Broke my Pink Shades... 😔
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  • Shiva Giri
    Shiva Giri

    for those who are confused r.i.p = rest in pieces

  • Rishit Gome
    Rishit Gome

    if it's his acting then he is better than any bollywood actor.if it's real then he is too emotional. now i am also emotional like this comment = real dislike this comment = acting i don't care about my comment getting dislike because he made me too emotional

  • Anita Gupta
    Anita Gupta

    Bhai baal kyun bada liya...

  • vikas patel
    vikas patel

    Kudos to u for not succumbing to the crowd and keeping ur integrity intact. Jigra chahiye iske liye. 🔥🤘

  • Chitu Rajbhar
    Chitu Rajbhar

    Pink chashmah sale kinner he ya ladki be

  • Habib

    @Dhruv rather has similar pink shade

  • Game king 5678
    Game king 5678


  • The Klaws
    The Klaws

    saiman bhai you are correct that society wants a person to be as the same life long and didn't want him to change or do something new. But it is the society, it will take time to change the society. Maybe you are the starting and many people will come and join you. Actually you really gave me a idea to help you in this. I have a story to post on the topic on my account in pratilipi(An app). Loved the video - Shrijee sharma

  • Steve gaming 12
    Steve gaming 12


  • Dhruv Khatri
    Dhruv Khatri

    As far as we have seen Saiman in his old vlogs, he is not like this. He has a good nature, maybe he'll return with his reaction/roasting content soon


    Rip pink shade 💐❤️😞

  • Scanat 2009
    Scanat 2009

    just 116k more to 1 million

  • Starboy Lifestyle
    Starboy Lifestyle

    Clockwork Orange 🍊

  • seenu plays
    seenu plays

    Tribute to saiman says

  • seenu plays
    seenu plays

    Tribute to saiman says

  • seenu plays
    seenu plays

    Tribute to saiman says

  • sahil suresh
    sahil suresh

    1:45 😂😂😂

  • Tech Point
    Tech Point

    Saiman Says OP 😎🔥

  • The_badbatplayz

    Sasha dala saiman ye kya pehna company band hogai

  • Prashant Dahiya
    Prashant Dahiya

    Nice 👍

  • siddhrth singh
    siddhrth singh

    hey i will make a pink shade for u saiman don t be sad

  • Prathamesh Bhat
    Prathamesh Bhat

    Never knew saiman had pants

  • R.R chauhan
    R.R chauhan

    Carryminati Google's 😂😂


    Ye banda chahta kya hai

  • Kavita Dhingra
    Kavita Dhingra

    Nice video

  • Ford

    You'll be miss pink shades

  • GamerEsh

    Saiman superglue se chipkalo Aapne glasses ko easy

  • Himanish Ghosh
    Himanish Ghosh


  • Jaya Jadhav
    Jaya Jadhav

    Saiman forgat he has 2 pink glasses he were the glasses In tanmay bhat exposed meme masti


    Sasta Kabir Singh

  • Aman Tech
    Aman Tech

    bhai mah tera pink shades repair ker saktah hu

  • Sandeep Dey
    Sandeep Dey

    Changes are the only content

  • Dokidoki Do
    Dokidoki Do

    I almost cried fook u saiman you deserve better

  • Vivek Chavan
    Vivek Chavan

    1:46 was damn on point 😂😂

  • SpongeBob GloomyPants
    SpongeBob GloomyPants

    2:27 idk for what reason, this broke me. The feeling is unreal, yet relatable.

  • Priyanshi the challenger
    Priyanshi the challenger

    R.I.P 👓🕶️😭

  • Joy Nigam
    Joy Nigam

    The one guy, who has the guts to roast his audience for not changing their ways of looking at content, that’s flex bro 🤙 💪

  • Chirag Mehadia •14 years ago
    Chirag Mehadia •14 years ago

    Pay respect for those glasses, *NOW*

  • Partha Pratim Sarkar
    Partha Pratim Sarkar

    Someone pls give his pink shades back

  • NO_ ΔNUJ
    NO_ ΔNUJ


  • Arman siddiqui
    Arman siddiqui

    Tiger is about to born

  • Arman siddiqui
    Arman siddiqui

    Wisely said


    *Yalgaar Ho!* 😂😂

  • J A
    J A

    You need a break.

  • Heeru

    Your new channel logo does not suit your personality.


    Me who, didn't observe that, on, thumbnail

  • kavya agarwal
    kavya agarwal

    Disliking ur every vid because u did not keep ur word of uploading vids every week

    • kavya agarwal
      kavya agarwal

      @Movie Guy ok

    • Movie Guy
      Movie Guy

      @kavya agarwal waise hi iski reach gir rahi hai aur mat girao yaar plz...bahut unnecessary chize sehni pad rahi hai ise

    • kavya agarwal
      kavya agarwal

      @Movie Guy why not

    • Movie Guy
      Movie Guy


  • playing

    Feels kinda bad that Saiman seems kind of frustratedand upset coz even tho he collabed with so many INfunrs and brought such variations in his content for the ppl from Mythpat to PewDiePie he still doesn't get the recognition he deserves.. Meanwhile random ppl getting instant temporary fame by booty shaking or making reaction vids I feel for him😞😢

  • Divya Raval
    Divya Raval

    Chshma tut gaya 😏😒 That chasma was golden chashma Pls keep it 🥺

  • Divya Raval
    Divya Raval

    We love you brother

  • Swapnil Darade
    Swapnil Darade

    Fevi Kwik Laga le na

  • Aditya Sinha
    Aditya Sinha

    Bhai tumko thugesh ki bduaa lgi hogi....... 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Shirayuki Wisteria
    Shirayuki Wisteria

    You can buy your pink shades online there are so many

    • Faltu Boy
      Faltu Boy

      All was scripted Janbuzkya Tora ha taki new videos banna Pai Muja nahi pata ya scripted ha ya real Don't believe anyone all is stranger

  • Yash Parihar
    Yash Parihar

    You either die hero or live long enough to become evil saiman

  • Rishabh Sharma
    Rishabh Sharma

    This video was really uncomfortable

  • Utsuk Shah
    Utsuk Shah

    3D print your glasses

  • A D
    A D

    Please tell me what is name of music at end.....I m searching it a lot??

  • Rohit Pawar
    Rohit Pawar

    Bhai esse white shade lele aur pink paint lga le

  • Padmaja Rani
    Padmaja Rani

    Honestly this is cringe and unfunny too!!

  • butterfly Colors
    butterfly Colors


  • The M.A.S.
    The M.A.S.

    4:34 pe carry ki bhoot aaya that kya?😅😅

    • Faltu Boy
      Faltu Boy

      Real bhoot - boo Carry's bhoot - yalgaar ho

  • Hrithik Bhatia
    Hrithik Bhatia

    When you try to be different but get depressed instead 😂

  • Mayank pratap Singh
    Mayank pratap Singh

    Who was the man in video and where is saiman

    • Faltu Boy
      Faltu Boy

      He is saiman's brother Solomon said

  • Aruraj Thakor
    Aruraj Thakor


  • Faug Gaming
    Faug Gaming

    Use chashma kehte hai chutiya

    • Sonali Patil
      Sonali Patil

      Gaali dena jaruri he kya? Nhi mtlb tere carry papa dete he to tu bhi dega kya?

  • Mrinal Dutta
    Mrinal Dutta

    Dhatt tmkc

  • Rahul Buzz
    Rahul Buzz

    1:46 🐍🐍🐍🐍 😂🤣

  • Sonali Pramanik
    Sonali Pramanik

    1:46 carry bhai😂😂😂

  • Diwakar Verma
    Diwakar Verma

    Bro flipkart ya anazon se order karlo

  • Aryaman Lewate
    Aryaman Lewate


  • sk vlogs
    sk vlogs

    I luv u ..

  • Inspire2Hindi

    Bhai hai tu

  • Taha Khan
    Taha Khan

    That comment on pewdiepie was cheap bro.. have a bigger heart.. feel lucky that he agreed to meet u and u r cryimg abt some cheap glasses that he kept. Grow up!

    • Bhavya Agarwal
      Bhavya Agarwal

      @Taha Khan Dude he is a 109 million biggest youtuber if he was offended he wouldn't have reacted that's just a change in tone which seemed he was offended

    • Sonali Patil
      Sonali Patil

      It would hve been better if you aren't allowed to use the internet. It was just a joke and PewDiePie also took it as a joke... Watch the lwiay and you will understand it. But do you understand English? PewDiePie makes videos in English so it will be quite difficult for you to understand!

    • Meet Shah
      Meet Shah

      @Taha Khan seriously I didn't felt that PewDiePie was offended..... Dude knows that he was jst joking 🙄. Man increase your level of understanding

    • Shreyash The great
      Shreyash The great

      @Taha Khan that's his mistake..he didn't see the video..he just saw 2 images..

    • Taha Khan
      Taha Khan

      @Bhavya Agarwal pewdiepie didnt take it as sarcasm. He was offended.

  • sahil gujjar
    sahil gujjar

    End of an era😭

  • mr.informer

    Congrats for 1 million

  • Not A noob
    Not A noob

    Plot twist - video is sponsored by colabo causeway markets Ltd

  • Saurav Biswas
    Saurav Biswas

    My favorite part 1:44

  • Filmy Ladka
    Filmy Ladka

    Hilaoo ..😂😂


    So he wasn't getting anyone to roast... So he did that to us😑

  • Aman Kumar
    Aman Kumar

    Great content man.

  • Akshaan Mehra
    Akshaan Mehra

    I liked the transition with yalga song 😆


    bro play games

  • Mohammed Zayed
    Mohammed Zayed


  • Tech freak
    Tech freak

    Feeling bored seeing this video . Saiman is not him anymore

    • Sonali Patil
      Sonali Patil

      Who is Saiman now? Your dad?


      He's kinda depressed

  • GSD


  • Hardik Kumar Sinha
    Hardik Kumar Sinha

    *saiman* breaks his pink shaders *ME* - who are you?

  • सले पॉइंट
    सले पॉइंट

    fevikwick lga lo bhai

  • Ajinkya Sharma
    Ajinkya Sharma


  • YMR8.

    Saiman could have hot glued that shades 🙂😠


    Best 😂😂😂😂 1:47

  • Shivansh HIP`HOP
    Shivansh HIP`HOP

    5rs lagte bro

  • Prerna Rai
    Prerna Rai

    Pls cut your hair


      He already did

  • Karan singh c/81
    Karan singh c/81

    People don't want logic the only thing they want is some joke which even not have any sense they are not allowing creater to evolve themselves 😔😔

  • Bhuvan Bargaje
    Bhuvan Bargaje

    The acting of shopkipper is better than bollywood star kids😜😜😂😂😂...

    • Sonali Patil
      Sonali Patil

      Sarfaraz's English is better than yours!

  • Amreshwar Naidu
    Amreshwar Naidu

    7:14 more power to you king 👑



  • Aditya Rajora
    Aditya Rajora

    Ekdum ghatiya video I'm going to unsubscribe 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

    • Aditya Rajora
      Aditya Rajora

      @Sonali Patil im toxic😳😳 robert downey jr.'s jpeg

    • Sonali Patil
      Sonali Patil

      Please do it... Go away and dont come back... No one wants toxic people like you around!

  • Harsh Chauhan
    Harsh Chauhan

    Use fevi quick

  • Lunatic Ranger
    Lunatic Ranger

    Fhevi quick se chipka le na

  • Gino Mustin
    Gino Mustin

    Saiman says before collabing with amit bhadana: He is cringe Afer collab: You are forcing me to roast a good content for your fun.


      He didn't say if the content was good or bad! You see, we get our satisfaction from roasting others, or watching them. After a certain point of time there's nothing creative about it. Creativity is meant to break the stereo types. Honestly I find Salman's meme review way funnier.