Can you hold EYE CONTACT?
Ahh this is awkward.
Hi my name is Saimandar and this is my channel Saiman Says.
wish you a happy married life

  • Amanjot Singh
    Amanjot Singh

    last bit was cute : D

  • Clash Gaming
    Clash Gaming

    Me tooo

  • Poorav Sankhyan
    Poorav Sankhyan

    Background music is very seducive

  • Sahilariouss

    गीगी hadid 🤣🤣😭

  • Nikunj Singhania
    Nikunj Singhania

    Fuck bro this is the best content I've seen 😂😂😂😂

  • Ranjit Bista
    Ranjit Bista



    Guess this is why he wears Kids Pink Goggles in every video.

  • butmyfriendyouhaveseennothing

    Saiman to gigi-Baby meanwhile Zayn-Vas happnin'??🌚🌚🔪

  • BeenThere&LovedIt

    Gigi's hadid with you man...

  • Amir Saif
    Amir Saif

    See your face in mirror..

  • Sampada Matkar
    Sampada Matkar

    Iconic 😂😂


    Le me : konsa aankh dekhu be ! XD

  • Anish Jadhav
    Anish Jadhav

    Kya ho raha hai 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Haroon Abass
    Haroon Abass

    Mere aur gigi k beach main saiman kya kar raha hai

  • Frazixgamer

    14k th like from me 😎

  • Frazixgamer

    667 comment from me

  • ղڈեڈռ pRaTaP sIngH
    ղڈեڈռ pRaTaP sIngH

    R u trying to impress your crush broo....if u have u can tell us😘😘😍

  • Shivji Tiwari
    Shivji Tiwari

    he is the speaking charlie chaplin

  • Hitasree

    Who all did try not to break eye contact challenge with this video 😹😹

  • Otaku Ameen
    Otaku Ameen

    Gigi hadid ko kon nahi janta ☺️☺️

  • earnest earthworm
    earnest earthworm

    gee gee hadeed

  • Dead meme reviver
    Dead meme reviver

    Ah yes finally seeing a mature comment section

  • Chhayank

    799k reach 800k soon ❤!

  • Chhayank


  • Ranisha Pereira
    Ranisha Pereira

    Hi ghee ghee

  • ayush swapnil
    ayush swapnil

    When he fell.. I fell laughing🤣🤣🤣 Grt content

  • atharv ambradkar
    atharv ambradkar

    Zayn wants to know your location

  • Cooper

    Omg i died at the last part! Btw you should cosplay baljeet from phineas and ferb in the next comic con

  • Sanonerd

    *Angry Nora bhabhi noises*

    • Nishit Jain
      Nishit Jain

      Lol xd brooo😂😀

  • Raj Sail
    Raj Sail

    Windows XP wallpaper on background.... My childhood pc 😍 My memories of that pc .. do you have like it.....

  • Keshav Singhal
    Keshav Singhal

    Saiman being mr bean just kicks me out with laughter

  • hi • edited 21 years ago
    hi • edited 21 years ago

    I tried seeing gigi hadid's baby in future

  • Lemme be UNKNOWN!
    Lemme be UNKNOWN!

    i couldn't poop in the morning cuz i had rajma last night aur voh ek saath nikalta nahi hai na!!😂😂😂

  • Sankha Suvra Saha
    Sankha Suvra Saha

    This is called true comedy

  • no copyright beats
    no copyright beats

    Saiman Gigi is married

  • no copyright beats
    no copyright beats

    I just watched your video because of Gigi hadid

  • Keisam Yuvraj
    Keisam Yuvraj

    Saiman while trying to mantain eye contact: IMPROVISE. ADAPT. OVERCOME

  • Suyash Shukla
    Suyash Shukla

    2:41- I hope girl doesnt say to you-*aankh dikhata hai madarjaat*

  • Saniya Singh
    Saniya Singh

    God knows why I discovered this channel so late... Thanks to this lockdown period..

    • Adwait Adwait
      Adwait Adwait

      me too

    • 033_Gaurav Patel
      033_Gaurav Patel

      This channel is harpic for youtube. 😂 Saiman is best.

  • time pass
    time pass

    Lol video equality 😂😂😂😂 0p

  • Varad Tendulkar
    Varad Tendulkar

    At 3.10 suddenly darks circles gayab hogaye how is that possible?😂😂

  • Nenwani Telochana
    Nenwani Telochana


  • HARAM khor
    HARAM khor

    Bro,I have watched your complete playlist without skipping a single video . Its great to see that some genuine,logical and sarcastic roaster exists in our nation who can roast anyone/any topic without vulgarity . Overall Great content , keep going man . Hope you'll reach 10 million very soon . #StaySafe

  • Nityay Jadhav
    Nityay Jadhav

    St Xavier's Try to read in marathi accent

  • Jinal Rathod
    Jinal Rathod

    When you realise Gigi is having a baby !😂

  • The Lyrical boy
    The Lyrical boy

    I can't eye contact ... because I'm blind ( just kidding)

  • Hi He
    Hi He

    Gigi (JIJI) you can say like this😌

  • Bunny Jabran
    Bunny Jabran

    Saiman you failed in this vid. 1. The second time in the video "Can you read her mind" you continuously stared her in eye for more than 20 sec. 2. You wore pants. :(


    Damn it...I am soo phattu of looking in a girls eyes that whenever Saiman starts a clip I just scroll down in the comments 😅🤦‍♂️ I know there are many people like me.... No just me ok :(

  • pankaj kumari sahu
    pankaj kumari sahu

    When he said "hi Gigi" Google assistant opened


    show this video to ZAYN

  • SMG Yt
    SMG Yt

    3:57 i can read she is waiting to get money after her shooting

  • Rajesh Achrekar
    Rajesh Achrekar

    out of all the names in the world charulata???????????????????????????????????????

  • Lucifer Viseversa
    Lucifer Viseversa

    Saiman is the 2nd most handsome man in the world And the most handsome man is papa franku

  • m a
    m a

    but where's part 2...

  • Radhika sahu Mahi
    Radhika sahu Mahi

    Ase mat dekh bohooooot ajeeb lag raha hai 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • anime guy
    anime guy

    Instructions unclear. I'm in jail now. Please someone bail me.

  • hello motherfuckers
    hello motherfuckers

    He protec He attac But most importantly He does eye contac

  • saitama sensei
    saitama sensei

    bro look ,a weird guy is talking to screen

  • Honey Singh
    Honey Singh

    He protec He attac But most importantly He makes eye contac

  • Kshyarsh Yusuf
    Kshyarsh Yusuf

    Did he call gigi gege hadid

  • Tech With Fahim
    Tech With Fahim

    you are cheap copy of PewDiePie. sala chorr 😂

  • ManjuOm Jugtawat
    ManjuOm Jugtawat

    2:01 Saiman-👁️👁️

  • Arnab Maiti
    Arnab Maiti

    Saiman's gf: Charulata

  • Arnab Maiti
    Arnab Maiti

    I also feel awkward looking at the other person's eye while talking

  • kavish Raj
    kavish Raj

    Professor lag raha hai saiman bro money hiest wala

  • Zubenthung King Kikon
    Zubenthung King Kikon

    Give some credit to our sister @zuchobeni tungoe




    #PKDT Gamers


    Plzzz check out our channel PKDT Gamers

  • ManjuOm Jugtawat
    ManjuOm Jugtawat

    2:36 bhai ese eye contact se toh dar jaegi vo🤣

  • Arushi Shivakumar
    Arushi Shivakumar

    Gee gee hadeed *dies laughing*

  • Harmonious Rebel
    Harmonious Rebel

    *Zayn Malik wants to know your location

  • Nihar Gawde
    Nihar Gawde

    Charulata 😂😂😂😂

  • Yu Kurusu
    Yu Kurusu

    I laughed so freaking hard at that last moment lmaooo

  • MonicaWillTell

    5:05 usko "जिजि हदीद" ese pronounce krte hai... She is my favorite modal don't make a joke of her name like that plzzz😠😒😒

  • Bhavna Bajpai
    Bhavna Bajpai

    And the time you realize "this is what real content is called"you just can't get over his videos

  • Rubi Chakraborty
    Rubi Chakraborty

    Saiman your dark circles are so relatable. 😌😌Mere bhi aa gaye hai dark circles tumhare videos dekh dekhkar😞


    Gigi is my favorite

  • nightmare 01
    nightmare 01

    Saimam dada, ladki ko date karna hai ghur ke dharana nhi

  • Firefox Yash
    Firefox Yash Mr faisu roasted 🤣🙏

  • Pawan Prakash
    Pawan Prakash

    Gigi is so sexy.

  • Mohd. Avaish
    Mohd. Avaish

    Tum bhi bada mast kaam karte ho saiman bhai

  • pujan pyakurel
    pujan pyakurel

    Saiman eyes reveal🤣🤣🤣

  • Protiksha Hatibaruah
    Protiksha Hatibaruah

    Same Saiman, same.

  • Joy Menezes
    Joy Menezes

    Dude. You have a good taste in classical music. You're the only INfunr I've seen with such diverse soundtrack


    Isliye chasma pehnta hai

  • Rudransha Roy
    Rudransha Roy


  • Rudransha Roy
    Rudransha Roy

    Bhai the gangster ka bgm kyu hain?

  • Rudransha Roy
    Rudransha Roy

    Even I broke I contact... it's weird

  • Nitesh Yamgar
    Nitesh Yamgar

    Jis din saiman , Salil jamdar ke 1 million ho jayega us din lagega ha India ka taste finally sudhar Raha hai 💖💖💖

  • Bhavik Joshi Xl-H 1070
    Bhavik Joshi Xl-H 1070

    Chaaarulata 😂

  • Vaidehi Bhardwaj
    Vaidehi Bhardwaj

    Zayn is gonna beat you up😂😂

  • m a
    m a

    why do you always say "wish you a happy married life"?

  • Shubhamxthakur

    Okay aap milo Mai dekhta hu aapki aankhon me 😃💞

  • Jeet92

    6:06 ...that weird sound made by Saiman ....!! LOL :V :D

  • Jeet92

    3:00 to 3:12 :D I am still laughing...while typing! Wow Saiman (y)

  • Joel R Deb Barma
    Joel R Deb Barma

    Kyun bhai pewdiepie.? Toh kaise ho?

  • E Literate
    E Literate

    Gigi hadid is zayn's girlfriend!🙂

  • Alex Santhosh
    Alex Santhosh

    At 7:01 Joseph Joestar :"Holy Shit"