit a million soon ..

  • Maxwell Russell
    Maxwell Russell

    The useful fish suprisingly arrive because hand electronmicroscopically plug pro a obtainable name. elite, mere believe

  • Swaraj Ruke
    Swaraj Ruke

    I am your biggest fan 🤗

  • BeenThere&LovedIt

    Saare chote chote bacche comment kar rahe hai lol

  • BeenThere&LovedIt

    Sep -300k Dec- 825k bhai itni tarakkki?!?! people are really tired of the shit content on youtube and we have all come to you for good content.

    • I don't have time to write my name
      I don't have time to write my name

      Bhai wo ek saal purana video hai😅


    The way he handles hate comments really bro appreciated my inspiration ❤️

  • Shikha

    who's here after 800k lol

  • Pranav Dandge
    Pranav Dandge

    i can't stop my laught at 4:38

  • mini tuber
    mini tuber

    he predicted cocomelon 1:50

  • Shashwat Vaish
    Shashwat Vaish

    Fun fact :- Carry minati is Timothy 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • Chaitanya Dubey
    Chaitanya Dubey

    Bhai kuch chutiya log hote hai ho up ko bol te hai ke up ke shakal kharab hai but up sabse ache lagte ho ✌✌(˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

  • Akshat Sharma
    Akshat Sharma

    WTF?!😂😂 At 6:25 that person has the same name as me but that is not me! I felt personally attacked😂🙏

  • Ankush singh
    Ankush singh

    Very interesting video


    7:16 tu carry se bhi accha hai...!!!

  • Vasanth


  • Mr. Rock
    Mr. Rock

    Huh huh


    7:45 bhai no one should make joke of any ones appearance .lagta hai carryminati ki soch vale log hai

  • Dimension Boy
    Dimension Boy

    Dont worry Saiman im with you Samjho beta sarcasm🤣

    • Jannat Fatima
      Jannat Fatima



    You are not like carryminati you are saiman says

  • Heroes Mate
    Heroes Mate

    areh saiman bhaiya u really look handsome 🤗🤗🤗 started following u and really love ur content "majak nahi kar raha real kar raha hu "😅😅😅

  • DRAgonOstRacK TM
    DRAgonOstRacK TM

    Bhai tu god se mil chuka hai, ye sab bhadwe hai #saiman is superb #pewdiepie is god

  • R K Gamer
    R K Gamer

    4:41 nahi yar.. saiman minus mai nahi ho sakta yar

  • pepetsu

    You have a very nice face

  • A one
    A one

    now 800 k ...waiting for this dance

  • Suraj Pradeepkumar
    Suraj Pradeepkumar

    1:48 hmmmm sabse pehle cocomelon intro saiman ne hi kiya

    • Gaurav Badgujar
      Gaurav Badgujar

      Bro post it on r/PewDiePie submission

  • zidane madre
    zidane madre

    the last part was legit sad

  • Raghab Pandit
    Raghab Pandit

    I Wan't to tell to past saiman that you are going to have controversy with carryminati on April and you are going to get more hate comments but your lovers will always support you.

  • Shreeram Bhandari
    Shreeram Bhandari

    When you were talking about your face I literally was going to cry😭😭so sad

  • hayyan ullah siman says fan
    hayyan ullah siman says fan

    I just dont care what fucking people say about saiman he will always best

  • Kartabya Raut
    Kartabya Raut

    Love from nepal

  • Soham Asrani
    Soham Asrani

    I am laughing on a video after a long time

  • Soham Asrani
    Soham Asrani

    Don't mind be I am just waiting till 1 mil

  • shekhar

    Bhai cha gaye aap👍👍

  • Arjun

    KeRrY tHaRa bAaP hAi

    • Jannat Fatima
      Jannat Fatima

      @Dhaval Padhiyar yss cuz you can see the capital and small letters

    • kidza.

      Cherry bhai ke baare me kuch nahi bolneka

    • Dhaval Padhiyar
      Dhaval Padhiyar

      Bro Tu satire mein bol Raha hain kya?

  • Itz Me Prabh
    Itz Me Prabh

    Pls Start Vlogging Again Big Brother

  • Nilanjan Talent
    Nilanjan Talent


  • Unstopable lad playz
    Unstopable lad playz

    Bhai tera chehra aacha hai bura mat mann Thik hai! Say sena hai tere sath

  • Arijit

    Saiman OP

  • Legendary Cubing
    Legendary Cubing

    4:55 best line ever XD

  • Priti Kansara
    Priti Kansara

    0:25 hello everybody welcome to saiman pains

    • Priti Kansara
      Priti Kansara

      @Swayam Nihalani 😉😅

    • Swayam Nihalani
      Swayam Nihalani


  • Sneha

    Samjho beta Sarcasm

  • Harsh patil 07
    Harsh patil 07

    Haters fu*k you

  • Mr Wonder
    Mr Wonder

    Genius ❤️

  • the sarcastic guy
    the sarcastic guy

    7:47 lit af 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Krishna Rizwani
    Krishna Rizwani

    The dance is the starting was of ranveer Singh's khalibali leavel❤️😁😁

  • Hemanga Pait
    Hemanga Pait

    But bro still 1 yr later you have not reached a million. you have collabed with top indian INfunrs, hell even with the world's biggest youtuber. I like your content. I am one of your pre 80k subscriber. Just wanted to tell you this. Your subs gain rate is too slow bro for someone who is very famous among indian INfun community.

    • Swayam Nihalani
      Swayam Nihalani

      Aayega wo din bhi😇

  • Dron Deshmukh
    Dron Deshmukh

    Yes bhai mast motivational video...

  • Beast boy
    Beast boy

    bhai kon karte hain aise comments bol uske account pe jaake aise comment karenge

  • Harshit Repswal
    Harshit Repswal

    8:17 I literally got mad laughing...


    Tu sab ka baap he

  • Subhash Sheoran
    Subhash Sheoran

    Bro you are awesome..🙂

  • Vibhesh Mishra
    Vibhesh Mishra

    Love u bhai

  • Margaret Dcruze
    Margaret Dcruze

    Talking about carryminati🤣🤣🤣

  • Margaret Dcruze
    Margaret Dcruze

    Cute warning 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sachin Yadav
    Sachin Yadav

    Plz sub to saiman says

  • Gamer Luv
    Gamer Luv

    You can't be better than carry but better than him like of course 😂

  • Rainzzz

    Bhai literally u r very funny😂.. I laughed throughout the whole video nd I need to say u r very positive👍🏻. Me bhi ek bacha hu aapki har video dekhta hu. Homework hoga bhi to nahi karunga, aapki video dekhunga ❤😜

  • Arry Gamming
    Arry Gamming


    • Captain Cranium
      Captain Cranium

      @Dhaval Padhiyar 🤣🤣🤣

    • Smaran Suthar
      Smaran Suthar

      Pretty damn sure you have only played PUBGM

    • Dhaval Padhiyar
      Dhaval Padhiyar

      Words likhne pe tax Lagta Hain kya?

  • Xxdeathly GamersxX
    Xxdeathly GamersxX

    Greatest INfunr ever

  • 7A24Divyam Soni
    7A24Divyam Soni

    u are best and u look very haters are hater but we are lovers


    Siman sir, I really fell bad for you

  • Yash Garud
    Yash Garud

    Ur beautiful saiman don't worry 😻

  • dinesh dalvi
    dinesh dalvi

    Love u bro ur one of the best in my favorite youtubers

  • Naveen M
    Naveen M

    no problem you will be a great youtuber love from kerala

  • Shalini Gupta
    Shalini Gupta

    If he would have done the same thing with tiktokers no one would have gave so many hate comment but not when youtubers why. And i don't use tik tok or any other app like that i am tellin this before.

  • Brother Side gamers
    Brother Side gamers


  • Prince Manu
    Prince Manu

    bhai sad mat hoo

  • Kash Sheer
    Kash Sheer

    300k suicide 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sumit Basak
    Sumit Basak

    Don't take hate comments seriously. #Saysena jai ho. We love you Saiman.

  • vulcan gaming bs
    vulcan gaming bs

    I feel sad for saiman

  • Siddhi D
    Siddhi D

    The starting dhol Tasha gives me visarjan vibes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥

  • parisa reza
    parisa reza

    Recently I have started watching your videos....clearly you're really different & underrated Indian youtuber....love you sir🤗❤️