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  • Nazish Creations
    Nazish Creations

    I totally support u

  • Everyday Fun With Siddhi
    Everyday Fun With Siddhi

    69k dislikes right now

  • Sukirat Singh
    Sukirat Singh

    bro you are the most logical and reasonable youtuber i have come across,lol you are more indian then those could ever be

  • Naseer Ahmed
    Naseer Ahmed

    7 times

  • Naseer Ahmed
    Naseer Ahmed

    6 times

  • Abir Chodha
    Abir Chodha

    69K dislikes😂

  • ajay

    🔴Tum like karne ke kaho ya dislike karne ke kaho hum dislike hi karenge Tum samag the ho thum dislike ka ho tho like karenge?😂😂😂😂

  • Tejaswini Parandkar
    Tejaswini Parandkar

    Saiman is one of the most truth speaking youtubers. Mate Saiman we are with you👍👍

  • rijul khanna
    rijul khanna

    Finally at "69"k dislikes

  • Game Verse
    Game Verse

    69k disslikes

  • Kumar Abhinandan
    Kumar Abhinandan

    I am still wondering..this video has got more dislikes than likes..while the comments section is full of people who liked it...dont you dislikers have the guts to speak in the comments section

  • Chirag Suvarna
    Chirag Suvarna

    Completely agree with you saiman👊

  • Ronak

    I respect this guy a lot, self deprecating all the time. And roasts always with his facts straight being super humble.

  • Atul Anand
    Atul Anand

    Carry ka video mein gaali nhi gaali mein video hai Saala overrated Carryminati Pta nhi kb Salil Jamdaar aur Saiman jaise INfunrs ko support krenge log

    • Atul Anand
      Atul Anand

      @Apollo Rex sunna chutiye mtlb Carry ka support nhi kiya toh tiktokers ka support krta hoon pagal hai kya Jaa apne baap Carry ka chaato jaake

    • Apollo Rex
      Apollo Rex

      Tiktoker fuckboy

  • madhav jith
    madhav jith

    Carry is good

  • Akshay Bhat
    Akshay Bhat


  • 11 Nishit Jain
    11 Nishit Jain

    Anish:"I'll say saiman says 1000 times, he be like: Mazak nahi kar rha hu,real kar raha hu😂

  • 11 Nishit Jain
    11 Nishit Jain

    I got emotional and started to like the video from all the phones in my house. Mazak nahi kar raha hu,real kar raha hu.❤

  • Sanjeev Kumar
    Sanjeev Kumar


  • anand_grace_

    3:29 he already predicted carrys contraversy

  • Ashutosh The Great
    Ashutosh The Great

    Happy 69K dislikes...XD

  • M249 Big b
    M249 Big b

    Happy now 69k dislikes nice

  • choulaksha sewak
    choulaksha sewak

    bc 69k dislikes

  • MOTHRA Gaming Gaming
    MOTHRA Gaming Gaming

    I was like no i will like it the video whatever u say

  • Nishank More
    Nishank More

    I literally disliked this video 🤣🤭😂

  • PHEONs

    Arey iss video ko 70k dislikes aya hai😂😂😂


    I was going to like but you said not to like. So I disliked. Sorry.

  • Avvni show
    Avvni show

    We support you forever

  • Cooked Pancake
    Cooked Pancake

    Carry ke pas 28m subs hai bhai

    • vinita singh
      vinita singh


    • Hell 666
      Hell 666

      The fvcks I give are lower than ur iq

  • Badass Gamer
    Badass Gamer

    Saiman this is the day I unsubscribe u😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Carryminati tera baap hai

    • vinita singh
      vinita singh


    • Epic was here
      Epic was here

      Bacche tu pogo dekh aur momos chaba

    • Hell 666
      Hell 666

      Holy shit ur dumb. All you "carry bhakts" can just stfu

    • Pranav Roy
      Pranav Roy

      tu chutiye hai

  • wHiTe DeViL
    wHiTe DeViL

    Legends watch this in 2020😎😎🔥

  • CarryMinati

    the way t series has changed over the years and the way saiman also got changed

  • jasmehar singh
    jasmehar singh

    looks like toxic people couldnt handle the truth

  • Diy unicorn
    Diy unicorn

    Bachara dislikes se bahka gia hai

  • Shrish Kadapattimath
    Shrish Kadapattimath

    I was so confused to like or dislike so I ended up eating bhendi

  • 50 Mrunal Jadav
    50 Mrunal Jadav

    PewDiePie ka copy kiya saiman 😭 usne bhi aisa hi title dala tha ,

  • Som_iTzZ


  • Aashman Honor
    Aashman Honor

    Fucking hell 69 k dislikes lol But I belong to the 30 k people

    • vinita singh
      vinita singh

      We are legends

    • Pranav Roy
      Pranav Roy

      @Aashman Honor same lmao

    • Aashman Honor
      Aashman Honor

      @Renu Chauhan good you are a bloody legend

    • Renu Chauhan
      Renu Chauhan

      Me too

  • Lucifer

    sarcasm is like indians, most people dont get it

  • Knowledgeable Gamer
    Knowledgeable Gamer

    Usme 18000 Ab 68 dislikes

    • Knowledgeable Gamer
      Knowledgeable Gamer

      Oh han

    • Renu Chauhan
      Renu Chauhan

      Bhai ek K bhul gye😆😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • M F Karidawal
    M F Karidawal

    He actually meant to like the video

  • Dino Gaming
    Dino Gaming

    Got it

  • anish s
    anish s

    Since India's majority of the population is chapri therefore majority of carry's subs are chapris too. Only ppl who knew him aince beginning are like sensible and non toxic

    • vinita singh
      vinita singh

      Don't say the word chapri please...its kinda abusive

  • Vineet Yadav
    Vineet Yadav

    You go ahed we are with u.Your fan base is too powerfull dont feel weak man.

  • Aaryan Chengaloor
    Aaryan Chengaloor

    OHHH 68k balak (10 year old CARRY ki audience) disliked this video and now go and super chat your father's money as "AAAAA CARRY MERE DOST KO CHUTIYA BOL NA" balak or comment in this video "AAA SAIMAN CARRY TERA BAAP HAI MC ,BC,BSDK....."LOL

  • *CarvelCake*

    RIP Machhar Raquet

  • rajlaxmi Enterprise.
    rajlaxmi Enterprise.

    Tu chutiya hai

    • Abhay Singh
      Abhay Singh

      @Shashvat Singhto mat maan

    • Shashvat Singh
      Shashvat Singh

      Lol xd, mein kaise maan lu

    • Pranav Roy
      Pranav Roy

      @Abhay Singh agreed

    • Abhay Singh
      Abhay Singh

      Aur Tu Maha chutia hai

  • KING sickness
    KING sickness

    In this video unlike is like and like is dislike

  • Sankalp Mhatre
    Sankalp Mhatre

    we don't think carriminati is god but he is fucking supporting the so called toxic pewdiepie

  • Vansh Chhatoal
    Vansh Chhatoal

    I am with you saiman bhai

  • Muhammad Abbas
    Muhammad Abbas

    Why carryminati's distracks always proved so bad for saiman

  • Krishna Mulchandani
    Krishna Mulchandani

    Galat kya bola saiman ne😒he just constructively criticized

  • Archana Mane
    Archana Mane

    Audience of carry or to be more specific 50-60% Indian Audience is imature

  • Nisurg Dhumali
    Nisurg Dhumali

    Im 26 yo kid. I love you and m addicted to bro. Keep coming back to your videos whenever im feeling down. Good lookin G. Bacchon ko dislike kerne de mere bhai

  • Twilight Twilight
    Twilight Twilight

    bro i'm with u don't feel offended sad fact is that people will treat u according to their feelings

  • Seijuro

    Is he copying pewdiepie... pewds did the same thing 3-4 yrs ago.

    • Precision Edits
      Precision Edits

      Saiman did it in a very different way🙄🙄

  • Lila Rayamajhi
    Lila Rayamajhi

    See dislikes

  • Rahi Kulkarni
    Rahi Kulkarni

    Pewds lite version

  • nikhil raj
    nikhil raj

    Done bro😂 disliked.

  • Abhijit shelke
    Abhijit shelke

    Bhai ye bhi sarcasm tha like Karna tha


    If i liked this am i hater of saiman.because i dont what to be a hater

  • Sunny Mukhiya
    Sunny Mukhiya

    Aapna brain ka check up karaoo

  • Premgamer

    Big fan bro

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar


  • Gamer Luv
    Gamer Luv

    They are still not mature enough 😒

  • Arm Your Brain
    Arm Your Brain

    I liked your video. But you forced me to dislike. I disliked anyways. 😂

  • Anushree

    Can we please get the dislikes to 69k?🥺

    • Anushree

      @Khushi Khobragade aaj zindagi ka sach saamne aa gaya. But even though I know that this is Sarcasm, I aint a toxic carry fan lol (I'm normie, I admit. A little bit.)

    • Khushi Khobragade
      Khushi Khobragade

      @Anushree blind toxic carry followers, you are too normie to be here lol

    • Anushree

      @vinita singh it's okay. One day you will smile at your past. (They've already reached 69k btw)

    • vinita singh
      vinita singh


  • Shree Ram
    Shree Ram

    I am in a such confusion . what should I do now ? Like or Dislike?

  • Priyanka Naik
    Priyanka Naik

    Well said!


    bhai pagal hogya hai kya khoud ko marna chatha hai kya

  • Charvi Sharma
    Charvi Sharma

    I love your work. And pointing out what's true, Doesn't make you bad or unlikeable. RESPECT!!✨✨

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh

    First time disliked this video 😂

  • Vedang Kakade
    Vedang Kakade

    Kuch bacche jo carry ke fan hai, wo carryminati ko dekhte hai kyunki friends mein cool lagta hai

  • utsav mandal
    utsav mandal

    haters are confused whether like or dislike


    Your a real legend bro😀❤️

  • Aniket Gakhare
    Aniket Gakhare

    I'm confused what to do ,like or dislike 😅😅

  • Aayushman Gupta
    Aayushman Gupta

    Sainan is a traitor for our own country.......he deserves this

  • mehak kapoor
    mehak kapoor


  • ruhaan Aneja
    ruhaan Aneja

    Kardiya dislike

  • GL. DeadMan
    GL. DeadMan

    Well i have subscribed to PewDiePie, REALLY

  • Samosa

    generic maa behen ki gaali for fake patriotism

  • varun jain
    varun jain

    Abee saalo sachi mai dislike kar diya Sarcasm ko samjho Yaar.

  • Suman Singh
    Suman Singh

    East or west saiman u are the best.

  • Sachin Padiyar
    Sachin Padiyar


  • Rishik Raj
    Rishik Raj

    saiman this is india where talent is not at all appreciated.


    anyone notice when he was hittting himself with the racket on the beach . in background couple were sommoching

  • Akshay ī
    Akshay ī

    brother i love you and your videos but one think is that yoy always support pewdipei

  • kings tech
    kings tech

    Actually I need to know whole matter of pewdiepie and you why he added your phone in yalgaar

    • That dank Guy
      That dank Guy

      Abe tu idhar bhi 😂😂😂 saala kaise shakal hai teri kitni ch@tiya hai tu 😆

  • Em.S is love
    Em.S is love

    The fact that people actually disliked the video shows how retarded some people could be smh.-

  • Nishtha Bhasin
    Nishtha Bhasin

    Bhai mene sirf Tere kaaran dislike kiya

  • Abhishek Nair
    Abhishek Nair

    some retards actually disliked this video

  • Jatin Sahadev
    Jatin Sahadev


  • SK ØØ7
    SK ØØ7

    I really have tears...seeing a guy working hard to upload a video but still get more dislikes...breaks the creator's heart.

  • Hamza Adil
    Hamza Adil

    bro u r shouting so loud so i have disliked lol but still i support u

  • Girija Jakkula
    Girija Jakkula

    This is the first video i liked and its telling me to dislike Thanks Saiman Sir for giving are lot of people motivation to speak for themseleves and not licking popular ppl"s ass to look cool

  • Panotian

    lub u 3000000000000 brooo uwu

  • Phantom Yt Gaming
    Phantom Yt Gaming

    Nehi mein nehi kar sakta dislike. I can't. Recently you are my best youtuber.

  • Manoj Kumar Panda
    Manoj Kumar Panda

    I am not gonna dislike Because Big fan ❤️ a 13 yrs old kid

  • Amal Joe Sojan
    Amal Joe Sojan

    TWIST: Haters started to like Saiman

    • Unnknown

      To mai hater hogya wtf bro 😭

    • Amal Joe Sojan
      Amal Joe Sojan

      @Nishank More No. One day, SAIMAN v/s CARRYMINATI video popped out as a recommendation, and as my interest was to see funny things just to laugh. That "Woh dekho, PewDiePie ki jaat" part blew me off

    • It's me AJIN
      It's me AJIN

      Yeah that's me.

    • Nishank More
      Nishank More

      Fun fact you also hated him earlier 😝🤣

  • Keshni Pandey
    Keshni Pandey

    Your videos are damn logical. But TBH, Carry is not toxic, but his fanbase surely is. Plus yalgaar was shit except the instrumental part.