Got OFFENDED in college.
Saimandar and Friends #2
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  • Lavish Jain
    Lavish Jain


  • gummin ori paktu
    gummin ori paktu

    Your friend looks so racist af

  • Born2Cool

    5:45 Tu tere maa ke liye jeera ho Sakta hai Tu tere maa ke liye sheera ho Sakta hai lol XD main kaise maan lu

  • Divyank Adhikari
    Divyank Adhikari

    Watching is 2020

  • Say Sainik
    Say Sainik

    Majhi wish ahe ki tu mala 1 da tari bhetalyala pahije. Mi tujhya javlach rahto.

    • Shreeshanth Kadam
      Shreeshanth Kadam

      Cool... U live near his house?

  • ishaan Sehrawat
    ishaan Sehrawat

    Wear helmet saiman for saftey

  • sanskriti tesfaye
    sanskriti tesfaye


  • Pra - Meth
    Pra - Meth

    Loved the opening scenes. Imperial March lmao😂😂 Love from Kolkata :)

  • Practical Piyangshu YT
    Practical Piyangshu YT

    Really this video was recommended me in 2020😂😂😂... Who else are watching this video in 2020...???

  • Lifestyle Baba live in lovely places Silchar
    Lifestyle Baba live in lovely places Silchar

    Baba 121 aushman vava ✋✋✋✋

  • Pramod Kumar
    Pramod Kumar


  • Vedant Fulambarkar
    Vedant Fulambarkar

    I am here after 3 years

  • Harshita Kulkarni
    Harshita Kulkarni

    5:33 Tu tere maa ke liye jeera rha hai...tu tere maa ke liye shira hai ...yaa tu tere maa ke liye pee raha hai ...

  • ANCIO Keith dsouza
    ANCIO Keith dsouza

    Proof that saiman is also a star wars fan

  • Itz Me Prabh
    Itz Me Prabh

    INfun Literally Pit This In My Recommendations After 3 Years

  • neelesh doki
    neelesh doki

    Where is Timothy


    Im from future one day u will be the future of youtube❤️


      @Saiman Comments is that a refrence for hindustani bhau bhau??

  • Abhinav 69
    Abhinav 69

    Helmet kyu nhi Pehna hua bhai aapne

  • sharath harikumar
    sharath harikumar


  • Debanga Borkakoty
    Debanga Borkakoty

    Nice thumbnail......😂😂😅😅 Bdw love the from Assam❤️❤️

  • Vivek Sharma
    Vivek Sharma

    2:10 he is not wearing a watch

  • Naveed Khan
    Naveed Khan

    5:38 Mai meri maa ke liye jeera hu 😂😂😂😂

    • Sushant singh
      Sushant singh

      It's divine

    • Ohm Charan
      Ohm Charan

      Aah that's where it began the rivalry the meme

  • Neeldeep Chakraborty
    Neeldeep Chakraborty

    Imperial March

  • Shikhar Sharma
    Shikhar Sharma

    Love you bhai Saiman

  • Wolvy

    Why does this video only have 89 comments?

  • Vishesh J. LinkinPark forever
    Vishesh J. LinkinPark forever

    Ye ankit. Chutiyapa ko mt lye kr apne sath.

  • Prabhava Kini
    Prabhava Kini

    Dada ekdum LOVE IT when u have such light take over the pc culture of today #helicopterlivesmatter

  • Dhruv


  • 422 Mandar Paripurna 581
    422 Mandar Paripurna 581

    BCR more like makeout room😂😂

  • No one
    No one

    2:55 Davie504 haters.

    • NOOB COVERS hypermouse
      NOOB COVERS hypermouse

      Very sad times......

  • Tek Gurung
    Tek Gurung

    @ 3:05 is "Kohei" the violinist from Japan, based in Mumbai, who also has a INfun channel name with " Violinist Kohei".


    I am watching all your old videos if i can find a hint of Timothy 🤣

  • Harshit Varma
    Harshit Varma

    Being in st. Xaviers be like hog wards

  • Ajib Daku
    Ajib Daku

    Pagal h bro tu pura

  • Prajakta

    So it's an old habit to check your 'wrist' for time 😂

  • arbitrary_assumption

    Harami saala brahman

  • Nihal Netha
    Nihal Netha

    And now your friend can realize that he is privileged to be in your vlog

  • Dhaundiyal Cp
    Dhaundiyal Cp

    I'm watching 🖤🙏

  • Kashish Sachdeva
    Kashish Sachdeva

    Please recommend this channel to your friends and family and they will definitely subscribe cos his videos are great but he is so underrated. I want to see him on top.

  • Sreerag E
    Sreerag E

    Man i love your vlogs... loves from kerala

  • Abhilasha Patil
    Abhilasha Patil

    Ankit thinks he is too cool for your vlogs. Honestly, just don't let him be around. You ll grow super high one day and Ankit will brag about being friends with you.

    • My Foot
      My Foot

      Yeah, he shows too much attitude.

  • snehal Gaikwad
    snehal Gaikwad

    Saimandars fav thing to do- eat , wash and go to toilet

  • Mayank Sharma
    Mayank Sharma

    Notice me senpai👊

  • Kaustav Chatterjee
    Kaustav Chatterjee

    You didn't wear helmet at the back. Sachin Tendulkar wants to know your location.

    • high on maal
      high on maal

      They both live in mumbai

  • Sanju Sarkar
    Sanju Sarkar


  • ABdrenaline

    the Indian Pewdiepie love from Bangalore

  • Hardinfardin

    ankit is so done with u :P

  • Rish4bh - Brawl Stars
    Rish4bh - Brawl Stars

    Watching this now and aaj hi Gullyboy release Hori h what a coincidence 😂

  • Sarthak Mourya
    Sarthak Mourya

    Sir ek vlog aur please

  • Sarthak Mourya
    Sarthak Mourya

    Sir ek vlog aur please !!!!

  • Darpan Shinde
    Darpan Shinde

    How did Aggy not COPYSTRIKE you ? xD

  • piyush pattanaik
    piyush pattanaik

    In some sense st xaviers look like hogwarts.

    • Death Strike
      Death Strike

      @Rupam Saikia oooooh

    • Private R
      Private R

      @Rupam Saikia that's awesome 😁

    • Rupam Saikia
      Rupam Saikia

      Yeah if Harry Potter was written by Chetan Bhagat, and there was quota system in it and the Harry Potter movies were made in India, then yes

  • amhs birati
    amhs birati

    Feeling very sorrowful for the dislikes..... They don't understand what is honest reaction Very bad


    You Are making good video till long time ....

  • Recipe Heaven
    Recipe Heaven

    After watching like 10-15 of your videos..I don't know if anyone else realised it..but he somehow manages to shoot in toilet 😂

    • Kaushik Sriram
      Kaushik Sriram


  • Kushal Yadav
    Kushal Yadav

    2:12 Saiman did an Oopsie

    • Vishal Shinde
      Vishal Shinde

      Only he has the ability to check time without a watch.

  • Legendary Kingston
    Legendary Kingston

    Hahaha...the start was just dope....

  • Gautam Bhattacharya
    Gautam Bhattacharya

    Kyu maha chutiya frnd paalke rakhe ho.. kavi mat lana isko.. please

  • Jay Esoteric
    Jay Esoteric

    We are going to go 😅

  • Avishkar Academy
    Avishkar Academy

    hey siman..nice videos ...keep it up

  • The Hunter
    The Hunter

    T series ko jita do

    • prathamesh gawade
      prathamesh gawade

      Bhag b***dike

  • Arnold Ackerman
    Arnold Ackerman


  • Rishabh Srivastava
    Rishabh Srivastava

    I want to do bmm kindly Help pls

  • Rishabh Srivastava
    Rishabh Srivastava

    I want to get admission In Xavier pls help me

    • Aashna Vishal
      Aashna Vishal

      Maharashtra ka h toh bdiya warna...jai mata di!

    • Yeshvendra Pratap Singh
      Yeshvendra Pratap Singh

      No one can help you

  • Sanyam Snehi
    Sanyam Snehi

    Lol, I was in the gates, I looked for you so much, I ran a lot! Asking you to not vlog Malhar. Couldn't find you. (First guy who appears at the gate)

    • Sanyam Snehi
      Sanyam Snehi

      Good thing I didn't stop you, I hope to meet you in person, I have a lot to talk about. Should I try contacting you through mutual friends. Is that fine or creepy?

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Looks like you couldn't do your job xD JK. Hope you liked the vlog! :D

  • Alkahest Online!
    Alkahest Online!

    STOP the clickbait saimu XD

    • AgentOrange16

      @Saiman Says 😂

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Harshit Singh Clickbait = rozi roti

  • Kedar Potdar
    Kedar Potdar

    Great content!

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Kedar Potdar Thanks man! Please subscribe and check out other stuff too! :)

  • Sourabh Rai
    Sourabh Rai

    u shoot with which camera?? saiman

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Sourabh Rai in this vlog I've used Gopro Hero 5

  • Niranjan Raikar
    Niranjan Raikar

    when are you having your life changing surgery and getting missiles attached?

    • Soham Kulkarni
      Soham Kulkarni

      shi re Raikar xdd

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Niranjan Raikar hopefully next tuesday.

  • BloodBrothers

    Glad to see Imtiaz Ali :P

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      BloodBrothers lol!

  • Archita Mitra
    Archita Mitra

    Felt good visiting (virtually) Xavier's after such a long time. Good video Saimandar!

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Archita Mitra haha thank you! :D

  • Naythan Dcunha
    Naythan Dcunha

    Finally thank you! I thought you knew about the common room scene

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Naythan Dcunha I knew but dint get a chance to vlog about it! #helicopterlivesmatter

  • Prathamesh Sawant
    Prathamesh Sawant


    • Vignesh Gadhari
      Vignesh Gadhari

      @PADMANABARAO RUDRRESH It's the komedi of Gen Z.

    • Tech reacts
      Tech reacts

      @Samosa thank you samosa

    • Samosa

      @Tech reacts wow yaar epic funne kamedi 😀👍


      @Saiman Says now black lives matter is going on !😄

    • Tech reacts
      Tech reacts

      @noobmaster69 on youtube tu tattaphobic

  • Gaganjot Singh
    Gaganjot Singh

    Bro u got a good comic timing and i think u should try in bollywood.....yea, im serious😀 And by the way, ur vlogs are awesome.. Blessings from Toronto..

    • Shiva Yadav
      Shiva Yadav

      @Saiman Says Dont break ur class man..

    • Potato Head
      Potato Head

      @Saiman Says *HmMmMmMmM*

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Gaganjot Singh Hey man thanks a lot! If I get an opportunity then I would love to. But it is too crowded out there. Let's see. Time will tell. :)

  • Margaret D'souza
    Margaret D'souza

    Which course did you study at xaviers

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Yeah it was tough!

    • Margaret D'souza
      Margaret D'souza

      Saimandar entrance ? How did u do it was it hard

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Margaret D'souza BMM

  • Sinish Maliekal
    Sinish Maliekal

    Good one!!!

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Sinish Maliekal Thanks man :)

  • Esraa

    Will you come to dubai again?

    • Esraa

      Saimandar Thank youuuuuu!

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Sisters Of Diys oh happy birthday in advance!

    • Esraa

      Saimandar Awww, I live in dubai and my birthday is in august 17!

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Sisters Of Diys Yes but not anytime soon. :(

  • AkritiRajput

    Lol Saiman there was always a GCR and BCR, just the old BCR was that whole place and we all used to chill there 😂. Nice Malhar videos! Especially love your time lapses and the way you used western classical music. Great job!

    • 1932__Vaishnav Kadam
      1932__Vaishnav Kadam

      @Saiman Says ClIcKbAiT

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      akritithegreat Hahaha thanks a lot! I know about the GCR re. Just messing around. :3

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