Angry Tiktoker ROASTS Youtube! - TIKTOK vs YOUTUBE
omg he ROASTED youtube!

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  • Teerth Bhave
    Teerth Bhave

    Wow...nice reply...

  • Siddharth Chaturvedi
    Siddharth Chaturvedi


  • Utsab Dhali
    Utsab Dhali

    Copy cat

    • Utsab Dhali
      Utsab Dhali

      @Spy2.0 oh bete moj kardi

    • Spy2.0

      @Utsab Dhali bade normie ho beta

    • Utsab Dhali
      Utsab Dhali

      @EXODUS Ares LOL

    • EXODUS Ares
      EXODUS Ares

      @Utsab Dhali kiska copy kia hai?

    • Utsab Dhali
      Utsab Dhali

      @Hardik Bagaria kisika copy karne se wo roast nhi ho jata

  • triggered games
    triggered games

    10:15 sale... '''Chasmebahadoor''' se churaya

  • sanjay kumar
    sanjay kumar


    • sanjay kumar
      sanjay kumar

      @SPY no particular reason.

    • SPY

      Why were u spamming?

  • Mayank Verma
    Mayank Verma

    Time passes so quickly This is scary

  • Ujjwal Bharti
    Ujjwal Bharti

    I just love how he focused on his muffler without saying anything about it.😂😂😂😂

  • Chikuu Chavda
    Chikuu Chavda


  • Logic kida
    Logic kida

    Paint brush wala bal🤔😆😆😆😆😆

  • 28 Pawan
    28 Pawan

    Gamcha n sipp are solid

  • Pankaj Rawat
    Pankaj Rawat

    Who is here after 2050

    • SPY

      @Kush Srivastava bade normie ho beta

    • {AYUSH KUMAR}[art]
      {AYUSH KUMAR}[art]

      I am from 3021

    • StatFreak


    • Kush Srivastava
      Kush Srivastava

      @I'm totally sane Arre kehna kya chahte ho?😬

    • I'm totally sane
      I'm totally sane

      @Kush Srivastava Uh, did you write that on purpose, just so that people could r/wooosh you? Kinda sus

  • Azhar Pathan
    Azhar Pathan

    7:15 One amir Siddiqui said that Now really INfun promoting shorts and almost daily 7-8 shorts videos trend on trending page 🙄

    • Virendra Kumar
      Virendra Kumar

      And getting almost 10 million views

  • Darshan Solanki
    Darshan Solanki

    Me to badshah Ye icho boy kya hai?

  • Ganeev Kohli
    Ganeev Kohli

    I agree with you but I wonder why you've never called out pewds for body shaming ed from Tlc 30 day fiancee

    • SPY

      Because pewds isn't Indian

    • SPY

      @Sathvik Bhaskar stfu

    • Phanboi Chau
      Phanboi Chau

      Which ep btw? I'll go watch

    • Phanboi Chau
      Phanboi Chau

      Dude the tgay argument is more valid, cuz I've been a pewds fan since 2015 and have not seen the tlc series, so saiman most likely doesn't even know it. Also this is my opinion but I personally don't restrict the type of jokes, but rather the extent. So idk what joke pewds made, but simply joking on appearance isn't body"shaming" for me

    • Ganeev Kohli
      Ganeev Kohli

      @Ibrahim Mukadam I don't disagree I think the ed series was pretty funny but at the same time these guys Mildly bodyshaming someone who is posting videos on public domain is not such a big deal. There isn't much of a difference between pewds and these guys in this particular case although I know pewds is a responsible guy

  • You Look Depressed
    You Look Depressed

    Early congrats for 1 million on INfun my man.


    INfun Shots be like :- abhii dekata ta hu INfunrs tum logo ko.., sadak se uthake start bnadunga Tiktokers ko 🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Moments Before disaster.., here after 1 year feeling Nostalgic ×100 😂😂😂😂

  • shubham shahni
    shubham shahni




  • Young Thug
    Young Thug

    नाव साई मन इज माय फेवोरेट युट्युबर 🤭🤭🤭

  • Nivit Mishra
    Nivit Mishra

    Ah it's been an year already

  • rahul singh
    rahul singh

    Underrated youtuber 💔

  • Muhammad Shahzaib
    Muhammad Shahzaib

    Underrated Video* 📸❤️ Iss Video Ko Bhi Audience Ko Itna Hi Pyar Milna Chye Tha Jitna Carry Ki Video Ko Mila 😿

  • Yagami Light
    Yagami Light

    mature roaster

  • Ananya

    0:17 Subtitles: blood, sweat and tears Meanwhile my army mind: wonhi manhi manhi, manhi manhi

  • Srishti Singh
    Srishti Singh

    Did the girl actually compare yt and tik tok with the examples of exams? I-

  • Srishti Singh
    Srishti Singh

    You really didnt have to add in the gamcha falling thing Now I cant stop noticing it

  • Kunal Raj
    Kunal Raj

    3:28 😂😂😂

  • Arijit Sutar
    Arijit Sutar

    Description Mein disclaimer kahan hai ?

  • Harsh Pratyush
    Harsh Pratyush

    Earlier I laughed on that cringe x 100 statement but now I realise that statement was a good statement just not constructed in a good way If tiktoks are cringe a youtuber shows 100 clips on his youtube channel and call them out cringe then that youtube becomes cringe x 100😅

  • Sakshi Rahangdale
    Sakshi Rahangdale


  • Biplab paul
    Biplab paul

    1:28 @yourbongguy also👍

  • Sneha D
    Sneha D

    We miss chai with sai

  • Gaming Boss
    Gaming Boss


  • Abdul Shaikh
    Abdul Shaikh

    Its been since this ligit video was posted😂😂🙌🙌

  • Skull Gaming
    Skull Gaming


  • MaX Gaming
    MaX Gaming

    Tumhe bhut unity hai

  • Ganesh Jagtap
    Ganesh Jagtap

    U r right ❤️

  • Tanmay Thombre
    Tanmay Thombre

    Freak.... Chai with zandu pancharisht... 😂😂

  • Leader Baba
    Leader Baba

    ... Amir sidhaqui was making history ...

  • A Bharat
    A Bharat


    • ultragamerpro

      Go to a dust binod

    • Sheriekan !
      Sheriekan !

      The meme is over

    • Offended GOBLIN
      Offended GOBLIN

      @Atharv binod

    • Atharv

      Go and sleep kid

  • Singh Rudra
    Singh Rudra

    Sir ye roast bohot acha tha, but Humare desh mein logon ko abusive language pasand hai

  • VEGETA *
    VEGETA *

    9:31 whats that music name

    • Saat S
      Saat S

      After he dies, the music is Minecraft music

    • Saat S
      Saat S

      Fur Elise

  • Ninja hatori
    Ninja hatori

    Missing those days..🥺🥺🥺

    • Chirag


    • Onkareshwar Sharma
      Onkareshwar Sharma


  • LenZoid

    Had this video gone viral instead of Carry's video, things would have not gone as they went.


    kash bhai yahi ruk jata aaj 3 mill subs hote

    • Baibhav Samal
      Baibhav Samal

      True broo agar saiman aur tiktok vs INfun pe video bana deta toh aaj uske 1 ya 2 million subs hote

    • Shashi kant
      Shashi kant


  • Alwin Jeneclas
    Alwin Jeneclas

    Saiman said

  • OfficialProMan

    Honest roast of yt vs tiktok Can't beleive I still watching yt vs tiktok

  • SmokyXgaming

    Nice video

  • Sanchit Mehta
    Sanchit Mehta

    Anpad Jahil Loog Gawar

    • EXODUS Ares
      EXODUS Ares


    • swagat ranjan mahalik
      swagat ranjan mahalik


    • ultragamerpro


    • Sathvik Bhaskar
      Sathvik Bhaskar


    • swagat ranjan mahalik
      swagat ranjan mahalik


  • Meghomitra Haldar
    Meghomitra Haldar

    Getting famous is not always good for you. Saiman is growing slowly... but his audience is mature.

  • Vignesh P
    Vignesh P

    The og tiktok vs INfun roast.

  • Praketh

    can't believe it's almost going to be a year since this video was uploaded

  • Salil Shukla
    Salil Shukla

    You are right

  • Inertia of Fun
    Inertia of Fun

    6:24 OMG that expressions of saiman ....xd

  • Preetam ranjan Banik
    Preetam ranjan Banik

    Saiman apne isbar achhe se roast nahi kiya yaar lekin maja aya

  • harsh Sharma
    harsh Sharma

    Abe chutiye Instagram pe subscriber nhi follower hote he

    • Baibhav Samal
      Baibhav Samal

      @harsh Sharma bhai konsa nasha karta hai ???

    • OP

      @harsh Sharma bhai don't take drugs

    • Subhojit Shaw
      Subhojit Shaw

      @harsh Sharma pagal ha kya lodu

    • Say Sainik
      Say Sainik

      @harsh Sharma CoNsTrAcTiVe Criticism

    • harsh Sharma
      harsh Sharma

      @Subhojit Shaw fir chutiye follower hote he subscriber nhi lodhu .......or Teri band todhi na he Jo shi se dekhu

  • playing

    9:06🔥🔥 👏

  • KiWi Tee
    KiWi Tee


  • Shazzad Hossain
    Shazzad Hossain

    1:21 subscriber nahi re follower

    • Say Sainik
      Say Sainik

      Galati ho gayi flow flow me us se

  • RAVE. DJ
    RAVE. DJ

    Tik tok par follower hote hai subscriber nhi 1:17

    • Say Sainik
      Say Sainik

      Ha flow flow me bol diya us ne


    KEEP GROWING BRO✓ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Arnav Retheesh
    Arnav Retheesh

    First person to make a video on INfun vs tiktok

  • Beast soul
    Beast soul

    Jinko ye joke samjh nhi aya jake pogo dekh


      😼pogo dekhne bol diya... Ab toh tu cool baan gaya...denk boi OP 🤡🔥

  • aniruddha sreekantham
    aniruddha sreekantham

    Modiji ki statue of unity 😂

  • Intellectual Aman
    Intellectual Aman

    Mahine k ek video 😂😂😂

  • Tanmay Singh
    Tanmay Singh

    Ek sal honey wala hey

  • Rudra R
    Rudra R


    • TangyOrange


  • Yogita Gharat
    Yogita Gharat


  • Ishant Sharma
    Ishant Sharma


  • Rujula K
    Rujula K

    I would rather say He and his fellow tik tokers simply don't love their country and choose China instead Because they won't get views for 15 second cringe videos on youtube like they get on tik tok

    • さASHISH

      Look i also don't like amir But ur cmt is very stupid

    • Deven Singh
      Deven Singh

      Bhai sach bolna tujhe kab se pata tha ki tiktok chinese hai?

    • नरेन्द्र मोदी
      नरेन्द्र मोदी

      Kuch bhi bolta hai

  • Prabhat kumar
    Prabhat kumar

    Hmko av pta chala aapke bare me .. Aap mahapurush ho 🤣🤣🤣

    • Say Sainik
      Say Sainik

      Nice online classes chalu hai kya band hogayi

  • Naman Bajaj
    Naman Bajaj

    Why the fuck are bits editted from this video?

  • Muzib Khan
    Muzib Khan

    Caryyminati 100%

    • Shashi kant
      Shashi kant

      Bhai spelling galat h carryminati k

  • Mohit Malik
    Mohit Malik

    He is underrarted

  • Sampa Pattanayak
    Sampa Pattanayak

    Tiktok ban

  • Sarvesh Terkar
    Sarvesh Terkar

    3:35 bc kya dikha diya🤢🤮

    • Sarvesh Terkar
      Sarvesh Terkar

      @Eren Yeager ya ig😅

    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager

      Galat time stamp

  • MTX 2.0
    MTX 2.0

    MTX 2.0

  • Slime Playz :D
    Slime Playz :D

    Check out saiman's 1st video you will laugh forever


      Plz watch #zombies_are_coming_2021

  • Parth Jadhav
    Parth Jadhav

    0:41 to 0:42 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pradnya

    When he said "I was honored and privileged to be tagged in this post" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anant Krishna
    Anant Krishna

    This started a cold war from youtube side

  • Armaan Gandhi
    Armaan Gandhi

    Me checking the link for the Zandhu Pancharisht in the description

  • TeslarianSkyrocket


  • Ayush Lakhera
    Ayush Lakhera

    Paint brush wala baal bhi toh body shame hai bhidu

    • Sathvik Bhaskar
      Sathvik Bhaskar

      Then it's okay to criticize someone's "body" ?

    • Shree Kaushik
      Shree Kaushik

      He criticized his 'hair style'

    • さASHISH

      Look body shaming And body comparison is different

    • Phanboi Chau
      Phanboi Chau

      That's not body"shaming" bhai Bohot complicated cheez hai, summary btaun to amir apna hairstyle jaan bujh kr bekaar rakha hai aur change kr skta hai, isiliye ye body shaming nahi hai...don't ask me what body shaming is exactly, idk

    • Gormit

      Yes! But saiman ko body shaming se koi dikkat nhi hai usko low standard of creativity se dikkat hai

  • Mk Sarathe
    Mk Sarathe

    6:24 meme template


    9:23-9:40 literally the best editing ever,laughing out loud late at night🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • X boy gamer
    X boy gamer

    Tik Tok is dead already

  • Dishad Kathoke
    Dishad Kathoke

    The colour of saiman's chai makes me uncomfortable🥲

  • Sahil

    Yaa some of them roasted with very false language and seriously low humour jokes From *Saysena* *करवीर प्रभाग शाका अध्यक्ष कोल्हापूर*

    • さASHISH

      There's no such thing False language You can say false information

  • Anupam

    Who watch in 2021

  • stupidspartan

    Dislikes are from tiktokers

  • stupidspartan

    Now I am fan of saiman

  • Samar Pandey ✔️
    Samar Pandey ✔️

    1:06 same joke PewDiePie ne bhi bola tha😏

  • prakash valsangkar
    prakash valsangkar

    7:52 So Amir agees youtubers create better content.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Yo yo Sing
    Yo yo Sing

    Song in 9:25 pls 🥴

    • ItsAdiHere
      ItsAdiHere Link

    • ItsAdiHere

      Beet hoven - fur elise

  • Meaningful Show
    Meaningful Show

    this was the first tic tok vs INfun video i saw

  • D3adly

    jaa be 6ke

    • Sathvik Bhaskar
      Sathvik Bhaskar

      Comedy 2021

    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager

      Bhai 4k bhi nai hai video

    • さASHISH

      Bhai mirror me dekhte hue cmt mt kr

    • kartik Swami
      kartik Swami

      Kaha jana he usko bata na 4k

  • Ajay Pathak
    Ajay Pathak

    why this video is in mc heam album

  • Mr.Redkat

    This guy is very nice but has less subs