Adventures of SAI-MAN | Ft. Tanmay Bhat
Mukhavta - The Mask of Death (2011)
Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Directed and Edited by Saiman Says
Cinematography by:
Kartik Negandhi -
Christy Johnson -
Priyash Pahuja -
Shashank Nambiar -
Timothy - (social media N/A)
Story by:
Saiman Says -
Prathamesh Prabhu -
Ashutosh Kumar -
Aditya Vijayvargiya -
Intro animation by:
The Dominant Side -
Moxses Sheth -
Manasi Usarkar -
Aditya Vijayvargiya -
Riddhima Bhatnagar -
Mansi Srivastav -
Gavesh Gupta -
Jajati Keshari Pradhan -
Sujoy Sawant -
Swayam Vanmali -
Ankit Ohol -
Shashank Nambiar -
Priyash Pahuja -
Shivani Patil -
Satyajit Singh -
Anil Kumar -
Vijay Kumar -
Thank you Tanmay Bhat! -
Special thanks:
Deepesh Vesuwala -
Swayam Vanmali -
Viraj Patil -
Subhajit Mukherjee -
Intro theme: Epic Cinematic Dramatic Adventure Trailer by RomanSenykMusic.
Music Link:
Sinister Dark Ambient Background Music - Dark Rage by CO.AG Music
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Suspense Background Music | Dark Ambient Instrumental Music by Artem Grebenshchikov
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Dark Music by Mattia Cupelli -
Infados - Mystery music by Kevin Macleod
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  • Shwetabh Gangwar
    Shwetabh Gangwar

    This is so so good, brother. I am blown away by your creativity, story-telling, structure, and creativity employed in this. This truly raises the bar in Indian youtube community in terms of ideation. Loved the concept, and how you focussed more on the villain's side of the story first -- reminded me of anime, although I know you're not a big fan of it. The direction and even the jokes were to the point -- not overly stretched nor repetitive. This remained fresh and exciting to watch to the very end. I am very happy for you, bro. And everybody watching this, don't just enjoy this days and months of hard work, reward by doing the least -- Subscribing to my favorite Indian ceator: Saiman Says.

    • UnfunnyMan

      @Saiman Says ok

    • Atish

      Kitna bada likha hai

    • Fool Talk
      Fool Talk

      Shwetabh bhai aap kaam to kar rhe ho na??😂😂😂

    • Suryanshu More
      Suryanshu More

      He didn't subscribe lol 🤣

    • Parikshit Belsare
      Parikshit Belsare

      Sir apne galti se last me creator ke jaga ceator likha hai 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Fury Killer Shaurya
    Fury Killer Shaurya

    Best produced INfun video.....❤️👍

  • Ganesh Chile
    Ganesh Chile

    I have yet to come across another video on INfun that exceeds this one interns of 1. Storytelling 2. Creativity 3. Pacing The production quality is also top notch. With video Saiman has proved that he is not just another reaction channel.


    I was thinking it will get a million views.. Edit: but it didn't...

  • Spy Kun
    Spy Kun

    Maybe the mask is a metaphor for being a fake ig

  • Ronak Kunwar
    Ronak Kunwar

    This serial is better than whole series of gopi bahu

  • Naveen Pensia
    Naveen Pensia

    It's crazy ..... How can anybody miss this masterpiece ❤️

  • Najah Siraj
    Najah Siraj

    If saiman loose his pink shades then he can wear his yellow shades !

  • Shinchank

    Jojo's bizarre adventure mask!

  • Sangam Jain 47-A
    Sangam Jain 47-A

    Button Chor the villain we thought we don't need but the villain we deserve

    • Shilpa Ingle
      Shilpa Ingle


    • Shilpa Ingle
      Shilpa Ingle

      Dark knight

  • Abhilash Patel
    Abhilash Patel

    Sale apna nam SAIMAN CRINGE kyun nahi rakh leta

  • Deadman Beatzz
    Deadman Beatzz

    Is that music of Darkknight ❤️💙

  • Doraemon

    The dislikers are all monkey 🐒

  • Doraemon

    Being serious dude, this is actually op.

  • Sri Harsha
    Sri Harsha

    I think after this Saiman can say " Maine ki he mehnat"

  • VEGETA *
    VEGETA *

    Thumbnail look like wrong turn

  • Akshita B.
    Akshita B.


  • Pratyush Kanti
    Pratyush Kanti


  • Pratyush Kanti
    Pratyush Kanti


  • aniruddha sreekantham
    aniruddha sreekantham

    buttonchor acting !!!!!! salute to him

  • PipingPop

    Girls:Omg i cant believe he didnt cry during the titanic Boys:

  • Xavier

    Button chor acting was awesome

  • Avik Sharma
    Avik Sharma

    1 million subscribers

  • Sushma Singh
    Sushma Singh

    Fan theory The current saiman is evil And its because of mukahvta Sai man will come and save old saiman from the mukavta

    • Sudeep Prajapati XC 33
      Sudeep Prajapati XC 33


  • I Love Harpic and clorox
    I Love Harpic and clorox

    This is the best anime that I have ever watched

  • Abhinav Choudhary
    Abhinav Choudhary

    8:52 _SAIMAN THOOKEDIA_ 😊😊

  • Captain Venom
    Captain Venom

    ._.) sahi h bas

  • Sunita Bajpai
    Sunita Bajpai

    11:57 notice tanmay's left hand

  • Integrity

    After seeing this... - saiman commission come back😅

  • Shivam Chauhan
    Shivam Chauhan

    The black glasses of saiman is actually an upgraded version of that devil's mask 😏😏😏I don't know why but I'm liking it

  • Chirag

    Mukhavta has returned again

  • mriganka bhattacharjee
    mriganka bhattacharjee

    Funny thing how Sai-Man used the Play-Button as kryptonite of the button chor. Loved this video. Definitely need the sequel.

  • Cheetah gaming
    Cheetah gaming


  • Rajendra Ghodvinde
    Rajendra Ghodvinde

    Taate short ho gaye

    • Rajendra Ghodvinde
      Rajendra Ghodvinde




  • Nirbhay Nigam
    Nirbhay Nigam

    Godamn sir ⚘🔥

  • Tech Point
    Tech Point

    Saiman Says OP 😎🔥

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    Lee Jeong hyeon


  • Tanmay Thombre
    Tanmay Thombre

    Is there a separate channel of this buttonchor guy?

  • Tanmay Thombre
    Tanmay Thombre

    This video made me to subscribe your channel

  • Ashutosh Gautam
    Ashutosh Gautam

    I want a sequel of this. Its so good video


    Here after pink shades broken watching the old classics when roses were red miss you plz make a sequel of it

  • Impact Senpai
    Impact Senpai

    It was fine, refrences in this video and the cinematography were top notch. Lacked in a bit of acting, some scenes looked unnatural. Although it's fine as it was a parody video. You can improve it more.

  • Nirek Tiwari
    Nirek Tiwari dam underated

  • Madankumar Singh
    Madankumar Singh

    Itti lammbi chadaar

  • Hardik b
    Hardik b

    This is somewhat like goosebumps haunted mask book by r.l. stine @saimansays pls confirm it is it inspired by it?

  • Hardik b
    Hardik b

    Dislikers are the nepotists and bollywood lovers accompanied by tollywood lovers

  • NubinjaTahmid

    Damn its..... 🔥

  • Soumyakant Pradhan
    Soumyakant Pradhan

    When u can afford to direct your childhood plays. Weirdly well directed


    One year of Adventures of Sai-Man

  • B-JS Gamingh
    B-JS Gamingh

    I loved sai-man pls bring it back

  • yash Sharma
    yash Sharma



    Wah Kya acting hai 😑

  • Chirodip Majumdar
    Chirodip Majumdar

    4:50 the moment u realise those two are Aditya and Brahmanical guitarist of future

  • DarkfinityX

    Leaked image of Timothy: *scroll* . Keep it steady Almost there Tararara,he is... John Cena


    Why is this so underrated

  • Vivan Goswami
    Vivan Goswami

    Good yarr saiman 🔥👌🏻

  • Innocent Abhi
    Innocent Abhi

    Lol that sound is from VCop 2 @12:34

  • molten tomatoes
    molten tomatoes

    This was better than flying jhaat, Krish 3, super Singh and other bollywood films

  • Whizzle Animates • 100 years ago
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    legendary boy

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    legendary boy

    Here after almost one year I thinked that now this should be a legendary video but how peoples are not veiweing this thing ... But still my favorite 😄

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    Shourya Jain


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    Kaustubh Agre

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  • noob


  • Vedant Ubantu
    Vedant Ubantu

    19:10 Timothy OP

  • Vedant Ubantu
    Vedant Ubantu

    Tanmay bhatt toasting saiman

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    shardul 18

    Carry ki copy

    • さASHISH

      Pewdiepie copy bol deta to sense tha Kerry normie he Saiman ko compare mt kr

  • The viral content
    The viral content

    Is video ko Dekhkar yeh Pata chala Saiman Tumhari Jarurat hai Bollywood me❤️❤️👍🏻

  • aniruddha sreekantham
    aniruddha sreekantham

    This is actually really good 😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️

  • aniruddha sreekantham
    aniruddha sreekantham

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  • Swayam Das
    Swayam Das

    Quality Content!

  • No body
    No body

    bro this is fucking great adventure so creative yrrrr very much dil jeet liya yaar tumne

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    Tauseef Ahmad

    Please change the actors

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    sj jitu

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    summit Pawar

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  • Broken Blade
    Broken Blade

    Love how everyone forgot this masterpiece

    • Dog Dude
      Dog Dude

      Not everyone has.

  • Akshat Tumkur
    Akshat Tumkur

    This is a masterpiece 😍 simply Wow

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    One punch man vs sai-man 12 minutes later here is your winner saiman

  • e

    This is why you shouldn't return to monke

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    Rahul Sharma

    the part of Tanmay bhatt is so funny 😂

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    Tanush Bhagat

    14:45 this scene was better than bollywood!!

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    Sayi Kirtikar

    When I see Crush My reaction 4:50

  • Sayi Kirtikar
    Sayi Kirtikar

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    Jung Hoseok

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    Amit Paswan


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    Pokegamer Bishmit

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    tony stark

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    pain uchiha

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      pain uchiha

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    pain uchiha

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    Dweej B Jain

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    Papa Smurf

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    364 Malhar Bamnolkar


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    Sarvesh Terkar

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    Najah Siraj

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  • Najah Siraj
    Najah Siraj

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  • आपली माणसं
    आपली माणसं

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  • T Town - Lyrics
    T Town - Lyrics

    I don't think so ki carry k vardaan banane me iss video se zyada mahenat lagi hogi


    GO AHEAD BRO , love you and best wishes from Westbengal