Angry Tiktoker ROASTS Youtube! - TIKTOK vs YOUTUBE
omg he ROASTED youtube!
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  • Yo yo Sing
    Yo yo Sing

    Song in 9:25 pls 🥴

  • Meaningful Show
    Meaningful Show

    this was the first tic tok vs INfun video i saw

  • general omega
    general omega

    jaa be 6ke

    • Ashirvaad Sahu
      Ashirvaad Sahu

      Abe 3k Tu ja na

    • kartik Swami
      kartik Swami

      Kaha jana he usko bata na 4k

  • Ajay Pathak
    Ajay Pathak

    why this video is in mc heam album

  • Mr.Redkat

    This guy is very nice but has less subs

  • Hagemaru

    Most clean comment section here

  • Paridhi Chawla
    Paridhi Chawla

    Bhai baar baar "Wish you a happy married life" Mat bola karo demotivate ho jaati hoon 😞

  • Aryan Rudransh
    Aryan Rudransh

    9:06 agree

  • Mihir Vinay
    Mihir Vinay

    Saiman did it before it was cool


    Comparing tik tok Vs INfun is just like comparing insidious with kanchana 🤣

  • Clarence mathias
    Clarence mathias


  • AlberTesla

    3:33 😂

  • Sugam Sakshena
    Sugam Sakshena

    What is this iit is this jee is that lavda lasoon in the comments? Aise bol rahe hain jaisa humko kuch nahin pata😂

  • Rajveer Mali
    Rajveer Mali



    The thing I like about saiman is he says truth about everyone

  • Omae wa mou shindeiru
    Omae wa mou shindeiru

    Plot twist : Amir Siddiqui made that Video ironically.

  • VĮĐĪŤ Pâĺîwàľ
    VĮĐĪŤ Pâĺîwàľ

    bhalehi youtubers mahine ke 3 content dal te hai par us me hi tictokers ke faad de te hai

    • Sankalp Sharma
      Sankalp Sharma

      Beta kisne de diya tumhe 2 saal mein phone

  • Kapish Sharma
    Kapish Sharma

    Yaar KOI carryminati ko bulaao

  • AP800

    1:42 Saiman said arrey yaar even before it became popular.

    • SÀM


  • Akram Ansari
    Akram Ansari

    Iska dupatta koi roko

  • Gyanendra Agrawal
    Gyanendra Agrawal

    Why don't u get 2 million subs in like 2 days

  • Miparkar


  • itss NEHAN
    itss NEHAN


  • Nikhil Singh
    Nikhil Singh

    This is known as roast

    • KarKris KS
      KarKris KS

      This is not a roast, this was more of a reply

  • amogh tulkar
    amogh tulkar

    people who watch roast videos on INfun are more sick than people who use tik tok kinda apps.agree??? , hit a like.

    • Ashwini Khandelwal
      Ashwini Khandelwal

      @Ajith Anand dude he is already dead leave him

    • Ajith Anand
      Ajith Anand

      people who ask for likes on their comments are the worst

  • trev p
    trev p

    Tik tok he band hogaya bc🤣🤣🤣 aab baithe hai saab road pai😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • trev p
    trev p

    😂😂😂lol sahi hai

  • Saadhana S
    Saadhana S

    Why do I get reminded of a haystack chewed and spit by a bull when I see his hair? Also, the lighting he used there was not right. At. All. Its making his face look like serial lights hung in shaadis. Copyright? Poor thing, now you don't even have a career.

  • Bluey

    Gamcha falling every time

  • The Kaltami Guru
    The Kaltami Guru

    1:20 Not Subscribers Bro 🤓

  • AC talks
    AC talks

    Who is here after he collab with amir

  • Harsh Saxena
    Harsh Saxena

    0:42 😂

  • Mohammed Sarfaraz
    Mohammed Sarfaraz

    One like for gamcha 🤣

  • Anaay V
    Anaay V

    Remember TikTok

  • vishesh lakhotia
    vishesh lakhotia

    teknikal guruji ka wo fanfest wala video saiman ka Favrt. h

  • akshat mishra
    akshat mishra

    who noticed fur elise at 9:24

  • Dhanush P
    Dhanush P

  • Er. M.Rajput
    Er. M.Rajput

    Bechd upsc or IIT ka kya mtlb hua betich ....Kuch bhi kuchi bhi.... IAS or IES bolti to kuch smjh me bhi ata

  • Aditya Kumar
    Aditya Kumar

    Siman said🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Shantanu Kumar
    Shantanu Kumar

    lol roka nhi ja rha, you died moment was the best

  • Handwritten Destiny
    Handwritten Destiny


  • NuBRO

    saiman shoutout plz🙌

  • Devashish Kashyap
    Devashish Kashyap


  • Navkirat Singh
    Navkirat Singh

    That ghamcha concept 😂😂

  • 6635 YT
    6635 YT

    Carry minati yalgaar song awm ★

  • Anita Tomar
    Anita Tomar

    Sub to my boi Saiman!!!!

  • Haarsh Donde
    Haarsh Donde



    0:15 is my favorite part 😂🤣






    Are u mad or showing you are mad

    • Harshal Shah
      Harshal Shah

      Sarcasm samajhte ho

  • dews on leaves
    dews on leaves

    Saiman says to Saiman said!!

  • dews on leaves
    dews on leaves

    That community joke!!! I felt like a tubelight when I didn't get it right away!!

  • Alok Kumar
    Alok Kumar


  • Praneet-P

    "Kya kiya yaar tumlog ne" -Technical guruji 2019

  • V V
    V V

    I know that TikTok got banned but now that a lot of similar platforms are rising, let me quote Slayy Point - cringe content is large in number compared to good content in all such the platforms. But in INfun, its algorithm makes sure that you see what suits your taste and/or according to what you watch generally and only at times recommend you with some random stuffs. If watching cringe is in your taste, then INfun will recommend you that also. But, TikTok and similar platforms don't have this algorithm due to which, you get a mixed salad of all types of content there and since cringe content is high, you see a lot of them.

  • Mitesh Bagwe
    Mitesh Bagwe

    No one expected collab with same 😳

  • BeenThere&LovedIt

    triggeredinsaan made the sweetest roast on them.

    • atharvax

      Roast kabhi sweet nhi hotta aur hona bhi nahi chahiye aur wo roast tha bhi nhi samjha!!!

    • Phanboi Chau
      Phanboi Chau

      He doesn't have a roasting channel

  • om shinde
    om shinde

    CC = caa 😅

  • Chidghan Hegde
    Chidghan Hegde

    i am from the future why the hell you need to Collab with amir

    • A & D crafts
      A & D crafts

      Kya kiya yaar tumlog ne 😂😂

  • Prasad Chavan
    Prasad Chavan

    2.18 hhahhahahahha

  • Vedant Joshi
    Vedant Joshi

    3:52 *FORESHADOWING 100*


      Hajime isyama lite

  • stivasta rana
    stivasta rana

    I know you after when you come in mythpat face reveal

  • Fahim Ahmed
    Fahim Ahmed

    bro you are so funny

  • hydra king vedansh
    hydra king vedansh

    1:19 it's not subscriber its follower

    • BlackEyedGuitarist!

      @Ayush Singh just kidding bruh! Don't take me seriously xD..

    • Ayush Singh
      Ayush Singh

      @BlackEyedGuitarist! abe bhai itna rude kyo ho sahi cheez hi to bol rha hai banda

    • BlackEyedGuitarist!

      Guess what ? Nobody cares

  • red zone roasting
    red zone roasting

    Who watching after they collab

  • Dimension Boy
    Dimension Boy

    Saiman should make a show like saiman shows

  • Rohan stark45
    Rohan stark45 roast on CARIMINATI and TRIGGARD inssan

  • siddharth jain
    siddharth jain

    32 lakh views or 15k comments what a engagement mast views khaya bhai 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • satyajit naik
    satyajit naik

    bro it will be better if you get your ass out of this controversy and do something productive

  • AmazingFacts

    Saiman love you Yar ♥️

  • Aditya Kadam
    Aditya Kadam

    Nice video. Maybe Saiman should collab with him or something


    you look cool i like your face

  • Hexer Playz
    Hexer Playz

    1:20 subscribers

  • Toasty

    Vo jo uski amir ki tik tok video dikhai thi beech mai 3:30,sahi batau, ulti aa rahi thi, man kar raha tha phone tod du 😂

    • My Foot
      My Foot



    He is roasting but also he is collabing 😂😂

  • kochumol pc
    kochumol pc

    Tik tok is back guys

    • Gurleen Singh
      Gurleen Singh


  • R.I.P Gaming
    R.I.P Gaming

    I like the way you talk and your acting superb bro superb..😘😘😘

  • Alice Nagar
    Alice Nagar

    Kisko pata tha ki 😂😂 ab kya hoga 😂😂 ........ Recent vedio of saiman

  • Anushka sinha
    Anushka sinha


    • L


  • Ayush Sharma
    Ayush Sharma

    INfunr roasting tik tok for 2 years straight Tik tok - don,t do this you fool INfunrs - you call me fool you $##$$# By the way both platform are good

  • Tejas Gade
    Tejas Gade

    Rawknee ko bhi cringe bola

    • Phanboi Chau
      Phanboi Chau

      Bhai learn to take a joke

  • shaiv patel
    shaiv patel

    please request me my uid 1836307275 In free fire

  • Mr DraG
    Mr DraG

    This is the Language Of Real Roasting Love u Man❤️

  • Tᴇᴊᴀs_Bʜᴜsᴀʀɪ

    1:07 Kon h ye sala chutiya roaster?😠

    • Meet Bhavsar
      Meet Bhavsar

      @atharvax Lmao

    • The Explorer
      The Explorer

      @atharvax XD

    • atharvax

      @The Explorer badnaam babaji 😂😂

    • The Explorer
      The Explorer


  • Lendup OP
    Lendup OP

    Who is here after his Collab with Amir sidquee 😂😁

  • ZombieGaming

    I am here after Saiman's collaboration with Amir Siddiqui.

  • Shivam mishra
    Shivam mishra

    Saiman roasted carry for saying beti and saiman roasted amir for making cringe content this is right btw now saiman and carry are friends

    • Piyush San
      Piyush San

      @Kunal Mittal Huh...?

    • Kunal Mittal
      Kunal Mittal

      How i am happy that they are frnds but how can u say ? Pls tell

    • Piyush San
      Piyush San

      @Devansh Singh I just wished it would happen.... Maybe later on in future....

    • Piyush San
      Piyush San

      @Devansh Singh I hope they do one more collab together....

  • Gautam Pippal
    Gautam Pippal

    How many of you are here after there collaboration 😂👇🏻

  • Harsh Pandey
    Harsh Pandey

    I love Guruji's Dialogue "Kya Kiya Yaar tum logo ne"

  • gesu makan
    gesu makan

    Kon kon saiman aur amir ke collab ke baad aarahe hai?👇👍

  • yash mangal
    yash mangal

    Who watch after his collab with amir sidiqui

  • NK Arts
    NK Arts

    Who is here after he collabed with Amir Siddiqui😂😂

  • Pranav Joshi
    Pranav Joshi

    Here after his collab with Amir Siddiqui 😀

  • Aahitagani Sarkar
    Aahitagani Sarkar

    From Saiman Mentions Amir in his video to Collaboration! We've come a long way....

  • Riya K.
    Riya K.

    *oh oh oh how the turntables*


    Who is here after colab of saiman and amir😑😑


    Who is here after collab 😂😂

  • Zmart Boy
    Zmart Boy

    Who is here after saiman's collab with Amir siddhiqui 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sughosh Kulkarni
    Sughosh Kulkarni

    Who is after *Saiman* Collab with *Amir Siddique*