'Congratulations' was bad 😓 (break-up with pewdiepie?)
Reaction video to Pewdiepie's 'Congratulations', a disstrack on T-Series. Huge fan of Pewds, but this was unnecessary.
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Oh shit i got kidnapped in the end wtf
Ending rap song:
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  • Aarif Sohom
    Aarif Sohom

    3:01 T-Series fan? Really? 😂😂

  • The_badbatplayz

    Beside of saying she withdrew the case u should've said money talks

  • Bishal Bhomjan
    Bishal Bhomjan

    you are bad come on man wtf

  • Nupur Khanna
    Nupur Khanna


  • Nupur Khanna
    Nupur Khanna

    I am supporting piwdiepie

  • desi bhai
    desi bhai

    I think pewdiepie is correct. When congratulations came tseries vs pewdiepie had indian people on tseries side and that to convey social message is good

  • All About Android Games
    All About Android Games

    Saiman Says = Fuçk Ü Edit: Just Kidding


    I hate the lyrics but love the tune Not gonna lie

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      What's wrong with the lyrics?

  • It's Harsh jaiswal
    It's Harsh jaiswal

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  • Shreejith Suresh
    Shreejith Suresh

    Where did your specs go😭

  • Tanishq Ninawe
    Tanishq Ninawe

    India is 7th richest country in world, 7th biggest country in the world And sweden not anywheee

  • SacredFig

    Thank you so much for this video!! This needed to be said. White people calling India inferior, whats new? Telling india to fix poverty after stealing trillions of dollars to live in the luxury they do now.

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      And yet India spent 430 million dollars on a statue instead of better healthcare or education.

    • Shashvat Singh
      Shashvat Singh

      SacredFig yeah, that I can agree to

    • SacredFig

      @Shashvat Singh a white english dude did though, cringe (bring up the poverty thing)

    • Shashvat Singh
      Shashvat Singh

      Sweden didn’t do that tho

  • ayush patil
    ayush patil

    We hate T-series,but PewDiePie thoda zyada aur tu Saiman tu to hai hii chutiya *AndhSena* dont lynch me

  • Goldlion Ks
    Goldlion Ks

    Get out basted and fake negative speech about India

  • kjgg Entertainment
    kjgg Entertainment

    bhai khuch Hindi bhi bol dal

    • Nishank More
      Nishank More

      @Suraj Bangar social blade

    • Suraj Bangar
      Suraj Bangar

      @Nishank More link

    • Nishank More
      Nishank More

      @Suraj Bangar check his statistics bruh

    • Suraj Bangar
      Suraj Bangar

      @Nishank More but 90 percent will be Indians only and he give captions so he should talk in hindi

    • Nishank More
      Nishank More

      Not only indians watch him 😎😏

  • kishan sajan
    kishan sajan

    Well said bro...


    What ever song was nice

  • Augustya Shukla
    Augustya Shukla

    He spoke in English just because he knew pewdiepie was going see this!

  • Ansh Palriwala
    Ansh Palriwala

    2:00 *was king of youtube 😂😂

    • Ryan R
      Ryan R


  • Ayaan Sayed
    Ayaan Sayed

    It's literally the first time I saw Simon wearing jeans shirt and different shades 😂👌

  • RZ Infinity
    RZ Infinity

    This is clearly hypocrisy Saimandar. People in India started to link t-series with India as a sign of patriotism ,so why can't PewDiePie link t-series with India. It's a dislike from me for the first part of the video. Change my mind.

    • Varun Hegde
      Varun Hegde

      Coz he has a huge influence on his audience (9 year old's) who started writing some racist stuff under Indian vids(look it up online).. 🥴

  • Akshat Kumar
    Akshat Kumar

    4:25 I guess he meant 'last brofist AS da no.1 in da world' meaning he IS gonna brofist but NOT as da no. 1 blah blah anymore

  • MCPON John-117
    MCPON John-117

    Just stumbled upon this video, Saiman is a gem. A lot of hate he gets is from the Carry fanbois and also because of his problematic subreddit. Can't put the blame on Saiman though. He's doing his part.

  • Sasta Kun
    Sasta Kun

    Could saimon be Indian matpat

  • Sushma Singh
    Sushma Singh

    If u have problems with B series Then do whatever u want But y r dragging the whole of INDIA Its problems like poverty , caste system U r doing nothing but controversy on ur wish pewds We ( the people ) has nothing to do with it But u have crossed ur limits by dragging the country in I don't think Sweden has no problems Btw Bangladesh isn't in India

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      Bro 1. Pewds is increasing awareness of these issues in India. Most Indians don't know about these issues, nor do they care. 2. The bangladesh line is a joke referencing an older video.

    • Sushma Singh
      Sushma Singh

      @Manas Shah noob

    • Manas Shah
      Manas Shah

      @Sushma Singh sarcasm kehete he use

    • Sushma Singh
      Sushma Singh

      @Manas Shah abe gwaar hai kya Usko laga ko bangladesh india mei hai Gadha

    • Manas Shah
      Manas Shah

      So we kinda lost


    Every country has poverty and issue not only INDIA all country. America aslo has but we can't change people's mindset

  • Akshara Jayan
    Akshara Jayan

    You said what we want to say

  • Fundzee 123
    Fundzee 123

    Oh my god now a stupid foreiner is saying about indian casts oh pls god no

  • Subham Bhattacharjee
    Subham Bhattacharjee

    yea true thats y bitch lasagna is more famous than congratulations

  • Aditya Sarap
    Aditya Sarap

    I hate this song

  • DesTrucTive GaMing
    DesTrucTive GaMing

    East or West India is the best

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      As long as you exclude education, healthcare, GDP, pollution, caste differences, religious problems, people being called anti-national for criticizing India, rapes.

  • Games A50
    Games A50

    The realy realy fuck you saiman says

  • Hi and Bye
    Hi and Bye

    All the dislikes are from 9 year olds....who really are 9 year idiots XD

  • Detox Dew
    Detox Dew

    ek barr pewdiepie ko india aane bolo uske badd dikayenge india me kya problem he

    • Slim Shady
      Slim Shady

      @Detox Dew kya Tera baap pewdiepie sai 1111110000 guna zada Chutiyah hai ?😂😂😂

    • Detox Dew
      Detox Dew

      @Slim Shady mera baap PewDiePie se 1111110000 guna jyada he aur tu chutiya

    • Slim Shady
      Slim Shady

      @Detox Dew vahi to Tu pew die pie ka aulad nahi hai isliea tu Chutiyah hai

    • Detox Dew
      Detox Dew

      @Slim Shady tu hoga do baap ka aulad mein nahi

    • Slim Shady
      Slim Shady

      Gali gali Mai sap hai pew die pie India ka baap hai

  • Bangla Boy
    Bangla Boy

    fu*k you saymen fu*k fuc* you

    • Anushree

      Wow to the person who wrote this comment. Good thing you censored those words, warna toh saiman offend hi ho jaate oml kaafi sad

    • Anushree

      @Aspect Designs okay lol and yes it's saiman not saymen

    • Aspect Designs
      Aspect Designs

      @Anushree didnt mean to tag u sry

    • Anushree

      @Aspect Designs wut

    • Aspect Designs
      Aspect Designs

      @Anushree saiman*

  • Nikillan Karthikeyan
    Nikillan Karthikeyan

    I still don't think what PewDiePie said in the video was wrong !!!! . Yes , we have a fucking messed up caste system and many Indians live in poverty . I don't think addressing it is wrong or anything !!! Sorry saiman gotta disagree with you now !!!

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      @ Nikillan Karthikeyan I agree. This song really brought up issues that are never brought up and yet are huge.

    • fastest man alive
      fastest man alive

      @IRONMAN 123 and I still support pewds

    • fastest man alive
      fastest man alive

      yeah but whats the point to take it in t series disstrack


    The worst thing is that gandhi ji joke which was in its Behind the scene

  • Manju Avdhesh Pal
    Manju Avdhesh Pal

    Yesss Everybody Pewdiepie is AH Admi Tit

  • Squuidoo Gamer
    Squuidoo Gamer

    Umm nice among-us.en.uptodown.com/android

  • TheUnknownGamer!


  • Md. Arish
    Md. Arish

    Well it would have been ok if he had used Words like T-Series got poo poo in their brains, but instead he said *Indians got poo poo in their brains.* I mean yeah he is the biggest INfunr but that doesn't mean he can spit shit about any nation and it's citizens (yes I'm talking about each and every nation and their citizens; not just India). One of my most favourite PewDiePie's video is that in which he roasted 'Indian people on Facebook'.That was superb, I have watched that so many times and laughed so hard😂 people like them should be roasted but that doesn't mean that you start making fun of the whole country.☹️ I know he says but hey it's not a defamation, but it's a reality your fan base would troll us and mock us with disrespect and hatred.😔 There was a time when I was afraid to write any comments in PewDiePie's videos because everywhere in the comment section Indians were trolled with hateful speeches and comments no matter whether they praised him or hated him or just any general comment. In the end I would say, *'Sorry if I offended someone I'm just saying what I genuinely feel right. Sorry again.'*

    • prem neupane
      prem neupane

      But when he will tell like nepal you all will just agrre and call chinese dog


    india is very developed , i am a pewdiepie fan too t-series is not the indian government everything pewdiepie does is for content ,views and as a joke its his job to make content ,and he did that the second half was not that good but he is not against india proved it many times the 'other' song was funny i totally agree with this video

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      India is not developed. It's developing backwards.

  • SaKsHaM_G

    pewdiepie tatti

    • prem neupane
      prem neupane

      @Cacklo Uncle ❤👍

    • Cacklo Uncle
      Cacklo Uncle

      Karta hai (sab karte hain)...please sentence poora likha karo

    • prem neupane
      prem neupane

      Nahi hai

  • prem kumar tripathi
    prem kumar tripathi

    So what many people in India gives abuses to PewDiePie he has full right to do this if someone does anything wrong to you there is nothing wrong in replying

  • G_S op Gamer_Spade
    G_S op Gamer_Spade

    You are a genius


    Spokesperson ? More like dumbperson

    • Anushree

      @TANUSH K P uhh..why? are you too scared or do you have nothing to say except 'stfu bitch'?

    • Anushree

      @TANUSH K P no she doesn't. She takes a bath everyday😃👍

    • TANUSH K P
      TANUSH K P

      @Anushree stfu bitch

    • Anushree

      @TANUSH K P okay boomer

    • TANUSH K P
      TANUSH K P

      @Anushree go fuck something

  • Helix Patel
    Helix Patel

    whenever saiman speaks I feel like aib is back with an one man army..🤜🏼🤜🏼🔥🔥💥

  • Energen everything
    Energen everything

    PewDiePie namkin kyo tha

  • shruti maroch
    shruti maroch

    that British person "DAVE" literally said that what we can write about to criticize India ,,, wait ur war ins' t against India its against t series , if they say something against t series , no one would get offended .still love PEWDIEPIE

  • Ajmi Nadhimi
    Ajmi Nadhimi

    he was dissing the government not the the whole country

  • steve o. george
    steve o. george

    Get atleast 1 mill then become a spokes person for pewds

    • Arijit Ghosh
      Arijit Ghosh

      If you want to say if you have less subs you cant criticise someone then you have 3 subs you cant criticise Saiman

  • Manas Grover
    Manas Grover

    Wow bro you just call out anyone who does a boo boo whether it is PewDiePie carry or yourself!👍👍👍

    • Azraf Aditto
      Azraf Aditto

      stfu bitch

  • ρlαтιηυм hindustani gamer
    ρlαтιηυм hindustani gamer

    I love pewdiepie but this song decreased respect for pewdiepie in my eyes ......he is not wrong but

  • Aashu's analysis
    Aashu's analysis

    look who is talking about controversy

  • joint of cyanide
    joint of cyanide

    PewDiePie will always be the king of INfun.

  • Inki oja
    Inki oja

    i totaly agree with you i like the songs but few lines were unessecary

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      Were they though? When was the last time an Indian talked about the problems with India's caste system or poverty?

  • DZ -pros
    DZ -pros

    Don't break with PewDiePie

  • Pranav Turala
    Pranav Turala

    PewDiePie went on India since Everyone in India Took Bitch Lasagna as an Attack to India, Boyinaband mentioned on his BTS Video where they wanted to continue Indians thinking Bitch Lasagna was a Diss on whole India.

    • fastest man alive
      fastest man alive

      when did he went to india

  • Someone 235
    Someone 235

    5:47 is that the anime Mirchi guy?

  • Bimala Luitel
    Bimala Luitel

    I think he wanted to say "Its last brofist as number one channel" may be you didn't get it

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      Exactly. His other points weren't very good either.

  • Kaushik Chevendra
    Kaushik Chevendra

    Salils reply was excellent. Proper research. Watch that.

  • Sutanu Tarafdar
    Sutanu Tarafdar

    PewDiePie ka kutta😂😂

    • Anushree

      Okay boomer

  • Ubermorph Gaming
    Ubermorph Gaming

    Best way is support both

  • Prathamesh. P. Patil
    Prathamesh. P. Patil

    Respected Saiman sir, from today I accept you as my guru🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️, I wanna start a INfun channel 🤗🤗please guide me sir. You are my master saimandar sensei🏮🏮, please reply to my humble comment. Aapko timothy ki kasam please relpy......🙏

  • devansh tyagi
    devansh tyagi

    only 9 year olds would understand

  • ab nav
    ab nav

    Boy in th e band wrote the the lines btw

  • Yash Jain
    Yash Jain

    And that's a fact

  • Mihir Desai
    Mihir Desai

    Bring old dp back

  • Scarhead Potter
    Scarhead Potter

    This is why I like Saiman. Because he also criticise those, who make mistake rather than always supporting him.

  • Shahzaib Siddiqui
    Shahzaib Siddiqui

    I really like your videos but I'd have to politely disagree with you. I guess you didn't understand some of the references in the lyrics. No issue but I am still subbed. And no, the last bro fist wasn't cringey...

  • NoBy gaming malayalam
    NoBy gaming malayalam

    do not trust saiman

    • Anushree

      Toh kise trust kare fir? Tujhe? A person who says don't trust him in his own comments?

  • Comet

    too underrated video

  • rion sharma
    rion sharma


  • Silvia Hedge
    Silvia Hedge

    I don't know why people like to group T Series with India?! The caste system thing, we DO have laws against that!! Nobody actually cares about the caste system anymore in india. Its old news. How about white people stop racism? Oh wait, your 'Black Lives Matter' is there. What does that change anyways?! Racism is a way bigger problem. Fix your problems before dissing us

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      I am not saying India is a bad country at all. Far from it. India has made some good changes, and definitely has to potential to become a an amazing country, and is learning a lot, its just that it is like a very wealthy teenager who has a lot of problems that have/are being fixed but still has many problems being ignored and still makes many idiotic moves, either as accidents or planned by the powerful to distract from realizing the real problems.

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      @Silvia Hedge I AM an Indian, and elders are very often wrong. I tried to explain to elders why the random diya lighting that happened a long time ago was dumb but they didn't listen, They just said that I would understand the importance as I grew up, as if turning into an adult would magically make me understand the point of that, and as for the caste , explicitly saying to the police that you are from an 'upper caste' is better for you, as it makes it less likely that they will mistake you for a lower caste.

    • Silvia Hedge
      Silvia Hedge

      @Kanha the third and are u even an indian? cuz if your not then its real stupid of you to argue against me according to what you see from your delicate balcony of the outside world

    • Silvia Hedge
      Silvia Hedge

      @Kanha the third but yes, gotta agree with the fact that elders will NOT let you say anything against them

    • Silvia Hedge
      Silvia Hedge

      @Kanha the third nobody goes around announcing their castes because frankly, nobody needs or wants to know.

  • Master Wate
    Master Wate

    Povery??just remember 45 TRIILION

    • GV - 11LN 923479 Jean Augustine SS
      GV - 11LN 923479 Jean Augustine SS

      Yup, British looted

  • Nirjhar Debnath
    Nirjhar Debnath

    Bhindi bhindi!!!

  • Pling kuttan
    Pling kuttan

    Binge watching simon says ....and his English changes in every videos ...woah great manh🔥

  • stupido

    PewDiePie did this because he wanted to address that how bitch lasagnaya ( sorry for spelling ) was connected to india as a whole.

  • Ananya Subandh
    Ananya Subandh

    this song was completely unnecessary , u can see the ego in him , and definitely the poverty and caste system , if t series would hv made a song about him or america , the amount of drama that would hv happened , i hv never been a fan of pewdipie but never hated him , but after this song rlly hv no respect for him anymore , u can see he rlly doesnt see india anything else but as t series , yea , he shud at least learn to respect one's issues and problems and not just use the issues to create a distract and offend ppl of that region , rlly doesnt make any sense , but he definitely shud hv gotten hate for this song imo , i dont support t series but i guess as an indian i would surely support whats on our side and not pewdiepie , well ik i'm writing this comment after a year butrlly wanted to share my thoughts as an indian , and let yall know how offensive this song or pewdiepie is

    • Gamers Home
      Gamers Home

      how offensive this song is but pewdiepie in general is not offensive yes he made a song which was offensive but it was a song and wasn't reflecting his true personality i guess it was boyinaband that wrote those racist lines because pewdiepie has been in trouble for a long time because he mistakenly said the N word on stream. he wasn't being offensive or not respecting india he just made a mistake but recently he made a video on sushant singh rajput and that was a really good tribute and he had ads off on the video too. and you said "i don't support T series but i guess as an indian i would support them" is not a good thing to say. you should take in the other side's opinion too and then make your decision on who to support you shouldn't follow 1 side blindly without any questions. i respect your opinion but i don't think it is right to say that. pewds made some jokes which were a bit too much and got flak for it but let's just forget this year old topic and move on.

  • Vaikhesh Putrevu
    Vaikhesh Putrevu

    In the brofist part of the song he actually said, "one last brofist from the NUMBER 1 of the world" bcoz T series would now be the number 1. He wasn't saying that it was his last brofist ever

  • Rajeev Roy
    Rajeev Roy

    Chin chin was banished to this dimension?

  • Schrödinger's Cat
    Schrödinger's Cat

    True saiman.....but my fellow Indians should know not to abuse these ...videshis .....I mean ...agar unhe hamare desh SE itni nafrat hai..toh vo comment Mai unhe gaali dene se Nahi theek Hoga...they' ll hate us more....1.Better reply in a respectable manner ( like u did here) ...or 2.comment something nice...and 3. Best : in f u don't know any of the above ..please stay quiet...that most hard but most imp..even if u r butthurt .. ☮️

  • Aparna ghag
    Aparna ghag

    Those people who say saiman PewDiePie Ka chamcha hai see this video he is unbias and he likes to show the truth


    Why he always speak English

    • GamerOP

      @ROBOT GAMERZ no

    • Awesome TEJ
      Awesome TEJ

      @ROBOT GAMERZ kuchh bhi!!!


      @Aaditya J k can you subscribe to my channel robot gamerz small help please

    • Aaditya J
      Aaditya J

      because he has international audience

  • Shinkai Gamer
    Shinkai Gamer

    no men me too eligation is still a mystery

  • Kreepy Kreep
    Kreepy Kreep

    Saiman has confirmed that he is not going to grow. T-series aur Pewdipie dono se subscribers gawayunga mein ........

  • The Ryattor
    The Ryattor

    I think if you want a clear understanding of why they added the caste system lines, you can see boyinaband's BTS for congratulations



  • Aaradhya Lama
    Aaradhya Lama

    Why your glasses change why why why

  • Anshik jain jain
    Anshik jain jain

    Ab samagh me aaya

    • fastest man alive
      fastest man alive

      usne woh isliye bola kyuki woh fan hai uska

  • Sniper Damling
    Sniper Damling

    Saiman says is jealous of PewDiePie Like if you agree

    • Anushree

      Dislike if disagree na? Done👍oh sorry, 'done👎'

  • Cyrus Playz
    Cyrus Playz

    Think if pewdipie commented in this video


    BROOOOOOO very good

  • Devil jin 77 X
    Devil jin 77 X

    I think pewds was forced a bit , roomie wouldnt make such a line , its probably that long hair dude who ut that line

    • MKV

      Whoever idea it was doesn't matter as Pewdiepie approved of those lines to be in that diss track. After all people will held him responsible for that diss track as it was him fighting unnecessarily with Tseries & it's his channel.

  • Aden Frost
    Aden Frost

    It's supposed to be a parody diss.. idk it's the way i take it

  • Paramita Banerjee
    Paramita Banerjee

    pewdiepie has the only record that he is the most subscribed youtuber.......but dont worry pewd fans arahahe hamara rajah'''''' toh kaise he aap log'''''''''''''''''''''''''

  • itsyobro.


  • itsyobro.


  • itsyobro.


  • itsyobro.