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  • prakash valsangkar
    prakash valsangkar

    4:32 Saiman dies.

  • prakash valsangkar
    prakash valsangkar

    0:17 tumse na ho paayega.


    Check my channel plz

  • Antariksha Jana
    Antariksha Jana


  • Animation Park
    Animation Park

    5:26 When you predict the future xd

  • Parth Deshmukh 7C
    Parth Deshmukh 7C


  • Om Ramanuj
    Om Ramanuj

    C'mon dude u should appreciate good deeds...


    Y so less comments after so many years

  • J01 ruchita achari
    J01 ruchita achari

    4:21 family member reveal?

  • Ragini Tirkey
    Ragini Tirkey

    I am so upset for having to found you so late bhendi 😭

    • Saksham Awadhiya
      Saksham Awadhiya

      Ok yr

  • shraddha Gore
    shraddha Gore

    Lamo.. Rofl 🤣🤣🤣

  • Saronee Das
    Saronee Das

    Too good yaar 😂❤️

    • Saksham Awadhiya
      Saksham Awadhiya



    Come on bro make more videos like this 😂

  • Iconix Gaming???
    Iconix Gaming???

    Bro he has god content . Better then mythpat and live, triggered insaan not an hater of them but feeling sorry for him☹️☹️☹️

    • Saksham Awadhiya
      Saksham Awadhiya

      U should

  • Prakhar Kaushal
    Prakhar Kaushal


  • shekhar


  • harys

    1:47 ha before 2014 to iss meme banane wale ke ghar me druv rooti isko sone ka bistar de rah ta. abh ye zamin pe sote hai 🥱 politics inke aukad se bahar hai

  • Utsuk Shah
    Utsuk Shah

    Im on a rewatching saiman videos marathon. Big Gay epidemic attacks Saiman? Isnt this also portraying “gay” in a negative light? Fast forward to a year or so later you are calling out all Carryminati fans on abusing the word chakka. Im honestly not offended anything like that But isnt this hypocritical? Or are you going to tell me that i lack a sense of humour and what saiman portrays is light hearted? It could be, i am just quite confused. I did find it funny regardless


    taaaaaaaaaaaaaakeeeeeeee ooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. take on me, take me on.

  • SB Stuff
    SB Stuff

    No guys, you are not the only one in 2020...

  • Mr. ZoNe
    Mr. ZoNe

    5:26 he just predicted the corona pandamic lol

  • Ken Adams
    Ken Adams

    Thank you Saiman for teaching us the perfect way how to eat cereal

  • N Karzy
    N Karzy

    bruh did you get any copyright strike to this video, if you did ,,.. did it affect you monetization

  • Chandresh Yadav
    Chandresh Yadav

    Why the fuck you waste food??

  • Apexa Patel
    Apexa Patel

    Very nice...

  • suyash arabatti
    suyash arabatti

    5:39 is op

  • Sushma Jain
    Sushma Jain

    Need a editor Contact me -

  • Srimanta Ghatak
    Srimanta Ghatak

    I just realized that chai pee lo aunty is already 2 years old... 😵😵 P. S. Simply revisiting my favourite INfun channel... ❤

    • 9 7
      9 7

      @Shravani same

    • DIVINE

      Me and bois using this everyday in our group 😂

    • Shravani


    BEAST RAMEN Like and subscribe

  • Ayaan Mulla
    Ayaan Mulla

    I can see Timothy in you glass reflection

  • p t
    p t

    5:25 aye epidemic predicted

  • Player's Planet
    Player's Planet


  • Indramani Gaire
    Indramani Gaire


  • Vashi Mahik
    Vashi Mahik

    Modi is hero.

  • Avishkar Goel
    Avishkar Goel

    2:08 my meme bois ❤️😭

  • Mukeshkumarspn18 mukeshKumarspn18
    Mukeshkumarspn18 mukeshKumarspn18

    Teri Shakal funny Kuch Bhi Nahin Hai Subah🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖😁😁😁😁😁😁🐖🐖🐖

  • Divine Nexus
    Divine Nexus

    Saiman Gays

    • mixbagtv

      The same homophobic lame jokes that carry usually makes ...and got his video removed dangggg


    4:26Whats the point saiman sir You also put milk before cereal😂😂

  • yuvraj chouhan
    yuvraj chouhan

    333 dislike haters illuminati confirmed

  • Nishanth Gaur
    Nishanth Gaur

    Kim looks like a kid with Chubby cheaks 😂😂

  • MaG NITud3
    MaG NITud3

    Lwiay copy

  • Sangita Majumder
    Sangita Majumder

    U r so underrated and so cute😍😍

  • Kush Dodia
    Kush Dodia

    We live in a country where you tubers are known by their subscribers why¿ Saiman is one of the INfunr with best sense humour

  • MaNy Winnies
    MaNy Winnies

    Music at 0:15 please?🥺

  • Radhika

    Saiman will be one day quality INfunr in India.

  • marrium khosa
    marrium khosa

    Why is he so underrated. I love his videos and comedy

  • RabLLow!

    1:50 lol ye gulaam 2014 k pehle internet documents m chalata tha tatti road. M krta tha electricity ni aane pr haath ka pankha chlata tha or uski gulaami abi b ni gyi. India m shi m bewkoof bhre pde h 😂

  • Prashant Mishra
    Prashant Mishra

    Great video lndian PewDiePie. It must have million views. Ek baat samjh nhi aati ki Asli talent ke 6 lakh aur chutiyo ke 2 crore subscribers q , q,q,q????????????????? Love this channel ❤️

    • Happy Vector Day
      Happy Vector Day

      Because edible fruit se jada tatti me jada makhhi raheti hai According to my prediction the 20million guy will fade in 2025 & our brown Pewdiepie Saiman will dominate INfun India

  • yogesh nagpal
    yogesh nagpal

    What that shitty fluted?

  • Gaming Beast
    Gaming Beast

    Hello guys good morning a Saiman says dekhlo


    Hi friends jo jo comments me like ki bhik mangrahehe unko report karlo

  • IRRI

    Bro tera content mujhe bohot pasand h but mazak mazak me anaaj neeche mat daal yar... bohot bura lagta h. Dil se bura lagta h. °_°

  • Ps Work
    Ps Work

    Sexy aunty 😍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ali abraham
    Ali abraham

    Ye channel time paas ki liye dekhna start kra tha ... Par ab mzaa a rha hai

  • Madan Thapa
    Madan Thapa

    1:42 nice reply

  • Manju Pant
    Manju Pant

    Pink panther theme song

  • Kai

    Mumbai Police is savage af💀

  • alluri pranitha
    alluri pranitha

    3:37 lol i wish there is ur mom's dailogue


    How to upload memes so that saiman see it or where to upload my memes


      @siddharth Grover I had found it btw thank u :)

  • Maahi Pandey
    Maahi Pandey

    Memes are underrated in India oof Saiman the ultimate saviour

  • Chhavimani Choubey
    Chhavimani Choubey

    Feel this moment by Christina Aguilera ft Pitbull

  • Enhanced Gamer
    Enhanced Gamer

    This man deserves 100 million INfun is just not showing this in recommended channel

  • Prajas Wadekar
    Prajas Wadekar

    Patanjali cereals are not real cereals

  • Aanu Bhuti
    Aanu Bhuti

    Omae wa mo shindeiru😂😂

  • Neeraj Singh
    Neeraj Singh

    click bait tha yeh loduuuuuuuuuuuu

    • mixbagtv

      Aunty ki memes thi na usmae dekha nahi!

  • siddhesh bhaindarkar
    siddhesh bhaindarkar

    Seriously stop wasting food

  • Haris Sahab
    Haris Sahab

    Ah, it's Vintage Saiman.

  • Crazy Youtuber3401
    Crazy Youtuber3401

    4:33 probably killed by his mother

  • Mitali

    I've been binge watching your videos 😂🥵

  • amrit bahl
    amrit bahl

    This guy is a legit genius

  • Rigs Shiver
    Rigs Shiver


  • Venkat p
    Venkat p

    Bhai I think PM jo bhi hai respect toh banta hai

  • Gandhi Karan
    Gandhi Karan

    Speaker fat raha hai

  • Uttam Pathak
    Uttam Pathak

    Worst editing of despacito by you bhai

  • Abhishek Bhimalli
    Abhishek Bhimalli

    Next pew saiman says from India 👏🏻

  • harys

    dolan trump sab ko roast krta hai, looks nich and thin 😂✌🏼

  • harys

    bhai pink panther music ka claim kese ni aya. muje ni pata isiliye pucha. kareedna padega kya?

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar

    2:45 was so awsome

  • Amazing trickster
    Amazing trickster

    I watched the intro 10 times

  • Advay Inabathini
    Advay Inabathini

    did ur video get claimed?

  • kroh tg
    kroh tg

    Chai Pilo aunty is a wholesome meme

  • Nadeem Admani
    Nadeem Admani

    I lost it at " Hi friends, share Karlo" 😂

  • sj paul
    sj paul

    pehle main Bore tha Ab nahi hu Luv your stuff 🖤

  • Captain Jack Sparrow
    Captain Jack Sparrow

    0:45 I thought my alarm was ringing 😂😂😂

  • mrkvgulati

    Arrey is bande ke 1 million subs karo re sab jaldi se milke!

  • Seema Singh
    Seema Singh

    Lowkey calling modi Ji desperate😂😂...I like it...I like it

  • Foxi

    The no. Of times Saiman has changed the name of this show and what they are Shembud Meme OK please Bhendi Saiman sees

  • Ironclad

    Saiman is not underrated people generally fear him because if they watch his videos they will be interested and they don't want to watch videos of person who supported pewdiepie

  • cookie monster
    cookie monster

    Chai pilo frands ☕

  • Muzical Brock
    Muzical Brock

    Bhai Jo thumbnail me h Usko thoda to mention krte us se jyada to modi aur trump footage khaliye

  • Miyadad Hussain
    Miyadad Hussain

    so are you trying to get 1m soon????

  • HRZ

    0:13 was that modi's yoga on rock reference.

  • Todsteraugh a3b
    Todsteraugh a3b

    Hardcore way to eat cereal: 1. Use bowl as a cap 2. Drink boiling milk 3. Snort the cereal.

    • Roti

      Cheekh cheekh kar sab ko skeem batade

  • Godestial 8D
    Godestial 8D

    5:11 avengers infinity war thanos theme

  • KISHO C.
    KISHO C.

    😂 purana Saiman

  • harman gaming
    harman gaming

    bro keep your confidence uppp

  • kroh tg
    kroh tg

    I thought you had at least 1 million subs.... Man you need more subs bruh..

  • Aman Adhikari
    Aman Adhikari

    One day this guy will collab with pewdiepie!

    • Aman Adhikari
      Aman Adhikari

      @The Innocent Tuber bhai sarcasm tha

    • The Innocent Tuber
      The Innocent Tuber

      He has done already bro....checkout his channel

  • raj pradhan
    raj pradhan


  • video maker
    video maker

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaa thats not pilo Its peeelo......