Broke my Pink Shades... 😔
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  • The peace universe
    The peace universe

    Idk in the future how many times I will come here But saiman Bhai par apan Kabhi bhi unsubscribe Nahi karega I Love you make whatever you like

  • The peace universe
    The peace universe

    Rip pink shades

  • 21-Divya Pathak
    21-Divya Pathak

    I have same shades. You can borrow them from me. Maine mele se khreede the in 20 rps

  • ĞØĐ

    Me trying to improve things My luck - 2:29


    Bhai apne dil jeet liya aaj ♥️

  • Hasrat Ck
    Hasrat Ck

    Rip pink shades we will miss it


    Not like the past

  • djpsyko

    Plot twist: He broke his shades intentionally because he wanted to turn into a MAN after watching Sanjay Dutt's video.

  • Ackerman Clan
    Ackerman Clan

    6:38 how dare you.

  • Gurkaran Singh
    Gurkaran Singh

    This was the day saiman joined the dark side

  • Spy Cowboi
    Spy Cowboi

    The last shaaba kher😞

  • Mohammed hasan
    Mohammed hasan

    he looks like arnab goswami under the mask

  • Technical Shot 20
    Technical Shot 20

    hey saiman ..main ye same glasses available kra sakta hu if u want it ... Dm me on insta .. @manoj_godal_official

  • Sanskar Patel
    Sanskar Patel

    They are just glasses but i dont know why i am sad.....😢

  • Deadpool

    3d printers se naya wala bana lo

  • Vivaan is live
    Vivaan is live

    bhai feviquick nahi hai kiya

  • Saurabh Parmar
    Saurabh Parmar

    1:43 Best part Though 😂😂😂

  • Nobody gaming
    Nobody gaming


  • ด ด ด ด
    ด ด ด ด

    Lagta hai saiman ne Rishu ka roast dil pe le liya hai

  • Phoenix 121
    Phoenix 121

    Girls: omg he didnt cried while watching titanic , do boys even have emotion. Boys during the last 30 sec of this video: sadness intensifies.

  • Ujjwal Bharti
    Ujjwal Bharti

    3:47 I hate that word content 😂😂😂😂


    Maturity is when u realize- Saiman ironically broke his pink shades

  • Rugved 110
    Rugved 110

    Damn we can see his sadness i feel so bad

  • gaming zone
    gaming zone

    2:30 ha Tod do sabkuch😀😀

  • Magical Dheeraj
    Magical Dheeraj

    Tu badal gaya hai sai man 😂😂

  • Mysta Z5
    Mysta Z5

    8:04 this was the last "Goodnight, bye, shabba khair, kailash khair, wish you a happy married life"

    • sharvary

      I miss it too but change is good

    • Anirudh

      @Sanjit Shandilya noo that's impossible :) Pewds and marzia will stay happy forever

    • Sanjit Shandilya
      Sanjit Shandilya

      Saiman is not saying happy married life now pewds will not have happy married life

    • gns Preetam
      gns Preetam


    • Anirudh

      I miss those dialogues 🥺

  • vidhan p
    vidhan p

    the scenes were beautifully framed tho

  • Dead 69
    Dead 69

    Bro mere pass same chashme hai bheju❤️❤️



  • The White Sky Vlogs
    The White Sky Vlogs

    Gonna give him pink shades whenever we’ll meet 🤓

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel

    1:38 timothy was almost exposed lmao

  • triggered games
    triggered games

    1:55 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Aniket KD
    Aniket KD

    Keep going your fans are with u forever 👌🏽

  • Aniket KD
    Aniket KD

    'U want me to do that, u want me to roast somebody because you know that you're unhappy with your own life' this line bruh 🔥🔥🔥🔪

  • Uzma Shaikh
    Uzma Shaikh

    Saiman show's were actually one of my fav show :(

  • om the gaming youtuber
    om the gaming youtuber

    Siman says heel turn

  • Prachujya Saikia
    Prachujya Saikia

    Noone smashes the truth like this except Siman

  • Om Panchali
    Om Panchali

    Your videos have artistic value ! - Unlike other youtube videos you can watch his videos twicw or maybe thrice !

  • kartik ahluwalia
    kartik ahluwalia

    BHAI ye camera quality se meri ankhon ki shakti bhad jayegi maa kasam.


    U look like buvam bam(BB ki vines)

  • sohel uddin
    sohel uddin

    1:48 😂😂 chuha sanp se darta h

  • Maulik Prajapati
    Maulik Prajapati

    Why even you bullshits touch my heart...🥺

  • beast gaming
    beast gaming

    Bri come to Hyderabad you can get it

  • Shama Sayed
    Shama Sayed

    Areyy bhai yaar bas rulaayega kya😞😞😞

  • Anmol Singh
    Anmol Singh

    Rip pink shades

  • Nitin Singh
    Nitin Singh

    Why the fuck he look like bhuwan bam😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cancer

    Koi isko therapy dilao yaar

  • You Look Depressed
    You Look Depressed

    YashRaj Goo-khate was actually funny🙄

  • Mr. Aayush Vyas
    Mr. Aayush Vyas

    Your week is 2 months in real life saiman

  • Lalatendu P Deo
    Lalatendu P Deo

    8:04 U didn't knew it was the last time you would hear them!

  • Fake KRSNA Unofficial
    Fake KRSNA Unofficial

    Fevikwik:- Am I A Joke To You?!

    • Virendra Kumar
      Virendra Kumar


  • KINGU_MC___minecraft

    Rip pink shades

  • Mansur Md
    Mansur Md

    Pinkies 😭😭😭

  • Siba sankar Pradhan
    Siba sankar Pradhan


  • myself divyansh
    myself divyansh

    they way u gave place to berthoven's für elise is so soothing and satisfying... i have ur channel and i will never subscribe it. but u have good humour... not more than me but haan content create krne k liye thikk hai.

  • Gyan choda (Gyancho)
    Gyan choda (Gyancho)

    yaar pewdipie ke channel shop mai mil jayega aesa chasma

  • Rishabh

    This is the breakpoint video where we lost the normal Saiman completely and got Black Saiman!

  • ivy


  • Jyotir Ratan
    Jyotir Ratan

    5rs kee feviquick 😁


    Cinematics are op

  • The Rambo Man
    The Rambo Man



    Saiman har video me carry ko le hi aata hai

  • Rahool Athawale
    Rahool Athawale

    He is becoming my favourite ytuber rn. Feel a hint of Joker(DC universe) in his personality.. like a man pushed to the edge..

    • Rahool Athawale
      Rahool Athawale

      But I hope he is okay. Keep fighting brother, if you are going through shit.

  • Madan 69
    Madan 69


  • Abhishek Gadkari
    Abhishek Gadkari

    This marks the beginning of evil saiman

  • prashant malthane
    prashant malthane

    Bhai mere bhi glasses tut gaye to fevikwik se chipka liye Tu bhi chipka le

  • The INDIE Cuber
    The INDIE Cuber

    4:32 thugesh vibe nahhhhhhhhh just saying sorry saiman

  • Sanjana Vartak
    Sanjana Vartak

    All I wanna do is go hug this amazing person, dude not even kidding, not everyone gets ur work or videos,but it's really good, and u dont hv to change it or anything abt it, even tho the response isn't getting better, i can say u surely are❤️✨and so is ur video content Keep hustling man. We got ur back, if not all, trust me there's enough ppl who get you and ur videos just the way u want them to🔥

  • Preeti

    Why am i crying

  • Vishu悟

    Glad Saiman isn't holding himself with the same type of content and is changing and experimenting to what he feels like doing regardless of what his his audience would make of it, in my books that's what a true artist is, love ya Saiman

  • cRazY centre
    cRazY centre

    Yalgaar part was good

  • Devansh Bisen
    Devansh Bisen



    its saiman's channel !!

  • Mythpat.

    So my bias buy e do his arm 7 Izzy idem octet vivo watch org USMC

  • Shiva Giri
    Shiva Giri

    for those who are confused r.i.p = rest in pieces

  • Rishit Gome
    Rishit Gome

    if it's his acting then he is better than any bollywood actor.if it's real then he is too emotional. now i am also emotional like this comment = real dislike this comment = acting i don't care about my comment getting dislike because he made me too emotional

  • vikas patel
    vikas patel

    Kudos to u for not succumbing to the crowd and keeping ur integrity intact. Jigra chahiye iske liye. 🔥🤘

    • Aniket KD
      Aniket KD

      Correct bro

  • Chitu Rajbhar
    Chitu Rajbhar

    Pink chashmah sale kinner he ya ladki be

  • Game king 5678
    Game king 5678


  • The Klaws
    The Klaws

    saiman bhai you are correct that society wants a person to be as the same life long and didn't want him to change or do something new. But it is the society, it will take time to change the society. Maybe you are the starting and many people will come and join you. Actually you really gave me a idea to help you in this. I have a story to post on the topic on my account in pratilipi(An app). Loved the video - Shrijee sharma

  • Steve waugh paul
    Steve waugh paul


  • Dhruv Khatri
    Dhruv Khatri

    As far as we have seen Saiman in his old vlogs, he is not like this. He has a good nature, maybe he'll return with his reaction/roasting content soon


    Rip pink shade 💐❤️😞

  • Scanat 2009
    Scanat 2009

    just 116k more to 1 million

  • Starboy Lifestyle
    Starboy Lifestyle

    Clockwork Orange 🍊

  • seenu plays
    seenu plays

    Tribute to saiman says

  • seenu plays
    seenu plays

    Tribute to saiman says

  • seenu plays
    seenu plays

    Tribute to saiman says

  • Sahil

    1:45 😂😂😂

  • Tech Point
    Tech Point

    Saiman Says OP 😎🔥

  • The_badbatplayz

    Sasha dala saiman ye kya pehna company band hogai

  • Prashant Dahiya
    Prashant Dahiya

    Nice 👍

  • Prathamesh Bhat
    Prathamesh Bhat

    Never knew saiman had pants

  • R.R chauhan
    R.R chauhan

    Carryminati Google's 😂😂


    Ye banda chahta kya hai

  • Kavita Dhingra
    Kavita Dhingra

    Nice video

  • Ford

    You'll be miss pink shades

  • GamerEsh

    Saiman superglue se chipkalo Aapne glasses ko easy

  • Himanish Ghosh
    Himanish Ghosh


  • Jaya Jadhav
    Jaya Jadhav

    Saiman forgat he has 2 pink glasses he were the glasses In tanmay bhat exposed meme masti