EPIC Drone Shot in Swimming Pool 👌 | Mumbai
Saiman Says Vlog #11
Some more amazing Drone shots and some very cute puppies. What more do I need to do to get views?
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Intro animation by Ankit Ohol
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  • Aseem Kataria
    Aseem Kataria

    Hello saiman , i was your hater but you won my heart 😄😄

  • каран

    Just 9.3k views?! This deserves atleast 2mill views and add an extra 1½mill for those doggos in there....Im on a saiman binge rn and i gtta say bravo dude ur really at the top of your game by making really genuine and yet really funny vids👏 I hope all Indian viewers soon realise your kind of satire/sarcastic jokes...AND trust me the day they do...2mill toh kya 10mill views bhi aapko kum lagenge Yours truly, Say sena karyakarta from Charkop,Mumbai.

  • rion dmello
    rion dmello

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Saimandar: 6:25.. Checking whether it's a grl or a boy.. 😂 The first two lines were for u saiman😂😂

  • Vocalist Vakeel
    Vocalist Vakeel

    8:16 you look so tiny! 😂💖❤️

  • Ranjitha

    I wish I found you earlier😅😅 u are a perfect example of an introvert, just like me😍 love you always❤ haha

  • Kaushik Sriram
    Kaushik Sriram

    I just realised how boring my life is!!

  • Kaushik Sriram
    Kaushik Sriram

    Wish I could have such an interesting and exciting life like yours!😍😍

  • Dhruv Tanim
    Dhruv Tanim

    I have watched 20+ videos of yours today in a row.... Next level artist ❤

  • Yash Hu Yaar
    Yash Hu Yaar

    4:58 Dank Rishu.

  • Dhruv


  • Rishabh R
    Rishabh R

    Amazing video bhai

  • I Am Prabh
    I Am Prabh

    Bhai main tera bahut bada fan huun maine apne 3 id se tere ko subscribe kiye hai but kabhi 💓 nahi mila

  • Toxic guy
    Toxic guy

    Bro heart ka khoj pa is video ma comment karara hu please heart da do i love your all videos

  • Dhaundiyal Cp
    Dhaundiyal Cp


  • Pak Memes
    Pak Memes

    Love you

  • gaming master studio
    gaming master studio

    Pets are so sweet

  • Siddharth Sarwate
    Siddharth Sarwate

    6:27 checking male or female 😂🤣

  • Himanshu Gurumaita
    Himanshu Gurumaita

    You know the art of making great vlog(s)


    Nice shot edit : Nice drone shot

  • Hardinfardin

    cutest vlog!

  • creeper slasher
    creeper slasher

    This is the content INfun needs man. Big fan.

  • Kirti Jain
    Kirti Jain


  • Jay mahadik
    Jay mahadik

    Ur made for INfun 🤘🖤

  • Parth yadav
    Parth yadav

    Casey bau will be proud of you

    • aanoneemus

      Ekdum Proud 😂👌

  • SAT- Sri Bhaukaal
    SAT- Sri Bhaukaal

    Wardrobe malfunction, haha 😂😂

  • 77-Vashishth Sharma
    77-Vashishth Sharma

    Saiman says is underrated show Lusty Brown Ideology *No Hate plz*

  • go Tv
    go Tv

    You just need to make videos on names commonly searched and wallah they search and ur name pops up and the become a fan,simple as faq

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Errors Tv Hmmm I think I can rename this video. Thanks.

  • Heet Nandu
    Heet Nandu

    You're gonna make it big on INfun man, keep doing what you are!

    • アレンAnshuman

      Prophecy 💯

    • quanticansh

      You r two years too early

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Heet Nandu Thanks a lot man :)

  • Gaurang Pahuja
    Gaurang Pahuja

    Bro you need to be big your toilet video deserves millions of views will do wonders for india

    • Aseem Kataria
      Aseem Kataria

      @Saiman Says Hello saiman , i ws your hater but you won my heart 😄😄

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Gaurang Pahuja Thanks a lot man. Please share it with your friends. :)

  • Arbaaz Saqlain
    Arbaaz Saqlain


    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says


    Gr8 shots

    • Saiman Says
      Saiman Says

      Thank you!

  • Prashant Bhambhani
    Prashant Bhambhani

    Dude when you get big on INfun please consider me in your team.👍✌Awesome vlog as usual.

    • Sizzle Exists
      Sizzle Exists

      @Aarjav Marick lol

    • Aarjav Marick
      Aarjav Marick

      This is Timothy.

    • Sizzle Exists
      Sizzle Exists

      I guess you are pretty big now ,but still a way long bro✌🏻

    • kunal jaiswal
      kunal jaiswal

      @cool dude lol

    • Tech reacts
      Tech reacts

      @Saiman Says ek tu reply nai deta muje Instagram pe