Christopher Nolan in INDIA | Interstellar Screening
A dream come true. Almost. :')
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  • Saiman Says
    Saiman Says

    Just to let you guys know, I purchased the ticket for this event via PayTM for Rs.500. Totally worth it.

    • Param Saha
      Param Saha

      Man you got to see Nolan live just for ₹500!!

    • Sufiyan Siddique
      Sufiyan Siddique

      I can pay 10000 bucks for this experience 🤍💫

    • Pavan Kumar
      Pavan Kumar

      35mm is the best quality😔😔😔. 70mm is the best quality.

    • captain india
      captain india *All avengers real age and name*

    • Sami Bichumani
      Sami Bichumani

      Your intro remix version of S.T.A.Y is awesome.......Can you provide me full remix or the link where you got it

  • Sai Kishor
    Sai Kishor

    I wish I could see this movie in theater :)

  • Sarthak Painuly
    Sarthak Painuly

    Its too good to see Aditya with you in this vlog❤

  • Arun Dcoutha
    Arun Dcoutha

    He deserves it more than anyone as a best movie maker

  • The One Above All
    The One Above All

    INTERSTELLAR is a never-ending love. It's the best and the greatest movie of all time for me.

  • Abeet Sekhar.V
    Abeet Sekhar.V

    If entire India watches Nolan’s movies, all our issues will be completely irrelevant.... think big think future

  • Mr. Diluaa
    Mr. Diluaa

    Wow 👌👌👌

  • Yashodeep Solapure
    Yashodeep Solapure

    Bhaisab Kab hua tha ye.. Pata bhi nhi tha... Saiman op...

    • Jishnu .P
      Jishnu .P

      See my

  • Sritam Mirdha
    Sritam Mirdha

    1:52 Nolan's 1st appearance 4:16 Nolan goes to the stage

  • Abhishek srivastava
    Abhishek srivastava

    He is Einstein of cinema world....

  • IAM X ..
    IAM X ..

    You know when nolan entered the show all the nerd went vhuuuuuuueeiee

  • Purvansh Diwakar
    Purvansh Diwakar

    Anyone after masterpiece TENET

  • Ashish Raj
    Ashish Raj

    Why everyone is shouting 2 land 😂😂

  • Shibu Kaith
    Shibu Kaith

    Interstellar is not only film it's an emotion bro❤️

  • Space Secrets
    Space Secrets

    Those people who are shouting nolan nolan Believe me have the best taste of MOVIES .

  • Space Secrets
    Space Secrets

    Those people who are shouting nolan nolan Believe me have the best taste of MOVIES .

  • Dev Kalotra
    Dev Kalotra

    Crowd : No-lun Nolan : Hasn't happened yet.. 😂 Just kidding...I really like him as director


    Nice I love space movie and watched intersterral several times

  • khushal Joshi
    khushal Joshi

    Aditya op

  • Soumyajyoti Sarkar
    Soumyajyoti Sarkar

    who was that excited bastard shouting in the theatre?

  • Soumyajyoti Sarkar
    Soumyajyoti Sarkar

    2:01 yaaha h nolan ki entry

  • Nut Crackers
    Nut Crackers

    I noticed that the background music was of interstellar

  • manish sinha
    manish sinha

    aditya hi timothy hai

  • Ali Shahrukh
    Ali Shahrukh

    Nolan Deserve It ❤️


    Kaun backchod sir sir chila raha tha😂😂

  • S R
    S R

    Crowd:No LuNd

  • Johny Shinde
    Johny Shinde

    What if Christopher Nolan directed phir Hera pheri.

  • Padmini Menon
    Padmini Menon

    I really don't like that random guy shouting when Nolan was speaking.

  • Vivek Sawant
    Vivek Sawant

    Beautiful Vlog!!!

  • Tribhuvan Rajpurohit
    Tribhuvan Rajpurohit


  • Art By Bubble
    Art By Bubble

    Interstellar should've been released in hindi... my favorite movie of all time

    • My Foot
      My Foot

      I won't think u will enjoy the dubbed version.

  • PRANAV 2229
    PRANAV 2229

    Everyone is a gangster until james cameron shows up


    One day Saiman will give Chakri to Nolan to try.

  • Soham Goswami
    Soham Goswami

    😂lord Varun's next movie director

  • Shalabh Ranjan
    Shalabh Ranjan

    I have never seen so craze for a flim maker, Usually it is for movies actors, (Srry, stars)


    Jo India ke ache directors ko aise kamiyab kab milegi...😏 I hope Indian directors kobhi aise success mile

    • Rigved Girkar
      Rigved Girkar

      Foreigners ko hindi aati to pakka aisa ho jaata

  • Sami Bichumani
    Sami Bichumani

    Your intro remix version of S.T.A.Y is awesome.......Can you provide me full remix or the link where you got it

  • Hopeless Chalise
    Hopeless Chalise

    It's very good to see that You have La La Land poster.


    Aditya is timtlothy Edit: yaar ye youtube bhi na maine timothy likha timlothy hogya


    I came to rewatch it on his birthday

  • Shubz Deshmukh
    Shubz Deshmukh

    Team Nolan foreva 🖤

  • Siva Kishore gowda
    Siva Kishore gowda

    Forever my favourite movie Interstellar

  • ayush


  • shubham vashisht
    shubham vashisht

    Interstellar theme

  • Rakesh Raju
    Rakesh Raju

    You are excellent bro

  • Edmand

    Got chills in spine ❄

  • Vocalist Vakeel
    Vocalist Vakeel

    The fact that u r such a huge fan of him but still chose not to see him personally when he arrived and stood shooting in a corner only for the sake of your subscribers says a lot about you as a person. 💖

  • Qwaskhar Jullalamber
    Qwaskhar Jullalamber


  • vamc tech
    vamc tech

    this video literally gave me chills.....

  • Krishanth Kannu
    Krishanth Kannu

    Now only I watched this video... Man! I'm too happy for u guys ❤️🔥 (kinda jealous now 😏😂)

  • Nikhil Khose
    Nikhil Khose

    Movie release 2014 this vlog at 2018 why?

    • Hina Irfan
      Hina Irfan

      Re release

  • Pinki Kumari
    Pinki Kumari

    I think this reaction made Nolan to shoot tenet in Mumbai

  • The DARPAN show
    The DARPAN show


  • Dixanta Parajuli
    Dixanta Parajuli

    Saiman is now a famous youtuber

  • Aryan

    Jungli saale 😂

  • Mrigank

    People are like Nolan Nolan Nolan Nolund nolund nolund

  • Jemin Patel
    Jemin Patel

    Bhai aese aur vlogs banaona plz

  • Shibam Biswas
    Shibam Biswas

    Barely some people listened to him, you can sought after he conclude his speech.

  • Pramod Mewara
    Pramod Mewara

    Le me right now : Wtf I was doing 2 years before 😞

  • asif shaikh
    asif shaikh

    I'm just watching this vlog for 3rd time

  • 7.0 b
    7.0 b

    Worm hole inside cinema . Rip other comedians. 10/10

  • Raunak Jaiswal
    Raunak Jaiswal

    Best vlog ever!!!!

  • Atmik Dubey
    Atmik Dubey

    1:19 Honestly level infinite

  • Jeevan

    Like honestly I bet half of them do not have the slightest of idea how big of a legend he actually is

    • Jeevan

      Be cuz if they knew they would shut up

  • Shead

    Nolan: I hope Bollywood make movies with new Creative concepts Tiger: haha baaghi series go brrrrrrr

    • Yash

      @Sheadoh, I didn't know that.

    • Shead

      @Yash because tiger appreciate nolan's works

    • Yash

      Why are you comparing best of Hollywood with worst of Bollywood. By your logic even I can say India:Andhadhun Usa: sharknado and transformers

  • danish raza
    danish raza

    I really wish mr scorsese ever come to india..he is also a legend


    1st : Dont aware of Interstellar at time of release. 2nd: Didnt knew when this rescreening happened. Whats happening with me . Dying to see on big screen.

    • Sameer Khan
      Sameer Khan

      Me too😭😭😭😭

    • Suraj Mandal
      Suraj Mandal

      Me too

    • My Foot
      My Foot

      Same, I got to know about Interstellar after 4 years :(

  • Harsh Sahay
    Harsh Sahay

    When the director is more famous than the entire cast

    • FreeGameLover

      Yeah....almost everyone knows Nolan better than Matthew Mcconaughey.

    • sachinreddy bappa
      sachinreddy bappa

      @Whoosh Bait but he don't know then.

    • Whoosh Bait
      Whoosh Bait

      Good joke... Matthew, Jessica Chastain, Anna Hatthaway, Michael Caine,.... these guys are damn popular.

    • Shubhankar

      Ever Heard the name of Matthew

    • Armaan


  • aditya mahesh
    aditya mahesh

    a fan of interstellar is my friend.

  • Akash Tripathi
    Akash Tripathi

    Meko Ye wala Saiman Wapas Chahiye Yaar abhi Jo saiman hai usme Gussa Bhaut Dikhta hai

  • Killing Joke
    Killing Joke

    You guys are lucky believe me..

  • Shah Vatshal
    Shah Vatshal

    Bhai ye look ek baar fir se try kar really suits you💖

  • Jitovrato Chakraborty
    Jitovrato Chakraborty

    Choto Lok

  • Prime Time Gamer
    Prime Time Gamer

    Unsubscribe this chutiya 😂

  • Anoop Varghese
    Anoop Varghese

    Saiman, you should do more of these kinds of vlogs

  • D prajapati
    D prajapati

    Music, that Hans Zimmer music ❤ Glad I discover this video of saiman :)

  • Lawrence Sec-2
    Lawrence Sec-2

    I got goosebumps 😍😍😍❤️❤️

  • Parzival

    Wow...humans can actually talk to god's..interesting..

  • Madhav singh
    Madhav singh

    Nolaaan 😂

  • Aditya Chopdekar
    Aditya Chopdekar

    When they Nolan I sound weirds Noland

  • lakshaya sharma
    lakshaya sharma

    That zimmer's score though...❤️

    • BATMAN

      But i like zimmer's man of steel score more

  • Don't Read My Profile Picture.
    Don't Read My Profile Picture.

    Anyone watching this in quarantine, Or I am alone 🤔. . . (Don't read my name)

  • Aditya K
    Aditya K

    Ahhh. A quality video.

  • The PerfectRyan
    The PerfectRyan

    I just love how people chants no lund no lund no lund😬

  • Anushka Gupta
    Anushka Gupta


  • Arvinder Katoch
    Arvinder Katoch

    Always have your friends in the frame. Don't throw him out 😒

  • Kunal Kumar
    Kunal Kumar

    Audience was literally acting like fools. If you love somebody you don't shout love you like an ass when that somebody is saying something. Didn't even let him speak properly. That was disrespectful. Nolan must be wondering how come these hooligans are his fans.


    2:51 Aditya was about to cry

  • Bikram Mahata
    Bikram Mahata

    2 years ago i didn't know him.... Invite him again 😑

    • laxman paudel
      laxman paudel

      Yaa same

  • Dr A P Joshi
    Dr A P Joshi


  • Rinzler

    7:12 i feel you buddy. but it would have been much better if Hans Zimmer was also there

  • Asgar

    Why I hear do land do land 😂

  • Arjun Singh
    Arjun Singh

    Noland Noland Noland.... Just imagine

  • rishabh oswal
    rishabh oswal

    2:00 mujhe nolund nolund kyo sunai de rha h🤔

  • InVictus

    So Lucky Huh


    Kaun gawar log chilla rahey the yaar


    So what if you guys so nolan indians are so kiddish

  • Omkar Pangare
    Omkar Pangare

    Damn i came here for copper found gold

  • KK A hidden gem
    KK A hidden gem

    Kids meet Saharukh khan Men meet Nawaudin Sidiqi Legends meet Christopher Nolan 😜

    • S.m Shibly
      S.m Shibly

      Legends meet garib...kuch bhi😂beta...srk se milne k lie 2 sal pehle ke tokons milte he bahar😂kuch pata karke aya kar

    • S.m Shibly
      S.m Shibly

      @trending clips shit fr u..not fr wrld....if Cameron wants his autograph on mnik poster...n huge Jackman lead him as God of acting..thn u thnk...wrld wil consider u🤦

    • trending clips
      trending clips

      @S.m Shibly srk is just shit...

    • S.m Shibly
      S.m Shibly

      @Triny navaz has.....his own limits...but srk didn't.......u can gv srk realistic, dramatic,heroic, romantic, historical, classic....but sry fr saying this...but navaz can do only gareeb n Kashyap's films....he has limits....if u seen his unlimitation thn show me...I wil see....

    • Triny

      @S.m Shibly srk is good but definitely not better than Nawazuddin Siddiqui

  • Mr. No
    Mr. No

    Looks like Nolan has a crazy fan following in Mumbai same like chennai. I watched The Dark Knight when it was re released in a particular theater in chennai last year, and has to say the crowd was super engaged throughout the movie shouting like anything. And the real roar arised when the end credit said A film by "CHRISTOPHER NOLAN". Man!!! An experience of my life time. He was more popular than any Hollywood actors in India, and even popular than some Indian directors. We should preserve his brain like Einstein's. . . . . . A die hard fan of Christopher Nolan😍

    • Yash

      @Chris Thomas look at my other comments also. Just because our taste doesn't match on one movie does not mean that my taste in films is shit.

    • Yash

      @Chris Thomas may I ask you what good did you find in dunkirk? Maybe because i expected to see something like saving private Ryan or apocalypse now that's why i didn't like it. I didn't find any character interesting and story felt repetitive. Also according to Quentin battle royale is the best film. Do you agree with him on this one? If not, I can also say that ur taste is shit.

    • Chris Thomas
      Chris Thomas

      @Yash Dunkirk is shit?? lmaoo. You're taste in movies is shit. Even Quentin himself has declared it was one of the top ten movies of this decade.

    • Yash

      @THE DESTROYER yes I have watched all movies of Nolan( memento is his 2nd best acc to me)

    • Yash

      @THE DESTROYER Also, don't think I'm hating on Christopher Nolan. He comes in my list of top 10 director as well and his film the dark knight is one of my all time fav. But he has a long way to go to get to the level of Scorsese or Spielberg.